Reverend Insanity
2031 Chasing, Escaping
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2031 Chasing, Escaping

Fang Yuan had always taken action after planning, even though this venture to Heavenly Court was dangerous, he had made ample preparations.

He refined Heavenly Court's qi harvest fruit into his qi path clone, while the main body went into Dragon Palace at this very moment. Even though there were many Gu Immortals in the battlefield, nobody found out the truth.

Fang Yuan's qi path clone breathed in deeply, all of the white qi got absorbed into his body.

Next, he pushed with both arms as a thunderous sound occurred, a dense qi wall formed and pushed towards Dragon Palace and Spectral Soul with overwhelming might.

Spectral Soul's eyes shined with bright light, black qi burst out of his body and crashed into the qi wall, emitting a loud sound.

The qi wall was corroded but the surrounding qi wall came to fill it up again. Spectral Soul made use of this timing to turn into black light and penetrate through it like a flash of lightning.

A portion of Spectral Soul's focus was kept on Qi Sea Ancestor, while most of his attention remained on Dragon Palace.

Dragon Palace was huge, it would not be easy to pass the qi wall. Once Dragon Palace exposed a weakness while resisting the qi wall, Spectral Soul would take action and make use of Qi Sea Ancestor's killer move to deal a huge blow to Dragon Palace.

Right when the qi wall was about to crash into Dragon Palace, its door opened, Fang Yuan stood upright, appearing in front of everyone.

Immortal killer move — Unlimited Qi Sea!

Fang Yuan was already well prepared, he raised his right arm now as he grabbed towards the qi wall with his five fingers.

The colossal qi wall shook as it collapsed, countless qi currents were drawn by a formless force, going into Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

"Fang Yuan!"

"He was here after all."

"This move again! During the fate war, he used this move to unravel primordial qi wall!"

The immortals saw Fang Yuan's appearance as all of them shook.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were all ashen, after they lost the fate war, Fang Yuan had turned into a nightmare that shrouded over their minds.

The two heavens alliance's Gu Immortals were joyful instead. Seeing Fang Yuan's action, it was clear that he was on their side.

Spectral Soul's pupils shrunk, Fang Yuan's performance was quite shocking. He was troubled by the heaven path dao marks after all, how could he still display such immense battle strength?

The entire battlefield fell into peculiar silence.

Fang Yuan and Qi Sea Ancestor appeared at the same time, the entire battlefield's situation was turned around in an instant.

Heavenly Court protected Qi Sea Ancestor, Spectral Soul was alone, while Fang Yuan was standing in front of Dragon Palace, the three strongest Gu Immortals prepared to face off against each other.

In the Gu world, strength reigned supreme, the following battle would depend on these three people.

"To think that this day would come when Heavenly Court fails to be the leader of this confrontation." Qin Ding Ling sighed in her heart as she transmitted to Qi Sea Ancestor, asking about his condition.

Qi Sea Ancestor immediately replied: "Even though I got rid of the qi harvest fruit, I suffered considerable injuries. I will need everyone from Heavenly Court to work together to survive this crisis."

Qin Ding Ling said again: "Heavenly Court's greatest threat was resolved thanks to you, ancestor. After we survive this, Heavenly Court will definitely reward you satisfactorily!"

Qin Ding Ling was trying very hard to gain Qi Sea Ancestor's help, at this moment, Dragon Palace flew out like an orange meteor towards the sky!

After this catastrophic battle, Heavenly Court was completely covered in holes. Dragon Palace escaped along one of these loopholes, easily leaving Heavenly Court and entering immemorial white heaven.

The remaining immortals looked at Dragon Palace's figure with stunned expressions.

Even though Fang Yuan appeared and cooperated with Wu Shuai, the two of them had actually escaped.

Was this the showing of the number one demon?

"It seems that Fang Yuan has not recovered."

"Even though that move was ferocious and broke Qi Sea Ancestor's qi wall killer move earlier, he was likely at his limit!"

"Do we chase them? This demon Fang Yuan is too crafty, I am afraid that this is just his plan to lure us out. He might have an immortal formation outside lying in ambush, waiting for us to head into his trap."

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals hesitated while the two heavens alliance Gu Immortals cursed in their hearts.

The expert and leader that they placed their hopes and morale on had actually escaped, they fled so quickly!

All of these two heavens alliance Gu Immortals were left in Heavenly Court, they were abandoned.

"Fang Yuan, where are you running to? Die here and now." Spectral Soul snickered as he used Lady Cold Ash's body to rush out of Heavenly Court, chasing after Dragon Palace.


Qing Chou roared, it was gradually recovering the strength that it lost, even though the rank nine aura of its hatred Gu was not complete, it was already much denser than before.

