Reverend Insanity
2051 Giant Spectral Soul
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2051 Giant Spectral Soul

Other Gu Immortals would feel despair at this moment.

"This rascal Fang Yuan is too good at turtling up, how can we kill him?" Demon Immortal Qi Jue asked with a tone that contained anger and frustration.

Spectral Soul also turned silent for a moment before he smiled coldly.

Instantly, a terrifying killing intent seemed to condense and solidify, emanating from his body, everyone could feel their limbs turning cold as they shook in their hearts.

After suffering a setback, Spectral Soul's determination to kill Fang Yuan became even firmer!

"I will dismantle his tortoise shell! Go and deal with the rest, guard me." Spectral Soul said as his soul flew out and devoured Lady Cold Ash's body in one mouthful.

A soul giant that was as large as a mountain appeared before everyone!

The giant's body was black as ink, it had muscular limbs and bulging muscles. There were two heads, one was scary while the other was cold and aloof. The first pair of eyes had blood red light in them, shooting towards heaven, the other pair of eyes was cold as ice, emitting a deep chill.

It also had six hundred pairs of arms that were raised up or lowered, some were tucked in while others were straight, it showed the stance of grasping the sun and moon, it had the potential to catch stars and whip up storms.

"Amazing giant!" Lu Wei Yin's body shook as he praised, fighting spirit surged in him as he shouted: "Then take this move!"

He used all his strength to activate illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Intense winds blew as yellow sand flew, countless rocks moved along, they slammed towards the black soul giant's body like shooting stars.

The black soul giant only watched coldly as it raised its arms.

Two hundred pairs of arms stretched out and stabbed into the sandstorm. The ghost hands stretched out their fingers as they grabbed towards the sandstorm.

Unexpectedly, the formless sandstorm was grabbed onto like silk or threads in the sky!

The black soul giant pulled, snapping sounds could be heard continuously. The sandstorm was pulled apart, wind scattered as clear vision returned to the battlefield.

Lu Wei Yin's eyes were bulging, his expression turned pale, Spectral Soul dealt with the battlefield so easily, he was deeply shocked!

"Let me." Qi Sea Ancestor flew into the sky, staring at the black soul giant at equal heights.

Immortal killer move — Qi Breath Mountain.


A huge translucent mountain created from air currents descended and pressed down immediately.

This move was once used by Duke Long, it was part of Primordial Origin's true inheritance, it managed to send Purple Mountain True Monarch flying. Right now, with Qi Sea Ancestor using it, the power was not to be underestimated.

Giant Spectral Soul looked at the mountain but approached it instead, he raised more than a hundred pairs of arms, at once, the entire battlefield seemed to have hundreds of black trees, resembling a forest!

The hundred pairs of arms blocked the qi mountain, emitting a loud sound.

The five sharp fingers of each of the ghost hands grabbed, the qi current mountain lasted for a breath of time before breaking apart.

Qi Sea Ancestor grunted, he was forced to retreat.

But Spectral Soul did not let him off, the angry head roared loudly and spat out a grand soul river. The soul river was made of countless ghosts and vengeful spirits, they cried out in agony and despair, causing the entire battlefield to freeze up for a moment.

Seeing the power of this move, Qi Sea Ancestor understood that this move was extraordinary, its might was many times higher than the self-detonation of the immemorial soul beasts earlier!

At this moment, Spectral Soul had used his true strength. Not only did he turn into a black soul giant, he even changed his killer moves, each attack became much stronger, they were all vicious and terrifying.

Qi Sea Ancestor waved his hands, two hands flew out of his wide sleeves. His index and middle fingers stretched out and drew a circle in the air, causing wind and clouds to move along.

Immortal killer move — Qi Current Scissors!

A translucent qi current flew out of his sleeves, moving rapidly.

These qi currents seemed weak but they were extremely sharp, they drew an arc in the sky before gathering to form a translucent qi current river.

With a loud sound, the qi current scissors river crashed into the vengeful ghost river!

The qi current scissors was forced back but the soul river also suffered some damage, it still managed to move as it quickly approached Qi Sea Ancestor.

Lu Wei Yin shouted as he activated the battlefield, creating a rock shield that intercepted the soul river at its weak spot.

Qi Sea Ancestor's face was already flushing red, it was a tough contest of strength, he quickly used this chance to escape.

"Spectral Soul, why aren't you going to die!!" At the same time, Qing Chou shouted as it approached from the left.

At the right of Giant Spectral Soul, Wu Shuai wordlessly manipulated his army ants that pressed down like a black cloud, attacking Giant Spectral Soul's head.

Attacked from the left and right!

Spectral Soul did not move, three hundred pairs of arms resisted Qing Chou while a hundred pairs of arms attacked Wu Shuai.

Qing Chou was fighting without regard for its life, it advanced relentlessly.

Spectral Soul snickered as the fingers of his hands gathered into a sharp spear form, this move countered soul beasts!

At the next instant, a hundred pairs of arms stabbed into Qing Chou's body, green-black blood oozed out and dyed the battlefield.

Seeing this blood, a bright light shined on the face of Spectral Soul's angry head, he snickered coldly: "Soul beasts have no blood, but your body seems to have changed under the influence of hatred Gu's refinement. Interesting! After this battle, I will dissect your body before attempting good and thorough research."

