Reverend Insanity
1856 Am I, Suan Bu Jin, Such a Person?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1856 Am I, Suan Bu Jin, Such a Person?

Fang clan headquarters.

An Immortal Gu House that was made of green bricks and golden tiles, it was lofty like a mountain, liveliness mixed in its solemnity, and emitted dense fragrance of plants and trees.

The wide and enormous palace hall could be seen through the open door. There were dozens of large pillars in the hall, they were thick and sturdy, glittering with bronze radiance.

Carved on the plaque of the palace door were three large words — Divine Bean Palace!

And around Divine Bean Palace was a crescent shaped wisdom path Gu formation that surrounded half of Divine Bean Palace.

This wisdom path Gu formation flickered with light blue radiance that shone upon Divine Bean Palace. The blue light was like water that tried its best to seep into Divine Bean Palace but did not attain much effect.

After continuing for a while, the wisdom path Gu formation stopped and two Gu Immortals came out from inside.

One wore a yellow robe, he was bearded and had an ordinary appearance, he was like a mortal. Right now, his face was pale with sweat covering his forehead, he was Fang clan's second supreme elder, Fang Di Chang.

The other person was wearing a black robe, he was a skinny middle-aged man with long grey hair and appeared to be proud and arrogant, he was Fang Yuan's disguise, Suan Bu Jin.

Fang Yuan sighed: "This Divine Bean Palace is truly amazing, it feels like a living creature even without anyone controlling it. It is like a gigantic tree while we are like two worms using all our efforts to infiltrate it, but we can barely make a dent in Divine Bean Palace."

"Indeed." Fang Di Chang nodded: "Even worse is that we destroyed some of this giant tree's branches but they will regrow not long later."

Fang Yuan analyzed: "This is indeed Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable's style. According to historical records, he was the venerable with the most abundant immortal essence and the highest recovery ability, which is the essence of wood path. Second supreme elder, we are wisdom path Gu Immortals, it will be very difficult for us to refine this wood path Immortal Gu House! How about we invite one or two wood path great experts to cooperate with us, there will definitely be great results."

Fang Di Chang smiled bitterly: "Brother, do you think I did not try it? Unfortunately, wood path is rare in Western Desert, moreover, news of my clan obtaining Divine Bean Palace has already been exposed, the other super clans are jointly obstructing us in this aspect."

"Naturally, there is also a force who took the initiative to send wood path Gu Immortals, brother, can you guess which force it is?" Fang Di Chang asked.

Fang Yuan's thought moved and replied immediately: "It should be Heavenly Court, right?"

"You are right, it is Heavenly Court! Duke Long said he would send wood path Gu Immortals to retrieve Divine Bean Palace, he guaranteed all our past conflicts will be written off and also promised countless resources." Fang Di Chang smiled coldly.

After the Eastern Sea battle, Fang Yuan had an even deeper understanding about Duke Long, so he was not surprised to hear Duke Long willing to compromise.

He said: "Heavenly Court is indulging in wishful thinking, they want to use the current situation of Western Desert to make our Fang clan give in. No matter how many resources they give, how could it compare to the rank eight Immortal Gu House Divine Bean Palace? As long as we can use this Gu House, we can simply loot resources."

"Hahaha." With a loud laughter, a Gu Immortal walked towards Fang Yuan and Fang Di Chang.

"Brother Suan Bu Jin, you are truly correct." This Gu Immortal was an old man, he was tall and sturdy, with long white hair and beard spreading around his head like a lion's mane, he was Fang clan's first supreme elder, Fang Gong.

Fang Gong patted Fang Yuan's shoulder and said passionately: "Brother, it was hard on you; the moment you arrived, you had to start making deductions in the formation before even getting to rest. I have already arranged a banquet to welcome you."

Fang Yuan smiled: "Thank you for the concern, first supreme elder. Deciphering Divine Bean Palace has stimulated my excitement and morale. Moreover, I am Fang clan's external supreme elder as well, helping Fang clan is helping myself, isn't that so?"

His mind, however, was clear: "Fang clan is facing too much pressure so they finally asked for my help to refine Divine Bean Palace as quickly as possible, Fang clan's enthusiastic attitude towards me is not strange at all. Looks like I can use this chance to extort them and get some benefits."

No doubt about it, Fang Yuan was wicked and calculating!

Not only was he conspiring to seize Divine Bean Palace, he was even going to squeeze benefits out of Fang clan in the process.

Fang clan was quite unlucky to have recruited him. In the previous life, without Fang Yuan's interference, Fang clan's situation had been good. They resolved their predicament with their own strength, though they did not seem to have refined Divine Bean Palace even by the time of the Refinement Path Convention.

The banquet was dignified, Fang clan truly wanted to get Suan Bu Jin's help. Fang clan's higher ups had a warm attitude and the rank eight Fang Gong was even more amiable.

Fang Yuan promised on the spot to use all his strength to help.

Both the hosts and guest were happy.

Were Fang clan to know that this Gu Immortal that they were passionately entertaining was the mastermind behind their problems, they might want to directly skin Fang Yuan alive and pull out his tendons!

In the coming days, Fang Yuan followed Fang Di Chang and assisted him in refining Divine Bean Palace through the wisdom path formation.

