Reverend Insanity
2053 Finding a Way Out of a Desperate Situation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2053 Finding a Way Out of a Desperate Situation

As the Tribulations continued, Ren Zu's bones started to shine in a golden light.

The Tribulations became wilder as Ren Zu's bones burned in flames, becoming dazzlingly golden.

Ren Zu started to straighten his back, he raised his head and puffed his chest, after enduring countless tortures, his skeleton shined like a golden pillar, he stood directly inside the Tribulations. This was the myriad tribulation golden skeleton.

And on Ren Zu's skeleton head, a crown grew out naturally, it was the heaven connecting bone crown.

All of the tribulations and disasters that people suffer would become their crowns of achievement in the future.

Even though the Tribulations had not ended, Ren Zu could already speak at this time: "I know, Fate has arrangements, Tribulations are the arrangements it makes for people. But I can persevere, any Tribulations that seem unendurable are all in fact endurable to me."

Strong Gu was shocked and bewildered.

Self Gu realized at this time: "I understand. Oh human, you are someone who walked out of Ordinary Abyss, that is why you can endure these Tribulations that are impossible to endure."

Strong Gu saw that the Tribulations could not take down Ren Zu, it forced itself to stay calm: "Oh human, don't forget, as long as you have hope Gu, these Tribulations will not stop. Are you going to delay our bet from earlier? I don't care! I will treat it as if you passed the Tribulations. Now, it is our turn to eat you."

"Which part of me do you want to eat?" Ren Zu sighed.

Strong Gu laughed loudly, pointing at Ren Zu's chest: "Next, I will eat your hearts!"

Ren Zu shook slightly, strong Gu's choice was too fatal, how could a human live without his heart?

"Quickly take out all of your hearts, let us eat them!" Strong Gu shouted in excitement.

Ren Zu sighed as he hesitated, before taking out the heart of sympathy.

Strong Gu directly placed the heart of sympathy into the Predicament's neck as the heart fell into its stomach. The Predicament's stomach expanded slightly.

When faced with predicaments, people often lose their hearts of sympathy first.

Ren Zu took out his heart of nobleness next, the Predicament ate it as its stomach expanded some more, it seemed to have problems digesting it.

Ren Zu took out his original heart next: "Oh hope Gu, leave now. I do not want to implicate you."

Hope Gu resided in Ren Zu's original heart, it did not fly out, instead it said: "I am not leaving, this is my home. Oh human, just toss me in along with it, I do not blame you."

Ren Zu had no choice, as strong Gu rushed him, he gave his original heart to the Predicament as food.

After the Predicament ate it, its belly expanded again.

Predicaments often caused people to lose hope as well.

Without hope Gu, all of the Tribulations around Ren Zu vanished. This caused the pressure on Ren Zu to fall, but he felt deep melancholy as well.

"Quick, oh human, take out your final heart and let us eat it!" Strong Gu pointed at the heart of loneliness in Ren Zu's chest.

Ren Zu hesitated as he felt troubled, the heart of loneliness did not only contain his self Gu, it was also his final heart. Without this heart, Ren Zu might die.

Strong Gu laughed and threatened: "Quick! If you do not take it out yourself, we will make our move and eat you entirely!"

Self Gu had already been deceived, it called out in nonchalance: "Oh human, just give it to them. I do not care, you will not die either! We are the strongest."

"Give it to me!" Strong Gu grabbed the heart of loneliness in Ren Zu's hand and stuffed it into the Predicament's stomach through its exposed neck.

At this point, Ren Zu lost all his hearts.

He fell onto the ground, losing all signs of life, he could not stand up anymore.

Ren Zu died.

"Oh human, you died, we have regained freedom." Rules and regulation Gu flew away.

"There is no helping it, the human met with the greatest predicament in his life." Courage Gu and edge Gu flew away as well.

On Ren Zu's corpse, only self Gu remained, it flew around him. Attitude Gu wanted to leave too, but self Gu grabbed onto it, forcing it to stay.

Strong Gu laughed happily: "Hahaha, oh human, you were nothing impressive after all. Hmm? Predicament, what's wrong?"

The Predicament that strong Gu was attached to grabbed onto its bulging stomach as it rolled on the ground in pain.

Loneliness was extremely hard to digest, the stronger the Predicament, the lonelier one would feel.


Suddenly, the Predicament's belly burst open.

Ren Zu's heart of loneliness, his skin and flesh fused to create a boy.

Strong Gu was flabbergasted: "Who are you?"

The boy said: "I am Ren Zu's son — Great Strength True Martial!"

Before finishing his words, he jumped up and grabbed strong Gu.

