Reverend Insanity
2066 Never Give Up Until My Road Ends
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2066 Never Give Up Until My Road Ends

Fang Yuan was holding an information path Gu worm in his hand, the Gu worm had records of the previous battle of pursuit.

Its contents were roughly: Heavenly Court had a huge victory, Spectral Soul was dead, Fang Yuan escaped, Demon Immortal Qi Jue and Mao Li Qiu were suppressed, Old Man Zheng Yuan was taken captive, Shadow Sect's Fairy Zi Wei and Ying Wu Xie were still on the run, Qi Sea Ancestor, Bai Ning Bing, Lady White Rabbit, and Fairy Miao Yin were missing, the probability of them being dead was high.

"In this current age, even if there is no ranking chart of Immortal Gu Houses, Divine Emperor City is worthy of being the number one Immortal Gu House." Fang Yuan sighed.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, during the five regions chaotic war, information path great experts had jointly let out many ranking charts. There was fierce competition on every ranking chart, Immortal Gu House ranking was also the same.

But Divine Emperor City had not appeared back then.

Fang Yuan's rebirth had led to all kinds of huge changes, now, even before the Immortal Gu House ranking was published, Divine Emperor City firmly held the position of number one.

"If this continues, even if there is an Immortal Gu House ranking in the future, Divine Emperor City's number one position will be immovable." Fang Yuan estimated.

Divine Emperor City could suppress Mao Li Qiu and Demon Immortal Qi Jue, Fang Yuan was not astonished by this.

Divine Emperor City was created by merging Divine Bean Palace and Emperor City, although it did not have a rank nine Immortal Gu and was not a rank nine Immortal Gu House, it contained painting worlds.

This was Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's contented lifestyle killer move. It was a human path killer move with painting path effect that formed paintings of the lives of people. It was a rank nine level venerable killer move.

Against venerable methods, Duke Long was defeated and Di Zang Sheng was brought to its knees. Even if Demon Immortal Qi Jue's Xi Land was not damaged, he would still only be at pseudo venerable level, and Mao Li Qiu was some distance away from being at pseudo venerable level.

"My Myriad Year Flying Warship and Dragon Palace are destroyed, even if they were still here, they would only be at peak rank eight level. Divine Emperor City can be considered to be half a rank nine Immortal Gu House. If Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had not been destroyed back then, it could contest for the number one position."

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was refined by Long Hair Ancestor and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable together. It was divided into countless small towers that gathered wild Gu worms. After combining into one, they would form the main building and could even dispel calamities and tribulations.

When Giant Sun Immortal Venerable passed away, he had left behind Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, which could control the whole of Northern Plains' political situation even though Giant Sun had already died. Northern Plains held countless Imperial Court contests, and the Huang Jin bloodline was able to hold supreme status in Northern Plains' immortal and mortal world mainly due to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

At present, Divine Emperor City was the largest gathering point of Central Continent's human veins. It was the largest storage and cultivation ground of Central Continent's geniuses, a sacred land of human path. Looking at the setup, it was similar to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

Even Fang Yuan felt wariness towards such an Immortal Gu House.

As for why Heavenly Court publicized this battle information, Fang Yuan understood it fully.

Heavenly Court was in dire need of a surge in morale.

Ever since their defeat in the fate war when Fang Yuan destroyed fate Gu in front of the whole world, Heavenly Court was simply stripped of its backbone. They lost their spiritual banner and it was even trampled on by Fang Yuan.

This outcome had enormous influence, the whole of Central Continent was covered in looming shadow. Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were furious and filled with hatred but were already fearful. The morale of Central Continent's ten great ancient sects fell much more and most were dispirited.

Central Continent was facing four regions and its situation was truly dangerous. If they were thought to be weak and easily bullied, when the five regions chaotic war starts, they would be besieged by the other four regions. At that time, even if Central Continent was strong like a tiger, they would still be torn to pieces by the hyenas.

Releasing this information would stabilize the internal forces and also frighten external forces, and Qin Ding Ling had to do this! Hiding the battle results might have some tactical advantages, but Qin Ding Ling was the leader of Heavenly Court and had to consider the whole world. So, she chose to give up the tactical advantage to recover the declining situation.

"Heavenly Court is filled with talents, even without a great expert like Fairy Zi Wei, they have Qin Ding Ling to stabilize the overall situation. Heavenly Court's foundation is extremely deep, it is not just a front." Fang Yuan sighed, he approved of Qin Ding Ling's decisiveness. He would do the same if it were him.

At their level, the five regions and two heavens were a chessboard. Fighting each other without any plans or vision might let them show off their strength for some time but it would lead them to a disastrous defeat.

Looking back at the pursuit battle against Fang Yuan.

