Reverend Insanity
2048 Illusory Sand Shifting Shadow
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2048 Illusory Sand Shifting Shadow

Spectral Soul was indeed the Demon Venerable who killed his way to the top!

Any other person would be wary at the first moment and defend against an assault. But he had abundant battle experience, after falling into a trap, he made perfect use of an opportunity to attack instantly!

Undoubtedly, he chose a great timing.

Fang Yuan was pursued by three parties, the pressure was huge, after getting into this safe area, it was not strange that he would relax his mind.

Spectral Soul distracted him with words while preparing his killer move. This move had no aura or commotion, only Wu Yong in the current five regions could match him in this aspect. Once used, Spectral Soul turned the situation around, he grabbed Fang Yuan's neck tightly.

Spectral Soul's move was also extraordinary, it was called soul shattering hand. This move could only be used at an extremely close range, it was a close combat method.

In Gu Immortal battles, close combat was rare. Most engaged in long distance combat, only few paths like transformation path or strength path would focus on hand-to-hand combat. Soul shattering hand had an extremely close range, it was very limited in usage but Spectral Soul still held onto it without discarding it, the reason was because this move had incredible power, once it struck the enemy, it could easily decide the victor of the battle.

At the next moment, soul shattering hand activated!

A smile appeared on Fang Yuan's face again, while Spectral Soul's expression turned grim.

The 'Fang Yuan' in his hand quickly turned into sand and scattered with the wind, it was actually a puppet made of sand!

As yellow sand flew in the air, Fang Yuan's voice could be heard as he praised: "Spectacular indeed! Lu Wei Yin, your effort and time spent to specially create this illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield was not in vain."

Fang Yuan did not conceal his voice, Spectral Soul snorted coldly as he looked for traces, flying past the sand and arriving in front of Fang Yuan.

Spectral Soul attacked again while Fang Yuan did not dodge.

At the next moment, Fang Yuan scattered into countless sand specks again.

It was a rare sight as Spectral Soul finally frowned this time.

Lu Wei Yin's voice was transmitted: "Fang Yuan, you are too kind. The truth is, Friend Spectral Soul is too strong, I had to set up my strongest battlefield killer move. I won't hide it, even though this battlefield originated from Paradise Earth's true inheritance, it has been modified by many generations, it has many changes done to it. The sand puppet double earlier can deceive the enemy's senses and lure away firepower."

"Lu Wei Yin, do you want to lose your Southern Border Mushroomman Paradise? To think my Shadow Sect let you off purposely back then." Spectral Soul called out coldly, he stared at Lu Wei Yin's sand puppet fixedly. He knew that Lu Wei Yin purposely spoke to target his morale, to exert mental pressure on him.

In a battle between experts, every word was a contest. Especially against information path Gu Immortals, every word they said was sharp like a blade or spear, the enemies could not be lax against them.

Fang Yuan ignored Spectral Soul and continued to speak with Lu Wei Yin: "Even though I used up two Immortal Gu Houses to lower this old monster's wariness, this battlefield killer move has such power, it was not a waste. Now, it will depend on you."

Lu Wei Yin knew about Fang Yuan's tribulation, in fact, the heavenly mark killer move that Fang Yuan had was also given to him by Lu Wei Yin!

As a matter of fact, Fang Yuan did not trust Lu Wei Yin. His original destination was not Earth Abyss but Crazed Demon Cave instead. Fang Yuan did not know a lot about Lu Wei Yin's background, there was nothing much about him in the five hundred years of memories either.

Right now, not only was Spectral Soul stuck in the illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield, Fang Yuan was the same.

Fang Yuan's two Immortal Gu Houses, Dragon Palace and Myriad Year Flying Warship, were also destroyed, he lost many Gu worms, even the few core Immortal Gu that he retrieved were all injured.

Spectral Soul snickered: "Fang Yuan, hide well. Maybe Lu Wei Yin will let you out? Hehehe, but it is not a problem, Paradise Earth died long ago, his earth path battlefield cannot trap me for long. Once I decipher this place, it will be your time to die!"

Lu Wei Yin did not answer, he activated the battlefield.

