Reverend Insanity
1852 Contest Over Gu Refinemen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1852 Contest Over Gu Refinemen

Southern Border.

Ba clan, Mansion Mountain.

Ba Shi Ba carefully held a rank one mortal Gu as he stared without blinking, he was deeply concentrating: "This is second aperture Gu?"

He observed carefully, this Gu worm looked like a beetle with two sharp ends and a fat midsection, it was the size of a young man's fist. It was like blue jade, and felt soft and cool to the touch. There was a golden eye on its plump back. The golden eye flashed with lightning, seemingly having a mind of its own.

To exchange for this Gu worm, Ba clan had used up almost all of the luck path immortal materials that it had in its inventory.

Fang Yuan was extorting them but Ba Shi Ba had to accept it, even though this was a tiny rank one Gu, it gave him the courage and hope to continue living in this world!

Second aperture Gu was very easy to use, it did not require primeval essence or immortal essence, by just dripping one's blood onto the Gu, and feeding it until it was full, it would self-detonate and take effect.

After second aperture Gu self-detonated, it created a tiny aperture in Ba Shi Ba's body.

This was a rank one aperture, the lowest rank of cultivation.

But Ba Shi Ba's eyes turned red after seeing this, he was so excited his body started shaking intensely.

"Even if that demon Fang Yuan extorts us, I needed to buy this!"

"With this aperture, I can cultivate again. From rank one to five, I can use relic Gu. After rank six, I can have the help of Gu Immortals in the clan to undergo tribulations."

"But to reach the foundation and achievements of my first immortal aperture, it would be too hard."

Thinking of this, Ba Shi Ba gritted his teeth, he was filled with hatred towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan captured and soul searched him, even taking his first aperture away. Even if he gave a second aperture Gu, this was another form of extortion!

For Ba Shi Ba who originally had rank eight cultivation level, it was a great humiliation.

"Fang Yuan, just you wait, one day, I will take revenge for this humiliation. I will return you a hundredfold the pain that you have caused on me, you will get to enjoy this feeling yourself!"

Ba Shi Ba had a ruthless expression, he had not been having a good time these last days.

He was still the first supreme elder of Ba clan, but after getting captured by Fang Yuan, not only did his reputation fall, he was also turned into a cripple now.

Compared to Xia Cha, Ba Shi Ba was in a worse state.

Because during the time he got captured, Ba clan gained a new rank eight Gu Immortal.

Ba De!

After Ba De became a rank eight Gu Immortal, he immediately became the second supreme elder and led the affairs of Ba clan.

Ba Shi Ba's authority was taken away.

"Thankfully, I have this second aperture Gu now!"

"I have ample cultivation experience, I have gone through tens of tribulations, it will be easy to become an immortal again, I am certain of it."

"I need to use my time well and quickly become a Gu Immortal again. After all, my influence will become smaller over time, I need to use the rest of my influence well and try to help my cultivation process to make it as smooth as possible."

Ba Shi Ba had his own plans, he already prepared enough relic Gu.

Immediately, he used them all, quickly becoming a rank one peak stage Gu Master.

But at this point, no matter how Ba Shi Ba attacked his aperture walls, it remained motionless.

"What is happening?"

"My cultivation level is stuck! This second aperture has issues!"

Ba Shi Ba became furious and shocked after checking it, he felt like he was deceived, he had bought a fake product with a huge price.

He quickly called the Gu Immortals who were close to him and asked them to contact Fang Yuan, to ask what was this situation about.

Fang Yuan was researching on Primordial Origin's true inheritance, his expression shifted slightly into a smile as cold light flashed in his eyes: "It seems that they have discovered the problem already."

However, he was prepared for this, he quickly responded.

Ba Shi Ba heard his response and broke his favorite teacup in anger: "Demon, you are going too far!"

It turned out that Fang Yuan had only mentioned his second aperture Gu could awaken a second aperture, it did not say that there was a restriction on cultivation advancement. To mislead the Southern Border immortals, Fang Yuan described his own feelings and experiences when he first used second aperture Gu.

Ba Shi Ba foolishly thought that this second aperture Gu would allow him to rapidly become a Gu Immortal again.

Over on Xia Cha's end, a wisdom path Gu Immortal noticed this problem. Fang Yuan thus told Xia Cha that this second aperture Gu was originally an Immortal Gu, he had modified it into a series of Gu from rank one to six. Rank one second aperture Gu could allow one to have rank one cultivation level, the others from rank two to five followed the same logic.

Xia Cha immediately wanted to buy the rank six second aperture Gu but Fang Yuan's response made her speechless: "I am only selling rank one second aperture Gu!"

"It seems that Ba Shi Ba is in a worse state compared to Xia Cha." Fang Yuan smiled, he could see the anxiety in Ba Shi Ba's heart from just this small incident.

"This means that Ba De has become a rank eight already, even though Ba clan is keeping quiet about it."

"This is a good thing."

The Southern Border immortals had an immense grudge with Fang Yuan, but they shared the same common enemy — Heavenly Court.

Heavenly Court wanted to repair fate Gu, in the previous life, Fang Yuan had already seen the attitude of Southern Border's righteous path.

Thus, Fang Yuan returned the bodies and souls of the Southern Border immortals, even though he annexed their immortal apertures, he gave them second aperture Gu as well.

His motive was to ensure that the Southern Border immortals had some level of battle strength remaining, sufficient to find trouble with Heavenly Court.

