Reverend Insanity
2042 Venerable Spectral Soul
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2042 Venerable Spectral Soul

Lightning flashed and thunder roared, causing destruction to sovereign immortal aperture.

Mini Southern Border was ravaged by the myriad destruction lightning forest to a pitiful level, countless mountains collapsed, the earth cracked as deep crevices formed. Combat Beast King was bathed in blood as he fought, his injuries were getting more severe, the situation was getting tougher now.

He was using his life to forcefully hold on and maintain the situation.

"Compared to the might of heaven and earth, even if I am a rank eight Gu Immortal, so what?" Combat Beast King had been cultivating in sovereign immortal aperture, he gained a lot of knowledge and his strength rose greatly, giving him a boost of confidence. But now, facing the myriad tribulation, he could feel how tiny and insignificant he was.

The range of the myriad destruction lightning forest expanded again, because Fang Yuan's main body had to deal with the fight outside, he was at a disadvantage. Against this myriad tribulation, even if Fang Yuan put in all his effort, it would still be a dangerous process, and yet half of his attention was drawn away to deal with Spectral Soul.

This was a myriad tribulation, countless rank eights had faltered at this hurdle!

Fang Yuan's situation was quite unique, this was not his first myriad tribulation. He had not just skipped two myriad tribulations, this current one was created by the three thousand heaven path dao marks in his body.

A myriad tribulation created this way was extremely rare even in the long history of humanity.

Forced by the situation, Fang Yuan had to multitask, he dealt with the situation outside while simultaneously observing sovereign immortal aperture.

He looked at the heaven path dao marks that transformed into lightning path and cloud path to create this myriad tribulation, he suddenly comprehended something.

"I think I understand something now." At that instance, he realized the origin of the calamities and tribulations!

In the past, he knew that calamities and tribulations were controlled by the Heavenly Dao, it cared about balance, to take away surpluses while replenishing deficits. Every Gu Immortal and immortal aperture was a mass congregation of dao marks, thus, the Heavenly Dao had to take measures to maintain the balance.

Every once in a while, the Heavenly Dao would unleash its might, creating calamities and tribulations for Gu Immortals. But how could it create these calamities and tribulations? Fang Yuan did not know.

Right now, this question in Fang Yuan's heart got answered by the scene before him.

It turned out that matter what kind of tribulation, it was actually created using heaven path dao marks. The heaven path dao marks could transform into any path, thus, there were the flying frost jumping lightning tribulation, four inferno cloud tribulation, dragon roar tribulation, heavenly drum thunder tribulation, wind flower calamity, snow moon calamity, profound white flying salt calamity…

These tribulations were of the various paths, there were many types of them, Gu Immortals could not guess what would come, thus they faced huge difficulties. The Heavenly Dao would even mimic venerable methods, for example, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's formless hand.

All these different tribulations were merely the manifestation, in essence, they were all heaven path dao marks!

The higher the Gu Immortal's cultivation level, the more dao marks they would have, and the bigger the difference between them and the natural environment. The more imbalanced it was, the more heaven path dao marks would be drawn to them, and the stronger the tribulations they would face.

Nobody in the world could cultivate heaven path, even if a Gu Immortal passed a tribulation successfully, they would not gain heaven path dao marks. These heaven path dao marks would transform into the dao marks of other paths and fuse with the Gu Immortal's immortal aperture.

Thinking about it, back in Crazed Demon Cave, the heaven path dao marks derived many strange and peculiar small worlds, after these worlds were destroyed, they transformed back into heaven path dao marks.

As for the immortal tribulation tempering aperture killer move that Fang Yuan obtained from Lang Ya Sect, it used the same logic.

Immortal tribulation tempering aperture killer move used the blessed land and grotto-heaven as the refinement target, using the killer move to connect the immortal aperture with the five regions world outside, influencing the calamities and tribulations and using it to temper the immortal aperture itself.

