Reverend Insanity
2038 Internal and External Problems
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2038 Internal and External Problems

Fang Yuan immediately frowned, as if a huge rock was weighing on his mind, his expression turned grim.

He did not think that a myriad tribulation would occur.

Rank eight Gu Immortals stood at the peak of the Gu Immortal world, but for each one of them, every myriad tribulation was a troublesome hurdle.

In the current Gu Immortal world, most rank eight Gu Immortals have not gone through one myriad tribulation. For example, Heavenly Lord Bai Zu and Yao Huang were like this, even Prince Feng Xian was the same.

Back then, why did Old Ancestor Xue Hu try all means possible to refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu? It was to deal with his first ever myriad tribulation in this life! It was a pity that he created a huge commotion and ended up with a huge loss, not only did Old Ancestor Xue Hu fail to refine fortune rivalling heaven Gu, he even lost the whole of Snowy Mountain blessed land.

Western Desert's Thousand Transformations Ancestor had gone through one myriad tribulation. He survived it by a hairsbreadth, he was forced to recuperate for a long time. During the period, his beloved Fairy Cui Bo was killed by Fang Yuan, yet he could only send Dancer Hong Yun to investigate it.

Beast Calamity Immortal died after suffering heavy injuries from his first myriad tribulation, leaving behind Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

Bo Qing was a rank eight Gu Immortal who had passed two myriad tribulations, Duke Long was too. Throughout history, both of them were top tier experts merely below venerable level.

Even though Fang Yuan possessed over a million dao marks after becoming a rank eight Gu Immortal, the truth was that he used the sovereign immortal aperture's specialty to annex grotto-heavens, he skipped all his myriad tribulations.

Thus, Fang Yuan had not gone through a single myriad tribulation.

In his case, myriad tribulations were still huge problems. And the biggest issue now was that this current situation was really inappropriate to undergo tribulation. Fang Yuan could not estimate how long Wu Shuai could last, after all, Spectral Soul was a terrifying foe that they could not assess!

"I need to refine these heaven path dao marks as soon as possible, only after that can I face Spectral Soul!"

"But to refine heaven path dao marks, I need to undergo myriad tribulation?"

Fang Yuan felt like there was a tsunami now, he went up the mountain to avoid the flood but found out that this was actually a volcano! And now, this volcano was about to erupt.

Externally was Spectral Soul, internally was the myriad tribulation, at this moment, Fang Yuan fell into the greatest predicament of his life so far.

"No, I still have a chance!" Even in this situation, Fang Yuan remained calm, he was not flustered.

At the same time, at another area.

Myriad Year Flying Warship and Demon Immortal Qi Jue were escaping and chasing respectively.

Suddenly, 'Fang Yuan' flew out of Myriad Year Flying Warship, using his killer move with ferocity as he forced back Demon Immortal Qi Jue temporarily.

Demon Immortal Qi Jue immediately used his investigative method, after confirming this, he transmitted to Spectral Soul: "Fang Yuan is here with me, I can't deal with him alone. Come quickly! Otherwise, he might escape."

Spectral Soul heard the news and got stunned for a moment.

"Is Fang Yuan really not in Dragon Palace?" Spectral Soul thought rapidly, his attacks also slowed down as a result.

Right now, even though Dragon Palace was trapped, it was still a rank eight Immortal Gu House, it could last for a while.

Fang Yuan was rushing against time, Spectral Soul was the same. If he wasted time with Dragon Palace, even if he destroyed it, Fang Yuan would escape, then this entire pursuit would fail because he could not meet his goal.

Victory in battle was never important, only the benefits behind it mattered. Combat was just one of the ways to gain benefits, the glory of victory was completely irrelevant to Spectral Soul.

"Fang Yuan has familiar face, he can create a will and give it immortal essence and Immortal Gu to create a false impression of being the main body." Spectral Soul knew about this information, thus he was quite troubled now.

Even though he was strong, far beyond other Gu Immortals, he could be called the number one in the world, but Fang Yuan was crafty and hard to catch, this situation was quite vexing.

Spectral Soul knew he had to be vigilant, otherwise, he would follow in Heavenly Court's footsteps. This Fang Yuan was just too good at escaping!

The sovereign immortal aperture was facing countless lightning bolts, ever since the myriad tribulation formed, it had been attacking non-stop.

Mini Southern Border suffered severe damage!

The Heavenly Dao sought to balance deficit and surplus, which area in the sovereign immortal aperture was the most developed? It was undoubtedly Mini Southern Border. Thus, the Heavenly Dao created this myriad tribulation that targeted Mini Southern Border.

"Myriad tribulation — Myriad Destruction Lightning Forest!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, doing his best to make arrangements. He ignored Spectral Soul who was outside now, he let Wu Shuai try to stall for time.


Cloud Bamboo Mountain was completely broken apart into countless pieces by the lightning bolts.

There were eight desolate beast cloud foxes living on the mountain, and eleven desolate plant spear tip bamboos, they were completely wiped from existence by the lightning bolts. Cloud qi roots, white hair ginseng and a vast number of ordinary spear tip bamboos were all destroyed too.

The seven colored cloud soil inside the mountain were also affected, they were scattered all over the place, after the damage from the lightning, their value fell drastically.

Cloud Bamboo Mountain was originally taken from Southern Border's Chi clan by Fang Yuan, it had the weakest defensive formation, thus at this moment, it was completely decimated beyond recognition.

