Reverend Insanity
1855 Comprehending Qi Wall
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1855 Comprehending Qi Wall

Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, tributary of the River of Time.

Fang Yuan's clone Zhan Bu Du went into the golden fog time and time again, saving the Gu Immortals who were trapped inside.

Each time, he had to undergo tough battles, he had to face many fierce beasts, he was covered in injuries as a result of his hard work. The youngsters who came with him slowly accepted his leadership, because the battle results showed that Zhan Bu Du's decision making was very wise.

"There are three beast groups this time from the southeast, north, and southwest, they are encircling you." Fang Yuan's main body transmitted.

"Oh okay. I will lead them to break out then. Also, get rid of the white robed youngster beside me." Fang Yuan's clone Zhan Bu Du responded.

"Sure." Fang Yuan's main body stood at the densest part of the golden fog, he was lying down casually, with a relaxed expression.

He willed as the year beast army charged out, towards the group that his clone was in.

Most of his attention was placed on Primordial Origin's true inheritance.

During the battle in Eastern Sea over Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan not only obtained Dragon Palace, he also obtained a Primordial Origin true inheritance after deceiving Duke Long!

This Primordial Origin true inheritance segment only contained the first half, but even so, Fang Yuan praised it with deep admiration.

From just this half of the true inheritance, he understood the style of the Remote Antiquity Era, qi path had been grand and incredibly powerful. He also learned about the talent of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, he was truly extraordinary, as expected of a venerable, he could not be looked at using common sense.

"The content of this true inheritance is still very applicable even in today's context."

"Of course, after so many years, qi path has developed a lot of new styles. The unlimited qi sea killer move that I possess is the greatest proof."

This part of Primordial Origin's qi path true inheritance mainly talked about the killer move qi wall.

Initially, Duke Long did not want to hand it over, but Fang Yuan had a firm attitude, qi wall was the signature method of Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, it was renowned in history, almost everyone knew about it.

Duke Long wanted a truce with Qi Sea Ancestor, seeing Fang Yuan's firm attitude, he gritted his teeth and handed it over.

"Using this qi wall killer move, I will gain a deeper understanding of Heavenly Court's qi wall, I will try to be able to break it!" Fang Yuan's eyes shined with bright light.

In the previous life, Heavenly Court's qi wall was a huge problem to Longevity Heaven.

If Fang Yuan could unravel this move, it would be a huge blow to Heavenly Court.

But evidently, this would be a tough mission, after all, it was Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's arrangement. The only good thing was that Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable created this qi wall killer move back then, it had lasted until today, it was outdated already.

This was likely Fang Yuan's chance of unraveling it.

Of course, it would not be surprising if he failed.

It was still the same logic, there were no invincible Immortal Gu, only invincible Gu Immortals. There was no perfect or invincible killer move, every killer move could be unraveled and broken, but the same killer move would have vastly different effects in the hands of different Gu Immortals.

It was a huge uncertainty whether Fang Yuan could unravel the qi wall killer move that Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable had personally used.

Or maybe Duke Long noticed this himself, that was why he gave details of the killer move, qi wall, to Fang Yuan without much concern.

"At the same time, this half of the true inheritance is a huge bait to lure me into joining Heavenly Court." Fang Yuan sneered.

If there was really a Qi Sea Ancestor who lived in seclusion in Eastern Sea, upon seeing this temptation, he might not be able to control himself.

As a rank eight secluded cultivator for so long, Qi Sea Ancestor naturally had no interest in political authority. At the same time, he cultivated qi path, it had been declining for so long, Heavenly Court solely held the most valuable qi path true inheritance in the world.

But the truth was that Qi Sea Ancestor was only one of Fang Yuan's disguises. If Duke Long knew that he was helping his enemy now, who knew how he would feel.

"The timing is about right." Fang Yuan researched this qi path true inheritance as he left some attention on the Twelve Zodiac battle formation.

After this bit of time, he had already worked with Zhan Bu Du to perform another show for everyone.

Several of the youngsters around Zhan Bu Du were sacrificed and died in battle. These people were an obstacle to him, Fang Yuan had gotten rid of them in advance for his future plans.

Zhan Bu Du saved a Gu Immortal and returned again.

There were only two Combat Beast Warriors left in the golden fog, one of them was Mountain Cliff City Lord.

After Zhan Bu Du saves Mountain Cliff City Lord, Fang Yuan would recall his Twelve Zodiac battle formation.

Things had to be done in sequence, Fang Yuan had already reached his current goal in nurturing the clone.

Other than an increase in cultivation level, Zhan Bu Du also grew his network a lot, having relationships with many experts. After this battle, almost all of the Gu Immortals in this Beast Calamity grotto-heaven were indebted to him.

This was not just an ordinary favor they owed him, it was the favor of saving their lives!

In the outside world, Gu Immortals might not want to repay such favors. but here, any Combat Beast Warrior would be filled with deep positive emotions, all of them were people who would follow the rule that a droplet received in need will be repaid with a whole spring.

Zhan Bu Du would not lack resources henceforth, his future was bright. But he would not act like these people owed him, he would be even more polite and courteous, he would not mind small losses and would perfectly display his exemplary personality and graciousness.

Fang Yuan could originally kill them all, but these Combat Beast Warriors were all spared.

