Reverend Insanity
1851 Interfering in Three Regions
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1851 Interfering in Three Regions

The dragonman clone first entered Dragon Palace, before flying into the blessed land while inside this Immortal Gu House.

The blessed land was Gu tribe's headquarters, it was outsider territory and Gu tribe's leader had rank eight cultivation level, it was much safer to be vigilant in this situation.

Once he entered the blessed land, he saw a vast area. This blessed land was huge, it was larger than some grotto-heavens.

Within the blessed land, he could see various types of immortal materials around, most were extinct in the current era already, Fang Yuan's clone gained quite a bit of insight.

"Even though this blessed land's foundation cannot compare to Lang Ya blessed land, it is not far off." Dragonman clone Wu Shuai thought.

Among the blessed lands that Fang Yuan had seen, Lang Ya blessed land had the deepest foundation, followed by Imperial Court blessed land, this current one was the third.

"Gu tribe blessed land, development of over a million years! The generations of Gu tribe leaders had at least rank seven cultivation level, most were rank eight, with such an expert defending it, this blessed land's calamities and tribulations were not a threat."

"Furthermore… Gu tribe does not consist of humans, it receives the help of heaven's will. Even if there are calamities and tribulations, they would not be very strong."

Wu Shuai thought to himself.

The way of heaven was to take away surpluses while replenishing deficits, it emphasized on balance. Currently humans were the overlords of the world, and all the variant human forces were forced to live pitifully in some corners of the world.

Thus, any variant human group would receive the help of heaven's will.

"Senior Wu Shuai, please come with me." Gu tribe's leader said politely while leading the way.

Dragonman clone Wu Shuai followed closely, after flying for some time, the two landed in a dense forest.

In this primordial forest, there was a huge tribe that had over ten thousand people, the ones living in this tribe were all beastmen.

Indeed, this Gu tribe was a beastman tribe.

According to human historical records, beastmen were extinct, but the truth was, heaven left them a chance of survival, a lineage of beastman bloodline had survived and lived until today, isolated from the world.

Wu Shuai received a warm welcome from the entire tribe.

Soon, the banquet was ready, Gu tribe's leader invited Wu Shuai to take a seat.

Wu Shuai walked out of Dragon Palace, he was accompanied by two dragon generals as his bodyguards.

Gu tribe leader's pupils shrank a little as he laughed loudly, his attitude was even more enthusiastic than before.

Wu Shuai only exposed half of his dragon generals, but each of them had rank eight cultivation level like Gu tribe's leader. Within this beastman blessed land, other than Gu tribe's leader, there were no other rank eight existences.

Because of his dream realm explorations, Fang Yuan's clone had a great understanding of this beastman tribe.

After talking for some time, Wu Shuai gained a clearer understanding of Gu tribe. Gu tribe's leader also dispelled the suspicions in his heart after this conversation.

This beastman tribe consisted mostly of fish head and human body members, their cheeks had gills, their ears were fins, and they had spiky fins on their backs. Other than that, some had frog legs, some had seabird wings, some carried turtle shells, and some had a ring of green seaweed on their heads.

These beastmen originally lived in the sea, back then, the beastman race went from domineering to weak, they were wiped out on the mainland, only this small group living in the sea were spared.

Because the beastman race became weak while humans dominated the world, this group of beastmen had to recuperate in the sea, they did not dare to take any actions.

But their enmity with humans had never been forgotten. Almost every generation's Gu tribe leader had such intentions, they wanted to create internal conflict in humans and allow themselves a chance to rise up.

In history, the real Wu Shuai met his generation's Gu tribe leader and it was because of their alignments that he helped Wu Shuai become an immortal, they went after fate Gu together, he was a formidable person!

In order to deal with dragonman extermination, Wu Shuai talked with Gu tribe's leader, they came up with an alliance agreement of both races.

Earlier at the door of the blessed land, Fang Yuan's clone and this generation's Gu tribe leader conversed, they were talking about this agreement.

This was the arrangement left by the real Wu Shuai, he had prepared it to lead the dragonman race to prosperity. Now that Fang Yuan inherited Dragon Palace, he naturally wanted to make use of this arrangement.

Gu tribe had developed under the sea for so many years, while Gu tribe's leader was a rank eight expert, with their deep foundation, Fang Yuan wanted to make good use of their strength.

Gathering more strength to deal with Heavenly Court, this was something Fang Yuan wanted to do.

While Fang Yuan's Wu Shuai clone and Gu tribe's leader were conversing happily, in Western Desert, Yang Zi He and Zhang Yin had succeeded.


With an intense sound, Yang Zi He finished his last attack.

Taking a look, the prosperous oasis here had turned into rubble, nothing was left.

This was a large resource point of Fang clan, it was destroyed without any possibility of recovery now.

"We should go!"

"This is the third place we destroyed, according to master's orders, we can return already."

"Let's inspect first, and see if we left any clues behind."

The two dragon generals inspected carefully, they left after making sure nothing was left behind.

Fang clan went into a commotion!

Losing three large resource points in one day, Fang clan's losses were not small at all.

Dong clan was also shocked!

Because in the rubble, there were some words written and left behind — Dong Lu Chen was here.

