Reverend Insanity
2070 Huge Victory in Battle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2070 Huge Victory in Battle

The two armies confronted each other, and the intense battles in the three battle circles attracted countless gazes.

Xiao He Jian was a rank eight expert and in terms of strength, he was at the same level as a Heavenly Court member. And after returning from the blue dragon whale, Shen Cong Sheng also had a great improvement in his strength. The two were evenly matched.

But in the other two battle circles, the variant humans were at a disadvantage.

Chaotic Rock Grotto Lord was defending more than attacking, while the rank seven snowman Gu Immortal was already showing signs of defeat. His opponent was Xia Rui Zhi, who might be only at rank seven but was Xia clan's first supreme elder after all, he had abundant resources and many methods.

After several more rounds, Xia Rui Zhi suddenly shouted and used a fatal killer move to strike the snowman Gu Immortal.

The snowman Gu Immortal could not dodge it, his expression turned to despair.

Right at this time, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch suddenly attacked Xia Rui Zhi with an ice path killer move.

Eastern Sea's alliance army was furious, they took actions to protect Xia Rui Zhi while blocking Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's sudden attack.

Taking this chance, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch pulled back that rank seven snowman to his side.

"Variant human Gu Immortals, you don't have any sense of honor indeed, losing the battle as well as disgracing yourselves!"

"It was a one on one fight and you actually interfered to save your people? Alright, since you don't respect rules, then we shall attack together."

"Kill! Slaughter these variant human Gu Immortals!"

The Eastern Sea alliance army was furious, the whole army charged towards the variant human alliance like a rushing tidal wave.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and the rest had a change of expression..

Eastern Sea alliance army's offense was fierce, over ten Immortal Gu Houses took the lead and wreaked havoc. Comparatively, the variant human alliance had more rank eight Gu Immortals, but they lacked an Immortal Gu House and could only use their own bodies to fight.

Right at this crucial moment, an ant army suddenly appeared, forming a dazzling torrent that charged at the Eastern Sea alliance army.

The Eastern Sea alliance army was immediately obstructed by millions of ants. Many of the Immortal Gu Houses were infiltrated by the ants and could only use all their strength in defending, at once, the formation was in chaos.

Wu Shuai slowly showed himself, even without Dragon Palace, he was still a rank eight expert!

"Lord alliance leader!" The variant human alliance's morale soared immediately.

On the contrary, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were pale in shock.

"Why is Wu Shuai here?"

"Wasn't he together with that demon Fang Yuan?"

"If he is here, what about Fang Yuan?"

As if answering the questions of the Eastern Sea immortals, Fang Yuan's figure also appeared.

"You guys have a lot of guts." Fang Yuan waved his hand with a slight smile, a five-colored ray of light shot out.

A rank seven Immortal Gu House was struck by the five-colored light; it started shaking violently for a few breaths of time before it was no longer able to resist and exploded violently.

The Gu Immortals inside were horrified as they exclaimed: "This is a compound killer move, it actually contains metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, a total of five paths!"

Fang Yuan snapped his fingers, countless butterflies made of light flew out.

The butterflies of light flew in the sky and charged upon all the Immortal Gu Houses like a rainstorm.

Immortal Gu Houses used their abilities and resisted with all their strength.

The light butterflies changed their colors and ingeniously dodged most of the attacks as they infiltrated the Immortal Gu Houses.

"This is also a compound killer move, it contains the profundities of transformation path and refinement path!"

"Don't let these butterflies near the Immortal Gu Houses, they can forcefully refine Gu worms!"

The Eastern Sea alliance army shouted in chaos.

The variant human alliance's immortals were dumbfounded.

With just his strength, Fang Yuan disrupted the whole Eastern Sea alliance army, this was pseudo venerable battle strength! This was the strength of the number one demon of the present age!

"Fang Yuan, how have you been?" At the crucial moment, qi currents surged like the roars of tidal waves, Qi Sea Ancestor appeared.

The Eastern Sea alliance army's morale finally stabilized.

"Qi Sea Ancestor is making a move!"

"He also has pseudo venerable battle strength, only he can fight Fang Yuan."

"Qi Sea Ancestor also returned? Wasn't he missing?" The variant human Gu Immortals were astonished, their expressions turning heavy.

The reason that the Eastern Sea immortals organized this army to attack the variant human alliance, aside from Xia clan actively contacting other forces and taking the initiative to offer many resources, was because Qi Sea Ancestor had secretly returned and gathered these immortals.

"Fang Yuan, let's go!" Qi Sea Ancestor broke the heavenly wind qi wall and entered immemorial white heaven.

Fang Yuan laughed: "Since you are in such a mood, then I shall accompany you." Saying so, he also charged into immemorial white heaven.

No one dared to follow them, the sky over the Eastern Sea was already in chaos at this moment.