There was no doubt that the biggest loser was Shadow Sect. Spectral Soul with pseudo venerable battle strength died, while the members were dead, missing, fleeing, or captured.

Next was Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's losses were severe!

Currently, the whole sovereign immortal aperture was in a miserable state. The vibrant Mini Southern Border was turned into ruins with only a few resource points remaining. The other four mini regions and the mini nine heavens were also not much better.

Many variant humans and humans died despite receiving Fang Yuan's protection.

The previous Combat Beast King had fallen into a coma after blocking the myriad tribulation and had yet to wake up.

The loss in Immortal Gu was also the largest that Fang Yuan had ever experienced in his life.

First, two rank eight Immortal Gu Houses were destroyed. Dragon Palace's core Immortal Gu, Dream Token, was preserved, along with Myriad Year Flying Warship's Years Flow Like Water, but they were injured and needed to recuperate. Many other Immortal Gu were destroyed in the battle, including Precaution, Fight, and so on.

There were many losses to earth path Gu worms as well. Although Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress still remained, Spectral Soul's self-detonation was terrifying. By blocking this attack, Fang Yuan had lost seven earth path Immortal Gu and countless mortal Gu.

Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was heavily weakened as a result.

Over this period of time, Fang Yuan had experienced the fate war, defended against myriad tribulations and the pursuit of others, his rank eight immortal essence was already close to drying up. He had almost finished all the immortal essence he had painstakingly accumulated before the fate war.

He had just made some progress in the Twelve Zodiac battle formation, but after the battle with Spectral Soul, he had to gather them again.

There was only a little of Reverse Flow River left, it could not be used.

Unlimited qi sea's strength had fallen to rock bottom and could no longer be considered a trump card.

Fang Yuan did not obtain any battle spoils from Spectral Soul. Spectral Soul's self-detonation had destroyed everything completely.

Undoubtedly, Spectral Soul was extremely hard to deal with, even in death, he did not leave behind any benefits to Fang Yuan.

After the chase, Fang Yuan's greatest gain was preserving his life, as well as over three thousand heaven path dao marks and the Qi Sea clone. He did not possess them originally, they were his gains from the fate war and from scheming against Heavenly Court. They had no association with Spectral Soul.

Even though Spectral Soul was dead, Fang Yuan also suffered in the aftermath.

Shadow Sect and Fang Yuan were losers, so was Longevity Heaven. They lost Mao Li Qiu, a legendary immemorial beast, and did not have any battle gains. It was just that when compared to Shadow Sect and Fang Yuan, their losses were much fewer.

After this was Demon Immortal Qi Jue, who lost a lot but also made a few gains. Demon Immortal Qi Jue had extorted many inheritances from Spectral Soul and Fang Yuan with no lack of venerable true inheritances. But his Xi Land was heavily damaged and he lost his freedom as well, imprisoned by Divine Emperor City.

So, this battle's biggest winner was Heavenly Court.

Spectral Soul died and Fang Yuan escaped with heavy losses. Heavenly Court then defeated Longevity Heaven, Calamity Luck Altar escaped Central Continent in a panic. Divine Emperor City suppressed Demon Immortal Qi Jue and Mao Li Qiu. Qin Ding Ling's group captured Old Man Zheng Yuan and put up a bounty for Fairy Zi Wei and Ying Wu Xie. Qi Sea Ancestor, Bai Ning Bing, White Rabbit, and Miao Yin were speculated to have died in battle.

Such a battle result was truly impressive. It was a huge surge of morale to everyone in Central Continent.

Heavenly Court's battle result was spread all over the world. It was not just Fang Yuan who analyzed wins and losses, all the Gu Immortals were analyzing the overall situation too.

Among them, one person was the happiest.

"Brilliant, brilliant!" On the main seat in the hall, this Gu Immortal was holding the information Gu while praising repeatedly with joy in his eyes.

He was a middle aged man with an ordinary appearance, he had a strong body and sharp eyebrows. His expression revealed tyranny and some hints of ruthlessness.

He was Wu clan's first supreme elder, rank eight wind path Gu Immortal, a formidable expert of the present age — Wu Yong!

Sitting on the first seat to the left was Wu clan's second supreme elder, Wu Ba Chong. His battle strength was not outstanding in Wu clan, but he had the highest seniority, was steady, and dared to take on responsibilities. Previously, when every large force was creating difficulties for Wu clan, he came forward to stabilize the situation. He was a core member of Wu clan.

Wu Ba Chong asked Wu Yong respectfully: "I am not sure what good there is in this? Please enlighten me, my lord."

Wu Yong put down the information path Gu worm and explained with a burning gaze: "In the five regions and two heavens, the strong are respected. The so-called general trend is nothing more than the fight between those peak experts. Only when the strong ones are in a stalemate, will the weaker ones and super forces have space to grow. If a venerable is born, they would be invincible and rule as the sole leader, and all the heroes would have to lower their heads."

