Reverend Insanity
1857 Comprehending Thieving Heaven“s True Inheritance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1857 Comprehending Thieving Heaven“s True Inheritance


Fang clan's first supreme elder Fang Gong slammed the table and stood up from his chair with flames of fury burning in his eyes: "This Suan Bu Jin is really greedy! He actually dared to demand my clan's theft path true inheritance, who does he think he is? He is only a lone cultivator with rank seven cultivation, he dares to blackmail my Fang clan! He deserves to die! We should kill him!"

Fang Gong was filled with endless fury when he listened to Fang Di Chang's report.

Fang Di Chang had already calmed down: "Suan Bu Jin has some skills indeed. Our decision to recruit Suan Bu Jin was to deal with the situation back then. Suan Bu Jin is a wisdom path Gu Immortal and is extremely shrewd, he chose this timing to ask for the theft path true inheritance when we cannot refuse him easily."

"What? Are you really thinking of giving the theft path true inheritance to him? That is Thieving Heaven's true inheritance!" Fang Gong's eyes were wide open.

Fang Di Chang smiled bitterly: "If we don't give it to him, he won't work, what can we do to him? Yes, he is currently in our clan headquarters and we might be able to get rid of him if we attack together. But what about after killing him? Without his help, it is extremely difficult for me to refine Divine Bean Palace and it will take way too long. But in the current situation, Fang clan is facing pressure from everywhere, even rank eight Gu Immortals made a move not long ago!"

This was the task that Fang Yuan sent two dragon generals to do, but their actions were clean and their traces were erased, Fang Di Chang's energy and attention was mostly focused on Divine Bean Palace so he was not able to see through this.

Everyone in Fang clan believed that this was either the work of Western Desert's super clans or some Western Desert demonic immortals with evil intentions, it could even be Heavenly Court.

Fang Gong was silent, he was the first supreme elder after all, he also began to calm down.

With Fang clan's current state, they truly needed Suan Bu Jin's help. Once they got control of Divine Bean Palace, they could make a comeback and change this predicament. If Fallen Flower Hall, Inquiry Dock, and Chicken Dog Coop were restored in the future, Fang clan's overall strength would probably surpass almost all the Western Desert righteous path super forces.

Suan Bu Jin was the key for Fang clan to pass the predicament and rise up to the top!

"He is indeed a wisdom path Gu Immortal, requesting to quit at such a juncture, hehehe, this Suan Bu Jin has guts and has skills as well." Fang Gong smiled coldly.

Fang Di Chang knew Fang Gong well and realized from his tone that he had agreed.

Naturally, when Fang clan passes this dangerous moment, Fang Gong would definitely put Suan Bu Jin in his place and vent this grievance!

Fang Di Chang smiled: "Actually, Suan Bu Jin has a sense of propriety. He did not ask for my wisdom path inheritance and also did not covet the secrets of our clan's Immortal Gu Houses. If he had mentioned these requests, we would be in a real dilemma."

Fang clan's foundation was not theft path.

It never was.

Theft path was only a chance gain that Fang clan schemed from an otherworldly demon.

Over these years, Fang clan's usage of this Thieving Heaven true inheritance had already reached the limit.

The theft path Immortal Gu House they used to retaliate on Dong Lu Chen was actually an incomplete product. Just this already answered many questions.

Fang Di Chang laughed: "This Suan Bu Jin has a deep attainment in wisdom path. Moreover, I made quite a lot of progress with his help over these days. Just look at his request, he had a perfect and experienced grasp of the timing, he did not cross the bottom line while achieving the highest benefit for himself. It is not easy to accomplish this."

Fang Gong also laughed: "Hehehe, you really think highly of this guy, you are actually still praising him."

Fang Di Chang's eyes shone: "Talent is talent, how can I belittle him because of my own bias? If this kind of talent can really work for our clan, it would be an excellent thing."