"Spectral Soul, I want you to die!" Qing Chou, who had unresolvable hatred, did not hesitate, it chased after Spectral Soul.

Thus, in the battlefield, only Heavenly Court's immortals, Qi Sea Ancestor, and the two heavens alliance's Gu Immortals were left.

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and Xiao He Jian looked at each other.

They were in an awkward situation now!

"We will chase them!"

"Protect Dragon Palace!!"

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and Xiao He Jian worked together for the first time, they shouted something that they did not believe in as they charged out of Heavenly Court.

The remaining two heavens alliance Gu Immortals followed after them, shouting and jeering as they also went out of Heavenly Court along with the two vice alliance leaders.

"Are we going to kill these variant human Gu Immortals?" Prince Feng Xian asked Qin Ding Ling.

Qin Ding Ling looked towards Qi Sea Ancestor, she thought about it before saying resolutely: "No! These variant human Gu Immortals are just minor problems, the most important thing is Fang Yuan. Two people will stay behind to take care of the place, the rest will follow me to pursue and kill Fang Yuan!!"

Fang Yuan was not in good condition now, it was the best time to kill him.

If they manage to kill Fang Yuan, the loot they could gain would be extremely favorable to Heavenly Court. Fang Yuan had too many good things, he had countless Immortal Gu and exceptional inheritances. Even without them, as long as they could capture his soul and extract the memories of his previous life, it would be incredibly precious to Heavenly Court!

In fact, even if Heavenly Court gets nothing from killing Fang Yuan, just the fact that he died at their hands would allow Heavenly Court to regain their morale, they would break free of the trauma of the fate war, they would be at the top of the world again.

"Even if we cannot kill Fang Yuan, we cannot let Spectral Soul kill Fang Yuan!" Furthermore, Qin Ding Ling was also wary of that old monster Spectral Soul.

"Ancestor…" Qin Ding Ling was about to speak when Qi Sea Ancestor interrupted her.

"No need to say anything, be it Spectral Soul or Fang Yuan, they are both demons, us righteous path members should execute them all. Time is pressing, our opportunity is slipping, we need to chase them now!" At the crucial moment, Qi Sea Ancestor displayed the demeanor of a heroic leader of the righteous path!

The Heavenly Court immortals felt much closer to him after hearing that.

Qin Ding Ling nodded gravely, without Qi Sea Ancestor's help, they would not be able to chase Fang Yuan safely.

"The main body's situation is strange, I need to look after him. These Heavenly Court Gu Immortals are much better cannon fodder than those two heavens alliance immortals!" Qi Sea Ancestor made his plan internally, leading the Heavenly Court immortals as they chased.

This way, Dragon Palace was at the front, followed by Spectral Soul, who was getting closer.

Followed by Qing Chou.

Followed by Qi Sea Ancestor and the Heavenly Court immortals.

As for the two vice alliance leaders of the two heavens alliance, they had already escaped from Heavenly Court with the other immortals, they scattered all over the place thinking only of escaping, nobody dared to join this battle anymore.

At this moment, Dragon Palace was still tightly shut.

Fang Yuan sat on the ground, modifying the two killer moves, heaven-human sensation and human executing heaven's work.

Fang Yuan lacked more than half of the Gu worms needed for these killer moves. He had to modify the moves and swap out the Gu worms so that he could use these moves.

Immortal Gu were unique, these two killer moves were newly obtained, Fang Yuan had quite a bit of difficulty in the modification.

After attempting it for some time, Fang Yuan changed his tactic, he gave up on the Immortal Gu level and targeted the aspect of a mortal killer move.

Fang Yuan connected to treasure yellow heaven and soon gathered the relevant mortal Gu worms. With the necessary Gu worms and after modifying the move from an immortal killer move to a mortal killer move, the difficult became nearly nonexistent.

With these two mortal killer moves, Fang Yuan stopped the formation in the sovereign immortal aperture, no longer using qi tides to cleanse the immortal aperture's nine heavens and five regions.

Soon, heaven's will was produced.

Fang Yuan sent a portion of his will towards the heaven's will.

Next, he activated the killer move heaven-human sensation, Fang Yuan fused into the heaven's will.

After that, he activated human executing heaven's work.

After a while.

Fang Yuan's eyes shined with bright light: "I sensed… a certain group of heaven path dao marks!"

If he had to replace the word 'sensed', Fang Yuan would choose another word, caught.

Originally, Fang Yuan knew about the heaven path dao marks in his body, but he could only let them be. But now, when he could sense them, it meant that these heaven path dao marks were under his control temporarily.

With this crucial breakthrough and Fang Yuan's expertise in Gu refinement, it was only a matter of time until he refined all of these heaven path dao marks into his own.


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