The fight between Fang Yuan and Qi Sea Ancestor in immemorial white heaven shattered the sky and caused darkness to loom over Eastern Sea.

Suddenly, Fang Yuan's cold laughter could be heard: "Qi Sea, I am no longer the same as before. This is the killer move sword feather bladewing, let me see if you can block it."

When his words ended, the immortals saw countless sword feathers in the sky that pierced the heavenly wind qi wall and floated down, shrouding the whole battlefield.

Shortly afterwards, countless sword feathers formed into bright bladewings which rapidly cut everything in their path. The Immortal Gu Houses appeared extremely fragile in front of these bladewings, only the rank eight Immortal Gu House Green Cloud Spark Warship was able to resist them.

Xia clan's Immortal Gu House, Whale Fishing Boat, had its final layer of defense penetrated, over ten bladewings flew in and started a rampage.

"Ahh!" Xia Rui Zhi let out a mournful howl, he was actually killed inside the Immortal Gu House!

The immortals were horrified.

"Look at another move of mine, heartache crying blood." After a while, Fang Yuan's voice appeared again.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals immediately felt extreme heartache, and large amounts of blood flowed out of their mouth, eyes, and nose.

This was a compound killer move formed from blood path and wisdom path!

"There is also thunder note stream." After another while, Fang Yuan's voice resounded throughout the battlefield.

Countless formless qi currents slashed the sky.

Qi currents weaved into a net that covered all the Gu Immortals and Immortal Gu Houses, engraving lightning and qi path dao marks on their bodies.

"Too horrifying! This is a compound killer move of refinement path, lightning path, and qi path."

"As long as we are trapped inside, we will constantly receive injuries."

"Retreat, retreat!"

Both sides could not continue to fight, they started retreating madly without daring to stay even a second longer in the battlefield.

"Fang Yuan, you have actually progressed so much in just over ten days!" Qi Sea Ancestor's voice finally spread, his voice vaguely contained shocked emotions.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals' heart turned cold when they sensed his tone.

"Qi Sea, you are still injured, how can you be my match? Today will be the day your life ends." Fang Yuan said, his voice was sonorous and resounded through the heavens, further horrifying the Gu Immortals.

Boom boom boom!

Loud explosions resounded like countless firecrackers were set off near the ears.

Both sides' immortals looked up at the sky and saw qi waves fiercely moving around. The sky changed colors as if signifying the end of the world.

The enclosed heavenly wind qi wall fluctuated intensely. Right now, the thick qi wall gave people a feeling of fragile paper that was being torn by countless beasts.

Large amounts of powder scattered down.

This was the powder from splitting the heavens.

Qi Sea Ancestor and Fang Yuan had shattered the sky!

Shortly after, the immortals heard Qi Sea Ancestor's exhausted voice: "Fang Yuan, it is easy for you to defeat me but you are dreaming if you think you can kill me."

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "Qi Sea, where are you going?"

The terrifying explosions in the sky seemed to be showing signs of slowing down.

Both sides let out sighs of relief. The aftermath of these two pseudo venerables' fight were too terrifying. They shattered the heavenly wind qi wall, these immortals could not imagine what the consequences would be if they were in the range of this fight!

"What are you in a daze for, attack!" Wu Shuai suddenly shouted, waking up the stupefied immortals, "Qi Sea is defeated, we must trap these remaining people here, our victory is secured when Fang Yuan returns."

"Attack!!!" The variant human alliance was roused, their morale rose to the peak from these words.

The immortals charged towards the Immortal Gu Houses.

They were attacking Immortal Gu Houses with their physical bodies, this battle tactic was obviously not sensible. But all the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals inside the Immortal Gu Houses were ashen and their hearts were cold.

If they said they were not afraid, they would be lying!

Even the Immortal Gu Houses were unable to give them any sense of safety.

"Retreat! Retreat!" Shen Cong Sheng shouted.

The Eastern Sea immortals fled without any hesitation.

The variant human Gu Immortals were most proficient in fighting these kinds of advantageous battles. They chased without resting and with imposing momentum.

After chasing for one hundred li, Fang Yuan returned and attacked.

The Eastern Sea alliance army looked extremely fragile in front of him, most of the Immortal Gu Houses were directly shattered.

"Obediently surrender now, offer up your Immortal Gu and you can still live." Fang Yuan called out, "All members of the variant human alliance, listen to my command, no one is to attack those who surrender!"

The variant human alliance won a huge victory in this battle! The Eastern Sea alliance army suffered many casualties and even more were taken captive by Fang Yuan. Many Eastern Sea Gu Immortals chose to believe in Fang Yuan, seeing that this was a certain loss, they surrendered and gave up resisting.

Although Fang Yuan was the number one demon in the world and was extremely vicious, he had once captured Southern Border immortals, and as long as the ransom was received he released them alive.


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