Reverend Insanity
2058 Helping Fang Yuan Become Venerable
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2058 Helping Fang Yuan Become Venerable

Lu Wei Yin replied Fang Yuan immediately: "Fang Yuan, follow me!"

However, Fang Yuan replied: "No rush."

At the next moment, he smiled coldly, his arms were folded behind him, looking at the three groups of Gu Immortals and their Immortal Gu Houses, he spoke calmly and casually: "Very good, which of you want to die first?"

Saying this, intense aura burst out of his body, his rank eight aura was fully intact and not weak at all.

All of the immortals stared with wide eyes.

"Wasn't he at his limit already?"

All of the excitement to attack was doused.

The immortals became hesitant.

Using this timing, Fang Yuan laughed loudly as he activated an immortal killer move, bringing Lu Wei Yin and the rest away, they turned into a sword rainbow, flying far away.

Different from earlier, Fang Yuan had already refined many heaven path dao marks, he had already gotten some freedom from the restrictions of the heaven path dao marks.

It was many times easier for him to use immortal killer moves now. Although he still needed to use the human path formation to attack the heaven path dao marks, he could already use other methods now.

"Fang Yuan escaped, chase him!"

"He was toying with us."

The immortals realized at once, they started to pursue him relentlessly.

All sorts of killer moves were unleashed, bombarding Fang Yuan and the rest.

It was as if the situation had returned to before, except Spectral Soul, Qi Sea Ancestor, and Qing Chou were gone, in exchange there was Lu Wei Yin instead.


"Everyone, be very careful! The final struggle of this demon Fang Yuan cannot be underestimated."

"Let the other two forces fight, let's save our energy."

"Fang Yuan is too scheming, in my opinion, he might still have a second battlefield killer move or an immortal formation."

"That's right, in the Southern Border battle, Fang Yuan used a time path formation to trap the allied forces of Southern Border's righteous path. Lu Wei Yin is also a devious person, he set up the earth path formation to trap Spectral Soul, he did the same thing as Fang Yuan. I was wrong about him!"

"The great Paradise Earth's Southern Border inheritor actually collaborated with Fang Yuan so shamelessly!!"

The immortals' words were filled with righteousness and heroism against the evil enemies, they transmitted thoughts and exchanged conversations, trying to come up with a plan.

They chased with a huge commotion, but they were all feeling internally fearful!

The current situation was already very different from earlier, it had changed almost completely.

Fang Yuan managed to kill Spectral Soul, this incredible feat made all three forces very wary and fearful.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan was devious and crafty, he was ruthless and vicious, his battle achievements were deeply etched into everyone's hearts, the three forces' Gu Immortals were filled with trepidation.

On one hand, even if Fang Yuan was near his limit, his final struggle would cause any of them to suffer huge losses, their plans would fail completely; on the other hand, the three forces were not just fighting Fang Yuan, they were also mutual enemies.

Earlier, Spectral Soul and Qi Jue took on the role as the vanguard, the three forces were happy to follow behind them and try to reap some benefits. But now, Spectral Soul was dead, even though Demon Immortal Qi Jue appeared imposing, he was secretly extorting Fang Yuan for his personal gains, why would he really fight with his true strength?

Speaking of which, the three forces' Gu Immortals were wary of Fang Yuan, but was Demon Immortal Qi Jue not wary of him?

"Fang Yuan did not fight much in the few battles earlier. How much did he actually recover? Looking at his killer moves, they are clearly more complex and numerous, how much strength is he concealing? Does he have a fourth Immortal Gu House?" Demon Immortal Qi Jue thought to himself.

Earlier, Fang Yuan lost Dragon Palace and Myriad Year Flying Warship, he immediately took out Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress. These three Immortal Gu Houses were all rank eight, they were peak creations of enslavement path, time path, and earth path.

Fang Yuan's abundant wealth truly shocked Demon Immortal Qi Jue. He would not be surprised even if Fang Yuan took out a fifth Immortal Gu House at this point.

"Just how deep is Fang Yuan's foundation?! Aren't the past venerables investing too much in him!" Demon Immortal Qi Jue gritted his teeth.

As Fang Yuan retreated, he suggested transacting using true inheritances, his attitude was tough at times, Demon Immortal Qi Jue could not make up his mind.

"Should I attack at this time?"

"How much strength does Fang Yuan have left? Would my gains be higher if I kill him?"

"But now, chasing and collecting true inheritances seems pretty good too…"

Among the people, Demon Immortal Qi Jue had the best time during this chasing period.

"We arrived! It is below this place." Lu Wei Yin suddenly transmitted.

Fang Yuan controlled the rainbow, he suddenly changed directions, he instantly broke through the rock layer, entering the next layer.


Fang Yuan and the rest heard loud rumbling noises around them.

A boundless earth qi river surged intensely as tides raged, Fang Yuan and the other two were surrounded by it, they felt like ants in the river, being extremely insignificant.

"This is… the manifestation of an earth vein?!" Fang Yuan was stunned before he soon realized it.

Lu Wei Yin nodded as he smiled: "Indeed, with the five regions becoming one, the earth veins have merged as well, with the movement of the earth veins, they will manifest themselves. It is about to reach that island."

Fang Yuan activated his killer move with difficulty as the sword rainbow shot down.

The sword rainbow was hard to maintain, it finally dissipated in the air after some time.

The three immortals fell onto a brown island, they were in sorry states.

This island was very small, it was only a few square kilometers in size. The island was deserted without any living beings, it had a plain terrain, there were three huge rocks at the periphery that resembled pillars, embedded into the grand earth vein.

