Reverend Insanity
2067 Seven-Seven Profound Soul Bird
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2067 Seven-Seven Profound Soul Bird

"Wu Ba Chong, get up quickly." Wu Yong's laughter resounded in the hall.

Wu Ba Chong immediately felt a formless wind lifting him up firmly and gently.

"With your help, I will have nothing to worry about." Wu Yong was satisfied.

"I am ashamed." Wu Ba Chong bowed his head and cupped his fists, "My cultivation level is not enough to bear lord's expectation. But from now on, as long as lord gives a command, I will stake my life to accomplish it!"

Wu Ba Chong was not acting, he had wholeheartedly pledged his allegiance.

Wu Yong was truly a formidable leader, the moment he took his position, he got rid of the spies inside Wu clan.

Although there was the matter of Fang Yuan disguising as Wu Yi Hai to make use of Wu clan as well as secretly stealing dream realms, Wu Yong put in vigorous effort and had taken back all the lost territories of Wu clan.

In the Southern Border giant dream realm event, Wu Yong and Heavenly Court had reached an agreement, they returned the super clans' Immortal Gu, allowing him to gain incomparable prestige. Later, he led the Southern Border immortals to hunt down Fang Yuan, forcing Fang Yuan to flee from Southern Border to Western Desert in a miserable state.

During the Five Regional Mountain Range battle, he suffered a slight setback due to the schemes of Fang Yuan and Lu Wei Yin. But after the event, Lu Wei Yin could not defeat him and Wu Yong became the Southern Alliance's leader in the end.

During the fate war, Wu Yong took the initiative to lead the Southern Alliance's champions in the battle, disregarding Fairy Zi Wei's threats. In this battle, Wu Yong led the immortals and attacked the nine-nine consecutive unceasing formation, he unhesitatingly used the killer move unlimited wind which expended his wind path dao marks permanently. Be it his heroic bravery in the battle or the contributions he made, they were all deeply engraved in the minds of Southern Border's immortals.

After the fate war, Wu Yong returned to the clan to rest and recuperate. He modified and improved his killer moves as well as Immortal Gu House Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building. At the same time, he handled Wu clan's affairs, ensuring there was order and stability in Wu clan, which was growing day by day.

Whether it was in terms of cultivation, talent, battle strength, or leadership, Wu Yong was a rare genius from Wu Ba Chong's perspective. Even his mother, Wu Du Xiu, was below Wu Yong in the current opinion of Wu Ba Chong and many other Southern Border Gu Immortals.

"I am getting old, this is all my life will amount to. It is my honor to be able to follow a person like Wu Yong. I am really looking forward to seeing how far Wu clan can grow under his leadership." These were the inner thoughts of Wu Ba Chong.


With a soft whistle, an information path Immortal Gu flew into the hall from the outside and landed on Wu Yong's hand.

Wu Yong probed with his divine sense and immediately learned of the content.

Wu Ba Chong guessed: "It is definitely a huge matter if an information path Immortal Gu is sent to deliver the message. I wonder if it is good or bad news?"

Shortly after, he saw Wu Yong smile: "Good news keeps coming, take a look."

Wu Yong handed the information path Immortal Gu to Wu Ba Chong.

Wu Ba Chong received the Gu and inspected it carefully, he then understood Wu Yong had made a big accomplishment from his scheme, he had successfully lured the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts into the formation.

"The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts, they really are the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts!" Wu Ba Chong was excited.

The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts were a famous demonic path group in Southern Border's Gu Immortal world comprising seven members. Every generation of the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts brought a huge disturbance and many losses to Southern Border's righteous path.

The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts were arrogant and even infringed upon Wu clan's benefits many times. As the leader of Southern Border's righteous path, Wu clan naturally had to come forward to deal with this issue.

Thereupon, Wu clan and the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts could be said to be at odds.

Every generation's first supreme elder of Wu clan dedicated themselves to exterminating the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts. And every generation's Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts provoked Wu clan, as long as the colossal force Wu clan showed any weakness, they would attack like dogs hiding in the darkness, biting off a piece of flesh of Wu clan and run away immediately.

