Reverend Insanity
1854 Twelve Zodiac Battle Formation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1854 Twelve Zodiac Battle Formation

The water of the River of Time flowed slowly, emitting beautiful lights of various colors.

Compared to the River of Time, this river water was not wide or deep, it was just a tributary.

This was Beast Calamity grotto-heaven's tributary of the River of Time, because of it, time could flow in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, it was not a still and motionless world.

A figure suddenly appeared.

He had a pale face that resembled jade, he had a divine and unparalleled appearance, his nose bridge was tall and his eyes were dark like the abyss, his long hair extended to his waist, resembling a black waterfall.

It was Fang Yuan's main body!

"Let's do it here." Fang Yuan looked at this tributary of the River of Time, he waved his hand.

Suddenly, twelve balls of light shot out .

The balls of light landed in the tributary of the River of Time, turning into twelve immemorial year beasts.

These twelve immemorial year beasts had different forms, they were the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, money, chicken, dog and pig. Among them, the immemorial year rat, ox and dog were the most powerful and outstanding.

Back then, when Fang Yuan fought against Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals in the River of Time, he had used Myriad Year Flying Warship to defeat them. But towards the end, these three immemorial year beasts came to fight Fang Yuan, the immemorial year ox crashed into Myriad Year Flying Warship and damaged it, the immemorial year dog's bite crushed the sides of the vessel, while the immemorial year rat directly went inside and took away Years Flow Like Water!

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had prepared for this and created a fake Years Flow Like Water as bait, the immemorial year rat was deceived and took away the bait, it attracted a lot of attention and helped Fang Yuan's Myriad Year Flying Warship to escape from danger.

After the matter, Fang Yuan recovered and went back into the River of Time using Myriad Year Flying Warship, he went to find these immemorial year beasts. After some effort, he finally subdued them all.

As a result, Fang Yuan finally collected all twelve immemorial year beasts.

While cultivating, Fang Yuan used this foundation to assemble his Twelve Zodiac battle formation.

"Right now, I have not practiced Twelve Zodiac battle formation enough to fight against Heavenly Court, but against Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, it is more than sufficient." Fang Yuan had a plan in his mind.

The Twelve Zodiac battle formation was an ancient battle formation, it was not the same as the current era's Gu formations.

And because Fang Yuan's main body was not inside controlling it, there was a great difficulty in trying to manipulate this ancient battle formation.

It was still effective against Beast Calamity grotto-heaven's inhabitants, but against Heavenly Court's experts, it would expose too many flaws, they would not be threatened by it.

Immemorial year beasts roared as the Twelve Zodiac battle formation activated, twelve lumps of piercing light formed into twelve golden pillars that stabbed into the bottom of the river, while extending up towards the sky.

The pillars were tightly connected together, golden radiance burst out as the twelve golden pillars vanished, only a dense golden fog remained, it shrouded over the tributary of the River of Time, it was so thick one could not see anything inside.

Swish swish swish!

The golden fog influenced the tributary of the River of Time, causing the river water to move quicker and quicker.

The Twelve Zodiac battle formation was an offensive battle formation, but Fang Yuan was a quasi-supreme in time path, when he activated it, he could break free from the limitations of the battle formation, creating a profound change to influence the time flow in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven itself.

This influence was naturally very severe.

"At this moment, the qilin heavenly spirit should have noticed it." Fang Yuan smiled as he waved his sleeves, opening his immortal aperture's entrance and letting out a large number of year beasts.

Among these year beasts, there were desolate beasts and also ancient desolate beasts.

The year beasts growled and roared, they charged out of the golden fog as they invaded Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

Any time path Gu Immortal attacking a grotto-heaven or blessed land would have a different route that other paths could not use, that was the tributary of the River of Time.

As a time path quasi-supreme, he naturally had such a method.

Fang Yuan was a huge demon of the current era, once he acted, he caused an overwhelming influence on the entire Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

Beast Calamity grotto-heaven's qilin heavenly spirit was shook awake: "Oh no! The tributary of the River of Time has been altered, there is a time path great expert forcefully modifying the time flow of this grotto-heaven, we need to stop them!"

The cultivators in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven went on another cultivation way and did not know the outside world, they thought that Beast Calamity grotto-heaven was the entire world, they could not even connect to treasure yellow heaven.

But the qilin heavenly spirit was born from the obsession of Beast Calamity Immortal, it was not restricted by this.

The qilin heavenly spirit had a lot of knowledge, after Fang Yuan made his move, it immediately sensed that Beast Calamity grotto-heaven was in an incredibly dangerous state.

Beast Calamity grotto-heaven's rate of time was raised several times by Fang Yuan, this meant that calamities and tribulations would descend very rapidly. Even though Beast Calamity grotto-heaven had the protection of myriad beings assimilation transformation, it could not endure the non-stop occurrence of the calamities and tribulations.

The qilin heavenly spirit did not show up, but it had control of Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, it had many ways to hint the Gu cultivators of this place. Furthermore, Fang Yuan purposely wanted them to notice him, he sent a large number of year beasts that left the tributary of the River of Time, showing up everywhere in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

A mighty tribulation instantly formed, it caught all of the Gu Immortals in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven unguarded.

Because of the year beasts' destruction, a lot of areas suffered great losses, lives were lost, the entire grotto-heaven was in a state of chaos and commotion.

Mountain Cliff City was implicated as well, as a Gu Immortal, Mountain Cliff City Lord was also mobilized to fight.

