Reverend Insanity
1849 Ancestor of the New Dragonman
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1849 Ancestor of the New Dragonman

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

The Long Hair refinement path formation made a loud noise as a large amount of white litchi immortal essence was instilled, a huge flame that soared to the sky appeared.

Within the raging flames, the dragonman clone sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, he was expressionless as if he had fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, his body was beginning to melt away, resembling iron which had just begun to melt into liquid.

This was naturally a painful thing, but the dragonman clone's soul had left the body in advance, it was standing beside Lang Ya land spirit now.

Fang Yuan's main body personally controlled the refinement path formation while Lang Ya land spirit, Sixth Hair, and the rest assisted him.

Fang Yuan mobilized almost all of his refinement path manpower here, he was giving it his all!

As the flames burned, the flesh and skin of the dragonman clone gradually swelled and blistered, and soon he was completely disfigured. It looked like colloids or bubbles that were about to pop completely.

"Be careful and hold steady. I'll leave this to you, Lang Ya land spirit." Fang Yuan himself presided over the situation while giving out instructions.

Lang Ya land spirit nodded.

Fang Yuan did not need to completely scorch and melt the dragonman clone, if he did so, it would be tantamount to killing him.

What Fang Yuan needed was this current condition, where the dragonman clone had reached the limit of what he could bear, but was only on the verge of destruction.

To maintain this state, the Gu Immortal had to manipulate the intense flames while paying close attention to the dragonman clone's condition.

Fang Yuan passed this job to Lang Ya land spirit, he had already turned into the white haired land spirit who was stable and calm, he had deep refinement path experience that Fang Yuan could not compare to. This was the step that could not accept any careless mistakes, Fang Yuan was assured with Lang Ya land spirit handling it.

Next, Fang Yuan started to activate the refinement path formation as traces of lightning gathered.

These lightning sparks were pitch black and thick like chopsticks, they crackled continuously.

The lightning sparks entered the raging flames like they were entering empty space, they were completely unaffected by the flames.

Under Fang Yuan's control, the lightning sparks stabbed into the dragonman clone's body, piercing through the lumps of blood and flesh, attaching themselves to the soft skeleton.

The pitch-black lightning sparks fixed the skeleton in place as they slowly moved out, taking one of the dragonman clone's arm bones out along with them.

The arm bone was not heat resistant, it started to show signs of melting, but at this time, Sixth Hair who was already prepared activated the refinement path formation and sent out waves of bubbles.

Fang Yuan quickly tossed the arm bone into the bubbles.

The bubbles surrounded the arm bone and quickly flew up, getting out of the top of the raging flame.

Hairy man Gu Immortals were already waiting there, they prepared a pool of lightning plasma. The arm bone was put into the lightning plasma and got refined continuously, this was the first step.

The second step, another hairy man Gu Immortal took over, placing the arm bone in a green current to wash it.

The third step, others took charge. The arm bone was baked, washed, and cleaned, it shrunk greatly, and got buried in a pile of soil made from pale white bone.

Next, the refinement path formation used the power of time path to accelerate the time of the bone soil.

The bone soil continued to be absorbed by the arm bone as it got smaller in size. The arm bone only absorbed half of the soil before it stopped, it was taken out, three steps were still waiting.

This was an arm bone, while the dragonman clone had a total of more than three thousand bones in his body, they were all going to be processed similarly.

And this was just the bones, the dragonman clone's flesh, blood, brain, organs, fingernails, and hair, they all needed to be refined.

This was an extremely tedious job, Fang Yuan alone had too low efficiency, that was why he mobilized all of his refinement path experts.

Thankfully, even though the refinement of the dragonman clone was tedious, it was not hard. The biggest difficulty was that attention was needed at all times to maintain the dragonman clone's condition. Lang Ya land spirit was in charge of this so Fang Yuan felt assured.

Following this process, after three days and nights in the sovereign immortal aperture, the Long Hair refinement path formation finally stopped.

His bones were put back, his hair, blood, flesh, fingernails, organs, and brain were all refined properly, he was now immune to the dragonman extermination killer move.

Back when Duke Long created the dragonman lifespan extension method, he used the profundity of transformation path, qi path, and human path, but Fang Yuan did not lack expertise in these three aspects now.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan's refinement path foundation was something Duke Long could never match up to.

And with his wisdom path ability, if given enough time, Fang Yuan would definitely be able to break the killer move dragonman extermination.

There were no killer moves that could not be broken.

It was just that a gradual process was necessary, a long time was needed to continuously attempt trial and error.

After gaining Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan obtained the research results of the dragonman experiments, it helped him greatly.

