Reverend Insanity
2050 How Do We Fight This?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2050 How Do We Fight This?

Along with his gains, Fang Yuan also paid a hefty price.

Mini Southern Border, which was the most prosperous of the five mini regions, was half devastated.

Immortal Succession Mountain was destroyed, washed away entirely by the flood. This mountain was a mid-sized resource point obtained from Hei Fan grotto-heaven, it once had the ability to help mortals ascend to immortal.

There was also Heaven Sealing Mountain. This mountain was created by Fang Yuan, it was small and unassuming, within the mountain itself, Fang Yuan had once set up a formation to seal his strength path immortal zombie body.

Other than them, there were also up to a hundred mountains and valleys. The greatest losses were Interior Rain Mountain, Copper Seal Mountain, and Bone Bird Peak.

Interior Rain Mountain's peak was always shrouded by a layer of dark clouds from where light rain continued to fall. The drizzling rain was not ordinary rainwater, but rank six immortal material interior rain! This was a resource point that produced water path immortal materials, now it was in ruins.

Copper Seal Mountain was no longer whole, it used to have a red and squarish shape, it was like a large seal was standing upright in Mini Southern Border. This mountain did not have even a trace of soil, it was completely formed from all kinds of copper.

There was mortal level copper like chaotic sky copper, pragna copper, snow flower copper, and so on, and immortal copper like profound grey copper and ascending dragon copper.

Copper Seal Mountain was so special, it was heavily targeted by the myriad tribulation myriad destruction lightning forest. Now, half of the mountain was destroyed and charred, giving out dense smoke and sparks. The entire mountain had turned into a molten state, it emitted a terrible smell.

This mountain once produced domination copper, that was a rank seven immortal material! It was a pity that the tribulation struck, it could no longer produce any.

As for Bone Bird Peak, it used to have a large number of flower wing white bone birds, filled with vitality. Now, the entire mountain had collapsed too, all of the flower wing white bone birds died from the lightning bolts.

Lightning bolts destroyed mountains, floods destroyed forests.

Fang Yuan had originally obtained a large amount of musical trees from Hei Fan grotto-heaven, he created Mini Southern Border's primitive forest using them. After this myriad tribulation, what forest could survive? Not to mention the beautiful qi death birds or the fragrant tea streams.

Mini Southern Border was almost completely devastated.

Only several areas were heavily protected by Fang Yuan.

Among them were the coiling thread caves, stalactite caves, and the dark inkstone mines. These resource points were all underground, it was easier to preserve them. Furthermore, the rockmen lived in these places.

Fire Bird Mountain was an exception, because it was quite isolated, it escaped this disaster.

This mid-sized resource point had fire path birds of all kinds growing in it. At the top of the volcano were fire phoenixes that were suppressed by the formation. The sunset parasol trees on the mountain absorbed lava as nutrients to grow, branches extended as leaves grew, they gave out the beautiful light of the setting sun, it was an amazing sight to behold.

Other than Mini Southern Border, the other four mini regions were also affected to some extent.

Mini Northern Plains' shallow rock beach was obtained from annexing Han Dong blessed land. It was completely washed away by the floods, all of the pinkish red spirit snakes living in it died.

Mini Western Desert's hound desert was obtained from Liu Yong blessed land. There were more than twenty desolate hounds there, they all died without a corpse remaining.

Mini Central Continent and Mini Eastern Sea, even the mini nine heavens were implicated by the myriad tribulation!

However, Fang Yuan could not care about it at this point.

Myriad tribulations had taken so many rank eight Gu Immortals' lives, in the long history of the world, countless geniuses died primarily from them. If he was careless, even Fang Yuan could lose his life!

Fang Yuan not only had to deal with the myriad tribulation, he also had to face the three forces chasing after him!!

If losing some resources meant that he could improve the situation, why wouldn't Fang Yuan do it?

What was more important, his life or these resources?

The answer was obvious.

Only by staying alive could he have any hope for the future.

In fact, even if all of Fang Yuan's resources were destroyed, even if he lost the sovereign immortal body and his clones, as long as he was alive and got through this predicament, as long as he had one breath remaining, he would accept the result.

