Reverend Insanity
2030 Spectral Soul“s Demonic Migh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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2030 Spectral Soul“s Demonic Migh

What was this situation?

Seeing that Lady Cold Ash got sent flying by Qing Chou, the immortals present were stunned.

The rank nine Immortal Gu aura was not fake, but it was too weak, the main part of the aura was still at the level of rank eight Immortal Gu. This was something that was unheard of.

An incomplete rank nine Immortal Gu?

All the immortals were bewildered.

Gu refinement had always been a strict process, be they human or hairy man refinement methods, they had their specifications.

This was true for both Fang Yuan and Long Hair Ancestor. There had never been a case where a Gu worm could still be used in battle during refinement.

But the truth was in front of them, the immortals had to admit the fact.

"What refinement method is this?" Many Gu Immortals became quite excited: "This will start a new trend of refinement path!"

"Spectral Soul? Qing Chou possesses hatred Gu, it should not be wrong. To think that Lady Cold Ash's body was actually taken over by Spectral Soul."

"Seeing what Spectral Soul said, it seems that Fang Yuan is here too, hiding in Dragon Palace?"

The Gu Immortals were startled and puzzled.

Too many unexpected incidents had happened in this battle. Heavenly Court, the two heavens, Spectral Soul, and Fang Yuan all had their own plans, nobody knew the entire situation clearly. Even though Fang Yuan was reborn, he was the same.

Spectral Soul's identity was exposed, Fang Yuan felt quite relieved about it.

Dragon Palace retreated even more quickly. Wu Shuai recalled the three dragon generals, at the same time, the Gu Immortals of the two heavens alliance guarded Dragon Palace against Spectral Soul.

Wu Shuai did not dare to risk letting the immortals of the two heavens alliance into his Dragon Palace, the appearance of Spectral Soul made everyone else suspicious as well.

"I can't wait anymore…" Qi Sea Ancestor (Fang Yuan) gritted his teeth before activating his hidden method. He was originally intending to wait some more, but with Spectral Soul's appearance and Qing Chou's assault, he understood that the situation was out of his control, he needed to act quickly!

Fang Yuan immediately contacted Qin Ding Ling: "The modification has some results, protect me well, we will go into the critical period now!"

"Understood!" Joy flashed on Qin Ding Ling's face, this was the best news she had heard since the battle started.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals shrunk back to form a tight defensive circle, they defended against Spectral Soul and Wu Shuai's Dragon Palace.


Qing Chou charged towards Lady Cold Ash.

Hatred Gu's rank nine aura was getting stronger, it seemed like Spectral Soul's appearance had summoned the deepest hatred in Qing Chou's heart, this intense feeling of hatred was rapidly helping to refine hatred Gu.

Hatred Gu activated, amplifying Qing Chou's strength comprehensively. Especially offensive killer moves, their might was increased to a terrifying level.

Spectral Soul and Qing Chou fought, he actually got suppressed for some time.

The killing intent on his face became denser, after a few rounds, he spat out a mouthful of black qi.

The black qi was small and insignificant, but once it flew towards Qing Chou, it made Qing Chou's movements slow, its attacks were no longer rapid.

Spectral Soul's body shook, turning into countless phantoms and surrounded Qing Chou tightly.

Qing Chou possessed hatred Gu, it should be able to find out the real Spectral Soul. But against the countless Spectral Souls, it showed a confused expression, having lost its target.

Spectral Soul's main body suddenly appeared on the back of Qing Chou, he stretched out his palm and his entire forearm was stabbed into Qing Chou's body.

Qing Chou's body started to shiver, it felt extreme pain as it raised its head and roared!

Qing Chou unleashed immortal killer moves consecutively, ignoring its own state as it assaulted Spectral Soul who was on its back.

Spectral Soul endured the endless assault but continued to sustain his current method.

Qing Chou fell on the ground, with a loud sound, the earth rumbled, a huge pit was created.

Qing Chou rolled on the ground, it was unable to shrug off Spectral Soul.

"Oh no, he is trying to refine Qing Chou!" Qin Ding Ling saw what was happening, her heart jumped, she wanted to order the Gu Immortals to disrupt Spectral Soul.

But Wu Shuai moved one step earlier.

Dragon Palace unleashed dreamy light smoke as a cloud of pink smoke flew towards Spectral Soul.

Spectral Soul was not afraid of other methods but dream path methods were still threatening.

He had no choice but to stop and retreat for now.

Qing Chou regained freedom as a result but it was very weak, it almost fell to the ground.

In contrast, Spectral Soul flew to the sky with an increased aura. Evidently, the method used against Qing Chou earlier was not just enslavement, it also had a special ability to extract its strength.

