Reverend Insanity
1859 Suan Bu Jin, Please Rest In Peace
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1859 Suan Bu Jin, Please Rest In Peace

Fairy Zi Wei was a wisdom path great expert and also had Star Constellation Chessboard, she was very likely to deduce Fang Yuan's traces around Fang clan, and from there, interfere and destroy his plan.

Beforehand was a similar situation as well.

Fang Yuan cultivated qi path and required qi path immortal materials, but he did not extort them from Southern Border's righteous path.

But in Eastern Sea, Duke Long immediately pointed out a relation between Qi Sea Ancestor and Fang Yuan, which had surprised Fang Yuan.

Were Fang Yuan to have extorted qi path immortal materials from Southern Border's righteous path, during the battle for Dragon Palace in Eastern Sea, Duke Long might have seen through Fang Yuan's facade at first glance.

He had precariously succeeded in deceiving Duke Long, he was just a step away from being exposed.

Many times, people needed to look at the long term instead of coveting cheap benefits. Had Fang Yuan coveted cheap benefits before and extorted qi path immortal materials from Southern Border's righteous path, Heavenly Court might have seen through Qi Sea Ancestor's true identity.

Thereupon, Fang Yuan would not have obtained a portion of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's qi path true inheritance.

Fang Yuan had a cautious nature.

The risks he took - besides the times where he had no alternative - were mostly taken after careful planning.

He had struggled for hundreds of years, walked on countless roads, experienced many life and death situations, and moved in the gaps between the fights of venerables and heaven's will to finally reach his current stage.

Hardships and setbacks were the wealth of human life. With such mental fortitude, Fang Yuan would not be arrogant and lose his way.

Stability, he demanded stability in everything!

During the battle in Eastern Sea over Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan obtained information about Fang Zheng and knew that the latter had disturbed him twice, and also learned of Qin Ding Ling's existence.

Qin Ding Ling was a person of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's era, a Central Continent immortal who cultivated metal path but changed to luck path later, and had hibernated for three hundred thousand years.

According to Fang Yuan's deductions, Qin Ding Ling's luck path attainment level was at least great grandmaster, and quasi-supreme grandmaster was not impossible as well.

With such a luck path attainment level, if she were able to refine just two or three luck path Immortal Gu, she could create and modify killer moves and have comprehensive luck path methods.

Under this situation, there was not a big significance in rushing to refine luck path Immortal Gu.

Previously, Fang Yuan had prioritized investing in luck path because Heavenly Court's foundation in luck path was shallow, Fang Yuan could gain ten times the return of his investment.

But now, the prospect of his investment fell.

It was like earlier, when Fang Yuan obtained Shadow Sect's true inheritance but did not choose to focus heavily on soul path. Spectral Soul was captured by Heavenly Court so that soul path true inheritance did not have much value. His soul path strength could very likely be deciphered and countered by Heavenly Court!

Because of these several aspects, Fang Yuan chose to stop luck path Gu refinement for the moment and change to wood path.

Rank eight Immortal Gu House Divine Bean Palace was something that could increase Fang Yuan's strength by a huge margin!

Heavenly Court had always been Fang Yuan's greatest obstacle.

Stopping Heavenly Court from restoring fate Gu was not a matter of just one battle, it involved a struggle of information, disguise, deceit, Gu refinement, resources, and many other aspects.

Only after estimating the trump cards of the enemy could he find flaws and deal with them appropriately.

So, information was an extremely important aspect. In history, many famous wars looked like they were won easily, but who knew the intensity of the hidden struggles, the preparations made, and how many times they racked their brains from planning!

Pushing forward brainlessly would only lead to death, stupid people could not go far.

Since there was an enormous change in the investment to productivity ratio, Fang Yuan chose to halt the investment to stop his loss.

After careful consideration, Fang Yuan hesitated no more and chose this plan resolutely.

Time passed, it was a scene of tranquility in the outside world of the five regions, with turbulence surging in secret. The time flow in the sovereign immortal aperture was much faster and changes could be seen every day.

The whole sovereign immortal aperture had developed a step further.

The one million qi path dao marks from annexing Qi Sea grotto-heaven had already influenced every part of the sovereign immortal aperture.

The current mini nine heavens were filled with large amount of mist. These mists were of all kinds of colors; mini yellow heaven had yellow mist, mini white heaven had white mist…

A portion of these mists condensed and formed clouds.

Fang Yuan had originally planned to bring in clouds, but at present, it had already progressed very well through just the sovereign immortal aperture's natural development, saving a lot of Fang Yuan's resources.

"Dao marks are the true foundation of the immortal aperture's growth."

"With these one million dao marks, the immortal aperture can produce all kinds of favorable changes just by developing naturally."