Fang Gong squinted his eyes: "It won't be easy to make an audacious guy like Suan Bu Jin submit and be loyal to our clan."

After a round of discussion, Fang clan agreed to let Fang Yuan browse the Thieving Heaven true inheritance.

Fang Yuan obtained the contents of the true inheritance.

It was indeed a Thieving Heaven true inheritance, the essence of it was the killer move steal dao.

Back then, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable was able to create theft path because of this killer move.

This killer move obviously had huge significance, it was the origin of theft path!

Fang Yuan was in awe as he looked at it.

In this true inheritance, the majesty of steal dao was shown completely. Because what it stole was not just lives or objects, but the natural world itself. Any dao mark in the world could be stolen by it!

Besides this, there was something that made Fang Yuan look at it time and again while feeling lingering desire.

This was the theft path Immortal Gu House recorded in the Thieving Heaven true inheritance — Thieves Den.

"My theft path attainment level is great grandmaster while none of Fang clan's Gu Immortals have such attainment. So even though Fang clan's superiority lies in constructing Immortal Gu Houses, they have always been without options to repair Thieves Den and left it incomplete."

Fang Yuan only took a few glances at the relevant contents of Thieves Den and saw the efforts Fang clan's successive generations had made — they had all tried to repair this Immortal Gu House.

"Although there were many creative thoughts, they did not match theft path and they were at most at a superficial level."

"But if I were to try to repair it, it would be a different case!"

Fang Yuan was inwardly moved.

But asking for the contents of Thieving Heaven's true inheritance was already the limit. Fang Yuan knew: Fang clan was almost about to fall out with him but had forcibly held in the thought. Even though Fang clan outright gave the true inheritance, they had firmly engraved this matter in their minds.

If he went a step further and demanded Thieves Den, that would be excessive and way beyond Fang clan's bottom line, they would never agree!

"Moreover, a wisdom path Gu Immortal like me having so much interest in theft path would be questionable."

"Fang Di Chang does not have any doubts because I had worked up to it properly. Previously, I used great thief ghost hand, then I used wisdom grasp to kill Wan Liang Han, these left an impression on Fang clan, thus it felt natural to them."

"But are these all the contents of this Thieving Heaven true inheritance?" Fang Yuan was unable to tell, at least, he was not able to see any unsatisfactory details in this true inheritance. But it was hard to say since Fang clan had the wisdom path great expert Fang Di Chang.

"What if I make a move now and loot them directly?" Fang Yuan thought.

It was not hard for him to deal with Fang clan with his strength. Fang Gong was strong and was a rare strength path rank eight Gu Immortal in the present age, but he was still inferior to Duke Long. There was still a gap between his and Fang Yuan's strength.

However, Fang Yuan was not confident in defeating him conclusively, Fang Gong had once suppressed Chen Yi and his strength was first rate even among rank eights. Also, this was Fang clan's headquarters with multiple arrangements which Fang Yuan was not aware of.

The biggest probability was for a huge battle to begin and the whole world to learn of it. At that time, not only would Fang Yuan's identity be exposed, Western Desert righteous path super forces would also find the perfect reason - help Fang clan to eliminate the demon - to flock over and deal with Fang clan. Moreover, Heavenly Court would not stay idle, they were sure to send Gu Immortals if there were to be such a good opportunity.

Fang Yuan thought for a long while before deciding to help Fang Di Chang and maintain this situation.

This was the best plan which matched with his benefits.

Fang Yuan browsed the Thieving Heaven true inheritance and no longer groaned about tiredness or suffering. He used 'all his effort' to cooperate with Fang Di Chang in forcefully refining Divine Bean Palace. At least, from Fang clan's perspective, he was using all his strength.

The progress was still difficult, but it accumulated every time and finally quantitative change led to qualitative change — Divine Bean Palace's door opened, Gu Immortals could enter it.

This was enormous progress!

