Reverend Insanity
2071 Eating Fruits, Devouring Heavens
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2071 Eating Fruits, Devouring Heavens

"No doubt, this is a very rewarding victory!"

"Eastern Sea's righteous path is no big deal."

"I wonder if Qi Sea Ancestor died in battle? If he is dead, the whole of Eastern Sea will be ours!"

The variant human alliance Gu Immortals were extremely excited.

Fang Yuan detained the captives while commanding the variant human Gu Immortals to clean up the battlefield.

"Lord Fang Yuan, I am willing to follow you and offer my Golden Fur grotto-heaven!" Golden Fur Immortal Monarch suddenly knelt before Fang Yuan and proclaimed loudly.

The immortals were silent for a while before cries of pledging allegiance came from everyone.

The entire variant human alliance submitted to him without exception!

Wu Shuai was inwardly happy upon seeing this, while Fang Yuan was still indifferent.

This scene was within the expectations of these two.

If Fang Yuan forced these alliance members earlier, he naturally could suppress them even then, but it would not be like now when these people were willingly following him.

This arrangement that Fang Yuan and his two clones planned gave them a lot of gains.

One was the huge external pressure brought by the Eastern Sea alliance army's attack. The members of the variant human alliance was forced to unite, they observed the dangerous external environment and the deep malice held towards the variant humans by the entire human Gu Immortal world!

The other was that Fang Yuan displayed his peak level battle strength, leading the variant human alliance to a massive victory. This gave a deep impression to the variant human alliance immortals that they could not oppose Fang Yuan, and also made them feel some sort of anticipation towards their future after submitting to Fang Yuan.

From the perspective of these variant human immortals:

One, all their grotto-heavens were facing the qi harvest fruit disaster. If they did not surrender to Fang Yuan, they would not be able to deal with it by themselves.

Two, the outcome of going against Fang Yuan was displayed in front of them, they could not do this if they wanted to live.

Three, although Fang Yuan was ruthless, he was strong. Following such an expert would give them a much brighter future than fighting alone.

Humanity had dominated the five regions for a long time, these variant human Gu Immortals of the two heavens swallowed their anger and bore with it, and were already habituated to their lowered statuses.

They lacked the spirit and state of mind that were possessed by the members of Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven. This was already shown in many of the past battles. The variant human alliance's Gu Immortals had low fighting spirit and prioritized their own safety.

All these reasons made it almost certain that everyone in the variant human alliance would surrender to Fang Yuan.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Fang Yuan was not in a hurry to count his gains, he sent a command: "We will invade Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven and Night Wolf grotto-heaven!"

The immortals were shaken, once again feeling Fang Yuan's forcefulness and tyrannical character.

Even this large battle could not satisfy Fang Yuan's appetite, he still wanted to continue fighting and take down Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven and Night Wolf grotto-heaven.

Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven was a soul path grotto-heaven secretly controlled by Spectral Soul when he was alive. Now that Spectral Soul was dead, Fang Yuan was going to exploit the weakness and wipe them out.

As for Night Wolf grotto-heaven, its previous owner, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord, had surrendered to Heavenly Court, which was known by Fang Yuan and used to his advantage. Wu Shuai had killed Night Heavenly Wolf Lord in Dragon Palace, but to conceal the information, they had immediately invaded Heavenly Court and could not care about Night Wolf grotto-heaven at that time.

Now that Fang Yuan was free, he was going to take revenge and annex them.

Thereupon, the variant human alliance charged towards immemorial black heaven majestically.

The army drew closer, but before the battle even started, Night Wolf grotto-heaven opened its entrance. With Ye Zhi leading them, the grotto-heaven Gu Immortals moved out of their home and bowed to Fang Yuan, asking him to accept their surrender.

Fang Yuan did not start a slaughter, he took in all of them, then led the army towards Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven.

However, Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven was a scene of desolation.

After Spectral Soul had possessed Lady Cold Ash's body, he had placed An Xun behind in Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven to take care of the logistics.