Strong Gu tried to struggle while self Gu used the opportunity to approach and take a bite of it.

Strong Gu was injured, it got weakened.

"Where are you trying to go!" Great Strength True Martial shouted, he grabbed strong Gu and stuffed it into his chest.

Strong Gu went into his chest and got imprisoned in his heart, unable to escape.

"Don't waste your effort, this is my heart of ambition, you cannot escape." Great Strength True Martial laughed.

Next, he found Ren Zu's other hearts from the corpse of the Predicament and placed them back into his chest.

Ren Zu was revived once again!

Undeniably, a person's heart was the source of their vitality, one of the most fatal weaknesses of a human's body.

The food path killer move eat heart that Spectral Soul created was a greater creation than bitter taste and swallow loss. Even if these two moves hit his enemies, they could only tilt the balance of victory and defeat. Meanwhile, eat heart was a fatal attack, once hit without ample preparation, it could decide the outcome almost instantly!

This was a method that could claim victory!!

Fang Yuan was hit.

Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress had outstanding defense without doubt. But among all the Gu Immortal paths, food path was extremely well hidden, there were few defensive measures against it. Thus, during the fate war, Western Desert's Gu Immortals were all without options against Heavenly Court's combination killer move, sitting and eating the mountain empty, they were all hit by it.

Fang Yuan also had a food path inheritance, he also knew that Spectral Soul had a deep attainment in food path.

Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was assembled by Fang Yuan, it could defend against food path originally.

But now, Spectral Soul broke a hole in this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress!

Even the complete Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress would have difficulties blocking the killer move eat heart entirely, Fang Yuan would still be affected regardless.

At this moment, the intense feeling of death assaulted Fang Yuan.

He could not struggle, he had no way to struggle!

The Heavenly Dao in the sovereign immortal aperture seemed to have noticed this, it stopped conjuring new myriad tribulations as the dao marks scattered all over the aperture, trying to restrain Fang Yuan's entire body.

Fang Yuan could not use any defensive methods, he could only wait for death.

Lu Wei Yin saw that the situation was bad, he quickly activated the earth path battlefield, yellow sand gathered into dragons that coiled around Giant Spectral Soul, squeezing and attempting to immobilize Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul smiled coldly, hundreds of arms blocked them as he defended easily. His four eyes were still staring at Fang Yuan, most of his attention was spent on sustaining eat heart.

"Oh no!" Lu Wei Yin's heart sank.

Qi Sea Ancestor and Wu Shuai also felt chills flowing down their spines, they tried to desperately attack, but Spectral Soul did not even turn around for a moment.

Spectral Soul would rather suffer heavy injuries to make use of this opportunity.

He wanted Fang Yuan dead no matter what!

"Is… is everything going to end like this?" Fang Yuan's mind was still quite empty, he did not have many thoughts left. This was the aftermath of using unlimited qi sea.

Spectral Soul was just too strong.

Worthy of the former Demon Venerable! The man who was invincible in this world during his era!

During that time, he killed until the world became shrouded in darkness, nobody dared to make a sound, all of the living beings in the world could only tremble under his shadow.

Only until the appearance of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, he spent his entire life to mend the wounds and scars of the hearts of the people.

Before Spectral Soul went all out, his battle strength was not much higher compared to the rest, yet he still had a firm control over the situation. After he used his full power, his battle strength rose greatly, he immediately surpassed everyone. The most despairing thing was that each of his decisions carried immediate effect, he did not give his enemy any opportunities to recover, there was no way for them to survive.

"No, even if there is only a trace of hope, I need to do my best!" Fang Yuan could not use any methods, even if he could use a killer move, he could not block the killer move eat heart.

Unless it was reverse flow protection seal!

The pain on Fang Yuan's face vanished, his lips curled up as he revealed a mysterious smile, it was extremely unusual.

At the next moment, he shouted loudly: "If you do not take action now, when will you ever get another chance? Qi Jue!"

A pair of Spectral Soul's pupils expanded, while another pair of eyes squinted: "Is… Fang Yuan trying to deceive me? No wait!"

One of his heads turned around, he saw Demon Immortal Qi Jue attacking!


Demon Immortal Qi Jue activated his killer move, the Xi Land on top of his head flew down like a comet, crashing into Spectral Soul's back.

Spectral Soul was greatly impacted, he also fell to the ground.

Puff puff puff!

Countless holes appeared on his body, it was like a deflating balloon, dark soul qi spewed out of the holes towards the outside.

Not only that, a hundred arms of Spectral Soul immediately fell onto the ground like decaying tree branches.


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