"Naturally, there are also risks. In this process, I have to pay attention at all times and make timely adjustments to prevent these changes from endangering the previous ecology."

Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture was too spacious, the influence of one million qi path dao marks was spread over all parts, and could be borne by the sovereign immortal aperture itself.

In the mini five regions, qi flows appeared in many areas. There were mists around some famous and special mountain ranges in Mini Southern Border. Frost and icy air had started to cover the atmosphere of Mini Northern Plains. Hot air started to rise in Mini Western Desert, while qi vortexes appeared in many areas of Central Continent.

The truly enormous increase was in the basic two qi— heaven qi and earth qi!

Fang Yuan could clearly observe that a remarkable amount of earth qi had accumulated in the vast underground depths of the sovereign immortal aperture.

There was an endless amount of heaven qi spread in the sky, but it was not as obvious as the concentrated earth qi.

As heaven qi continues to increase, there would be even more mists and clouds in the mini nine heavens and a faint qi wall would form in between the mini nine heavens. As this qi wall develops, it would finally become the heavenly wind qi wall.

Earth qi, however, had two directions for growth.

One was that Fang Yuan could ignore it and let it condense into one lump. This lump of earth qi would continue piling up and form some underground caves. Anything that entered these earth qi filled caves would be corroded by the earth qi and turn into stone statues. If this kind of earth qi became too dense, it could form earth qi sandstorms, which would have a vicious effect towards the surroundings. However, a large amount of earth path immortal materials would be produced during earth qi sandstorms.

The second direction was that Fang Yuan could meticulously divert this giant lump of earth qi, digging out tunnels around the earth qi to let it flow and spread to all directions.

There would not be earth qi sandstorms if the earth qi were to be distributed to various parts of the immortal aperture. This could make the soil of the mini five regions even more fertile and increase the productivity of plants, ores, and other resources. And those long and narrow tunnels that moved the earth qi would widen gradually as they get eroded by earth qi, these tunnels would be filled with earth path dao marks and finally become Earth Trenches.

These two development directions had their advantages and disadvantages.

Fang Yuan did not even have to consider, he chose the second path.

He did not lack earth path immortal materials. Digging tunnels and creating earth trench veins would elevate the whole sovereign immortal aperture comprehensively! It would greatly expand the development prospects!

Fang Yuan entrusted all the development of the sovereign immortal aperture to his subordinates. These Gu Immortals worked hard and would never idle.

As for Fang Yuan's main body, he was working hard on cultivating karma divine tree.

Previously, Fang Yuan could barely activate the killer move karma divine tree by using rank seven mature bamboo Immortal Gu as the core and other rank six wood path Immortal Gu as supplementary. He lacked the core rule path Immortal Gu 'Cause', and the core wood path Immortal Gu 'Effect', Fang Yuan had to use a vast number of mortal Gu as replacement. Back then, because he lacked wood path Immortal Gu and wood path attainment level, Fang Yuan did not overly invest into it.

Because of this, the steps became complex, he had to spend a lot of effort on it, karma divine tree took longer to activate and it could not be used in actual battle. Not only this, the karma divine tree that used rank seven core Immortal Gu instead had its might reduced to rank six level.

After this period of improvement, although karma divine tree's two main core Immortal Gu - Cause and Effect - were still lacking, mature bamboo Immortal Gu was replaced by much more suitable wood path Immortal Gu.

At the same time, because of the increase in Fang Yuan's wood path attainment level, the killer move karma divine tree had obtained a huge improvement as well. At present, this move's preparation time had shrunk greatly and could be used in real battles. Its might had already advanced to rank seven level.

"This move is clearly lacking in dealing with rank eight Gu Immortals. At most, I can use it to bully rank sevens, its most important use is still to subdue Divine Bean Palace!"

"As for the killer move karma relocation, I am still unable to restore it for the moment."

With karma divine tree, Fang Yuan was itching to have a go. As long as he used karma divine tree, there would be a huge breakthrough and progress regarding Divine Bean Palace.

However, Divine Bean Palace was in Fang clan's headquarters. Fang Yuan had only been assisting Fang Di Chang before and had no good opportunity to make a move, even though he was in contact with Divine Bean Palace all the time.

How would he create this opportunity?

Before Fang Yuan resolved this issue, Fang Di Chang requested him to return to Fang clan once again.

In fact, during this period of time when Fang Yuan was cultivating wood path, Fang clan had already urged him to return again and again.

But this time, Fang Di Chang personally sent a letter unlike the previous few times. In the letter, Fang Di Chang clearly informed Fang Yuan: He had already found a way to refine Divine Bean Palace. As long as they went by this method, they could definitely refine Divine Bean Palace and grasp this Immortal Gu House!