Lang Ya blessed land was once located at Northern Plains' crescent lake. Around the vicinity of crescent lake were water path and refinement path dao marks, immortal tribulation tempering aperture killer move was often used to deal with the calamities and tribulations. Most often, water path and refinement path calamities would occur. After passing it, the immortal aperture would gain water path and refinement path dao marks.

The true effect of this move was to affect the transformation of the heaven path dao marks.

In Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's true inheritance, there were also luck path methods to weaken tribulations. For example, Dog Shit Luck and Fortune Rivalling Heaven. He was using luck path dao marks to interfere with the creation of tribulations by the heaven path dao marks, causing a favorable change to occur and weakening the might of the tribulations.

In Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, there was myriad beings assimilation transformation killer move, it limited the transformation of the heaven path dao marks, thus each tribulation turned into a transformation path beast calamity instead.

The exposing heavenly secret killer move that Fang Yuan obtained from Shadow Sect could precisely deduce the content of the following tribulation. Exposing heavenly secret killer move used heavenly secret Immortal Gu as the core, very evidently, it also targeted the root source, the heaven path dao marks, to make its deductions. Thus, each deduction was extremely precise about the content.

Immortal tribulation tempering aperture, luck path methods, myriad beings assimilation transformation, exposing heavenly secret… Fang Yuan had all of these methods, it was a pity that he could not use them now.

The heaven path dao marks restricted his actions, he could not activate any of these moves.

Only by using human path methods to resist heaven path could Fang Yuan gain some time and opportunity to activate other killer moves. Like earlier in Heavenly Court when he used unlimited qi sea killer move to deal with primordial qi wall.

Fang Yuan had a human path formation in sovereign immortal aperture that used the thousand wish tree as the core. But heaven's will was not stupid, it knew about Fang Yuan's information. Myriad destruction lightning forest also appeared in Mini Central Continent, it was attacking the human path formation, making Fang Yuan trapped in a tighter spot.


Beast growls resounded, a large group of soul beasts moved out towards the lightning clouds in the sky.

They charged relentlessly without any concern about their own lives.

These were all soul beasts, most were desolate beasts, there were some ancient soul beasts and four immemorial soul beasts.

These soul beasts were all captured by Fang Yuan in green ghost desert. Among them, the immemorial soul beasts were enslaved when Fang Yuan helped Fang clan to obtain Divine Bean Palace.

These soul beasts were usually kept in Mini Black Heaven.

Right now, Fang Yuan was facing a crisis, he had to make use of them.

The soul beasts were extremely fragile under the myriad tribulation, they were completely defenseless. In just a while, a hundred desolate level soul beasts perished from the lightning bolts, more than ten ancient soul beasts died as well.

Fang Yuan's heart was cold as ice, he did not waver.

The soul beast group had already served its purpose, it drew the firepower away and took away the pressure, allowing Fang Yuan to gain some time.

This included the immemorial soul beasts, without Immortal Gu, they were just high tier cannon fodder against the myriad tribulation, but they were still useful as meat shields after all.

Fang Yuan did not dare to use the soul beasts against Spectral Soul.

The truth was, after Spectral Soul took control of the year beasts, Fang Yuan gave up on this aspect.

A huge amount of strength flowed like a tidal wave into Spectral Soul's body.

Qing Chou struggled intensely, using killer moves to attack itself manically. However, Spectral Soul endured Qing Chou's attacks forcefully as he continued to drain its strength.

Soul beasts existed in this world because Spectral Soul created soul path.

Spectral Soul understood soul beasts too well, not only could he make them loyal to him, he also has methods to extract strength from them to replenish himself.

Qing Chou's struggles became weaker and weaker.

Spectral Soul looked at Qing Chou with great satisfaction, the hatred Gu within its body was already reaching completion, this fool was simply sending itself to death while contributing treasures as well.

Spectral Soul suppressed Qing Chou while keeping his attention on Dragon Palace, all along, he did not relax, he stared at Fang Yuan's main body without looking away.