After the pursuit battle against Fang Yuan, only Fairy Zi Wei and Ying Wu Xie escaped among the Shadow Sect members. After Fairy Zi Wei escaped, she immediately contacted An Xun and ordered him to flee.

An Xun fled, but naturally not with empty hands. Besides emptying out almost all the storage, he even detonated the qi harvest fruit before leaving, causing Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven to suffer severe damage.

The remaining Gu Immortals of Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven had just patched up the holes and not even rested for a few days when they were faced with Fang Yuan's army.

Against Fang Yuan's army, Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven did not have any strength to fight back and was conquered almost instantly.

The remaining Gu Immortals of Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven were led by An Chong. These people's souls were not tampered by Spectral Soul and they had fought An Xun before he left, they were all injured to some degree.

Fang Yuan did not reject anyone and took them in as well.

Now, it was time to create a new agreement.

Fang Yuan learned from his previous lesson, he did not establish a connection with other subordinates and let his clone Wu Shuai take his place.

This way, even if a powerful enemy captured these subordinates in the future, they could only deduce Wu Shuai's position through the clue from the agreement. Fang Yuan's main body would be secure.

Now, Fang Yuan had completely taken over the variant human alliance!

But this was not enough.

The qi harvest fruits in many two heavens' grotto-heavens had already become extremely large and were at the point of self-detonating.

Fang Yuan first went to Grand Swine grotto-heaven.

Under all the immortals' gazes, Fang Yuan raised his hand and released white light. The white light lingered around the huge qi harvest fruit and turned into vast fog.

The fog blocked investigative methods. Fang Yuan was still not assured, he ordered the immortals: "Get back, don't use any Gu worms or you might disturb my method."

The immortals obeyed.

White fog spread and shrouded Fang Yuan's main body, outsiders were unable to tell what was going on inside.

Fang Yuan opened his sovereign immortal aperture, from which the Qi Sea clone flew out.

The Qi Sea clone went up to the qi harvest fruit, his eyes glowed like he had seen the most exquisite delicacy.

The Qi Sea clone stabbed his hand deep into the qi harvest fruit and used his qi path method.

Immortal killer move — Qi Jue Revival!

Fang Yuan had learned Demon Immortal Qi Jue's qi harvest fruit revival method and modified it to create this method. He had used this move to create the Qi Sea clone previously.

Under the killer move Qi Jue revival, the qi harvest fruit started to shrink, turning into large amounts of qi path dao marks that were directly added to the Qi Sea clone's body.

"After devouring this fruit, I will gain about sixty thousand qi path dao marks." Qi Sea Ancestor estimated with a joyous tone.

This amount was very impressive!

On average, an ordinary grand tribulation gave about seven thousand dao marks, while an ordinary myriad tribulation gave about eighty thousand.

If it were just grand tribulations, a qi path Gu Immortal needed to undergo eight or nine grand tribulations approximately to accumulate sixty thousand qi path dao marks. (The new dao marks from the grand tribulation included dao marks of the Gu Immortal's main path as well as some dao marks of other paths.)

From another perspective: As long as Qi Sea Ancestor absorbed this qi harvest fruit, it was like passing half a qi path myriad tribulation without any risk!

So, Qi Sea Ancestor could make enormous gains by absorbing the qi harvest fruits.

Fang Yuan inwardly estimated: "The Qi Sea clone was made from Heavenly Court's qi harvest fruit, he possessed over eight hundred thousand qi path dao marks the moment he was born. After absorbing three qi harvest fruits like this one, the amount will cross one million. My own qi path dao marks is also at this level. When the Qi Sea clone absorbs all the qi harvest fruits in the two heavens' grotto-heavens, his qi path dao marks will surpass mine and accumulate to an unprecedented level!"

Fang Yuan's one million qi path dao marks were obtained from annexing Qi Sea grotto-heaven. The Qi Sea clone was starting anew and accumulating by himself. But by relying on the killer move Qi Jue revival and the qi harvest fruits, his accumulation speed became truly terrifying.

