Reverend Insanity
2039 Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, Wang Xiao Er
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2039 Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, Wang Xiao Er

"It'll be difficult." Fang Yuan sighed deeply.

Almost the same time as he said that, Spectral Soul, who was outside, attacked even quicker than before!

Spectral Soul shouted coldly: "Fang Yuan, you are truly a disappointment. How long are you going to hide? I'll tell you the truth, Fairy Zi Wei has already deduced your location earlier."

"Entrusting your hope to deceit, this is the way of the weak. I gave you sovereign immortal fetus Gu, it was truly a waste!"

"Come out and fight me, in this case, even if you die, people of the world will not say that you were cowardly, being afraid of the strong while bullying the weak."

"Damn it!" Wu Shuai's hope was dashed, he could not help but grit his teeth.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, frowning and not answering. From his perspective, what was the point of reputation? What he cared about was whether Fairy Zi Wei really succeeded in her deduction, was Spectral Soul trying to deceive him now, was it all an act just to bait out Fang Yuan?

The Qi Sea clone had already left, so Fang Yuan did not know about the situation over there.

"Even now, the wisdom path formation is still working, we cannot forget another possibility, that is Fairy Zi Wei trying to delay Heavenly Court and Longevity Heaven's action by telling Spectral Soul about the result secretly in advance. Sigh, I can't care about it now." Fang Yuan sighed as he quickly tossed away this question.

It was not that he found out the truth, but Dragon Palace's current condition was too dangerous, he had no choice but to take action.

Fang Yuan opened the door of his immortal aperture slightly, letting out the immemorial year beasts that he had prepared!

Several immemorial year beasts roared as they charged out of Dragon Palace, attempting to destroy the black smoke spiral, while a few of them charged towards Spectral Soul.

"Your efforts are futile." Spectral Soul made his move, black smoke spread out from his body and whipped up a dark storm, shrouding the surrounding over an immense range.

He pointed repeatedly with his finger, each attack only carried a trace of smoke but it was incredibly fast, the power was overwhelming. When the black smoke hit the immemorial year beasts, it immediately expanded into countless dense smoke chains that binded the immemorial year beasts.

The immemorial year beasts struggled but the black smoke chains were boosted by the black smoke spiral, they became thicker and tighter. The immemorial year beasts could struggle at first but soon they became unable to move, they were swept away by the spiral without resistance.

"These are just petty tricks, you are truly a disappointment, Fang Yuan." Spectral Soul flew up into the sky as he looked down at the black smoke spiral.

The great rank eight Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace was like a toy, once its details were exposed, it was completely toyed around with like a harmless object.

Wu Shuai gritted his teeth, activating the killer move dreamy light smoke.

Spectral Soul chuckled, spitting out several soul balls. The tadpole-like soul balls had tails, they moved rapidly in the air, quickly entering the immemorial year beasts.

Thin black qi appeared around the immemorial year beasts' bodies, the black smoke chains fused into the black qi and caused it to become much thicker.

The three immemorial year beasts regained freedom, they growled angrily as they attacked Dragon Palace!

One of the immemorial year beasts directly jumped into the range of dreamy light smoke.

Their control was actually taken over by Spectral Soul.

Dreamy light smoke swept away one immemorial year beast, Wu Shuai felt powerless. With Spectral Soul controlling the situation now, he had ample time and initiative, dreamy light smoke could no longer pose a threat, it was just a small problem.

The soul path killer moves that Spectral Soul was using now were all unheard of by Fang Yuan and Wu Shuai, they had never seen any moves like these.

The foundation of a rank nine venerable was truly unfathomable!

High in the sky, the wisdom path formation continued to operate.

Fairy Zi Wei stayed at the central control area, she showed an appearance of working her hardest to make deductions.

Longevity Heaven's and Heavenly Court's immortals surrounded the wisdom path formation.

Qin Ding Ling silently looked at the wisdom path formation, just earlier, Heavenly Court transmitted news that the few Gu Immortals staying back successfully suppressed Di Zang Sheng.

Di Zang Sheng was hit by Primordial Origin's qi path killer move, its condition was slipping rapidly. When Fang Yuan escaped, he abandoned it to its own demise. Now, it was not strange that Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals suppressed it.

This point alone showed how anxious Fang Yuan was, he even gave up something like Di Zang Sheng, it showed that he was at his weakest point.

And this fact amplified Qin Ding Ling's killing intent towards Fang Yuan.

This was a rare opportunity that could not be lost!

After suppressing the Evil Dragon, the remaining Gu Immortals started to repair Heavenly Court grotto-heaven. They quickly fixed the holes, Heavenly Court's crisis was finally alleviated.

This also allowed Qin Ding Ling to let out a sigh of relief, but she still had other worries.

"Qi Sea Ancestor has just left recently, with Dragon Palace's speed and direction, it should have already reached Intestinal Gorge, right?" Qin Ding Ling thought to herself.

Fang Yuan escaped in Dragon Palace, moving out of immemorial white heaven and into Central Continent. This enraged Heavenly Court and also caused them to be worried that the aftermath of the battle might cause severe losses.

Intestinal Gorge was the northern entrance of Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range, it was created during the Olden Antiquity Era when a beastman expert died and fused with the surrounding mountains. It was under the control of one of Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, Black Heaven Temple.