Divine Bean Palace had never-ending vitality, it could restore itself and also repel the infiltration. If the progress of infiltration was ten today, it would be reduced to three or four tomorrow.

Every time Fang Yuan and Fang Di Chang deduced, they would only stop when their minds were heated and used to the limit.

"Although I haven't used all my strength, I am displaying the standard of a first rate rank seven wisdom path Gu Immortal."

"Even with such help, Fang Di Chang's progress is slow. There is no need to think about what kind of progress he had without my help."

Fang Yuan understood the situation, feeling a trace of pity towards Fang Di Chang but also a trace of joy.

It was because Fang Di Chang used all his strength every time to refine Divine Bean Palace and had no spare energy left that Fang Yuan's scheme against Fang clan could succeed.

If they were to really contest, Fang Di Chang was a wisdom path great grandmaster, a level higher than Fang Yuan.

Both exhausted their strength every time, Fang Yuan was concealing a portion of his strength but he also slowly began to feel tired.

Fang Di Chang was even more so because he was using his full effort

With such a desperate and stubborn spirit, although the refinement of Divine Bean Palace was still very difficult, the progress had accumulated quite a bit.

"Fang clan has wisdom path and formation path attainment, they want to use this to forcibly take over Divine Bean Palace."

"This is a true forceful refinement!"

"There is naturally hope of success. But the price they have to pay is enormous, just the immortal essence alone will amount to a huge sum."

"This might be a lot easier if they get help of wood path and refinement path. Naturally, if I use all my strength without hiding my attainment, that would be another outcome."

But Fang Yuan would not do this.

Sensing the time was right, he stopped on a certain day and did not appear in time.

Fang Di Chang quickly inquired: "Brother, are you injured? Is it serious? I have already made appropriate arrangements for the treatment."

Fang Yuan coughed: "Thank you brother for the concern, I am injured indeed but it is not serious, I can deal with it myself. It is just that… my immortal essence reserves suffered a huge loss. My mind is also tired, the amount of work is too much and too heavy. Who knows when we will be able to completely refine Divine Bean Palace. I feel like I won't be able to persevere on."

Fang Di Chang's eyes opened slightly wide.

Suan Bu Jin wanted to quit the task!

What should they do now?

They had made some progress with much difficulty, if they did not persist in it every day, this progress would be lost rapidly.

Thinking of Fang clan's situation as well, Fang Di Chang was anxious.

"Brother!" Fang Di Chang smiled: "Our Fang clan won't mistreat you, you can rest assured."

Fang Yuan said earnestly, "Brother, please don't think I am intentionally trying to quit! I am not that kind of person! I believe in Fang clan and joining Fang clan is the best proof of it. At the same time, our collaboration had begun long ago, back then when we fought for Divine Bean Palace, we struck an agreement. I have never forgotten this agreement."

Fang Yuan spoke earnestly, and as a wisdom path great grandmaster, Fang Di Chang immediately understood the underlying meaning.

He laughed: "Brother, I understand, hahaha. We also have not forgotten about the agreement back then. You helped our Fang clan to fight for Divine Bean Palace, and according to the agreement, our Fang clan needs to give an Immortal Gu, but it has been delayed until now, this is my Fang clan's mistake! I apologize for this. Tell me which Immortal Gu you need, I will immediately arrange someone to send it over."

"Sigh! I don't mean that, I don't mean that. Second supreme elder, I really didn't mean this, you misunderstood me." Fang Yuan said.

"Misunderstood? I misunderstood you?!" Fang Di Chang mentally snorted.

He had already seen through Suan Bu Jin, this was an ambitious person who would not act without benefits!

Back then, when they fought for Divine Bean Palace, he had used the chance to make an offer and took away great thief Immortal Gu.

He was playing the same trick again!

Fang Di Chang really wanted to slap this greedy Fang Yuan, but he forcibly restrained himself.

There was nothing he could do about this, he needed Suan Bu Jin's help! There was indeed good progress with Suan Bu Jin helping him.

Thereupon, Fang Di Chang strongly insisted on giving Fang Yuan an Immortal Gu, but Fang Yuan kept on rejecting him firmly.

Fang Di Chang felt a bad premonition, Suan Bu Jin definitely had a bigger scheme. After a few rounds of back and forth, Fang Di Chang said directly: "Brother, just speak your thoughts."

Fang Yuan said righteously: "Brother, please don't look down on me, I am also a member of Fang clan, how could I add to Fang clan's troubles by extorting it in this current situation? Am I, Suan Bu Jin, such a person? I felt that the previous Immortal Gu reward was too big so I am willing to take a step back, I do not need the reward to be an Immortal Gu."

Fang Di Chang felt even more uneasy as he heard Fang Yuan continue: "If you truly want me to speak, then I will be open with you. Brother, we are on the same side, hehe, I also can't hide anything from you. To tell the truth, I have some interest towards Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's theft path true inheritance. I don't need any theft path Immortal Gu and only want to take a look at the contents of the true inheritance. Naturally, brother, if you think this is too much, then forget it."

Even Fang Di Chang, a wisdom path great grandmaster who had an excellent bearing normally, had a change in his expression as he glared at Fang Yuan and cursed in his head: "So your target was my clan's Thieving Heaven true inheritance all along! Such huge guts!"


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