In other words, Spectral Soul was completely confident in taking down Qing Chou.

Qing Chou growled in pain, its snake-like neck struggled intensely, its roars almost burst the immortals' eardrums.

Its entire body emitted black smoke, almost the same as Spectral Soul. Not just that, it opened its mouth and shot out more than ten human faced soul balls that were covered in lightning!

All sorts of attacks landed on Giant Spectral Soul, it was like wind blowing on a tree, even though the leaves were moving, the trunk remained still and motionless.

Spectral Soul's arms that were stabbed into Qing Chou pushed deeper, trying to destroy its body from the inside.

Qing Chou cried out continuously, it was heavily injured by Spectral Soul, unable to break free, its blood flowed like a river, this was a gruesome sight.

Seeing this, Wu Shuai who cultivated enslavement path and had a weak body did not dare to take a risk, he quickly retreated. He decided that unless there was no choice, he would only attack from afar.

The army ants were densely packed and moved like a cloud that could gather and split at will, they rushed towards the black soul giant's eyes, nose, and ears.

Spectral Soul's cold head snorted as he breathed out black smoke from his nose. The smoke spread out, wherever it went, army ants died without resistance, a large number of them fell at once.

"As expected of a former Demon Venerable!" Demon Immortal Qi Jue's eyes shined with bright light, he was full of praise.

Spectral Soul unleashed his true strength, it immediately changed the situation!

Even though Lu Wei Yin and the rest had the territorial advantage as well as more people, they still got suppressed by him.

Spectral Soul struck several times to completely block them, after that, he went back and stared at Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress. Four hundred arms stretched out and clenched into fists, they punched at the rank eight earth path Immortal Gu House with black qi covering the fists!

Bam bam bam…

Each punch caused Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress to shake intensely.

As countless fists rained down, black qi also invaded the Immortal Gu House. Soon, the fragments began to fall off Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress' surface, shattering into pieces.

Fang Yuan quickly used his killer move and added in earth path Gu worms to replenish it.

But other trouble came at the same time, inside his sovereign immortal aperture, the myriad tribulation transformed again!

Almost all of the heaven path dao marks gathered into a giant monstrous ball of flesh.

The flesh ball floated in the air, it was large as a mountain, more than ten times of Spectral Soul's size, casting a shadow down onto the ground.

Countless black colored holes appeared on the flesh ball's surface.

As the holes expanded, they emitted a huge suction force, soon, tornadoes began to form from these holes.

As the tornadoes moved, countless resources in the sovereign immortal aperture, even variant humans got swept away and sucked into the flesh ball.

At once, growling and crying could be heard as fatalities rose.

The flesh ball quickly digested them as it slowly expanded in size!

"Oh no, I have never seen this myriad tribulation before, it also seems to be able to grow, it can get stronger and stronger!" Fang Yuan's heart sank.

He needed to deal with Spectral Soul's attacks and the myriad tribulation in his immortal aperture.

Either one required his full attention and strength, nobody else could help him with this.

Fang Yuan could not attend to both ends, he had to choose what to give up.

"Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress can still last some time, but if I let the myriad tribulation grow further, it will exceed the limit of my capabilities!" Realizing the greater problem at hand, Fang Yuan chose to deal with the myriad tribulation.

Most of his attention was placed in the sovereign immortal aperture, his manipulation of Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress became slightly slower.

Combat Beast King had already awakened, he dragged his injured body and stood up while gritting his teeth, listening to Fang Yuan's orders.

Xue Er controlled the situation on the ground, using the ice crystal formation to resist the suction of the tornadoes.

The flesh ball monster floated towards her slowly while being firm as a mountain, there was a huge pressure placed on Xue Er.

Immortal killer move unrestrained heavenly mark was still active, Fang Yuan had not stopped using it even for one moment! But now, its effect had fallen to its lowest point.

Countless thoughts collided in Fang Yuan's mind, it was like a turbulent sea, the sight was spectacular.

Fang Yuan multitasked, he first activated a wisdom path killer move, the quantity of his thoughts expanded abruptly, even his mind seemed small in comparison!

A vast number of thoughts collided, allowing Fang Yuan to think acutely, he was able to use other killer moves now.

There was no choice, Fang Yuan activated the human path formation to interfere with the Heavenly Dao's interference.

As the formation activated, it created a buzzing noise as it shined with a brilliant light. At this step, over half of Fang Yuan's thoughts were already expended!

If this continued, the consumption of thoughts would exceed the production, he would soon run out of thoughts and Fang Yuan would turn into an idiot instantly.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth but was not flustered, he was prepared for this, there were many of his wills in the human path formation.

Fang Yuan's wills took charge of the formation as it operated, allowing his thoughts to accumulate again. Fang Yuan only had to do the first step of activating the formation.

"Again!" Fang Yuan shouted internally as he activated the wisdom path killer move again.

The thoughts in his mind burst out again like a tsunami, the quantity rose continuously, almost filling up his entire mind!

For wisdom path Gu Immortals, having too many thoughts was a bad idea, they would take up all the space in the mind and prevent any collisions from happening, it was the worst case scenario.

Fang Yuan did not do something stupid, this was part of his expectations.

Seeing that these thoughts were about to fill up his mind, he placed his concentration on the sea of clouds in the sky.

It was a huge and wide sea of clouds!


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