"To settle this tribulation, we need to deal with the source. After I leave, Mountain Cliff City will be in your hands." Mountain Cliff City Lord instructed.

His subordinates in the city quickly nodded as they showed solemn expressions.

Without Mountain Cliff City Lord here, they lacked confidence.

"Master, don't worry, I am here!" Zhan Bu Du shouted loudly, his innocent face was filled with fighting spirit, this made everyone chuckle.

"The future belongs to you, my disciple." Mountain Cliff City Lord patted the shoulder of Fang Yuan's clone as he turned to leave.

Fang Yuan watched the old man leave as he thought: "The main body attacked and set a formation in the tributary of the River of Time. After Mountain Cliff City Lord arrives, he will be trapped within the formation, awaiting my rescue. The stage has been set, all it needs is a protagonist, me."

Time passed rapidly, months went by in an instant.

Year beasts continued to spread out, but Fang Yuan's main body controlled the source, he prevented this calamity from spreading to the core area of Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

As the sole super force in the grotto-heaven, the Combat Beast Guild started to deploy young Gu Masters.

Zhan Bu Du was among them.

He was brought to a valley with a group of similarly aged Gu Masters.

This was an entrance that the qilin heavenly spirit had secretly created, it could allow one to enter or leave the tributary of the River of Time.

The guild master was the current generation Combat Beast King, he was a thin old man, speaking to these youngsters about the situation personally: "…We found out from our investigation that the golden fog in this river has many peculiar traits. The younger and stronger an individual is, the easier they can enter or leave. Right now, most of the Combat Beast Warriors are trapped inside the golden fog, you need to save them and bring them out."

This was naturally the arrangement of Fang Yuan, his purpose was to ensure that his clone would be chosen for this mission.

Zhan Bu Du had already reached rank two, his cultivation level was outstanding. Furthermore, he had the future desolate beast, arrowtail eagle!

Along with Zhan Bu Du's own determination and desire to save his master, he wanted to go even if his life would be sacrificed.

His incredible acting made everyone believe it was the truth, he gained huge prestige.

"We will be relying on all of you, even though you are all young, the world is in great danger, we need your strength to deal with this crisis. You will be the saviors of the world!" The Combat Beast King proclaimed as he stirred the fighting spirits and enthusiasm of the youngsters.

Zhan Bu Du rolled his eyes in his head but he had the most enthusiastic performance, he was overflowing with fighting spirit as he became the first to rush into the tributary of the River of Time.

The tributary of the River of Time had spreading golden fog, Gu Masters could step inside like they were stepping on land.

There were wild beasts in here, the strongest were mutated beasts, there were no desolate beasts. Of course, for these youngsters, they were a huge obstacle already.

The Combat Beast Warriors who came in earlier were all suppressed, their bodies were shrouded in golden fog as they became golden statues that could not move with ease. Meanwhile, the first batch of warriors who entered the golden fog were all stiff like statues, they could not move at all.

Zhan Bu Du went in and started killing mutated beasts, saving his comrades, he acted as a leader and was incredibly outstanding.

As Gu Immortals got saved one by one, Zhan Bu Du became the benefactor of them all.

"To think that I would be saved by a young Combat Beast Envoy one day." Many Gu Immortals sighed with similar thoughts.

"Thank you, young lad, if you face trouble in the future, come look for me in Sacred Eagle City!" This Eagle Warrior was killed by Fang Yuan in the previous life, to think that Fang Yuan's clone would save him this time.

"My master is Mountain Cliff City Lord, did anyone see him?" Zhan Bu Du asked whenever he saved someone, even though he knew where Mountain Cliff City Lord was kept by his main body.

"Little Du is such a great child, he had never given up on saving his master."

"He is a good child that knows how to repay gratitude."

"I really envy Mountain Cliff City Lord, he has taken in such a good disciple!"

"Little Du, you cannot go in anymore, this golden fog has an incredibly fast rate of time, your lifespan will be used up quickly."

"I am not afraid!" I need to save my master. All my achievements today are due to my master's guidance and teaching. Even if I need to give up my life, I will save him!" Zhan Bu Du did not waste any chance to act, he spoke righteously.

"And this is a good thing too, the faster the time, the faster I cultivate, look, after just a few days, I am already a rank three Gu Master. The stronger I become, the more people I can save, I will definitely save my master!" Zhan Bu Du shouted loudly, he made sure many people could hear him.

"Child, I will not let you sacrifice yourself in vain, this is a lifespan Gu, it can raise your lifespan and supplement your losses." The Combat Beast King arrived in time, he gave Zhan Bu Du a lifespan Gu.

Zhan Bu Du pretended to be surprised and joyful, he quickly rejected: "Old grandpa, you are so old already, you should use it instead, it can make you live longer."

Combat Beast King was very happy, he had not chosen the wrong person after all, he told Zhan Bu Du with a joyful tone: "Good child, good child. I have more here, you need this lifespan Gu now to maintain a youthful state, otherwise you cannot get inside the golden fog."

"Ah, I almost forgot! No wonder I felt like it was getting harder to enter the golden fog." Zhan Bu Du realized at once, he was quite troubled, after a 'tough decision', he nodded as he took the lifespan Gu and used it.

Fang Yuan's clone was the greatest contributor in this situation, most of the Combat Beast Warriors were saved by him, the Combat Beast King definitely wanted to ensure his safety.

Naturally, he did not know that this was all Fang Yuan's scheme.

Fang Yuan's clone had a great excuse to gain a huge boost in strength, soon, he rose to rank five cultivation level under everyone's view!


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