Seeing this, almost all the Gu Immortals' hearts sank.

Qing Chou has a quasi-rank nine hatred Gu, its battle strength rose drastically, reaching the levels of Fang Yuan, Duke Long, and Feng Jiu Ge during the fate war, but it was ineffective against Spectral Soul.

Other than catching Spectral Soul off guard initially, once he was prepared, Qing Chou got easily countered afterwards.

In the end, Qing Chou was still an immemorial soul beast, it was against Spectral Soul, who was primarily a soul path cultivator and had the deepest knowledge of this. Spectral Soul had a bunch of methods to counter immemorial soul beasts, in fact, the reason for the creation of soul beasts was Spectral Soul himself.

"What a pity, I was so close to enslaving this legendary desolate beast. Hmph! Fang Yuan, you are courting death." Spectral Soul's plan was foiled, he emanated killing intent with a cold expression, attacking Dragon Palace again.

The two sides fought again, Wu Shuai put in all his effort but he could not resist Spectral Soul's methods, he was forced to retreat.

Spectral Soul's demonic might was overwhelming, he dominated the entire battlefield without difficulty. Dragon Palace, which was showing great performance earlier, could not defend against his unparalleled power.

His killer moves were endless, they either had great strength or peculiar effects, they were all hard to defend against.

Spectral Soul had already recovered, even though he was not at the level when he refined sovereign immortal fetus Gu on Yi Tian Mountain, he had mostly regained his strength.

Wu Shuai controlled Dragon Palace to fight against Spectral Soul, during this time, Qing Chou and the rest also interfered, but they were all suppressed, the situation was getting increasingly dangerous.

After more than ten rounds of fighting, Dragon Palace was heavily damaged, the three dragon generals all died at Spectral Soul's hands. Thankfully, there was the killer move dreamy light smoke that Spectral Soul was worried about.

The Gu Immortals of the two heavens alliance could not be depended on, they all hid at one side. Spectral Soul's might was too terrifying, whoever got close would die.

"The time is about ripe." Wu Shuai finally received the instructions from his main body.

He let out a breath of air, driving Dragon Palace towards the qi harvest fruit.

Qin Ding Ling and the rest had formed into a defensive line, they became alarmed, they shot out endless profound lights.

Wu Shuai shouted: "Heavenly Court, if you still refuse to take action, after Spectral Soul kills me, you will all die as well."

Qin Ding Ling retorted: "Stop right now, whoever comes here will face our full-on assault!"

During the fight between Spectral Soul and Dragon Palace, Heavenly Court had been watching at the side, not doing anything. Qin Ding Ling and the rest were waiting for Fang Yuan, as long as he stayed motionless, they would not attack. Nobody knew what vile schemes this demon Fang Yuan was preparing after all!

Wu Shuai did not care, he steered Dragon Palace to get close to Heavenly Court's defensive line.

Behind him, Spectral Soul chased relentlessly.

Qin Ding Ling's expression was grim, she ordered: "Attack Dragon Palace, force it back!"


All sorts of killer moves landed on Dragon Palace, creating beautiful ripples of various colors in the sky. Dragon Palace was like a crumbling boat, riding against the dangerous waves.

Large numbers of Gu worms died, including Immortal Gu.

This battle caused severe losses to Dragon Palace, the price to repair it would be extremely high.

"Oh no, it is getting close!"

They watched as Dragon Palace almost went past Heavenly Court's defensive line, at the crucial moment, Shabi Ninety-five and Ruan Dan came out to block Dragon Palace despite the danger.

But soon, Spectral Soul also arrived, chaos ensued.

"Die!" Spectral Soul's killing intent surged, he soon gained the upper hand.

Heavenly Court's defensive line was collapsing.

Right at this moment, Qi Sea Ancestor's laughter could be heard.

Swish swish swish!

The originally condensed qi harvest fruit exploded into a tsunami, engulfing heaven and earth, clouds and winds raged, at once, the entire battlefield was filled with qi currents over a massive range.

At once, all the Gu Immortals lost their sense of direction, they could only see white qi in front of them, they could not even see their own fingers.

At the center of the qi currents, there was a baby shape gathering, it devoured the white qi.

In a few breaths of time, the baby grew rapidly, turning old as it became Qi Sea Ancestor's appearance, having rank eight cultivation level!

Fang Yuan's main body flickered, he waved his sleeves, a split soul that was prepared in advance flew out, carrying Gu worms and immortal essence into Qi Sea Ancestor's body.

After the split soul arrived, the Qi Sea clone opened his eyes.

While Fang Yuan's main body used the opportunity to enter Dragon Palace.


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