From the yellow sand flying around Spectral Soul, a figure flew out, it was Fang Yuan's Qi Sea clone.

Qi Sea Ancestor saw Spectral Soul and got stunned, it was as if he had just charged through the sandstorm and did not expect to see Spectral Soul here.

But at the next moment, Qi Sea Ancestor made his move, unleashing qi path methods on Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul snorted coldly, he blocked the attacks and wanted to retaliate but saw that Qi Sea Ancestor got enveloped by the sandstorm, vanishing into thin air.

Spectral Soul immediately chased, he went into the yellow sand, but he could not see any sign of Qi Sea Ancestor.

Another figure approached, it was Demon Immortal Qi Jue.

Spectral Soul was about to speak when he saw that Demon Immortal Qi Jue's expression was strange, he became wary.

As expected, Demon Immortal Qi Jue attacked him at the next moment.

Spectral Soul resisted as he called out: "Qi Jue, what are you doing?"

Demon Immortal Qi Jue snickered: "Qi Sea Ancestor, since you provoked me, I will show you the true power of qi path!"

After hearing this, Spectral Soul became stunned, he thought: "Don't tell me this earth path battlefield has another ability to confuse enemies?"

Since Spectral Soul could perceive the sand puppet as Fang Yuan without realizing so, it was not strange that Demon Immortal Qi Jue would get deceived and mistake him for Qi Sea Ancestor.

Spectral Soul and Demon Immortal Qi Jue fought for over ten rounds, Demon Immortal Qi Jue suffered injuries as he got devoured by the sandstorm again.

Next was Qing Chou.

"Spectral Soul, I want you dead! I want you dead!" Qing Chou was still insane, the rank nine aura on its body was extremely dense, Spectral Soul's heart jumped upon sensing it.

Like this, at times he fought Qi Sea Ancestor, at times he fought Demon Immortal Qi Jue, sometimes, he even faced the legendary immemorial desolate beast Qing Chou.

They started to appear and disappear in the sandstorm, engaging with Spectral Soul while taking turns!

Spectral Soul had outstanding battle strength, far beyond them individually, but whenever he gained some advantage, Lu Wei Yin, who controlled the battlefield, would swap opponents and leave Spectral Soul helpless.

Even after several rounds of attacks, Spectral Soul could not break free from the yellow sand, he could only fight them.

Faraway in the battlefield, Fang Yuan was focusing on his tribulation. Wu Shuai guarded him with a vigilant expression, all around him, countless army ants gathered into a hollow ball, shielding him and Fang Yuan from the outside.

Within the sovereign immortal aperture, the myriad tribulation had already turned into a torrential flood!

Water levels rose, engulfing ten thousand li of land.

Fang Yuan's five regions were all affected, a large number of small sized resource points were completely destroyed, Mini Central Continent's spirit spring forest, Mini Northern Plains' bone burial field, contact heart river bank, Mini Western Desert's eerie fire dragon python, sand gull soil beach, Mini Southern Border's become dragon mound, Heaven Sealing Mountain, and Mini Eastern Sea's jade root lake were all heavily damaged. As for the few resource points that Fang Yuan defended heavily, they also met with a huge impact.

Fang Yuan's losses were severe!

There was no helping it, he had done his best.

The good thing was that his hard work and sacrifices were not in vain, he had already refined more than twenty heaven path dao marks!

Against the initial myriad tribulation, myriad destruction lightning forest, Fang Yuan came up with a countermeasure after great effort. Due to heaven's will's manipulation, the heaven path dao marks immediately changed the tribulation, causing Fang Yuan's previous method to become ineffective.

If this happened to most Gu Immortals in the current world, it would lead to despair. But for Fang Yuan, each time the myriad tribulation transformed, it was a great opportunity for him!

Because he had the killer move exposing heavenly secret.

Exposing heavenly secret allowed Fang Yuan to accurately predict what the next tribulation was, even though he could not prepare for it amply, it was still an opportunity he could use.

After all, the greatest problem and danger of tribulations was that they could not be predicted. Once they were known beforehand, their threat level would fall by many times.

Of course, even if myriad tribulations could be predicted, they were still myriad tribulations. Thus, the sovereign immortal aperture flooded and countless resources were destroyed.