Qin Ding Ling had already transmitted the details to Black Heaven Temple, asking them to send out their Immortal Gu House and move along Intestinal Gorge. If there was a chance they would strike, if the enemies were too strong, they would abandon Intestinal Gorge and preserve their strength as the main goal.

After receiving Heavenly Court's orders, Black Heaven Temple went into an alert state, they mobilized all of their strength and started to move out.

But after waiting for a long time, they did not see Dragon Palace nor Spectral Soul.

Qin Ding Ling did not know that Spectral Soul had already intercepted Dragon Palace along the way, they were still above the sky of Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range.

Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range was huge, extending over hundreds of thousands of li, compared to other mountain ranges, it was relatively gentle, the resources here were not abundant, most of the mountains were barren. Thus, even though it was in Black Heaven Temple's territory, they did not care much about it.

This place mostly produced wind path resources, in the past, a rank seven Gu Immortal of Wind Cloud Manor came here to cultivate in seclusion, he managed to breakthrough to rank eight, it was Old Man Bei Feng. It was a pity that his life was filled with hardship, he first got captured by Fang Yuan during the fate war and became enslaved by Dragon Palace. In the intense battle earlier, Old Man Bei Feng died already.

He was not the only one, all of the Four Dragon Generals died in this battle. Even the strongest of the enslaved, Di Zang Sheng, was now suppressed by Heavenly Court.

On a certain mountain of Sorrowful Wind Mountain Range.

Several youngsters were herding sheep, they got into an argument.

A youngster was being bullied, he was the weakest and thinnest person here, he took several steps back amidst the argument.

"Wang Xiao Er, this mountain is occupied by us, there is no place for you here."

"Scram now, get lost from our sight."

Several youngsters wore thick leather jackets, they had muscular bodies and vicious expressions.

Wang Xiao Er's clothes were patched up with many tattered areas, he looked like a beggar.

He resisted weakly: "But my sheep need to eat, if I do not feed them sufficiently, uncle and aunt will beat me up when I return."

The youngsters laughed loudly, the strongest one struck and pushed Wang Xiao Er to the ground.

"Go to the other mountain to herd your sheep, there is still some grass there. Scram now! Otherwise, I will break your leg!" The muscular young man threatened viciously.

Wang Xiao Er struggled to get up, he did not resist, he only moved his small group of sheep and left the mountain.

He walked with his thin legs, crossing rivers and steep paths. There was no road on the mountain, Wang Xiao Er often fell down and suffered bruises from the hard rocks on the ground, only the sheep behind him were traveling without any problems.

Wang Xiao Er finally found a small patch of grass, the sheep got tired and thirsty after running around, even without his command, they went forward and competed to eat the food.

Wang Xiao Er was so tired he laid down on the rock and watched the sheep fighting to eat, he sighed to himself: "Recently, the sorrowful winds in the mountains are getting more violent, there is less and less grass available. That is why they chased my sheep away from that grassland."

The patch of grass was tiny, it was completely gobbled up by the sheep after some time. The stronger sheep ate the most food while the remaining sheep growled in hunger.

Wang Xiao Er shook his head, this mountain had little grass, it was scattered all over the place. If he wanted to feed all the sheep, he would need to head to another mountain. It would not only waste time but energy as well.

"Oh sheep, oh sheep, at least you guys have food. In order to feed you all, I will definitely have to return late. I will definitely be beaten up by uncle and aunt, I will have to eat leftover rotten food."

Even though Central Continent was the most developed among the five regions, most of the mortals still lived difficult lives, it was common to starve.

Right at this time, there were suddenly rumbling noises heard.

Wang Xiao Er raised his head, this was a strange situation, why was there thunder rumbling in this bright sky?

After that, he slowly opened his mouth and saw a shooting star falling from the sky.

The shooting star became larger and larger in his vision, winds became stronger, the rumbling sounds were deafening, even the temperature of the air rose.

Wang Xiao Er was completely stunned, he froze on the spot, the surrounding sheep sensed the danger, they started crying out and running around.

Not just the sheep, the wild beasts on the mountains were also scrambling, the originally quiet mountain suddenly became very lively.

As the shooting star got closer, Wang Xiao Er finally got a good glimpse of it.

This shooting star was actually a mountain-sized beast!

The wild beast crashed down with a loud sound, coincidentally, it was the mountain that Wang Xiao Er lived on!

The mountains collapsed as rocks flew, earth shook as the mountain trembled, dust clouds rose up rapidly.

The village on the mountain was instantly destroyed, there were anguished cries of people mixed with the growls of beasts, Wang Xiao Er could hear these sounds spreading through the air currents produced.

Rumble rumble rumble…

As Wang Xiao Er stared with a frightened gaze, terrifying cracks were spreading on the ground, soon, the surroundings of the mountain peak also cracked, they fell apart piece by piece.

The youngsters who chased Wang Xiao Er away earlier all met with a disaster!

"Am I going to die?" Wang Xiao Er sat on the ground helplessly.

He seemed to have lost all of his strength, he could only watch as the dust clouds devoured him like a hungry beast that ate everything in its path.

Inside the dust clouds were countless rock shards carried by the wind.

One of them hit Wang Xiao Er's forehead.

Before he fainted, his final thought was that of confusion, why did a giant beast fall from the sky?


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