Reverend Insanity
1858 Omniscience and Omnipotence
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1858 Omniscience and Omnipotence

Fang Yuan placed great importance on this premonition.

In the previous life, he had accidentally witnessed the activation of Tao Zhu's true inheritance in the Five Regional Mountain Range but was unable to obtain it. He had a similar feeling back then and knew that he had missed an important fortuitous encounter. That lost opportunity made the future him feel deep pity as a result.

As expected!

In the large Central Continent battle, the five regional limit formation played a crucial role. If Fang Yuan had grasped this method, he could not only have dealt with Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's unceasing formation, he could have even responded to heroes among people by using five restriction profound light qi.

And this time, this feeling came when he was facing Divine Bean Palace.

"But it is different from the premonition in the previous life. This happened before I made a choice, while in the previous life, it occurred after the event had happened, I felt it after I had already missed Tao Zhu's true inheritance."

"Is this some kind of progress as well?"

"If so, what was the factor that led to this progress?"

Fang Yuan fell into deep thought.

Fang Yuan was extremely interested in the premonition itself. But what he was even more interested in was what led to this premonition.

After deducing, Fang Yuan got an answer — attainment levels!

"My wisdom path attainment level should be the main reason. Wisdom path masters can produce intuition while wisdom path grandmasters can imitate other paths. Wisdom path Gu Immortals cultivate thought, will, and emotion, the emergence of any feeling is an omen with huge significance, it is different from other paths."

"Secondly is luck path. Luck path is about variables and changes. My luck path is at master, it can also produce intuition."

"After that is time path. In the previous life, my time path attainment was involved when I had the premonition regarding the missed opportunity of Tao Zhu's true inheritance. In this life, my time path attainment is already at quasi-supreme grandmaster, so I can sense certain future situations even better. Because of this, I have this premonition in advance and know the importance of this choice!"

The increase of time path attainment had changed the order of the premonition from after to before, this was a qualitative change!

"Lastly is wood path attainment level. Because it concerns Divine Bean Palace and my wood path attainment level was ordinary before, the premonition felt vague and hazy. But when I became a wood path grandmaster, the missing element in the premonition was filled and it condensed into a concrete form."

Wisdom path attainment, luck path attainment, time path attainment, and wood path attainment…

These four attainment levels supplemented and complemented each other to form a miracle-like premonition.

Ordinary Gu Immortals could never accomplish this. From ancient times until now, there was probably no other person who cultivated every path like Fang Yuan.

To be more accurate, in the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had refined sovereign immortal fetus Gu which created the sovereign immortal body.

Of course, the future was uncertain.

In the future, dream realms would emerge everywhere, Gu Immortals could obtain a rapid increase in their attainment levels of all kinds of paths through these dream realms.

When these attainment levels were combined, who could say if they could not produce premonitions.

Fang Yuan continued to analyze: "The foundation for premonition is wisdom path attainment. The level of time path attainment decides whether the premonition will occur before the event or after the event. Luck path attainment can make me even more sensitive towards certain changes. And the attainment level in wood path or other relevant paths affect the scope of the premonition."

"My premonition gave a clear sign after my wood path attainment level increased. If I were to raise my other paths sufficiently in the future, I could reach premonitions in everything. What realm will this be?"

At that instance, two words flashed in Fang Yuan's mind — Omniscience! Omnipotence!

"No, omnipotence is likely impossible, but omniscience can be achieved." Fang Yuan's expression was pensive.

When the attainment level of all the paths reached a certain degree, they could create premonitions about all things. This level of premonition was very close to omniscience.

"And if the cultivation of all paths was built on a foundation like the sovereign immortal body, it should be close to omnipotence as well, right?"

"Omniscience, omnipotence…" Fang Yuan muttered, his heart shook and his gaze turned sharp: "If I reach this level, I should definitely be able to clearly observe the path to eternal life!"

Fang Yuan was inwardly excited.

Although he had plenty of experiences and had reborn multiple times, the past experiences were already of not much help to him.

There were many things that needed him to probe and speculate.

For instance, rank nine venerable cultivation, Fang Yuan's quantity of dao marks had already broken the limit of rank eight, and after devouring Qi Sea grotto-heaven, all the calamities and tribulations were skipped, so he should have already surpassed rank eight.

But he did not reach rank nine.

He needed to probe the way to become rank nine.

Currently, he explored and learned the profundity of the various paths from this premonition and also realized the added benefit of cultivating all paths.

Ordinary Gu Immortals might stop here, but Fang Yuan felt the hope of eternal life from this foundation!

All the venerables in history were unable to achieve eternal life, eternity was also only a goal for Fang Yuan. He had no clue on how to achieve this goal, nor had any practical ideas.

Today, finally, from this small premonition, he finally found the road to eternal life!

"Although I still don't know how to achieve eternal life, omniscience and omnipotence are the foundation. First, fate Gu has to be destroyed to make eternal life a possibility. Then, I will continue to work towards achieving omniscience and omnipotence!"

"To achieve omniscience, I will need to explore dream realms and increase my attainment levels in every path."