Soon, the other resource points started to face problems too.

"I need to solve this internal threat as soon as possible!" Fang Yuan thought to himself, but the power of the myriad destruction lightning forest was terrifying, he could not do anything about it, each of his actions were still restricted by the heaven path dao marks.

Thankfully, there was a bunch of Gu Immortals in the sovereign immortal aperture.

Among them, Xue Er, Shi Shi Cheng, and Mo Tan Sang were nurtured by Fang Yuan to become the new leaders of their variant human tribes. Their cultivation level was too weak, asking them to help out was simply sending them to death's doors.

"I will help!" At the moment of crisis, an elderly Gu Immortal stepped up, emanating rank eight aura.

Since when did Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture gain such a powerful expert?

This elderly man was none other than the sole rank eight in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, the current generation Combat Beast King.

Ever since Fang Yuan's plan succeeded and he annexed Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, all of the Gu Immortals inside were turned into his subordinates. After that, Fang Yuan gave them the true method of Gu cultivation.

During the fate war, most of the rank seven Gu Immortals were sent out to fight, until now, Fang Yuan did not have any time to recall them, they were still wandering around in the five regions.

Combat Beast King was a different case, because he had been cultivating inside Star Collection City, his strength rose greatly.

This was Fang Yuan's backup plan during the fate war to guard against people trying to invade his immortal aperture.

During the fate war, this situation did not occur, and now that the sovereign immortal aperture had a myriad tribulation, with Fang Yuan unable to make a move, he could only send out the Combat Beast King.

Winds blew, starlight shot out.

The rank eight star sea snail corpse was taken out by Fang Yuan, handed to Combat Beast King. The Combat Beast King did not hesitate, he immediately used his killer move and turned into a giant covered in starlight armor.

The giant roared as his body flew up towards the sky of lightning clouds.


When the giant reached half the distance, several lightning bolts combined into one, the pillar-like bolt shot down on the star armored giant.

If this were in the past, Combat Beast King would definitely die from getting hit by this. But after this period of cultivation, he had already learned how to use immortal killer moves.

Thus, the defensive killer move was used by Combat Beast King before he moved, it managed to resist the lightning bolts.

But the giant's advancement was also halted at this moment.

The giant landed back on the ground, its majestic body shivering as sparks remained on its body, Combat Beast King's limbs were going numb, his movements were greatly affected.

"Myriad tribulations are truly terrifying!" Combat Beast King was tongue-tied, he spoke with deep shock.

Fang Yuan frowned tightly.

Earlier, the lightning bolts combined to target Combat Beast King, that was the work of heaven's will. The heaven path dao marks were too densely gathered now, heaven's will was naturally being produced.

With the manipulation of heaven's will, the terrifying myriad tribulation became even more adaptive, it led to despair.

"I have the killer move heaven's will dissipation, I can even get rid of heaven's will in dream realms. Unfortunately, I cannot use it now!" Fang Yuan sighed to himself, he needed to refine the heaven path dao marks, he had to mingle with heaven's will and use both heaven-human sensation and human executing heaven's work to capture the location of the heaven path dao marks. After that, he would use unrestrained heavenly mark to refine the relevant heaven path dao marks.

Thus, heaven's will was necessary.

Once Fang Yuan gets rid of the heaven's will, he would also not be able to refine these heaven path dao marks.

"But the heaven path dao marks gathered and created a myriad tribulation, this greatly affected my refinement of the heaven path dao marks, my efficiency is less than one percent of before!"

Originally, the heaven path dao marks were scattered all over the sovereign immortal aperture, they were like divided troops, Fang Yuan could refine them group by group, the refinement was very effective. But now that the heaven path dao marks gathered into one tight group, Fang Yuan would have huge problems in trying to target them, his refinement also started to have no progress.

With this speed of refining the heaven path dao marks, how long would it take?

Fang Yuan's circumstances were really precarious!

"Oh no, I can't hold on anymore!" When it rains, it pours, at this moment, Wu Shuai shouted loudly as he requested for Fang Yuan's help.

This dragonman clone was also in a bind now.

Veins were bulging on his forehead, he was sweating profusely, Dragon Palace was trapped in the black smoke spiral, it was taking huge damage at all times. With cracking tiles and pillars, the whole of Dragon Palace was visibly shrinking.

Wu Shuai could only do his best to repair it, but his speed could not match Spectral Soul's destruction.

Seeing that a crucial area was about to be destroyed, Wu Shuai had no choice but to ask for help.

Fang Yuan knew that his clone would not ask unless he was desperate. He sighed to himself as he switched his attention to the outside world.

After inspecting the situation, Fang Yuan immediately took action to help Wu Shuai with the repair of the Gu House.

They managed to alleviate the situation, but it was not enough!

Suddenly, Wu Shuai gasped: "Why are Spectral Soul's attacks getting slower?"

Fang Yuan realized at once, he said: "I created a fake main body over in Myriad Year Flying Warship, it seems to have worked. Spectral Soul is hesitating now, he has always been worried that I would escape. He has no idea that Dragon Palace is about to collapse, he thinks the rank eight Immortal Gu House can still last for some time. If my 'main body' in Myriad Year Flying Warship escapes during this period, even if he manages to take down Dragon Palace and kill you, his plan will fail regardless."

Wu Shuai's eyes shined: "It will be great if we can deceive him now!"


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