"Currently, with no venerable, the general trend flows with four people; Spectral Soul, Gu Yue Fang Yuan, Demon Immortal Qi Jue, and Qi Sea Ancestor. Besides them, there are super forces like Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven who can take part in the fight, with Immortal Gu Houses like Calamity Luck Altar and Divine Emperor City to influence the overall situation."

Wu Ba Chong felt puzzled and asked: "Divine Emperor City is publicly recognized to be the number one Immortal Gu House as it could suppress Demon Immortal Qi Jue. Calamity Luck Altar is slightly inferior but is also a very strong Immortal Gu House that showed its splendor in the fate war. Why put Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven below those four people?"

Wu Yong replied with a smile: "These two Immortal Gu Houses are indeed strong, but they can only be strong for some time. The greatest flaw of Immortal Gu Houses is that their methods are fixed. Once those methods are known, they can be targeted and countered. Immortal Gu Houses are difficult to modify, they are far inferior to individuals with pseudo venerable battle strength who can adjust themselves depending on the situation."

"Divine Emperor City is very strong since it could suppress pseudo venerable Demon Immortal Qi Jue. But when its methods are known clearly, its threat will fall by a level. Heavenly Court lacks a pseudo venerable, it is their greatest weakness. If Qi Sea Ancestor had not stood by Heavenly Court's side in this battle, Qin Ding Ling would not have had such success."

"So it is like that." Wu Ba Chong realized, "I now understand lord's happiness. In this pursuit battle, Spectral Soul died, Fang Yuan fled in distress, Demon Immortal Qi Jue was suppressed, Qi Sea Ancestor is missing with a high probability of being dead. This means the four pseudo venerables are mostly gone, and it is the perfect opportunity for us to develop."

Wu Yong nodded: "Naturally, it is better if such experts are dead. The most regrettable thing is Fang Yuan managed to escape, sigh, this demon is unfathomable, he cannot be evaluated by common sense. Maybe, when he appears again, he would be even stronger than before!"

Wu Yong's expression turned heavy when he mentioned Fang Yuan.

Wu Ba Chong was also filled with worries.

Fang Yuan had deep conflicts with Wu clan, and now that Spectral Soul was dead, Fang Yuan was the number one demon in the world. If he recuperated and came to attack Wu clan, it would be an apocalyptic disaster.

Wu Yong continued: "We can do nothing about pseudo venerables. So we should take this chance to develop and strengthen ourselves, when Fang Yuan comes to trouble us in the future, we can at least have strength to fight back. If this situation doesn't happen in the future, it will be preparation for the five regions chaotic war."

"Central Continent and Northern Plains are guarded by Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven. They have been operating for countless years and are like iron fortresses, let's not talk about them for the moment."

"As for the remaining three regions, Southern Border, Western Desert, and Eastern Sea are all disunited."

"The wave of the great era has already risen, Wu clan needs to ride this wave and rise up. Western Desert is filled with sand and countless oases, it is easy to defend but hard to attack. Eastern Sea has plenty of resources but has never produced a venerable, their nature is the most gentle. We should first integrate the whole of Southern Border's Gu Immortal world, then capture Eastern Sea and Western Desert. With resources of three regions to help me, I will pass my tribulation and become a pseudo venerable, then cultivate rank eight Gu Immortals and construct a peak level Immortal Gu House. Finally, we will attack Central Continent and Northern Plains!"

"Lord!" Wu Ba Chong was hearing this for the first time, his eyes opened wide in excitement but he felt nervous at the same time.

This was an aspiration to take over the world!

Can Wu Yong bring Wu clan to the peak? Or will they be turned into dregs by the tides of the era?

"There has never been a venerable in wind path. If there is a possibility, maybe I can fill this gap. Who can say for sure what will happen in the future?" Wu Yong only thought this inwardly and did not say it out loud.

He was sitting on the main seat but his gaze seemed to pierce through the hall and into the sky.

At the next moment, Wu Ba Chong heard Wu Yong's recital:

"The mirage of eternal life is not my pursuit, longevity without accomplishments is no less than shameful."

"Regional walls vanish as chaos ensues, the destruction of fate brings freedom to all."

"Eagle rules the sky and whale dominates the sea, without trying, who knows if I am a dragon or worm?"

"How can plain commoners ever understand why, I will never give up until my road ends!"

Wu Ba Chong was deeply moved as he stood up and knelt on the ground, swearing with a trembling voice: "This subordinate is willing to follow by lord's side, for the grand ambition of Wu clan, I will use every ounce of my strength and lay down my life!!"


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