After experiencing so many things, through hurdles and difficulties, Fang Yuan finally managed to live through the great pressure of Heavenly Court. He now had deep foundation and many subordinates, he was able to interfere in the politics of the five regions, he could secretly use many methods to form a huge plan that would encircle Heavenly Court!

Unconsciously, he had already grown from a pawn to a chess player.

"Fang Yuan, I want to eat your flesh and drink your blood!" Ba Shi Ba looked at the letter as his body shook in deep anger.

He finally understood Fang Yuan's goal.

Fang Yuan refined a set of second aperture Gu, if Ba Shi Ba wanted to regain his cultivation level from rank one to two to three… he would need to use an entire set until rank six second aperture Gu, to gain a proper immortal aperture and finally rise back to rank eight cultivation level.

That was to say, if Ba Shi Ba wanted to regain his former glory, he would need to be extorted by Fang Yuan six times!

Ba Shi Ba cursed and threw a few more items around before he slowly calmed down.

Looking at the messy study room, he pondered for a moment before laughing loudly: "Ba Shi Ba, oh Ba Shi Ba, how can you behave like this? You had lost in the first place and got captured, it was already immense fortune that you survived. How can you still act so worried over losses and gains?"

"So what if I cannot regain my cultivation, so what? As long as I work hard enough, I will have no regrets even in death."

He muttered, it seemed like he was rationalizing with himself.

After saying that, his body relaxed, he felt his mind clearing up, he could also see at a greater height, a scene that he could not observe when he was still a rank eight in the past.

This was the scenery of human life!

He had completely calmed down, a smile showing at the corner of his lips.

"Fang Yuan, you demon, you are truly formidable, I fell for it once again." The hatred in his heart did not go away, but Ba Shi Ba started to smile and face reality, he no longer acted like before.

At this moment, even though he did not have high cultivation level, he was much more carefree and composed than the time when he was a rank eight.

"I don't have much of a choice now, I need to accept his extortion. After all, becoming an immortal is the most important matter now!" Ba Shi Ba felt clarity in his heart.

The clan could be relied on, but only for some time. His influence and favors that were accumulated from the past would slowly dwindle with the passing of time.

Especially when a new rank eight Gu Immortal appeared in the clan.

He needed to act quickly!

"Rotten soil blood powder, treasure flower in the earth. Jade bone turned into petals, ice muscles into stalks and golden relic into the heart of the flower. A bright stellar fire, gather ice and snow into plains. Yang cloud burns with elixir fire below and yin clouds scatter sand like gold above, add beast phantoms in the middle until lightning crackles, creating beast strength placenta, and start collecting apertures…"

This was the Gu recipe of his second aperture Gu.

Fang Yuan had obtained it from Three Kings blessed land.

The former part was the same as the original, Fang Yuan did not modify anything, but the latter part was completely changed, it could not be recognized from before.

Fang Yuan modified this Gu recipe, from the rank six Immortal Gu recipe to a series of Gu.

Fang Yuan had refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster and human path grandmaster attainment level, he even had the light of wisdom helping him, it was not hard to make this deduction.

"With this set of Gu worms, I can extort them all the way. If there is no chance for extortion, I will create my own opportunities."

"In fact, this method can be used in Eastern Sea, Western Desert, and Northern Plains as well. As for Central Continent's Gu Immortals, I'd rather just kill them instead."

Fang Yuan was an unscrupulous merchant with no sympathy.

Mortal level second aperture Gu had an extremely low cost of production, it did not need lifespan Gu or immortal materials.

It needed more human apertures instead.

Human apertures were simply Gu Master apertures.

Fang Yuan simply captured some human Gu Masters to use as Gu materials, it was easy and cheap.

But he sold them to the Southern Border immortals at an extremely high price, he earns hundreds or even thousands of times the profit.

And these Southern Border immortals treated second aperture Gu as their life-saving rope, the only hope in their lives, no matter what price Fang Yuan asked, they would accept it without resistance.

Of course, Fang Yuan had considered their bottom line and also the overall situation of resisting Central Continent in the future.

"Success, Lord Fang Yuan, we refined another luck path Immortal Gu!" The hairy man Gu Immortals transmitted good news again.

"Very good, keep up the good work." Fang Yuan praised casually.

This extortion of the Southern Border immortals was very successful because of second aperture Gu, many of the clans handed over their precious luck path immortal materials.

With them, Fang Yuan ordered the hairy man Gu Immortals to start refining luck path Immortal Gu without restraint.

The price of refining Immortal Gu was high, his luck path immortal materials dwindled in numbers, but his gains were immense.

These last days, several luck path Immortal Gu were refined, becoming Fang Yuan's possession.

Heavenly Court.

"Damn, I failed again." Yuan Qiong Du had an ashen expression, looking at the pile of ashes in front of him, he had an ugly expression.

During this period of time, he simply could not believe this was reality!

First, he tried to refine fixed space Gu, he failed.

Recently, he tried refining several luck path Gu worm, he failed, failed, and failed!

"My methods are not wrong, the process was smooth too, but Immortal Gu are unique."

"Many of these Immortal Gu exist already, I cannot refine them!"

"Sigh, if only I can find out which Immortal Gu are already in existence, that would be great."

Fang Yuan's tactic of refining the luck path Immortal Gu first made Heavenly Court suffer great losses.

This was a hidden showdown, whoever had the initiative would reap the greatest benefits.

Even though Heavenly Court had a deep foundation and bottomless inventory, Fang Yuan made use of Southern Border's righteous path and firmly suppressed Heavenly Court in this regard.

Unless Fang Yuan stopped now, Yuan Qiong Du would continue to fail, he would not have many gains.


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