Reverend Insanity
2037 Myriad Destruction Lightning Fores
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2037 Myriad Destruction Lightning Fores

Bai Ning Bing, Ying Wu Xie, and the rest went into the formation one by one, finally, Fairy Zi Wei also went to the center of the formation, activating it.

The deduction was beginning.

Qi Sea Ancestor did not move, he stayed at the original spot.

"If I take action now to destroy the formation, will it help my main body?" Qi Sea Ancestor analyzed, he estimated his chances.

Once the formation was damaged or even destroyed, the Gu Immortals inside would suffer backlash, but Qi Sea Ancestor could not be certain of the exact effect.

Furthermore, if Qi Sea Ancestor struck now, the secret that he was Fang Yuan's clone would be exposed for sure.

"If only I could convince Qin Ding Ling and the rest to strike together." Qi Sea Ancestor sighed internally.

Even though Qin Ding Ling was not a wisdom path great expert, she was not so easy to deceive. Qi Sea Ancestor did not even dare to say anything odd now, otherwise, Heavenly Court might find out the truth instead.

"Ancestor, time is pressing, you need to consider the big picture!" Qin Ding Ling was secretly sending transmissions to him, trying to convince Qi Sea Ancestor. She wanted him to chase after Dragon Palace and Spectral Soul, but Qi Sea Ancestor started to talk about payment instead.

Qi Sea Ancestor sighed: "Fairy Qin, precisely because of the big picture, I am being shameless in asking you for the three qi Immortal Gu. My methods are all known by the enemies, only with these Immortal Gu can I gain a boost in strength and catch the enemies by surprise. For the sake of the people, for the righteousness of humanity, I hope you will consider the big picture and give those three Immortal Gu to me."

Qin Ding Ling mentally rolled her eyes, this Qi Sea Ancestor was not just shameless, he was incomparably so, using this opportunity to ask for huge compensation. He wanted three rank eight Immortal Gu at once, the cores of Primordial Origin's true inheritance! He was simply too greedy.

But Qin Ding Ling had many worries now, if she fell out with Qi Sea Ancestor, Heavenly Court would not have any peak rank eight battle strength, they would likely be targeted by Shadow Sect and Longevity Heaven.

Qi Sea clone purposely chose this current situation to exert pressure on Qin Ding Ling.

Qin Ding Ling sighed: "Qi Sea Ancestor, why must you force us now? Back then, in Eastern Sea, who helped you to resist Demon Immortal Qi Jue?"

Qi Sea Ancestor replied: "If we want to talk about favors, I am sure you all owe me more. I have already gotten rid of Heavenly Court's biggest threat, the qi harvest fruit is gone now. Also, in this battle, I have never slacked off, I took risks alongside all of you."

Qin Ding Ling was silent for a while before she replied solemnly: "I can give heaven qi and earth qi Immortal Gu to you, but human qi Immortal Gu is out of the question. This is the bottom line of Heavenly Court, please understand our circumstances, ancestor."

Qi Sea Ancestor accepted the result.

The truth was, the Qi Sea clone did not think he would get all three qi Immortal Gu to begin with. They were all rank eight Immortal Gu connected to Primordial Origin true inheritance, they were too valuable, far beyond the value of the supposed payment. Heavenly Court could have used other resources to pay him, but because the situation was really urgent now, the Qi Sea clone fought for the greatest benefit.

Of course, the fact that Qin Ding Ling gave the two qi path rank eight Immortal Gu to Qi Sea Ancestor on the spot caused all of the Gu Immortals to gasp in amazement.

Qi Sea Ancestor obtained two Immortal Gu, he said his goodbyes to the Heavenly Court immortals as he chased after Dragon Palace immediately.

"I finally got him to work." Qin Ding Ling felt very tired, but this outcome was not too bad. She would not give all three qi Immortal Gu to Qi Sea Ancestor, she had to keep at least one to use as bait against him.

Furthermore, Qi Sea Ancestor obtained two qi Immortal Gu, he only needed human qi Immortal Gu to be able to use the killer move triple qi retraction, this temptation was probably even greater now that he had two of them.

Dragon Palace flew rapidly in the wild winds.

In the dream realm earlier, Wu Shuai got sufficient time to put all his effort into repairing Dragon Palace, at least from the outside, it looked restored.

"The damage to the core Immortal Gu cannot be resolved quickly, this is already my limit!" Wu Shuai was very worried.

Behind Dragon Palace, a female rank eight soul path immortal was chasing it relentlessly.

It was Spectral Soul who was inside Lady Cold Ash's body. He emanated black qi as he surged with killing intent, he locked onto Dragon Palace without any signs of hesitation or giving up.

"You cannot escape, Fang Yuan! Even if you escape to the ends of the world, I will definitely kill you." Spectral Soul had just said that when his pupils expanded.

Wherever Spectral Soul's gaze landed, smoke that was pitch black appeared, quickly reaching Dragon Palace.

The smoke expanded rapidly, with a soft sound, it turned into a round spiral that had an immense suction force.

Wu Shuai was controlling Dragon Palace, he was caught by surprise as Dragon Palace's speed fell, it fell towards the black smoke spiral.

"What move is this?!" Wu Shuai gritted his teeth, veins bulged on his forehead as he tried to move Dragon Palace to the sky.

Ever since they fought, Spectral Soul's soul path methods had been endless, it was hard to guard against them. Especially when Spectral Soul was such an expert with abundant experiences, he could use these soul path killer moves beyond their usual limits.