"To achieve omnipotence, I will cultivate every path with the sovereign immortal body and grasp all kinds of methods."

Be it omniscience or omnipotence, just one of them could already surpass all the predecessors in history!

Even venerables only cultivated two or three paths, and were unable to achieve omniscience. Their strength might be beyond ordinary and even Fang Yuan could not imagine such strength, but without the sovereign immortal body, omnipotence could not be achieved.

If Fang Yuan could become omniscient and omnipotent, he would definitely surpass all the venerables. At that time, the eternal life that venerables could never achieve would become a possibility for him!

"Wait a second, the Prophecy of Three Venerables clearly pointed that Great Dream Immortal Venerable would be the strongest venerable. Could it be because she would be able to reach the level of omniscience?"

This was highly possible.

Great Dream Immortal Venerable would definitely be a great expert in exploring dream realms, her attainment level in every path would be at an extremely high standard. It was not strange to achieve omniscience from this.

Fang Yuan's heart jolted slightly, he had a completely new and deeper understanding regarding the Prophecy of Three Venerables as well as the future!

He currently had rank eight cultivation and his battle strength could match Duke Long's, he was already an expert at the peak of the world. However, he was still minuscule when compared to heaven and earth, and the future. There were many, many things that he still needed to study and understand, there were still countless aspects he needed to improve on.

Omniscience and omnipotence was an extremely distant target. Most people would be frightened to just think of it and might even feel suffocated from the hopelessness, they would have not even a trace of desire to try.

Fang Yuan, however, was filled with bottomless fighting spirit!

"Like this, my life will become filled with vibrance from all the struggles and all the efforts."

Several days later.

Lang Ya blessed land.

"Quick, quick, turn up the flames!" White haired Lang Ya land spirit urged while controlling the Long Hair refinement path formation.

The hairy man Gu Immortal in charge of the intensity of fire immediately used all his strength to turn up the fire.

But Lang Ya land spirit was not satisfied, still shouting: "The fire needs to be hotter, much hotter!"

"But lord, this is already the highest temperature." The hairy man Gu Immortal shouted.

Lang Ya land spirit was filled with plenty of experiences, within just a moment, he thought of a solution and commanded: "Sixth Hair, activate the wind formation, we will use wind to grow the fire! Eighth Hair, use refinement path killer moves to gather the remnant wind and purify the incomplete Immortal Gu!"

If there was wind, there would be contamination of wind path dao marks. Only by purifying it could the Immortal Gu refinement proceed smoothly.

Lang Ya land spirit had precise control over the formation, his actions were numerous, but not disordered. The refinement path formation shook suddenly, a bright light burst out and shot towards the sky before disappearing just as quickly.

The formation gradually stopped; a completely new wood path Immortal Gu was refined.

"Success again!"

"As expected of Lord Lang Ya land spirit."

Hairy man Gu Immortals were elated as they praised endlessly.

Lang Ya land spirit, however, was filled with admiration: "This was due to master's Gu recipe!"

Fang Yuan was refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster and wood path grandmaster, the wood path Immortal Gu recipes he modified were at an extremely high level.

Adding on Lang Ya land spirit's peak level refinement path attainment, they produced greater results with fewer efforts, the success rate was very high.

The other hairy man Gu Immortals agreed as well.

"Lord land spirit is correct!"

"The success rate of Immortal Gu has always been extremely low, it is limited by refinement path attainment and the Gu recipe. Most Gu Immortals don't cultivate refinement path even as a secondary path, it can be well imagined what their refinement path attainment is like. And a Gu recipe's modification not only requires the attainment level of the corresponding path, it also requires refinement path attainment and wisdom path attainment."

Immortal Gu refinement had always been a money trap, but it had gradually become an ordinary process to Fang Yuan.

It was because Fang Yuan possessed wisdom path methods like the light of wisdom, and had refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level, along with his other paths' attainment levels being quite high as well.

Therefore, the several obstacles of Immortal Gu refinement became nonexistent to Fang Yuan.

The sovereign immortal aperture's time flow was very fast, within a few days, Fang Yuan obtained several wood path Immortal Gu.

He chose to refine wood path Immortal Gu in the end.

Actually, there were a lot of wood path Gu Immortals in Southern Border as well as many wood path Immortal Gu, but Fang Yuan did not demand these Immortal Gu.

Southern Border's righteous path was starting to construct Beacon Towers on a large scale and gradually beginning to unite. They also cooperated with Heavenly Court to suppress Fang Yuan's businesses in treasure yellow heaven.

This situation had occurred in the previous life as well, this signified Wu Yong was starting to exert force to unite the whole of Southern Border's righteous path.

Were Fang Yuan to extort wood path Immortal Gu from Southern Border's righteous path, Heavenly Court would definitely learn of it.

Fairy Zi Wei would start having suspicions: "Fang Yuan is gathering wood path immortal materials, does he want to progress in wood path? He wants to refine wood path Immortal Gu? What is he trying to do?"

Heavenly Court was paying special attention to Fang clan because of Divine Bean Palace.

It was quite easy to connect the two.


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