This made Fang Yuan develop an intense curiosity, Fang Di Chang had also obtained a breakthrough?

"What is going on?" Fang Yuan disguised as Suan Bu Jin once again and returned to Fang clan.

"This is my plan, Brother Suan Bu Jin, what do you think?" Fang Di Chang explained his plan to Fang Yuan and asked.

Fang Yuan went into thinking.

Fang Di Chang was indeed a wisdom path great grandmaster, he really thought of a feasible way. That was to use a house to break the house!

Fang Di Chang's concrete plan was to build a temporary Immortal Gu House inside Divine Bean Palace. This Immortal Gu House would first deduce and probe before self-detonating, the powerful explosion would instantly break Divine Bean Palace's internal defense.

Fang clan was not like Fang Yuan, they could not achieve a breakthrough in wood path in such a short period of time and obtain a wood path grandmaster. But Fang Di Chang fully displayed Fang clan's specialty to deal with Divine Bean Palace.

"But such a forceful move might result in a damaged Divine Bean Palace." Fang Yuan said.

Fang Di Chang smiled bitterly: "Nothing can be done about it, Fang clan's situation is worsening day by day. But, as long as we refine Divine Bean Palace and keep its damaged state as a secret, who would be able to tell clearly?"

Fang Yuan frowned: "First, although it is difficult to construct an Immortal Gu House inside Divine Bean Palace, it should be possible with our Fang clan's foundation. But what about after that? To probe Divine Bean Palace's deeper operation mechanics, there needs to be a Gu Immortal to control the Immortal Gu House to resist Divine Bean Palace at all times and activate the Immortal Gu House according to the changes in Divine Bean Palace. And, on this basis, under the premise that the Gu Immortal has to keep the Immortal Gu House activated at all times, the Immortal Gu House has to detonate to destroy a portion of Divine Bean Palace and make it have no defensive strength."

"But if so, isn't the Gu Immortal inside the Immortal Gu House in great danger?" Fang Yuan fixed his gaze onto Fang Di Chang.

The candidate for maneuvering the Immortal Gu House was no doubt a wisdom path Gu Immortal. It was between Fang Yuan or Fang Di Chang.

Who to send?

Fang Yuan understood immediately why Fang clan insisted on him returning this time.

But he would never do such a dangerous thing!

Fang Di Chang knew Fang Yuan's thoughts as he smiled: "Don't worry brother, we won't make you control the Immortal Gu House alone, we will be doing it together. After this task is finished, Fang clan will make sure to repay your contributions."

"I can agree, but, I need to take part in the whole process of the Immortal Gu House construction."

Fang Di Chang's eyes flashed with a sharp light, he hesitated for a bit before nodding: "It can be done! Come, let's start the work right away."

Constructing an Immortal Gu House inside the palace was not easy, it was much more difficult than setting up a formation within a formation. Many times, the constructed Immortal Gu House inexplicably broke apart.

Fang clan's losses were a lot, but fortunately, their foundation in this aspect was truly deep.

Together with Fang Yuan using his actual ability to provide several logical concepts occasionally, the Immortal Gu House was constructed successfully.

Fang Di Chang and Fang Yuan entered the Immortal Gu House that looked like a tent with a circular top, they began to probe the inner mechanics and profundities of Divine Bean Palace.

Their progress was indeed huge with this Immortal Gu House.

Not long later, Fang Di Chang felt the timing was right and said to Fang Yuan: "We can start the final step. Are you ready?"

"Yes." Fang Yuan nodded.

"Good." Fang Di Chang said and activated the Immortal Gu House; chains shot out from all around and tightly bound Fang Yuan instantly!

Fang Yuan was pale with fright: "Brother, what are you doing?"

Fang Di Chang looked at him deeply and said with deep meaning: "Brother Suan Bu Jin, Fang clan will not forget your sacrifice."

"So it was like this! What you want to destroy is me and not this Immortal Gu House!" Fang Yuan suddenly came to a realization.

"The Immortal Gu House needs to be detonated as well." Fang Di Chang said: "But just the power of the Immortal Gu House's detonation is only ordinary. Only by sacrificing a wisdom path Gu Immortal like you can I make an instant breakthrough and reach an even higher level in wisdom path. I can then use the grand power of detonation to subdue Divine Bean Palace!"

"Oh Brother Suan Bu Jin, I know that this is unfair to you."

"But there is no other way left, you have also seen Fang clan's situation, please die for the sake of Fang clan's future." Fang Di Chang bowed deeply towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan panicked and started cursing loudly.

Fang Di Chang's expression turned cold: "You are also a Fang clan member, you are dying for a good cause. Rest in peace."

Once he said that, he activated the final method.


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