Dragon Palace turned around with difficulty, attempting to fly away from the black smoke spiral from above.

Spectral Soul sneered, he pointed his finger. Black light quickly gathered on his finger, it shot out, instantly hitting the area around Dragon Palace.

The tiny black light expanded rapidly, turning into an immemorial soul beast.

Seeing that the immemorial soul beast was about to pounce on Dragon Palace, Wu Shuai was shocked, his pupils expanded rapidly.

If Dragon Palace got hit, its movement would be obstructed, it would fall into the black spiral along with the immemorial soul beast. In that case, the precious time that Fang Yuan obtained through this tactic would be completely wasted.

At the crucial moment, Wu Shuai shouted, his eyes shined with mysterious dazzling light.

Dragon Palace reacted to it, golden light erupted, a wave of pink smoke rapidly gathered, easily dragging the immemorial soul beast away, into the depths of Dragon Palace. The powerful immemorial soul beast could not resist it at all!

Spectral Soul was not surprised.

This was the dream path killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke.

Wu Shuai got rid of the immemorial soul beast, Dragon Palace managed to fly far above the spiral.

At this time, Spectral Soul's body suddenly appeared near Dragon Palace, his eyes shined with cold light: "I have been waiting for this!"

At the same time, 'Spectral Soul', who was far away, faded into nothingness.

Spectral Soul slammed with his palm, the silhouette of a soul mountain appeared and pressed down on Dragon Palace.

This soul mountain was huge, the top was beyond the clouds, looking from below, Wu Shuai's entire vision was obstructed.

It covered the entire sky!

But the soul mountain's appearance was very familiar to Wu Shuai.

"Isn't this Dang Hun Mountain?" Wu Shuai was shocked and uncertain.


With a loud sound, Dang Hun Mountain crashed down on Dragon Palace.

Dragon Palace's beautiful roof met with a devastating blow. Countless tiles shattered, many Gu worms died at once.

And even worse was that due to the impact, even though Dragon Palace struggled, it was slammed into the black smoke spiral by the giant soul mountain.

The spiral surrounded the entirety of Dragon Palace, an immeasurable suction force started acting on it.

Dragon Palace spun around along with the spiral, losing its sense of direction. Wu Shuai had to leave his throne as he tried to think of a way to break out of this situation, but it was hopeless in the short term.

"Don't tell me this is Spectral Soul's truth strength?" Wu Shuai gritted his teeth.

Spectral Soul unleashed several killer moves in succession, Wu Shuai was very tired in trying to deal with them. The great rank eight Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace could not put up a resistance, with Spectral Soul's array of killer moves, he managed to suppress Dragon Palace forcefully.

Wu Shuai stared with furious eyes, he had to try and delay for time, he instilled immortal essence to try and fix the Immortal Gu House, wanting to maintain his defensive position.

"In this situation, the main body's safety is in my hands! But how long can I last?" Wu Shuai was completely unsure at this point.

Fang Yuan's main body was deep inside Dragon Palace.

The heaven path dao marks prevented him from doing anything now. The unlimited qi sea killer move he used earlier against the primordial qi wall was also prepared for a long time, he used human path methods to find a gap in the restriction of the heaven path dao marks, allowing him to make one move.

But with just that action, after breaking the qi wall, the heaven path dao marks reacted and started to obstruct Fang Yuan in another way.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan did not get greedy and quickly stopped using his killer move. Otherwise, the strong interference would cause his killer move to fail, he would suffer intense backlash.

Fang Yuan only found that human path could resist heaven path. Dream path might be effective but his attainment in dream path was not high enough.

Ever since he obtained Heavenly Court's heaven path research results, Fang Yuan had been researching on them.

He was fighting against time!

It was possible that a minute's or even a second's difference would lead to either surviving or dying.

Immortal killer move — Heaven-human Sensation!

Immortal killer move — Human Executing Heaven's Work!

Within the sovereign immortal aperture, Fang Yuan's will mixed with heaven's will, he sensed various heaven path dao marks.

Refine them!

Immortal killer move — Unrestrained Heavenly Mark!

This killer move was meant to deal with heaven path dao marks, Fang Yuan did not care about the cost, he expended rank eight immortal essence rapidly, he quickly refined three heaven path dao marks successfully.

"Wu Shuai, persevere, I have already made a huge breakthrough!" The moment Fang Yuan transmitted to Wu Shuai, a change occurred in the immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan's success infuriated heaven's will.

The heaven path dao marks were like angry beasts, they were originally scattered all over the place, but now they gathered together.


Thunder rumbled as lightning roared, dark clouds formed as wild winds blew.

The heaven path dao marks triggered a huge change, in just a few breaths of time, a tribulation was formed!

At that instant, earth shook as mountains rumbled, lightning flashed and shattered rocks, the earth was crying out in sorrow.

Fang Yuan's heart jumped: "Don't tell me that forcefully refining heaven path dao marks will anger the Heavenly Dao and cause a tribulation to occur? Or maybe the killer move I used has a problem?"

Lightning clouds continued to form and spread out. Soon, they spread over a hundred li, several thousand li, tens of thousands of li, and over a hundred thousand li!

Millions of lightning bolts flickered continuously, this was like a huge forest made of lightning bolts!

Myriad tribulation — Myriad Destruction Lightning Forest!

It was not an earthly calamity, a heavenly tribulation, or a grand tribulation, it was actually a myriad tribulation.

Only a rank eight Gu Immortal could face such a tribulation.

It was a myriad tribulation, they put fear into most rank eight Gu Immortals!


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