Reverend Insanity
1848 Collating His Gains
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1848 Collating His Gains

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

A grand purple-gold palace floated in the air.

Immortal killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke!

The dragonman clone manipulated this Immortal Gu House, producing a large amount of dense smoke.

Wherever the dense smoke went, it devoured everything. Fang Yuan used it as a test, he brought over an immemorial year beast, it could not resist as it growled while being overwhelmed by the dense smoke, vanishing without a trace.

"Gather." The dragonman clone willed, the dream path smoke shrunk back into Dragon Palace like a python returning to its cave.

Everything that it had engulfed also naturally went into Dragon Palace.

This was the dream path killer move that Fang Yuan had personally witnessed in his previous life. Back then, Dragon Palace produced dense smoke that corroded Heaven Overseeing Tower, even though it had turned phantom, it was still hit.

One skill to dominate the world, in this current period of time, the Gu Immortal world and even Heavenly Court lacked ways to deal with dream path methods.

The effectiveness of dream path was immediate.

But now that Fang Yuan personally used it, he realized that this dreamy light smoke was not a dream path offensive killer move as he had thought, it was used for capturing enemies instead.

Like earlier, Dragon Palace only used this one move to capture an immemorial year beast that had rank eight battle strength, suppressing it inside the palace easily.

Dragon Palace was an enslavement path Immortal Gu House, even though it had the rank eight dream path Immortal Gu Dream Token, its roots did not change.

The killer move dreamy light smoke was meant to assist with Dragon Palace's enslavement, by first capturing the target and trapping them, before enslaving them afterwards.

Other than dreamy light smoke, Dragon Palace also had two other dream path killer moves.

One was called dream revelation, it had wisdom path effect, allowing a Gu Immortal to dream in their sleep and attain revelations.

The other was called dream within dream, it was a dream realm that allowed one to construct dream realms within dream realms. Like the time the dragonman clone explored the dream realm and became Wu Shuai, while Wu Shuai went into another dream to gain dream revelations, this was the power of dream within dream.

As for the dream realm that shrouded Dragon Palace earlier, it was the power of Dream Token itself.

Fang Yuan considered it for a while, at his current stage, dreamy light smoke had the most practical use.

Even though dream revelation was profound, it not only consumed immortal essence but also heaven's will! That was to say, this killer move needed the participation of heaven's will.

In Wu Shuai's case, he held the heavenly fate, dragonmen were meant to reign supreme. Thus, heaven's will helped the dragonmen, it was okay for him to use this move, he would receive the guidance and assistance of the Heavenly Dao.

But Fang Yuan could not.

Fang Yuan was an otherworldly demon, he was suppressed and targeted by heaven's will. All along, he had been enemies with heaven's will, he had a killer move called heaven's will dissipation, it was specially used to eliminate heaven's will.

How could he expect heaven's will to help him?

As for dream within dream, this killer move targeted dream realms instead of living beings.

After activating it, it could form a deeper layer of dream realm within a dream realm.

What use was that?

It allowed one to modify dream realms.

Wu Shuai used this to modify Dragon Palace's dream realm back then, creating a dream within a dream. When Fang Yuan's dragonman clone explored it, he faced this type of dream constantly. Undeniably, this made the dream realm much more complex, it became easier for the explorer to lose themselves and succumb to the dream realm.

What use did Fang Yuan have for it?

In the short period of time, Fang Yuan's thoughts were on dream realm explorations — he could modify these dream realms to create a dream within a dream.

These dreams within dreams were created by Fang Yuan, they belonged to him. In that case, he could construct a safe zone in the dream realm so that he could recuperate or recover in it.

But the most important thing was dream token Immortal Gu!

This Immortal Gu was similar to the Soul Beast Token that Fang Yuan had, the former was a dream path Gu worm that had enslavement path ability, while the latter was a soul path Gu worm with similar enslavement path ability.

Fang Yuan had already learned of the exact use of this rank eight dream token Immortal Gu from the Dragon Spirit.

Back then, Duke Long wanted to unleash dragonman extermination, Wu Shuai was not safe from it. But after a lot of hard work and experimentation, he had some gains, he could delay his death.