In the previous life, he attacked Beast Calamity grotto-heaven openly and killed many Combat Beast Warriors. This time around, he changed his plan, he wanted to annex it using another plan, he wanted to preserve Beast Calamity grotto-heaven's value to the highest level.

"The Gu Immortals in this Beast Calamity grotto-heaven should all be taken in as my subordinates, this will greatly increase the strength of my forces."

"During the period of the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, if I send them to battle, there should be effective results."

"Of course, their fighting style is too simple, they can catch an enemy off guard but once their methods are seen through, these Gu Immortals would suffer huge losses."

Beast Calamity grotto-heaven's Gu Masters took a shortcut, because strength was obtained too easily, they did not have many methods, this was not the traditional Gu cultivation.

Like how Fang Yuan assembled a simple Twelve Zodiac battle formation and toyed around with all of the Gu Immortals in this Beast Calamity grotto-heaven. Even the Combat Beast King could not tell the truth, he thought it was the golden fog causing problem, he did not even discover the hidden Twelve Zodiac battle formation.

With just this difference in cultivation method, Fang Yuan could easily suppress them completely.

Like in the previous life when Fang Yuan killed Eagle Warrior, he turned into the Bull-headed Demon God and slaughtered countless people. These Combat Beast Warriors and Combat Beast King had thought Fang Yuan was a beast calamity, he had many powerful combat techniques. They did not think that he had Gu worms or killer moves, they simply lacked knowledge.

Days later, Fang Yuan retracted the Twelve Zodiac battle formation, the golden fog that shrouded the tributary of the River of Time vanished.

To prevent the enemy from feeling suspicious, Fang Yuan left a large batch of year beasts behind, making it look like the golden fog's final struggle.

After a tough battle, the Combat Beast Guild gained victory, everyone cheered and celebrated.

The Gu Immortals were all saved, they began to move around, killing or capturing the powerful year beasts that were scattered all over Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

The golden fog vanished, but Beast Calamity grotto-heaven was still affected by Fang Yuan's killer move, time was moving very quickly.

Zhan Bu Du became the hero and recipient of every Gu Immortal's gratitude.

The Combat Beast King even rewarded him on the spoke, he shouted: "Oh Little Du, you are truly our little savior. You saved everyone, you saved the entire world indirectly!"

Zhan Bu Du quickly waved his hand as he expressed his thanks, he was very polite.

From this moment on, the title of little savior became the symbol of Zhan Bu Du.

Next, he would wait for the next 'fortuitous encounter' to become a Gu Immortal. After that, he would accept the test openly and become the inheritor of Beast Calamity Immortal's true inheritance.

Fang Yuan's main body left the tributary of the River of Time, he used heaven form to inspect Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

As Fang Yuan's clone, Li Xiao Bai did not have as much progress as Zhan Bu Du, but his life was still quite good.

Ever since the previous poet recital, Li Xiao Bai became the focus of Teacher Jiang's teaching, he gave him many private tuition sessions that were held in secret.

Li Xiao Bai gradually displayed great talent and aptitude to Teacher Jiang's surprise, he started to teach him more wholeheartedly.

"At this rate, I am still far from getting close to Profound Literature grotto-heaven's higher-ups."

"It is a pity."

"Profound Literature grotto-heaven is different from Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, the latter is shut and isolated, while the former has a rank eight Gu Immortal, this is also an information path grotto-heaven, it most excels in collecting information. There isn't much that I can do."

"At least, I cannot use the tributary of the River of Time, if I use the Twelve Zodiac battle formation, it would be seen through easily."

Fang Yuan decided to wait for Li Xiao Bai to develop slowly.

He could use the tributary of the River of Time to lead his beast army into Profound Literature grotto-heaven. But that way, he would need to fight against a rank eight Gu Immortal.

Fang Yuan had no fear of course, but it would be hard to win quickly. For Profound Literature grotto-heaven, the losses would also be great when battle ensued.

Fang Yuan did not want to see this happen.

If attacking forcefully worked, he would have done it long ago.

He could not annex Profound Literature grotto-heaven itself, but the information path inheritance and all of the resources inside were things that Fang Yuan wanted.

Fang Yuan had five clones now.

The time path clone was the earliest clone, its purpose was to make use of the light of wisdom, it was still a rank six.

The dragonman clone had the highest cultivation level at rank seven, it controlled Dragon Palace and was the strongest among them. He was currently engaging with Gu tribe, he had some surprising gains.

After getting help from Fang Yuan, Zhan Bu Du developed rapidly. Li Xiao Bai needed to rely on his own hard work, it was not time to make any move yet.

As for Fang Yuan's fake identities, he had even more of them.

On this day, Fang clan contacted Fang Yuan.

Or more precisely, they were not looking for Gu Yue Fang Yuan, but his disguised identity — Suan Bu Jin.

"Elder Suan Bu Jin, we need your help, assist second supreme elder to try to refine Divine Bean Palace as soon as possible!"

Fang Yuan was overjoyed, he joined Fang clan not just to develop green ghost desert, his other goal was to try to get Divine Bean Palace.

This rank eight Immortal Gu House was created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, it had great power, Fang Yuan had seen its power himself.

"I also have karma divine tree with me, this is the crucial trump card in getting this palace."


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