Reverend Insanity
2049 Spectral Soul“s Anxiety
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2049 Spectral Soul“s Anxiety

An Immortal Gu House suddenly appeared in the battlefield.

It was like a mountain, but it was not tall. There were clear layers on this mountain from the bottom to the top, it was smooth on the surface, so it resembled a tower made of dozens of giant drums. This Immortal Gu House was yellowish brown, there was also a misty layer of sand covering its surface, giving it a strong feeling of sturdiness and peace.

Rank eight Immortal Gu House — Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress!

This earth path Immortal Gu House was obtained when Fang Yuan explored the dream realm. It was different from most Immortal Gu Houses in essence, because this Immortal Gu House did not have any core Immortal Gu, its core was made of immortal killer moves.

Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress had three core killer moves, the most important one was accumulated soil mountain.

This move was very special, it did not have offense, movement, healing or other aspects. Using this killer move, the Gu Immortal could stack earth path Gu worms to allow them to form an Immortal Gu House! This could be done even if the Gu Immortal using the killer move had zero attainment in formation path itself!

Gaining this killer move was also the same as gaining the foundation of the Immortal Gu House, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress!

Thus, every Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress had a different appearance. In fact, even for the same Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, because the earth path Gu worms used were different, they could gain various forms and abilities.

Fang Yuan had created this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress for some time already. He obtained the complete blueprint from the dream realm, he also gained a large number of earth path Immortal Gu from the blue dragon whale. The truth was, he had already obtained this rank eight Immortal Gu House before the fate war!

Right now, Fang Yuan took out this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress to change the situation.

Spectral Soul's assault did not work on Fang Yuan, Lu Wei Yin, Qing Chou, and the rest could force him to divert his target to them.

"I thought Fang Yuan was lying earlier to put up a front, I thought he was forced to abandon Myriad Year Flying Warship and Dragon Palace. Now it seems, he intentionally lured me into this trap!" Spectral Soul's heart sank a little.

The truth was, Fang Yuan's act of giving up the two Immortal Gu Houses did lower his wariness. After all, without Myriad Year Flying Warship or Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan really seemed like he was at his wits' end.

To think that he had such a trump card!

Lu Wei Yin also felt surprised, thinking to himself: Fang Yuan was willing to pay such a huge price to lure Spectral Soul here. Is this a form of trust? Or is he testing our first cooperation?

The truth was, Fang Yuan had no other choice.

Even though he had been keeping this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress a secret, it had one huge drawback. Its speed was too slow! If there was a list of fastest to slowest Immortal Gu Houses, this Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress would definitely rank at the bottom without doubt.

Honestly speaking, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress was the tortoise among Immortal Gu Houses, its speed was only superior to immortal formations, it was simply helpless. But such weaknesses came with great advantages, Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress had an incredibly powerful defense instead!

If Spectral Soul or Lu Wei Yin knew about Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress' weakness, they would understand Fang Yuan's plight.

If he took out Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress earlier in the battle, he would not be able to get far, he would only be a target board, attacked by everyone. Even though Fang Yuan would have some temporary safety, the other forces could mobilize their people and gather to kill Fang Yuan together.

Thus, he could not stay at one spot, this was Central Continent, Heavenly Court's territory, even though Heavenly Court was weak now, it was still governing the ten great ancient sects!

But here, when Fang Yuan used Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress, the effect was completely different.

Spectral Soul had to defend against the attacks of Lu Wei Yin, Qi Sea Ancestor, and the rest, he did not forget to attack Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress in the meantime.

But Peaceful Soil Heavy Mountain Fortress remained unmovable, it was a true fortress!

Even someone like Spectral Soul started to be emotionally affected. His main target was Fang Yuan from the start, but to get to him, he would have to destroy this Immortal Gu House. This huge obstacle was causing Spectral Soul to feel anxious internally.

If Spectral Soul ignored Fang Yuan and dealt with the enemies in this battlefield, Fang Yuan would gain more time to recuperate. This was something Spectral Soul did not want to see.

During the intense battle, Spectral Soul looked towards Qing Chou, thinking of using it to create an opening.

But Lu Wei Yin sensed it quickly, once Spectral Soul showed signs of targeting Qing Chou, he would use the battlefield killer move to teleport Qing Chou away.