The entire situation was still under his control!


Suddenly, winds blew as the air rumbled, two giant hands slammed towards Spectral Soul from the left and right.

One hand was black while the other was white, they were grand and majestic, containing deep profundities, it was the qi path killer move — Yin-yang Great Killer Hands!

At the crucial moment, Fang Yuan's qi path clone arrived.

Spectral Soul smiled coldly, black smoke spewing out of his body, from the smoke, two immemorial soul beasts flew out and slammed into the two qi path giant hands.

The qi path hands grabbed as the two immemorial soul beasts growled in pain, but they did not die just yet.

Qi Sea Ancestor could neither let go of them nor continue grabbing them at this moment.

If he grabbed onto them, his offensive momentum would be halted. If he let go, these two immemorial soul beasts would still attack him later.

Qi Sea Ancestor shouted as he waved both hands, letting them fly far away, bringing the immemorial soul beasts away from the battlefield.

Spectral Soul's goal was achieved, he used two immemorial soul beasts to restrain Qi Sea Ancestor while also wasting his energy. After all, Qi Sea Ancestor had to sustain the two qi path hands to trap the immemorial soul beasts.

Qi Sea and Spectral Soul's first round of fighting ended up as a simple exchange.

Spectral Soul used two immemorial soul beasts while Qi Sea Ancestor wasted some mental energy, immortal essence, timing. Both sides were evenly matched, in fact Spectral Soul lost a bit more, after all, the immemorial soul beasts had rank eight battle strength!

But looking at the big picture, Spectral Soul's gains were slightly higher, he still continued to control the situation.

Because he controlled Soul Pacifying grotto-heaven secretly, it had many immemorial soul beasts, losing two was no issue. In contrast, Qi Sea failed to use this opportunity well, he originally wanted to disrupt Spectral Soul but was interrupted, this chance was wasted.

Spectral Soul made use of his advantage well, he continued to absorb Qing Chou's strength to strengthen himself while weakening Qing Chou. On the whole, he had gained a lot from this first round of combat.

This round was just a tiny projection of their fight, yet it showed Spectral Soul's abundant and rich battle experience, his vision loomed over the entire battlefield. His control of combat was so precise and flawless, even someone like Fang Yuan felt stifled.

Fang Yuan was not giving up obviously, he focused on repairing Dragon Palace while asking Qi Sea Ancestor to attack again.

Spectral Soul focused on three things at once, he suppressed Dragon Palace and used the black smoke spiral to damage it, he absorbed Qing Chou's soul beast strength, he also used killer moves to resist Qi Sea Ancestor's attacks.

Dragon Palace, Qing Chou, and Qi Sea Ancestor, these were three entities with top tier battle strength in the world, yet they could not turn the situation around even by being on the same side!

To speak the truth, Spectral Soul's current strength was not too impressive, but he had the complete dominance over Dragon Palace, he countered Qing Chou's abilities, and he even knew about Qi Sea Ancestor's information.

"His soul path methods are used in succession, the moves complement each other and are tightly connected, this is an exceptional combat system. In contrast, my Qi Sea clone has only existed for a short period of time, he has too few methods that are all easily countered." Fang Yuan's main body understood the reason.

Qi Sea clone's most common offensive method was yin-yang great killer hands and his main defensive method was heavenly astral cloth robe. His foundation was too low, when observed by Spectral Soul, after just a few exchanges of moves, he would be able to create a countermeasure easily.

Be it battle strength, knowledge, or experience, Spectral Soul stood at the peak of the world. After all, he was once the invincible Demon Venerable that dominated the world!

Among the generations of venerables, Spectral Soul was publicly recognized as the one with the deepest killing intent.

He had gone through intense battles, he fought his way to the top, he was an expert that carved out his own bloody path through countless hurdles!

Under his venerable throne, there was a mountain of skeletons and sea of corpses.


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