The most important thing was an unyielding spirit, how could mere success and failure determine his life!

"The loss of these resource points is actually helpful to me. The Heavenly Dao seeks balance, with these resource points gone, the myriad tribulation has weakened proportionately. Thus, my efficiency in refining the heaven path dao marks will continue to become higher! Hmm?"

Fang Yuan's expression suddenly changed.


With an intense sound, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress shook harshly, hundreds and thousands of Gu worms shattered and died.

It was the move that Demon Immortal Qi Jue had been preparing for a long time!

Demon Immortal Qi Jue!

This old demon who had resisted Limitless Demon Venerable in history, he had vicious methods capable of weakening and damaging Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress. If he was allowed to continue attacking, he would eventually break through Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress.

It was not that Lu Wei Yin or the Qi Sea clone did not try to stop him, but Spectral Soul's continuous attacks hindered them.

Spectral Soul's body surged with black smoke, he attacked and defended at times, unleashing several immemorial soul beasts while using peculiar soul path killer moves. He not only protected Qi Jue, giving him ample time and opportunity to attack, he even probed illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield even further, he managed to break another layer of this battlefield!

"Lu Wei Yin, Qing Chou, and the Qi Sea clone are attacking Spectral Soul but he is still having an easy time. This current Spectral Soul is also just his remnant soul, he is still injured and has not reached the peak state he was in during the time he refined sovereign immortal fetus Gu."

Fang Yuan sighed internally.

He could genuinely feel the depth of Spectral Soul's strength!

"I cannot let this go on, Wu Shuai, go and join the battle, deal with Spectral Soul!" Fang Yuan instructed.

In this current situation, Spectral Soul and the other two forces wanted Fang Yuan dead. On the other hand, Lu Wei Yin carried on Paradise Earth's will, he wanted to exterminate Spectral Soul.

Fang Yuan was the focus, but Spectral Soul was also crucial.

Fang Yuan did not feel great external pressure now, his wariness stemmed from Spectral Soul, he did not hesitate to use all his strength against him.

Wu Shuai joined the fight!

At once, army ants gathered and formed a river of ants, they swept towards Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul split a portion of his concentration and used killer moves to resist them.

Wu Shuai was Fang Yuan's dragonman clone, he cultivated enslavement path, even though he had not cultivated for long, he inherited the inheritance of the dragonman race, as well as the actual Wu Shuai's true inheritance.

After several rounds of attacks, Lu Wei Yin became hopeful as he thought: "Even though Wu Shuai does not attack often, he has rank eight cultivation level, his battle strength is quite incredible. With him around, we can finally place pressure on Spectral Soul!"

With him controlling the battlefield, even Qing Chou could join the fight, not to mention Wu Shuai who cooperated with them.

Wu Shuai soon mixed in with this group, their tempo became faster as they emitted greater pressure on Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul was the strongest in the world, but he had not regained his peak strength. Demon Immortal Qi Jue and Qi Sea Ancestor could fight him for over ten rounds even if they could not defeat him.

With Wu Shuai's participation, a qualitative change appeared, it tilted the balance of both sides.

Lu Wei Yin and the rest attacked unceasingly, their attacks did not stop even once.

Spectral Soul started to get into a passive spot as he resisted their joint attacks.

Immortal killer move — Upper-Lower Breathless Qi!

Demon Immortal Qi Jue stretched out two fingers as he pointed at the top and bottom of Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress.

At once, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress became immobilized, Fang Yuan who was inside had a change of expression, he could not breath smoothly. Even worse was that his injection of immortal essence into Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress became choppy and inconsistent.

Immortal Gu Houses required a lot of immortal essence to work. The same applied to Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, after getting hit by this move, its defenses became much weaker.

A huge flaw in Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress became exposed.

It was just too slow, it had to resist most killer moves head on. Of course, it had immense defense, it could waste a lot of the enemies' immortal essence.

Thus, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was suited for a battle of attrition. Gu Immortals could heal up inside and analyze the enemy's killer moves while using the defense to waste the enemy's immortal essence.

Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress also lacked offensive methods. The truth was, Demon Immortal Qi Jue could ignore Fang Yuan and help Spectral Soul fight against Lu Wei Yin and the rest. Fang Yuan was currently troubled by the myriad tribulation, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was of little threat to them in terms of offense.

Immortal killer move — Soul Explosion!

Spectral Soul suddenly turned around, he endured the attacks of Lu Wei Yin and the rest as he pointed with his fingers, more than ten black dots flew out.

The black dots shot towards the top of Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress before turning into more than ten immemorial soul beasts.

These immemorial soul beasts crashed down onto Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, their mountain-like bodies completely burying the Immortal Gu House.

At the next moment, boom!

A terrifying explosion killed these immemorial soul beasts on the spot, their sacrifices resulted in this intense explosion resembling a giant black ball.

The black ball rapidly expanded, in a few breaths of time, it grew to over the size of a hundred li!

The earth and mountains shook, the entire battlefield started to shake intensely.

Lu Wei Yin's expression changed, he immediately went away to defend the battlefield. If this battlefield broke, even if one corner of it was destroyed, the entire situation would aggravate.

"Spectral Soul is so crafty, he actually had such a terrifying move!" Demon Immortal Qi Jue squinted, retreating to a safe distance: "Soul explosion is not uncommon, it is expected that he would detonate the immemorial soul beasts, but how could he perfectly fuse the detonation of more than ten immemorial soul beasts together like this?"

"Oh no, I wonder how our main body is doing?" Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor became worried.

"Roar!" Qing Chou was also implicated and got quite injured, the greater the pain, the more maniacal it became.

It did not care about anything, it attacked Spectral Soul again.

Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor had to follow suit, they could not allow Spectral Soul to absorb Qing Chou's strength.

After using this move, Spectral Soul also turned pale. Against Qing Chou's assault, he focused on defense while trying to recover. It was evident that the move earlier consumed a huge amount of his mental energy!

In truth, this soul explosion was very costly. Immemorial soul beasts had rank eight battle strength, Spectral Soul expended more than ten of them at once!

"I wonder how Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress is now?" Demon Immortal Qi Jue approached Fang Yuan.

As the dust clouds faded away, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress appeared in everyone's vision again.

They saw that this earth path Immortal Gu House was thirty percent shorter, the surface seemed damaged but no holes were created.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue squinted as he sighed internally: "This Immortal Gu House's defense is likely the highest of all Immortal Gu Houses that currently exist!"

Immortal killer move — Accumulated Soil Mountain!

Within the Immortal Gu House, Fang Yuan injected immortal essence as he activated the core killer move.

Countless earth path Gu worms flew up in sovereign immortal aperture, entering the Immortal Gu House. After three breaths of time, not only did Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress recover fully, its appearance also changed, instead of being round like before, it became more like a tower now, there were edges and sharp corners.

"This?!" Even someone like Demon Immortal Qi Jue stared at this with wide eyes, he felt a little empty internally.

This was too shameless.

Not only did Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress have high defense, its recovery speed was also this fast!

In the current world, most Immortal Gu Houses could not be easily repaired. When replenishing Gu worms, those positions were usually fixed. It was also not as easy as placing Gu worms into these specific positions, there was usually a need to use special Gu worms or killer moves to achieve this.

Immortal Gu Houses were a type of mobile immortal formation, to repair Immortal Gu Houses or immortal formations, one had to consider the influence that these actions would have on the main structure.

But Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was different.

Looking at one example.

Repairing other Immortal Gu Houses was like stacking a Jenga tower, the Gu Immortals had to put specific Gu worms into specific holes. During this process, the Gu Immortal had to use methods to stabilize the tower while placing the Gu worms to try to prevent it from toppling.

But Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was the opposite, because the core was made of immortal killer moves, no matter how many earth path Gu worms Fang Yuan put in, they could easily merge with the tower and have great stability. In fact, they could even alter the properties of the tower.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue and Spectral Soul spent so long dealing with Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, they had finally gotten some information about it, yet after Fang Yuan's modifications, the entire fortress was different than before. Spectral Soul and Qi Jue's probe had to start all over again!

"How do we fight this?" Similar thoughts emerged in the minds of Demon Immortal Qi Jue and Spectral Soul.


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