Qing Chou only targeted its greatest enemy, Spectral Soul, it knew that Lu Wei Yin was trying to help it instead of Spectral Soul, it would not attack him abruptly.

Spectral Soul's plans were thwarted in advance, he transmitted to Demon Immortal Qi Jue: "Qi Jue, focus on destroying this Immortal Gu House, I will definitely satisfy you with the reward!"

Demon Immortal Qi Jue hesitated: "Spectral Soul, you have higher battle strength than me, if you can't succeed, how can I?"

Spectral Soul snorted coldly: "Who says I can't do it? It will merely take some effort. We lack cooperation, the best move now is for me to deal with these enemies and the battlefield while you target Fang Yuan. You have the secluded domain of heaven and earth, Xi, as long as you pay some price, how hard can it be to destroy the Immortal Gu House?"

Spectral Soul's main target was Fang Yuan but now, he had to look away from his target. Firstly, this Immortal Gu House had high defense, destroying it was too troublesome. Secondly, Spectral Soul and Qi Jue were just working together, their relationship was quite shallow, Qi Jue was not reliable at all. Asking him to attack was guarding against him, if anything happened, Spectral Soul could still break out of the battlefield, it was a relatively safer option.

Spectral Soul had the strongest killing nature throughout history, but he was not a fool who lacked wisdom or logic, he was not overwhelmed by his desire to kill.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue also did not want to be trapped in this battlefield, he did not doubt Spectral Soul's decision to destroy the battlefield.

He thought about it for a while before laughing: "My Xi Land can break this earth path Immortal Gu House but the price is very steep, after all, I cultivate qi path and not earth path. After I succeed, it is likely that my Xi Land will be destroyed! But this deal is not impossible, it will depend on you, Spectral Soul, what price can you pay me to make such a huge sacrifice?"

"What, you think I can't afford it?" Spectral Soul asked.

"You are a venerable, you have immense foundation, I am quite looking forward to it. But until now, the true inheritances that you gave me are high in quantity but lack quality, I am quite disappointed."

"Hmph! You mean to say, only venerable inheritances are good enough for you."

"Of course." Demon Immortal Qi Jue spoke openly: "Only venerable true inheritances are of value to me. In fact, I am interested in your true inheritance too!"

Demon Immortal Qi Jue was an old demon, in this situation, he actually wanted to extort Spectral Soul's soul path true inheritance. This was a really shameless thing to do.

Spectral Soul was not willing to take this loss, he replied firmly: "Qi Jue, don't forget about our goal! If you do not put in effort now, how can you kill Fang Yuan? We might both get trapped in this battlefield, ending up as their prey."

Demon Immortal Qi Jue became silent, the situation was quite tense now, this earth path battlefield had unfathomable depths, he had not understood it completely yet.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue was merely testing him earlier, seeing that Spectral Soul was firm in his stance, he decided to work together and get over this hurdle first.

Even though Spectral Soul broke one layer of the earth path battlefield, the combination of Lu Wei Yin, Qing Chou, and Qi Sea Ancestor still placed a huge pressure on him.

Even though Demon Immortal Qi Jue countered Qi Sea Ancestor entirely, due to Lu Wei Yin's control, Qi Sea Ancestor did not fight against Demon Immortal Qi Jue. Qing Chou was actually quite useful here, this beast fought without regard for its life, it created huge problems for Demon Immortal Qi Jue.

Battlefield killer moves were hard to set up, but usually, after they were activated, the Gu Immortal would gain a huge advantage in the domain.

Enslavement path and formation path could allow one to fight against many enemies, it was because these two paths could allow one to gain huge strength if used well.

As for this illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield, it was created by Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable, modified by generations of inheritors, it was very threatening. Furthermore, this battlefield was created in Earth Abyss, combined with the earth vein, it had an unceasing amount of earth qi, Spectral Soul and Qi Jue were troubled.

Within the sovereign immortal aperture, the myriad tribulation was still continuing.

The myriad tribulation changed again, it was a flood earlier, now it turned into a blazing flame, razing everything to the ground and creating huge heat waves.

"I have already refined more than fifty heaven path dao marks!" Fang Yuan made some new progress.

Each time the myriad tribulation changed, it created danger for him.

But danger was accompanied by opportunity!


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