Wu clan was a super force and stably held the throne in Southern Border. But the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts were not ordinary, there was much evidence that suggested their inheritance was very likely to be from Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. As long as there was one person living in every generation's Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts, the inheritance would continue. And with time, there would be another six demonic immortals besides the survivor.

The life and death battles in every generation made it so that Wu clan and the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts had irreconcilable conflict. Wu clan became the biggest enemy of the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts, while the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts became a sore point of Wu clan that could not be gotten rid of. Every new member of the seven ghosts was committed to taking revenge against Wu clan.

Wu Du Xiu had mentioned three regrets in her last words, one of them was regarding the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts. In her life, Wu Du Xiu had commanded from behind the scenes and even personally attacked and killed over ten members of the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts, but had not been able to get rid of all of them at once.

As long as there was one survivor of the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts, they would bide their time patiently and fill the vacancies.

But now, according to the information in the Immortal Gu, all of the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts had ended up in Wu Yong's trap.

It was no wonder Wu Ba Chong was so excited.

Wu Yong took back the information path Immortal Gu and walked towards the outside while instructing: "The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts are a disaster that Wu clan must get rid of. If we ignore them, they will definitely cause trouble for us and drag us down in the future. To be on the safe side, I will personally make a move this time."

Wu Ba Chong followed closely behind and asked for permission to take part in the battle. If they could kill the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts completely, it would be extremely significant to Wu clan!

But Wu Yong refused him: "I will take Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building with me, a lion uses its full strength even when hunting a rabbit. You need to guard the headquarters while I am gone."

"Yes." Wu Ba Chong could only helplessly accept the command.

Under his anticipating and respectful gaze, Wu Yong flew to the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

Wu clan's headquarters was located on Wu Yi Mountain and Wu Yi Mountain was located at the extreme southwest of Southern Border.

If you looked at the whole Southern Border from high above, you could roughly see: the intersection of yellow dragon river and red dragon river formed a 'X', and Wu clan's territory was at the lower part of this 'X'. Shang clan was on the right side.

Among all the Southern Border super forces, Wu clan was at the extreme south. Wu Yong was very satisfied with this location, as Wu clan would not be surrounded by enemies from all sides like Central Continent.

The surroundings of Wu clan's territories were isolated by yellow dragon river and red dragon river, the geography was highly beneficial to the clan's rise.

"The biggest weakness of Wu clan currently is insufficient Gu Immortals. Even if we annex the surrounding lands in the future, we won't have enough Gu Immortals to guard them."

As Wu Yong pondered over this, he thought of Fang Yuan.

It was Fang Yuan who created problems and havoc in Southern Border, making Southern Border go through many large battles. Not only Wu clan, the whole of Southern Border's Gu Immortal world lost many people!

Wu Yong was flying towards the northeast extremely quickly.

After some time, a corpse mountain was already in his sight.

This corpse mountain that was beside the river was thousands of feet tall and there were large numbers of zombies living in it. It was close to the whirlpool at the intersection of red dragon river and yellow dragon river.

More accurately speaking, this corpse mountain was called Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian. In the past, a rank eight Southern Border Gu Immortal turned into an immortal zombie, and fought against allied attacks of super forces in this peak, finally dying here. As time passed, on the mangled corpse of this rank eight immortal zombie, due to the nourishment of the natural essence from the river, along with the aquatic plants in the river that rooted themselves, this place turned into a corpse mountain.

The corpse mountain produced transformation path zombie Gu, as well as qi path zombie qi Gu.

Before the headquarters of Southern Border's Zombie Alliance was exposed, they had targeted this precious area and wanted to pay a high price to buy it from Wu clan to make it their headquarters, but Wu clan rejected them.

Later, Yao clan seized it from Wu clan. Wu Yong brought out Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and took back the corpse mountain.

Because this resource point had high productivity and was also located at a strategic position, Wu Yong had stationed rank seven Gu Immortal Wu Zhen here.

After the fate war, qi tides emerged in the five regions. Qi tides swept the whole world, not only forcing the five regions' Gu Immortals to recuperate, they even exposed many true inheritance secret areas and grotto heavens of the two heavens.

Blood qi Immortal Gu, which Demon Immortal Qi Jue had seized in Western Desert, was one of the Blood Sea true inheritances, its traces were exposed because of qi tides.

