Reverend Insanity
2069 Eastern Sea“s Alliance Army
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2069 Eastern Sea“s Alliance Army

Facing the extremely forceful Fang Yuan, the variant human Gu Immortals gritted their teeth and their gaze flickered with dark light. Many glanced around, hoping someone would speak up.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan was currently the number one demon in the world, even Spectral Soul had died in his trap. His demonic prestige was increasing rapidly and the variant human Gu Immortals dared not to touch his nerve.

No one dared to resist Fang Yuan but no one surrendered and offered their headquarters either.

Anyone could see these Gu Immortals were not willing to!

Their grotto-heaven headquarters was the place where they lived day and night, it was their home and their sacred land. If they really offered their home to Fang Yuan, their friends and family would definitely blame them for the betrayal, and their own conscience did not allow it.

Back then, when Heavenly Court invaded Ice Crystal grotto-heaven, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch directly staked his life and did not hesitate to expend his lifespan to activate the killer move extreme ice crystal light immortal suppression coffin. Great Wisdom Immortal Mother directly sold the racial inheritance regarding the Qian Kun Crystal Wall to Wu Shuai to save her Great Wisdom grotto-heaven. All these showed that the grotto-heavens of the two heavens had great significance to the variant human alliance's members and they held an important position in their hearts.

But what could they do?

Fang Yuan's power was known to the whole world. He was currently the number one demon, Heavenly Court was defeated by him, fate Gu was destroyed by him, and now, even Spectral Soul was killed by him!

After the pursuit battle, although Fang Yuan had only rested for a little over ten days, which was a brief time, the variant human Gu Immortals in the hall had no doubt that Fang Yuan could exterminate all of them!

Their only hope might be external reinforcements.

But where would these variant human Gu Immortals find external reinforcements?

Should they approach Heavenly Court or Longevity Heaven?

What a joke!

An even more crucial point was that almost all the two heavens' grotto-heavens were facing the qi harvest fruit disaster. If they did not surrender to Fang Yuan and let these qi harvest fruits grow, their grotto-heavens would be destroyed.

But if they surrendered to Fang Yuan, they would be giving their lives to Fang Yuan. After they joined his side, it would be easier said than done for them to leave him again.

Fang Yuan's ruthlessness was already known to all. Previously, he had dispatched many of his subordinates to attack Central Continent, but after the fate war, Fang Yuan only escaped by himself, these subordinates were still wandering around the five regions. And just recently in the pursuit battle, Fang Yuan and Wu Shuai had left Heavenly Court using Dragon Palace, leaving the variant human Gu Immortals behind in Heavenly Court.

Who could feel safe following such a leader?

"Have you all thought it through? My patience is limited." Fang Yuan's expression was indifferent as he gave an ultimatum.

The immortals' mind shook, many were pale and broke out in cold sweat.

Among them, the human Gu Immortals felt the most regret.

If they had known this, they would have directly surrendered to Heavenly Court.

In the present age, humanity was the ruler and they would not accept the surrender of variant human forces. But it was a different concept if humans were to surrender.

In fact, during the pursuit battle against Fang Yuan, when they were escaping Heavenly Court, it was not that they did not think of imitating Night Heavenly Wolf Lord and surrendering to Heavenly Court. But they simply did not have the chance with the variant human Gu Immortals watching them like hawks.

So, it was not without reason that these variant human Gu Immortals showed doubt and suspicion towards the human Gu Immortals.

The hall was still deathly silent, Fang Yuan's expression was indifferent, but the variant human alliance members felt increasing pressure.

Fang Yuan had not used any killer moves, but most of the Gu Immortals felt like they were suffocating and their thoughts were being suppressed.

Unable to endure such pressure, one of the alliance members, Golden Fur Immortal Monarch, clenched his teeth and agreed, offering his immortal aperture to Fang Yuan.

Golden Fur Immortal Monarch was a rank eight hairy man Gu Immortal, he had his own reasons for doing this.

He knew Fang Yuan had annexed Lang Ya blessed land and had rarely sent Lang Ya Sect's hairy man Gu Immortals into battle. Golden Fur Immortal Monarch surrendered to Fang Yuan, thinking he would receive similar treatment.

Hairy men were proficient in Gu refinement, this had an enormous value which might preserve the lives of the people of Golden Fur grotto-heaven and even give them high statuses. It was far better than being slaughtered by Fang Yuan and forcefully annexed.

With Golden Fur Immortal Monarch agreeing, the remaining people felt even more pressure and urge to follow suit. It was like a gap appearing on a large dam and causing the flood to gush out of it.

But right at this time, alarms rang — a large group of Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were approaching this place with several Immortal Gu Houses!

Wu Shuai glanced at Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan nodded lightly. Wu Shuai turned around to look at the immortals: "The enemies have arrived, we will talk after repelling them."

The immortals finally let out sighs of relief.

If it were normal times and Eastern Sea's righteous path had organized a joint attack on them, these people would be extremely worried and fearful. But right now, they felt the pressure on them going away and were actually grateful instead.

Immediately, Wu Shuai and Fang Yuan stayed behind the scenes, while Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and Xiao He Jian led the variant human alliance to meet the Eastern Sea alliance army.

The Eastern Sea alliance army had many people. Shen clan's first supreme elder Shen Cong Sheng, along with Tang clan's first supreme elder and Xie clan's first supreme elder, were personally taking part in the battle.

There were many Immortal Gu Houses as well, over ten at least. Eastern Sea was rich and populous, and was the number one region in terms of resources, so it was also the number one in terms of the number of Immortal Gu Houses possessed, surpassing even Central Continent. Naturally, they had very few peak rank eight Immortal Gu Houses like Dragon Palace or Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Among the Immortal Gu Houses present, there was only one rank eight Immortal Gu House — Green Cloud Spark Warship, which belonged to Eastern Sea's Hua clan. Rank six Immortal Gu Houses were most numerous, after which was rank seven.

The two armies confronted each other in the sky, Xia clan's first supreme elder walked out of the Eastern Sea alliance army, it was rank seven Gu Immortal Xia Rui Zhi.

"Despicable variant humans, you disturbed Eastern Sea and invaded my home, your sin is too heinous. Today is the day you will all die!" Xia Rui Zhi shouted with a righteous aura.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch sneered: "Cowardly rat, you actually dared to come and court death."

Xiao He Jian also ridiculed: "Homeless dog, what gives you the confidence to challenge us?"

Xia Rui Zhi's face reddened with anger, he said through clenched teeth: "Variant humans, you deserve to die! I will fight first, who among you dares to face me alone?"

Xia clan's territory was seized by the variant human alliance; as the victim, Xia Rui Zhi naturally wanted to start the fight.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch immediately said: "A mere rank seven dares to start the fight. Never mind, my variant human alliance has no need to bully the weak, we will send someone with similar cultivation level to fight you."

Under Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch's instruction, a rank seven snowman Gu Immortal flew out and fought Xia Rui Zhi.

Both sides had just fought three rounds when Shen Cong Sheng stood up: "Who wants to fight me?"

Shen Cong Sheng was rank eight, his battle strength was also publicly recognized to be at the peak of Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world. This time, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and Xiao He Jian did not dare to be overconfident. Under Fang Yuan's secret command, Xiao He Jian personally came out to fight.

Shen Cong Sheng and Xiao He Jian fought for a while, when another rank eight Gu Immortal from the Eastern Sea alliance army challenged, but he was not at Shen Cong Sheng's level.

The variant human alliance had many rank eight Gu Immortals, Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch thought for a while before sending a rank eight rockman Gu Immortal to meet the challenge.


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