Reverend Insanity
1853 Good Child
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1853 Good Child

Coo coo coo…

Sounds of the strange birds resounded in this sky. The size of the bird group was huge, it looked like a gigantic dark cloud that approached Mountain Cliff City.

Within Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, Mountain Cliff City was one of the ten most special cities.

This city was built at the top of a cliff, at its highest point. The people and social behavior here were all quite special.

"Fat butt birds are coming!"

"Quick, quick, prepare for defense!"

"Everyone, don't panic, our Combat Beast Envoys have not arrived yet."

At this moment, Mountain Cliff City was filled with voices and extreme vigilance.

The fat butt bird group made shriek noises as they flew towards the top of Mountain Cliff City.

They had a crown on their heads, their bodies were covered in messy feathers, their bodies were fat, they had especially large butts.

Within the bird group, there was a bird king that was twice the size of an ordinary fat butt bird. It flew on top of Mountain Cliff City as it looked down, its butt moved with force as it squeezed, a lump of bird shit fell down immediately.

This bird shit was smelly and dark, it was huge, about the size of a hut, falling from the sky.



The bird shit fell with increasing speed, there was a sharp sound as it crashed down, destroying a segment of the city walls.

Fortunately, there were not many people around, few got injured.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Boom boom boom!

The bird king's attack started the offensive streak of the bird group, lumps of bird shit started to fall from the sky, crashing on Mountain Cliff City.

At once, it was as if the sky started to rain heavily.

But this rain contained peculiar raindrops, they were oversized bird shit.

A large number of houses collapsed as they got crushed, the walkway, gardens, fountains, and even the City Lord statue at the center of the city got mercilessly covered in bird shit.

After the first wave of attacks, the bird king flapped its wings and rose into the air with its army. There were a huge number of them, they circled around before returning and approaching Mountain Cliff City again.

"Combat Beast Envoys, attack!" At this moment, the leader of the troops defending Mountain Cliff City shouted loudly as he led the way, flying into the sky and facing these fat butt birds in battle.

A large number of Combat Beast Envoys followed, at once, humans and birds engaged in a huge aerial battle.

"Little eagle, let's go fight too, do you dare or not?" Youngster Zhan Bu Du had already sneaked out of the City Lord's manor, he spoke to the arrowtail eagle on his shoulder.

The arrowtail eagle screeched as arrogance flashed on its cute and young face. It flapped its wings and pecked Zhan Bu Du's face lightly, as if it was angry at its master's belittling attitude.

"Since you are not afraid, let me go with you!" Zhan Bu Du smiled, he seemed like an innocent youngster but was actually Fang Yuan's clone, he had been taken in as a disciple of Mountain Cliff City Lord, he had spent a lot of time with the young eagle, he had a good grasp of its nature. With just a little provocation now, the young arrowtail eagle burst out with battle intent.

"Come, little arrowtail eagle." Zhan Bu Du shouted loudly.

The young arrowtail eagle screeched as it flapped its wings, it shot towards the sky like an arrow before flying back towards Zhan Bu Du.

Zhan Bu Du shouted again: "Combat Beast Envoy — Transform[1]!"

He activated his Gu worm as his body shined with dazzling azure light. The young arrowtail eagle slammed onto his body and fused with the human shaped light figure.

At the next moment, the human shaped light figure went through rapid collision and changed form.

As the azure light faded, Zhan Bu Du grew to a three meter tall giant with an eagle head and human body, he had azure wings on his back, his arms and legs had turned into yellow bird claws.

Zhan Bu Du flapped his wings intensely as wild winds blew, he soared into the sky and entered the battlefield.

"Look, it's Little Du. He sneaked out to join the battle after all. This child!" A middle aged beauty looked at Little Du's flying figure with worry.

She was the daughter-in-law of Mountain Cliff City Lord, she had one son but he had died when he was still a child.

After Mountain Cliff City Lord took Zhan Bu Du in as his disciple, he quickly became a member of this family. The middle aged beauty made him her godson and placed all the love she had for her deceased child onto Zhan Bu Du.