Clearly, for a long time from now on, the Qi Sea clone would become Fang Yuan's number one clone. Based on just battle strength, he would not be lower than the main body, and might even be stronger!

There were many factors that influenced a Gu Immortal's battle strength, for instance the Gu Immortal's individual battle attainment, the battle environment, the level of the Gu Immortal's Gu worms, killer moves, Gu formations, Immortal Gu Houses, and whether the Gu Immortal had an excellent combat system or not.

But the top of these factors would always be the Gu Immortal's cultivation level!

One thousand dao marks could grant a hundred percent amplification.

Besides freaks and monsters like Fang Yuan, Feng Jiu Ge, and the past venerables, on average: rank six Gu Immortals had zero to nine thousand dao marks. Rank seven Gu Immortals had ten thousand to thirty thousand. Rank eights had one hundred thousand to three hundred thousand.

So, the gap between the battle strength of rank seven and rank eight far surpassed the gap between rank six and rank seven. The gap between the latter stages of Gu cultivation would become increasingly bigger. Until they reached rank nine Gu venerable level where an individual could become invincible in the world, dominating everyone and everything.

Why was Northern Plains' Old Ancestor Xue Hu was the number one rank eight in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world?

He was from the demonic path and lacked suitable Immortal Gu. The main reason was his ice and snow path dao marks far surpassed ordinary numbers.

"According to your estimation, how many dao marks does Demon Immortal Qi Jue have?" Inside the endless white fog, Fang Yuan asked the Qi Sea clone.

Qi Sea clone absorbed the qi harvest fruit while replying: "Maybe over five hundred thousand."

Fang Yuan nodded in agreement.

From the various traces in battles, Demon Immortal Qi Jue's dao marks were slightly lower than Duke Long's. It was very likely because of Fang Yuan and the Southern Alliance disturbing the revival process and causing Demon Immortal Qi Jue to hasten it.

But Demon Immortal Qi Jue had Xi Land.

Xi Land was a secluded domain of heaven and earth!

A complete secluded domain of heaven and earth was a rank nine level immortal material.

So, as long as the qi path killer moves used Xi Land as the core, they would gain terrifying strength, even Spectral Soul could not face them easily.

This was similar to how Fang Yuan had once used reverse flow protection seal to leave a group of enemies without options.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue's killer moves were outdated and he lacked Immortal Gu, the two pillars that allowed him to have pseudo venerable battle strength were dao marks and Xi Land. After Xi Land was damaged, his battle strength fell sharply and he was finally imprisoned by Divine Emperor City.

The Qi Sea clone fully absorbed the qi harvest fruit and returned to the sovereign immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan withdrew the endless fog, the alliance members rejoiced when they saw the qi harvest fruit was completely gone.

"We are saved, our homes are saved!"

"As expected of Lord Fang Yuan, he is truly unfathomable and all-powerful!"

"Lord Fang Yuan, my home is in imminent danger, please save it first."

All kinds of flatteries were thrown at Fang Yuan.

Although not even a few of these Gu Immortals were good at fighting, their boot-licking skills were deep and improving day by day.

Fang Yuan then smoothly annexed this Grand Swine grotto-heaven and merged it into Sovereign grotto-heaven.

Grand Swine grotto-heaven was a rank eight transformation path grotto-heaven, it produced boar type desolate beasts, ancient desolate beasts, and even immemorial desolate beasts.

Fang Yuan's transformation path attainment level was at great grandmaster, he naturally could annex it.

Why did he not annex it before?

It was naturally because this Grand Swine grotto-heaven had fused with a nine heavens fragment and had taken in heaven path dao marks, which invaded the heavenly spirit and caused it to become powerless and dull.

Fang Yuan could now refine heaven path dao marks, expanding the 'food option' of sovereign immortal fetus Gu. From now, all grotto-heavens could be annexed by Fang Yuan, even if they had fused with a nine heavens fragment. (As long as the corresponding attainment level was sufficient.)


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