Precisely because of these three rock pillars, the island remained unmoving despite the earth vein's movement.

"Fang Yuan, where are you running?"


"What is this place?!"

At this time, the three groups of pursuers also arrived at this layer.

Someone activated a killer move but found that the earth path dao marks here were too dense, they suppressed almost all other paths.

Gu Immortals had to spend a lot of effort activating killer moves unless it was earth path, otherwise, only Immortal Gu Houses could still move around freely.

"Oh no, Fang Yuan came here with a plan in mind."

"No matter what he is trying to do, we must stop him!"

"Quickly destroy that island."

The three forces' Gu Immortals had imposing aura, they quickly got close.

However, Fang Yuan, Wu Shuai, and Lu Wei Yin attacked suddenly, destroying the three huge rock pillars on the island!

Without the support of the rock pillars, the island started to float away along the earth vein.

The three forces' Gu Immortals chased but the island moved rapidly, the difference between the two was just too big, the island quickly pulled apart some distance and in a few breaths of time, shook off the three forces' Gu Immortals.

The three forces' Gu Immortals were dumbfounded.

What the heck was happening?

It was just an island but it actually moved so quickly!

"We really escaped from them. What is this island? Where will it bring us to?" Wu Shuai touched the hard ground of this island with his hands as he asked in amazement.

Lu Wei Yin continued to cough blood, destroying the rock pillars earlier caused his injuries to be aggravated.

He did not answer Wu Shuai, he looked at Fang Yuan instead: "Fang Yuan, you must have recalled it already?"

Fang Yuan nodded, the moment he saw this island, a flash of inspiration struck in his mind. By the time he landed, he had already recalled it.

"This is Flying Earth." Fang Yuan told Wu Shuai.

Even though Wu Shuai was his clone, Fang Yuan did not give him a copy of all his memories, this was a precaution.

If Wu Shuai got captured in the future and got his soul searched, these memories would end up helping his enemies after all.

"In the previous life's five hundred years, the five regions became one, the two heavens combined, the earth veins of the five regions also merged and created many unique terrains. The people in the world called them the ten earths. They are Earth Abyss, Earth Trench, Earth Tunnel, Earth Cave, Earth Prison, Production Earth, Flying Earth, Formation Earth, Treasure Earth, and Tomb Earth."

"This island is one of the ten earths, Flying Earth, it is formed from the earth vein. It can move around in the earth vein as quickly as flying, its speed cannot be matched normally."

Wu Shuai finally understood: "So that's it."

He continued to sigh: "With the changes in the world, the underground has also become much more interesting."

He knew the essence of this island, he asked: "Then where can we go?"

Fang Yuan shook his head: "I have only heard of Flying Earth, I have never interacted with it. We can only follow along its trail now, we cannot control the direction. Lu Wei Yin, I wonder if you have any method?"

In this ambush battle, Lu Wei Yin's performance was very outstanding, Fang Yuan saw much value in him now.

This current generation inheritor of Paradise Earth had incredible power.

He first set up illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield, which was powerful enough to trap Spectral Soul and Qi Jue, it perfectly displayed the might of a proper battlefield.

Next, Lu Wei Yin controlled the battlefield and allowed the immortals to cooperate tightly while dealing with Spectral Soul. During the intense fight, Spectral Soul wanted to target Qing Chou but was obstructed by Lu Wei Yin multiple times.

After that, at the crucial moment, Lu Wei Yin displayed a powerful defensive killer move that blocked Spectral Soul's rampaging attack, allowing Qi Jue to have enough time to use his xi xi killer move. This was the turning point of that battle.

In addition, Lu Wei Yin used all life is bitter and suffering loss is a blessing to counter Spectral Soul, causing him to suffer an intense backlash.

Finally, he forcefully maintained the battlefield and suppressed Spectral Soul's self-detonation, allowing Fang Yuan's clones to escape the crisis.

After the battlefield was destroyed, he was the one who guided Fang Yuan to this Flying Earth and escaped successfully.

Lu Wei Yin's battle strength was definitely top tier in the current world, but Fang Yuan admired his nature even more. He was adept at enduring and persevering, he used the two killer moves, all life is bitter and suffering loss is a blessing, at the crucial moment to cause Spectral Soul to suffer a huge setback.

With his deep shrewdness and wisdom, Fang Yuan believed that Lu Wei Yin definitely had a method to control Flying Earth. After all, this involved earth path, it was Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable's greatest expertise.

And as expected, Lu Wei Yin did not disappoint Fang Yuan.

He smiled and nodded: "I am not so skilled, but Paradise Earth's inheritance has a relevant method to control Flying Earth's direction and decide the place to stop at."

Wu Shuai heard this, his pupils shrank, he became quite cautious.

Lu Wei Yin seemed to have not noticed as he kept up his smile: "This earth vein travels along Western Desert, towards Eastern Sea, before reaching Southern Border and Northern Plains after that, I wonder where you want to stop at, Fang Yuan?"

Fang Yuan smiled too: "Didn't you invite me to be a guest of your Mushroomman Paradise earlier?"

Lu Wei Yin nodded: "Fang Yuan, now that Spectral Soul has been killed by us, I am sure you know of my sincerity already. This is not just my sincerity, this is also the sincerity of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable!"

"Even though I am not sure of the details, there is something written down in the inheritance that Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable left behind — Gu Yue Fang Yuan is the Paradise Earth inheritor of the five regions! All of Paradise Earth's forces will help him, they will assist him to become a Gu Venerable with their full strength!"


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