Beside her was a middle aged man, he only had his upper body left, his lower part was cleanly cut off. But his face was still lively, he was quite spirited.

He looked at Zhan Bu Du as he praised after a while: "Hahaha, this kid's fighting ability is getting higher. As expected of the person who received my teaching, father, you took in a good disciple."

"He is your godson too." The old Mountain Cliff City Lord stroked his beard as he said happily.

He had originally adopted Zhan Bu Du through a coincidence, because the young arrowtail eagle had treated Zhan Bu Du as its family, he could not separate them. But after teaching him well, Mountain Cliff City Lord found that Zhan Bu Du was actually a raw talent, the more he taught him, the more he shined.

Zhan Bu Du displayed great comprehension ability, he also worked very hard, Mountain Cliff City Lord was very satisfied. And even more satisfying was that Zhan Bu Du had a helpful nature, he was brave and kindhearted, he was like the sunlight which could penetrate into people's hearts.

"Be careful!" In the sky, Zhan Bu Du shouted as he raised his speed.

He slashed with his right claw, shooting out a wind blade.

The azure wind blade was like a curved blade that directly slaughtered the fat butt bird that chased after him.

"Thank you, Little Du." The Combat Beast Envoy who was saved was a guard of Mountain Cliff City, at this moment, he had a complex feeling.

Because normally, he looked down on Little Du, he laughed at his weak strength, he had only gained the arrowtail eagle's recognition because he was lucky.

But now it seemed like Zhan Bu Du's combat ability far exceeded him, even saving him without minding their past conflict.

"Don't worry about it, we are all people of Mountain Cliff City." Zhan Bu Du opened his beak as he spoke human words.

After hearing his words, the Combat Beast Envoy felt even more complex than before.

"Quickly regroup, fight the fat butt bird group and protect the city!" Zhan Bu Du urged.

"Okay!" The Combat Beast Envoy nodded seriously as he joined the intense battle again.

Mountain Cliff City Lord watched this scene as his evaluation of Zhan Bu Du rose again.

"This child." The middle aged beauty eased her frown: "I will deal with him when he comes back!"

"Hahaha." The wheelchair bound middle aged man laughed cheerfully.

Mountain Cliff City Lord nodded lightly, he did not say anything.

"After this battle, everyone's impression of me will improve again." Zhan Bu Du was very calm, he analyzed the situation.

The Combat Beast Envoy he saved was very grateful to him, but the truth was, Zhan Bu Du was very grateful towards him as well.

"Without someone like him, how could it display my superior character?"

After gaining the arrowtail eagle's recognition, his status rose immensely as he became the disciple of Mountain Cliff City Lord, this made a lot of people envious.

Fang Yuan made use of everyone's mentality as he chose a seemingly vicious enemy who was actually harmless to him.

After he purposely met with the enemy by 'coincidence', they went into a verbal brawl.

Afterwards, Fang Yuan intensified this conflict and even got beaten by his enemy in a public area.

Afterwards, he went home with bruises and spoke to Mountain Cliff City Lord, asking to intensify his training without explaining the reason. That way, Mountain Cliff City Lord would be able to interpret it himself.

Originally, Fang Yuan wanted to use this enemy to raise his own reputation. But with this fat butt bird calamity, he had an even better chance.

Once the chance appeared, Fang Yuan's clone immediately used the chance to save his enemy under everyone's supervision.

"After entering this place, my luck has always been good, even though the descending bird egg had expended a lot of my luck. It seems that the main body's luck path attainment is getting deeper and more profound, he can provide me with a lot of help."

After the intense battle, the fat butt birds lost.

Zhan Bu Du's performance was very eye-catching, he was almost about to kill the bird king when Mountain Cliff City Lord transmitted his voice and stopped him.

After the battle, Zhan Bu Du purposely went to ask Mountain Cliff City Lord, showing his confusion: "Grandfather, why didn't you let me kill that vicious bird king? Without it, our Mountain Cliff City Lord will not face such a calamity anymore."

"Little Du." Mountain Cliff City Lord patted Fang Yuan's clone's tiny head, he said with joy: "Even if you kill the bird king, they would choose a new one."