A true inheritance had appeared on Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian as well. All the traces revealed this true inheritance was left behind by that rank eight immortal zombie back then!

A true inheritance of this level might not catch the interest of Demon Immortal Qi Jue and Fang Yuan, but it was a rank eight great expert's inheritance after all. It was enough for any super force to give it attention, it was reasonable for the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts to be tempted.

Wu Yong thus arranged traps, and now, the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts were all drawn into the trap and were just waiting for him to catch them.

An intense battle had already continued for some time at the peak of the corpse mountain.

"Cardinal directional wind formation! Such a pity that we, the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts, have a deep understanding of your Wu clan, this large formation cannot trap us!"

"The moment the formation breaks will be the moment your life ends, Wu Zhen!"

"Wu Zhen, the Corpse Emperor true inheritance appeared on Corpse Emperor Yu Ding Tian, but you intentionally concealed the information. Even if Wu clan's reinforcements arrive, you won't face a good outcome. How about you betray Wu clan and join us."

The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts started to attack the wind path formation in four directions.

They had a lot of understanding of this formation because the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts had tackled the cardinal directional wind formation many times over the generations.

The formation was already on the verge of collapse.

Wu Zhen, who was controlling the formation from the outside, was riddled with wounds.

Suddenly, he received Wu Yong's voice transmission. His face immediately brightened as he activated some methods.

The cardinal directional wind formation changed immediately, a gentle wind blew in and turned into Wu Yong.

"What? This formation actually changed!"

"Wu Yong came! Wu clan's reinforcements came so fast?"

"Damn it, this was a trap."

The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts were shaken but after the shock, their ferocity was stimulated.


"Even if we die, we will make Wu clan suffer disastrous losses."

"If we kill Wu Yong, Wu clan will only be a joke!"

The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts charged towards Wu Yong, but they were secretly discussing on how to break through.

Since it was a trap by Wu clan, the longer they stayed, the more unfavorable it would be for them. Moreover, Wu Yong was a powerful expert in the present age, he was a person at a level that was just under pseudo venerable.

The present Gu Immortal world publicly recognized Wu Yong, Qin Ding Ling, Bing Sai Chuan, Thousand Transformations Ancestor, and other experts to be on the same level, they were all experts merely below pseudo venerable level.

The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts knew they were not Wu Yong's match, but they still had hope.

Wu Yong used this cardinal directional wind formation to lure these Gu Immortals, although there were some changes to it, it was still the original cardinal directional wind formation.

It was because this large formation was not a battlefield killer move that the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts let down their guard and attacked rashly.

Seeing the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts charging towards him, Wu Yong sneered: "Cowards putting up a strong front, you are nothing much."

At the next moment, strong winds appeared and frosty air blew.

Winds roared and snow started pouring down like a blizzard!

Three ghosts of the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts were frozen solid, and after two breaths of time, two of them died from the coldness.

"What killer move is this?"

"It is so cold!"

This was the killer move that Wu Yong had created during his recent closed cultivation session — Snowy Wind of No Return.

The Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts' formation was in chaos, Wu Yong's eyes shone with sinister light: "Cowards, you are not qualified to be my enemies."

Green leaves emerged from the bodies of the Fierce Gorge Seven Ghosts, branches grew rapidly.

The remaining five ghosts screamed miserably as their life force was completely seized. Lush willow branches grew on the corpses.

It was another creation of Wu Yong — Willow Wind!

The seven ghosts died, but their souls flew out of the corpses and merged into one, becoming an immemorial soul beast.

The soul beast had the appearance of a bird, its whole body was completely black and it had seven heads.

Wu Yong's expression was uplifted: "So it was the Seven Ghosts true inheritance, it is the incomplete product of Spectral Soul when he attempted to create the immemorial soul beast — Seven-Seven Profound Soul Bird. Jade Building, come to me!"

Wu Yong waved his hand, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building crashed towards the seven-seven profound soul bird like a green meteor.

The seven-seven profound soul bird struggled with all its strength, using all kinds of killer moves. Unfortunately, its consciousness alternated between clear and chaotic, and was finally suppressed by Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building in the end.

"Lu Wei Yin, I should not have trusted you!" The seven-seven profound soul bird let out an indignant cry at the last moment before falling unconscious.


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