In fact, Wu Shuai was very close to success back then, even though he did not truly break dragonman extermination killer move, he had conceptualized many ideas, he just lacked time to experiment on them. During the final period before dragonman extermination, the dragonman Gu Immortals cooperated with Wu Shuai, they placed their immortal apertures in Central Continent as test locations, they tried all these methods respectively, they were spreading the seeds of hope.

The dragonman blessed land that Fang Zheng encountered was one of them. Of course, it was not from the first batch of blessed lands, the dragonman Gu Immortals that appeared in the blessed lands had placed their own immortal apertures, taking the place of the previous generation each time.

Fang Yuan did not know how many generations had gone by, he did not care either. But he used this precious information to deduce which was the most likely plan to succeed from all of the methods that Wu Shuai had conceptualized.

Information regarding the matters involving Fang Zheng was obtained by Fang Yuan after Shen Cong Sheng gave him the results of his soul search. Shen Cong Sheng did not know how precious this information was, he was basically handing Fang Yuan the solution!

Fang Yuan had the ability and clues to finally modify the dragonman race. From this day onwards, the dragonman clone would be completely immune to the killer move dragonman extermination.

Of course, that was only Duke Long's dragonman extermination. If Fang Yuan created one himself, the dragonman clone would still be affected by it.

After all, Fang Yuan had personally created the new dragonman clone, he knew everything about it.

At this point, his work was not done.

Fang Yuan's dragonman clone's soul had adapted to the original dragonman body, thus it was also under the influence of Duke Long's dragonman extermination killer move.

Therefore, he had to modify the dragonman clone's soul next.

There was no need to use the refinement path formation for this, Fang Yuan had a vast number of soul path methods.

Dealing with the soul was much easier than the body.

Coincidentally, the dragonman clone's soul foundation needed to be improved anyway, so Fang Yuan temporarily put the dragonman clone in the soul expending myriad guts formation to cultivate.

Soul foundation was the foundation of enslavement path.

Currently, Dragon Palace had enslaved the Four Dragon Generals, it was the limit. To enslave more living beings, the Dragon Palace Lord would need to sustain it with their soul.

Noting this, Fang Yuan started to understand why the Dragon Spirit acknowledged Bai Ning Bing in the previous life.

"It must have been an emergency back then, Dragon Palace needed Bai Ning Bing's soul to split the burden and enslave Evil Dragon Di Zang Sheng."

"The Dragon Spirit can control Dragon Palace to begin with, it is similar to heavenly spirits and land spirits, it can acknowledge a master and exist indefinitely."

"Of course, one needs to have dragonman identity and the aspiration to develop the dragonman race in order to gain the Dragon Spirit's acceptance."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan smiled.

Developing the dragonman race was not impossible. Fang Yuan had already started to raise variant humans on a large scale, one was to comprehend human path, another was to manage the immortal aperture and finally, to try and obtain the variant human inheritances.

Whether he would develop dragonmen or not, was there a difference to him?


Of course, Fang Yuan was going to raise his new dragonman race, he would definitely not develop the old dragonman race.

Therefore, in a way, Fang Yuan was now the ancestor of the new dragonman race!

Heavenly Court cared about race, it was their basis. But Fang Yuan did not care.

So what if dragonmen reign supreme? Fang Yuan did not care about that at all.

His only goal was eternal life!

If developing the dragonman race could help him achieve this goal, then he would do it. If they obstructed him in the future, he would eliminate them.

It was so simple!

If becoming a dragonman meant he could achieve eternal life, Fang Yuan would immediately abandon his human identity and change sides, even if countless people took pride in their human status.

The dragonman clone lacked a name? He would be called Wu Shuai then.

Fang Yuan was completely fine with that.

The dragonman clone started to cultivate and modify his soul.

The time path clone was still using the light of wisdom to make endless deductions.

The dream path clone was still waiting. Fang Yuan originally wanted Dragon Palace to help the dream path clone with his tribulation, but after obtaining it, he realized Dragon Palace had no dream path defensive killer moves.

This made Fang Yuan's plan flop.

If there were to be a dream path tribulation, how would Fang Yuan defend against it? Even reverse flow protection seal would be useless at that time.

There was a way, which was to use dream token Immortal Gu as the core to deduce a usable dream path killer move.

But this move had to be rank eight! Fang Yuan had wisdom path attainment but his dream path attainment level had not even reached master!

This was troublesome.

He would need to spend a lot of time and effort, Fang Yuan thought about it and decided to defer this.

He was not going to give heaven's will a chance to plot against him!


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