"Then why didn't grandfather deal with them personally? With your strength, you can wipe out the bird group." Fang Yuan asked innocently.

Mountain Cliff City Lord smiled again: "That is because the bird faeces are a good thing. It can make our soil fertile, it can help the wheat grow more healthily, in fact, many caravans want to trade goods for our bird faeces."

"Is that so? The smelly bird shit is a treasure?!" Fang Yuan's clone was deeply surprised.

Looking at him, Mountain Cliff City Lord laughed heartily: "Oh Little Du, grandfather taught you not to judge a book by its cover, you must not just look at the appearance of the things in this world."

"I understand now, I will remember grandfather's words deeply." Fang Yuan's clone nodded solemnly.

"Mm, good boy." Mountain Cliff City Lord smiled again, he thought to himself: "Other than that, there are other reasons of course. But you are still young and innocent, my disciple, it is still too early for you to learn about those reasons."

After saying goodbye to Mountain Cliff City Lord, Fang Yuan left the City Lord's manor.

The city lord manor was huge and tall, it was a city within a city. Fang Yuan could see the entire city from this altitude.

Within the city, the people were already starting to rebuild and recuperate. The mortals stopped hiding, they came out of their bunkers and caves.

This fat butt bird calamity did not just give Fang Yuan's clone a huge amount of reputation, he even gained a deeper understanding of this world.

"The fat butt bird king is a mutated beast king, it has rank five Gu Master battle strength. I am just a rank one Gu Master, but with the arrowtail eagle's power, after fusing with it, I could almost kill it. Battle strength is too easily obtained inside this grotto-heaven, thus the traditional Gu Master cultivation cannot prosper."

"But if this Gu Master cultivation way flourished, this city would not just be made of simple rocks and mud, it would have dozens of Gu Houses as defensive towers. The fat butt bird calamity would not have caused such losses."

"However, there are great merits in keeping the calamity around."

"Mountain Cliff City is located at the top of a cliff, it is surrounded by hard mountain rocks, bird faeces are needed to fertilize the land so that farming can take place efficiently. The bird faeces are also a huge resource that can attract merchant caravans to come from afar, engaging in trading."

"Mountain Cliff City can use this test to recruit more talents. Giving the city some external pressure will also promote unity, these city inhabitants will also place their faith in the ruler."

"The killer move myriad beings assimilation transformation affects the entire grotto-heaven. Gu Masters can use the killer move's power to transform in here, the process would require them to expend their positive emotions. Thus, Combat Beast Envoys are usually people with rich positive emotions."

"But this does not mean that the people here are innocent, the higher-ups still possess crafty scheming abilities and methods."

Fang Yuan thought about this as he went to the outer city.

"Ah, Lord Zhan Bu Du."

"Young master Zhan Bu Du."

"Hello, young master!"

"Young master fought heroically, all of us watched it from here."

Along the way, Fang Yuan was well received with everyone's greetings.

He opened his mouth and scratched his head, he smiled in an embarrassed manner, revealing his white teeth: "Hi everyone, hi everyone, don't call me young master or lord, just call me Little Du!"

"Here, uncle, let me help you." Fang Yuan's eyes shined as he walked forward to an old man, snatching his shovel away.

"Uncle, take a break, let me help you dig the faeces up." Fang Yuan said.

"Oh, Little Du, you came to help me again. You are such a good child, you are a good child!" The old man was so moved his eyes turned red.

Even though Combat Beast Envoys had rich positive emotions, strength often changed people, many people would mind their own statuses, who would act like Fang Yuan, even though he was the Mountain Cliff City Lord's disciple, he came to the mortal area and had no fear of getting tired or dirty, he helped these mortals with his own strength.

Fang Yuan worked as he thought: "Looking at the time, my main body is about to take action. My progress alone will not reach my goals in the short time, I need the main body to unleash a beast calamity while I cooperate with him."

"The main body's beast calamity will not be a tiny problem like the fat butt birds."

While the city people praised Fang Yuan immensely, they had no idea that he was plotting a devious and vicious scheme that would harm the entire grotto-heaven right now.

[1] Henshin!


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