Reverend Insanity
2044 Leaving Stealthily
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2044 Leaving Stealthily

"Fang Yuan, where are you trying to escape to?" Spectral Soul smiled coldly, black smoke oozing out of his body.

An immemorial soul beast as large as a giant python flew out of the black smoke, it pounced at Dragon Palace with strong winds around it.

The orange-golden light flickered on Dragon Palace as a trace of pink smoke flew out.

With the movement of the smoke, the immemorial soul beast easily got suppressed inside Dragon Palace without putting up a resistance.

It was immortal killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke!

Spectral Soul was only afraid of this method from Dragon Palace, but now that it was used, he immediately used the opportunity to move with increased speed, approaching Dragon Palace like a specter.

Immortal killer move — Qi Wall!

Qi Sea Ancestor pushed with both hands as winds blew wildly, a giant qi wall appeared out of nowhere and blocked Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul snorted coldly, breaking the qi wall but losing his battle opportunity.

Dragon Palace changed directions, the aura of dreamy light smoke became denser again.

Behind it, Qing Chou roared and wanted to chase them but it was powerless, in a few breaths of time, it was left in the dust.

Dragon Palace, Spectral Soul, and Qi Sea Ancestor fought while they traveled rapidly in the sky.

Qi Sea Ancestor played the role of a nuisance perfectly, he prevented Spectral Soul from succeeding multiple times.

Spectral Soul became annoyed, he started to attack Qi Sea Ancestor aggressively.

But at this time, Dragon Palace suddenly retaliated as it shielded Qi Sea Ancestor. Especially with the killer move dreamy light smoke ready to strike at any moment, Spectral Soul could not act too aggressively.

Thus, the situation went into a deadlock!

Spectral Soul had not returned to his peak condition, thus, when fighting against Dragon Palace and Qi Sea Ancestor, his battle strength was not much higher. Once they cooperated and assisted each other, even Spectral Soul felt a sense of helplessness, he could not fight against both enemies, targeting one of them would allow the other to act, it was hard to take action now.

At this time, Spectral Soul could not help but think of Qing Chou.

"I should not have weakened Qing Chou to this extent. If it still had some battle strength left, it would disrupt their cooperation!" Spectral Soul felt a little regret.

He was all alone and did not need cooperation, but Fang Yuan and Qi Sea Ancestor were different, they had to work together intrinsically to resist Spectral Soul.

Qing Chou was overwhelmed by rage, once it joined the battle, it would ruin Fang Yuan and Qi Sea Ancestor's cooperation, Spectral Soul would have a lot of opportunities to strike.

But what Spectral Soul did earlier was not wrong either. If he could subdue Qing Chou completely, Spectral Soul's advantage would rise, he would almost certainly claim victory.

It was a pity Qi Sea Ancestor ruined it!

He was merely a step away from completely subduing Qing Chou, but just that bit of time would allow Fang Yuan to escape from them, Spectral Soul could not take the risk.

This time, Spectral Soul had the advantage of being undercover, but what about next time?

Once Fang Yuan becomes cautious against him, would he have another chance?

Even Spectral Soul could not be sure.

Despite Fairy Zi Wei's deduction method, would Fang Yuan be unable to counter it?

Heavenly Court was the best example, they could not capture Fang Yuan despite countless efforts.

What was the outcome?

Fang Yuan got stronger and stronger, he fought his way to Heavenly Court and destroyed fate Gu!

Even though Fang Yuan was backed by many individuals who paved the way for him, what made all of these people invest in him?

Were there no better candidates?

Even for otherworldly demons, there were many of them in the world.

Fang Yuan was used by heaven's will and all these people, he was obviously someone who was unique and had great value.

Forget about the rest, just his ability to escape was something even Spectral Soul felt admiration towards.

Fang Yuan's attainment in escaping was very deep, he had a scheming and crafty mind! He was most skilled by borrowing others' strength, he could escape under the thumbs of many powerful forces, quickly raising his strength over time.

Spectral Soul had such rich battle experience, he knew deeply that someone like Fang Yuan had to be dealt with seriously. Once he struck, it had to be a fatal blow, he could not give Fang Yuan any time to rest or recuperate. This enemy was too good at making use of opportunity, he could easily gain a new lease on life and turn the situation around.

Fang Yuan was the type of person who could shine with a bit of sunlight, sprout with a bit of water, or create great problems with just a bit of time.

Indeed, Spectral Soul was wary against Fang Yuan.

Even he had to admit this truth.

Because he saw a trace of himself in Fang Yuan!

"Fang Yuan, defending will lead to your eventual loss, how long can you last? I will definitely kill you!" Spectral Soul said coldly, not forgetting to exert mental pressure on Fang Yuan.

"Qi Sea, after this battle, even if you hide, I will find you in Eastern Sea. I will destroy your qi sea and kill all of your subordinates!" Spectral Soul turned around and threatened Qi Sea Ancestor.

Qi Sea clone replied calmly: "The so-called Demon Venerable is actually resorting to trash talking."

Spectral Soul smiled coldly.

Qi Sea Ancestor's expression quickly changed, black smoke appeared around him as it started to invade his body.

Spectral Soul used words to distract Qi Sea Ancestor, even though this was not a weakness, in Spectral Soul's eyes, it was enough to create an opportunity for himself!