Dong Lu Chen was the first supreme elder of Dong clan, earlier, Fang clan had taken revenge on him, using a theft path Immortal Gu House to destroy one of Dong clan's oasis resource points.

After hearing the news, Dong Lu Chen's face turned dark as he scolded: "These shameless people, the so-called righteous path! They dare to frame me and actually used such a terrible method! If I find the culprit, I will not let them off!"

Dong Lu Chen did not suspect Fang Yuan of course, his suspicions were on the super forces besides Fang clan and Dong clan.

This was an obvious plot to sow discord, if Fang clan fell for it and started to retaliate against Dong clan, those Western Desert super clans were the first ones to benefit.

Dong Lu Chen could not sit and wait, he quickly sent a letter to Fang clan's first supreme elder, Fang Gong.

Fang clan had the wisdom path Gu Immortal Fang Di Chang, they would not fall for such a plot, after thinking about it, Fang Di Chang asked Fang Gong to send Dong Lu Chen a letter and work together to find the real culprit.

This was a great move.

After Dong Lu Chen received the letter, he realized it was a little troublesome.

He knew that Fang clan was trying to rope in Dong clan and make them allies on the same side.

But Dong Lu Chen was not stupid.

Dong clan and Fang clan shared borders, when Fang clan gets stronger in the future, they would first eat into Dong clan's territory and benefits.

But if he did not try to find the culprit, would it imply that he had a guilty conscience?

Dong Lu Chen thought about it for a while, he decided to head to the crime scene and try to find the culprit with Fang clan's Gu Immortals.

They would obviously not be able to find the truth, since Fang Yuan sent two dragon generals to deal with this matter, he definitely had ways to divert them away from the truth.

Thus, Fang clan and Dong clan got their answer, it pointed to the other forces near them.

But Fang clan and Dong clan were calm, they did not go to question the others, they only remembered this in their hearts.

Both of them were very restrained.

Dong Lu Chen memorized these few clans, he did not want to expose them, he needed them to deal with Fang clan after all.

And Fang clan, in order to maintain stability, would not resist these super forces openly. After all, it was all alone, while Divine Bean Palace was still far from being refined.

"Second supreme elder, the situation is getting more dangerous, can you really unravel Divine Bean Palace alone, isn't it too tiring? That Suan Bu Jin is a wisdom path Gu Immortal, maybe he can help you and do some of the work for you." Fang Gong suggested to Fang Di Chang.

In his opinion, Suan Bu Jin had participated in the battle over Divine Bean Palace, he had entered it before, now that he was Fang clan's external supreme elder, he was one of them and was trustworthy.

Fang Di Chang thought about it but could not make up his mind, in the end he sighed: "Let me think about it."

Southern Border.

In Xia clan's headquarters, Xia Cha was also sighing.

She had been released by Fang Yuan, even though she had her body and soul, her immortal aperture was taken by Fang Yuan and annexed by his sovereign immortal aperture.

Xia Cha was no longer a rank eight Gu Immortal, she was a mortal.

Even though she was still the first supreme elder of Xia clan in name, Xia Cha felt like this status was a joke.

"I am a cripple now!"

"Even if I was rank eight in the past, so what?"

"Fang Yuan! You have amazing methods, if I can ever take revenge for this immense hatred, I will tear off your skin, pull out your tendons, and grind your bones till they turn to dust!"

Thinking so, Xia Cha sighed again.

She knew herself that this hope of revenge was too slim.

"Good news, good news, Lady Xia Cha!" At this moment, Xia clan's third supreme elder came running excitedly.

"What good news?" Xia Cha frowned as she looked at him.

Xia clan's third supreme elder handed Xia Cha an information path mortal Gu: "This was the letter that demon Fang Yuan sent over using treasure yellow heaven."

Xia Cha laughed coldly: "This demon is devious and greedy, not only did he capture us, he separated our bodies and souls, extorting us time and again, he truly deserves death!"

"Right now, Fang Yuan does not have much to extort us already. I do not need to read this letter, it is merely a new idea from Fang Yuan to extort our Southern Border righteous path."

Xia Cha shook her head continuously.

Xia clan's third supreme elder nodded: "Lady Xia Cha is right, Fang Yuan's intentions are obvious. He has been buying luck path immortal materials recently, he seems to be refining many luck path Immortal Gu. But this time, his offer is truly…"

"What? He is offering Immortal Gu? Or does he want to exchange Gu for Gu?" Xia Cha frowned before waving her hand: "You do not need my agreement for this matter, let second supreme elder handle it. If it is an Immortal Gu beneficial to our clan, let's exchange for it."

"This time, Fang Yuan is offering a mortal Gu."

"Hmph, wanting to exchange a mortal Gu for Immortal Gu or immortal materials? Wishful thinking!"

Xia clan's third supreme elder smiled: "Lady Xia Cha, you should look at this first."

Xia Cha received the information path Gu worm as she looked and sneered at it: "Has Fang Yuan gone insane? He wants to get so many immortal materials with just one mortal Gu. I want to see what Gu this is!"

"Hmm?!" Xia Cha saw the crucial information in the letter, her expression changed abruptly.

She quickly stood up and said in an unquestionable tone: "I must have mortal Gu, we need to get it regardless of the price! Fang Yuan wants luck path immortal materials? Give him, give them all to him!"


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