Fang Yuan's losses were huge, but it was not a bad thing entirely!

The myriad tribulation's power continued to fall, because the essence of the Heavenly Dao was to maintain balance, the more losses Fang Yuan suffered, the weaker the tribulation would be, even if heaven's will was here, it could not defy the natural operations of the Heavenly Dao.

More and more heaven path dao marks were refined by Fang Yuan, his speed of refinement was getting faster and faster!

The first step was the hardest, Fang Yuan sacrificed all of his soul beasts to create an opportunity in this biggest predicament of his life.

He succeeded!

Despite the myriad tribulation's rampage, Fang Yuan already managed to regain his footing, he was slowly turning the situation around.

Spectral Soul fell into a tough battle.

Lu Wei Yin controlled the illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield, causing him to be in an extremely passive spot.

Qi Sea Ancestor, Demon Immortal Qi Jue, Qing Chou, and even Lu Wei Yin could attack Spectral Soul at the same time.

Qing Chou was overcome by rage, it was once used by Spectral Soul, but in here, Lu Wei Yin could relocate it easily, Spectral Soul had no opportunities to do so.

As intense winds blew, a sandstorm brewed, suddenly, all of the sand gathered into rocks, they flew around in their own vortexes.

Instantly, countless flying rocks enveloped Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul waved his hand as smoke flew out, some of the flying rocks melted in the black smoke but most of them pierced through it and shot towards Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul's figure suddenly vanished, when he reappeared, he was already at the other end of the battlefield.

He dodged almost all of the flying rocks, but after these flying rocks flew into the sandstorm, they turned back into sand.

After that, the sand turned back into yellowish flying rocks that shot towards Spectral Soul.

"This move is called flying sand turning rocks, please evaluate it, Lord Spectral Soul." Lu Wei Yin's voice resounded from within.

"Child's play." Spectral Soul howled as his body shook, black smoke rumbled with him as the center, spreading towards the surroundings with rapid speed.

"Spin." As Spectral Soul vanished within the black smoke, he shouted again.

At the next moment, the black smoke turned into a vortex that started to rotate. Spectral Soul was at the center, he released black smoke while simultaneously absorbing it.

As the flying rocks flew into the black smoke, they corroded into sand before the black smoke swept them into Spectral Soul's immortal aperture.

Seeing this countermeasure, Lu Wei Yin praised: "Brilliant, as expected of Lord Spectral Soul. However, I specially chose the location of my battlefield on this earth vein. No matter how many flying rocks you absorb, this battlefield can draw more earth qi from the earth vein as replenishment. Thus, unless you can deplete the entire earth vein, these flying rocks are endless."

These words did not affect Spectral Soul, the former Demon Venerable sneered with deep killing intent: "Lu Wei Yin, did you think this move only countered your flying sand turning rocks?"

"Oh no." Lu Wei Yin's expression changed, there was no time to react.

At the next moment, all of the flying sand in the sky fell to the ground, a portion of the illusory sand shifting shadow battlefield was corroded by the black smoke, it returned to being a flat yellowish landscape.

"Shifting sand illusion was actually broken so quickly!" Lu Wei Yin's expression was ugly.

Spectral Soul hid his true move deeply, he seemed to be dealing with the killer move, flying sand turning rocks, but his real target was shifting sand illusion. Now that this move was broken, there were no longer any sand puppets left.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue broke out of the illusion, while Fang Yuan's real location was exposed.

"Fang Yuan, how long are you going to hide for?" Spectral Soul flew towards Fang Yuan without hesitation.

Wu Shuai fought to resist him, but the defense of the army ants became torn apart instantly by Spectral Soul.

A black soul ball shot out, after a few breaths of time, it reached Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan remained seated on the ground, he opened his eyes as he smiled lightly: "I don't need to dodge."


An Immortal Gu House suddenly appeared, shielding Wu Shuai and Fang Yuan.

The black soul ball landed on the Immortal Gu House, erupting with immense might. However, this Immortal Gu House remained still like a mountain, it did not move!

"You still have an Immortal Gu House?!" At this moment, Spectral Soul's pupils shrank, he frowned deeply.


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