Everyone in Fang clan was excited, Fang Di Chang also laughed in joy. They all saw the rise of Fang clan!

However, the following fact was like a basin of cold water that poured down on the feelings of Fang clan's Gu Immortals.

No matter how Fang Di Chang tried, there was not even a trace of progress in refining Divine Bean Palace. This formed a stark contrast to the previous situation.

"Looks like from here on, Divine Bean Palace's structure is different from what I previously deduced and it has underwent a complete change."

"We can only progress by changing the whole wisdom path formation." Fang Di Chang said to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan nodded: "But how do we change this wisdom path formation? Previously, we could still probe Divine Bean Palace and gather a lot of information. Sigh, if we had a wood path great expert to help us, it would be much easier. With just us two wisdom paths, we can only make blind guesses!"

Fang Di Chang smiled bitterly: "What else can we do other than make guesses?"

Divine Bean Palace's matter fell into an impasse.

Divine Bean Palace was worthy of being Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's creation, the more Fang Di Chang and Fang Yuan researched into it, the more they felt its majesty and ingenuity.

Fang Di Chang racked his brains and thought long and hard, but was still unable to find a good solution.

On the contrary, Fang Yuan had many ideas but he did not mention anything.

In this period of time, he did not have any opportunity to use karma divine tree. If he used this move, there would definitely be huge progress.

"Sitting here in a daze trying to think of a solution is not my way of cultivating. I am going to roam around and relax my mind, maybe I will gain some inspiration in the process." Fang Yuan made an excuse to take his leave.

Fang Di Chang and Fang Gong tried to make him stay but could not, and thinking that they would still need Suan Bu Jin's help later, they let Fang Yuan leave.

Fang Yuan left Fang clan and entered green ghost desert, but it was actually to explore dream realms secretly.

He and Chi Qu You had continued their transactions over this period of time, and by using second aperture Gu, he continued to extort Southern Border's righteous path, asking for wood path related dream realms.

There was no wood path great expert to help them?

Who cares!

Wouldn't it be okay if I became a wood path great expert myself?

Fang Yuan's solution was simple and crude.

These wood path dream realms were of no difficulty, Fang Yuan was already the number one person in the world in terms of experience in exploring dream realms. People like Duke Long could not hold a candle to Fang Yuan!

Fang Yuan's wood path attainment level had always been ordinary, he did not have much contact with it in the five hundred years of his previous life.

But not long later, he became a wood path master.

A few more days passed in the outside world, he became a wood path grandmaster!

He had once again finished exploring all the dream realms he had, Fang Yuan began to research karma divine tree and Divine Bean Palace with greater confidence.

Countless ideas immediately surfaced in his mind and most of them were feasible!

"It seems I need to modify karma divine tree."

"But to modify this killer move, I need to refine a suitable wood path Immortal Gu! These wood path Immortal Gu I have are not suitable."

Fang Yuan was hesitant.

It was not a problem for him to refine wood path Immortal Gu. After all, he had Lang Ya Sect!

But if he did this, the refinement of luck path Immortal Gu would need to be halted.

The two Eastern Sea immortals soul searched Fang Zheng and told the information to Qi Sea Ancestor, thus Fang Yuan knew Heavenly Court's plan and also knew about Qin Ding Ling.

Based on the refinement progress of the hairy man Gu Immortals regarding luck path Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could deduce Heavenly Court was also rushing to refine luck path Immortal Gu. Although they were unable to succeed in most of the refinements, they were able to refine a small portion successfully.

If he changed his plan now and started refining wood path Immortal Gu on a large scale, it would mean giving up on the competition of refining luck path Immortal Gu.

But if he persisted in refining luck path Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could only rely on the current karma divine tree killer move to subdue Divine Bean Palace, and this would be much more difficult.

Fang Yuan had a vague premonition that the current chance was invaluable, if he wasted this opportunity, there would be extremely low hopes of getting Divine Bean Palace later on in the future.


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