Qi Sea Ancestor quickly evaded it as Spectral Soul wanted to pursue him, Dragon Palace flew over and blocked Spectral Soul, bearing some of Qi Sea Ancestor's burden.

Qi Sea Ancestor exerted all his strength to alleviate the problem on him, after regaining his footing, he went back into the battle.

It was a deadlock once again.

But this time, no matter how Spectral Soul provoked him, Qi Sea Ancestor showed no carelessness.

Like this, the three sides fought and whipped up countless storms, the impact of their clash spreading towards the northern direction.

They flew past Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, entering Intestinal Gorge.

Black Heaven Temple's immortals were hiding in Intestinal Gorge.

Several Immortal Gu Houses were concealed around Intestinal Gorge, leaking no aura at all.

Seeing that the battle far away was approaching them, Black Heaven Temple's immortals immediately turned excited.

"Coming, they're coming!"

"They're finally here."

"The battle is so intense, is that female immortal Spectral Soul who is using the body temporarily?"

"Dragon Palace has been heavily damaged, Fang Yuan has no battle strength left, I've never seen him in a more pathetic state."

"He deserves it! If not for him, fate Gu would not have been destroyed. Be it Spectral Soul or Fang Yuan, they deserve to die!"

Black Heaven Temple's immortals gritted their teeth, they had a different tone when speaking of Qi Sea Ancestor.

"When we take action later, we should avoid Qi Sea Ancestor."

"It was all thanks to him that Heavenly Court's qi harvest fruit was completely removed."

"He is our alliance mate, he does not know that we are here in ambush, we cannot harm him."

Even though Qi Sea Ancestor and Dragon Palace were working together, Black Heaven Temple's Gu Immortals did not feel surprised. Spectral Soul was too strong, they had to work together to resist him. Precisely because of Qi Sea Ancestor's hard work, Fang Yuan and Spectral Soul were still opposing each other, expending their energy.

"Close, they are close."

"Let's do it!"

Black Heaven Temple's Gu Immortals were ready to strike.


Right at this moment, Spectral Soul unleashed an aggressive killer move, black smoke rumbled as dark winds howled, several mountains were affected by the winds and instantly got disintegrated into dust.


Qi Sea Ancestor had to unleash qi wall killer move to resist the dark winds.

Dragon Palace released intense golden light, shooting out a grand light pillar to fight offense with offense, attacking Spectral Soul.

Right when the pillar was about to hit, Spectral Soul's body flickered as he vanished on the spot, evading the light pillar easily.

The light pillar tore through the sky, it was over a thousand feet long, creating a huge trench on the ground. At that instance, smoke rose as countless mountains collapsed.

A brand new artificially created Earth Trench appeared before the eyes of the Black Heaven Temple immortals!

After this eruption of attacks, Spectral Soul no longer had a chance to attack, he quickly stopped and continued to fight against Qi Sea and Dragon Palace as they flew away.

The Black Heaven Temple immortals hiding in the Immortal Gu Houses were silent.

The battle they saw earlier shook their minds and bodies!

"So this is their real battle strength!" Many people understood this and broke out in cold sweat.

Nobody spoke about attacking anymore.

The atmosphere was quite awkward.

Eventually, Black Heaven Temple's first supreme elder coughed and broke the silence.

He purposely mumbled to himself: "No wonder Heavenly Court's Lady Qin asked us to wait here and observe the situation."

"Indeed, indeed, Lady Qin is very wise."

"What do we do now?"

"Let's continue waiting in ambush, they did not discover us. Maybe we will get a chance again?"

"That is right, even if we do not gain any opportunities, we can't come here and do nothing right? We must collect information about this battle and inform Lady Qin at least."


Right when the Black Heaven Temple immortals were discussing, the intense battle in the sky erupted again.

At once, the sky turned dark, earth shook as mountains rumbled.

The aftermath of their collision created huge air currents that surged out. Trees were uprooted as mountain rocks flew, wild beasts cried out in pain, it was the sight of an apocalypse.

Black Heaven Temple's immortals watched with wide eyes as Spectral Soul unleashed a black soul ball but Dragon Palace evaded it.

The soul ball fell into a nearby valley.

There was no sound, at the instance, with the valley as the core, the surrounding thousand li of mountains and valleys turned into black dust that flew away with the wind. The originally lively mountains vanished soundlessly, only a huge crater was left.


Someone swallowed their saliva, it was clearly heard by the Gu Immortals.

"What was that killer move earlier? It is so strange!"

"There are no records of it in history."

"It is not strange that Spectral Soul is able to use such powerful methods, but if it landed on us…"

"Not just us, even our sect's Immortal Gu Houses might not be able to survive such an attack."

"Let's… leave? Lady Qin asked us to act according to the situation, we are allowed to retreat if needed."

Black Heaven Temple's immortals looked at each other before turning to the first supreme elder.

First supreme elder's expression was extremely dark, he said with a solemn tone: "We need to preserve our strength, we cannot waste it here. If we die now, who will look after Black Heaven Temple? Lady Qin will not blame us, we are planning for the future."

The result was, Black Heaven Temple's immortals came stealthily and watched as the battle in the sky flew away, after that, they stealthily retreated without a sound.


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