Using his final bit of time, he activated dream token Immortal Gu.

He expended not just all of his rank eight immortal essence, but also his emotions, memories, and wills.

After he made his arrangements, he became extremely thin, only a bit of his soul was left, in the end he sat on his dragon throne, because of the huge expenditure earlier, he died after a while.

In the end, he sacrificed even himself.

He contributed everything he had.

Thus, currently speaking, the price of activating dream token Immortal Gu was huge! Wu Shuai was not killed by dragonman extermination, he died from using Dream Token.

Fang Yuan evaluated secretly: "He was an enslavement path Gu Immortal at the peak of rank eight, he sacrificed himself to activate Dream Token and created this Dream Token dream realm."

"In the current era, the blessed land that Dragon Palace was hiding in got destroyed, it left and went into the bottom of the sea, subduing Granny Rong, Zhang Yin, and the other Dragon Generals."

"Even though it gained four rank eight battle strength experts, the foundation of the dream realm fell greatly, so when the dragonman clone explored it, Dragon Palace's dream realm showed traces of weakness in some areas."

The most obvious being Wind Cloud Manor and Black Heaven Temple.

These two sects were part of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, they were not sects that had existed a million years ago during Red Lotus' era.

The dream realm could not display them properly, it had to rely on the dragonman clone's memories.

This was a flaw, it indicated that the dream realm was already at its limit during that time.

"This means to say, by sacrificing a peak rank eight Gu Immortal like Wu Shuai, I can enslave four rank eights and one rank seven."

If this was the Dragon Palace dream realm in its complete form, the dragonman clone would likely still get modified even if he used unravel dream. Thus, he had to thank the four Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals for using up a lot of the dream realm's power.

If Dream Token was used alone, the user would die from using it because this Immortal Gu uses all of the Gu Immortal's foundation to create a dream realm.

The size and power of the dream realm would depend on the situation and which Gu Immortal was used to create the dream realm.

Of course, rank six and seven Gu Immortals did not have rank eight immortal essence, they could not use dream token Immortal Gu in the first place.

And rank eight Gu Immortals could not be forced to do it, they had to do it out of their own will.

"That means, each activation of dream token Immortal Gu would expend one rank eight Gu Immortal?" This price was huge, Fang Yuan was not willing to try it.

"But in the future, when my dream path attainment level rises, I can use dream token Immortal Gu as the core to create corresponding killer moves to limit Dream Token, to prevent it from draining the Gu Immortal entirely so as to create restricted dream realms."

"But it's not very useful."

Fang Yuan thought about it, dream token Immortal Gu alone was not very useful to him.

Even if he had killer moves to create dream realms in the future that would not kill the Gu Immortal using it, Fang Yuan would still need to expend his own foundation, immortal essence, and soul foundation, but most importantly, his true meaning would also be converted and expended. This meant that Fang Yuan's attainment levels would fall.

Without true meaning, the dream realm would just be a weak illusion. Precisely because dream realms contained true meaning, emotions could be used to trap a person in the dream realm. If the Gu Master succeeds in exploration and ignores the interferences of emotions, they would gain true meaning and raise their attainment levels.

"But in the future, when dream realms become common everywhere, I can spend some attainment level to create a trap and plot against crucial people. I can turn them into my subordinates, my enemies will be caught unguarded."

Dream Token, dreamy light smoke, dream within dream, dream revelation, these were his dream path gains.

For Fang Yuan, not all of them were practical, but they did cause his dream path abilities to skyrocket several times. In particular, these killer moves were part of the Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace, making it very convenient for Fang Yuan to use them at will without much practice at all.

Other than dream path, he had great gains in other areas too.

The most obvious were the Four Dragon Generals that included Zhang Yin and Granny Rong, Fang Yuan was happy to gain new rank eight battle strength experts, four in fact!

The accumulation of Wu Shuai and his dragonman race was all kept in Dragon Palace for the future, they were all now Fang Yuan's possession.

These legacies were mostly contents related to enslavement path. But the most valuable ones were relating to the Qian Kun Crystal Wall, Censure Peak, and army ant.

Wu Shuai suppressed and enslaved Calligraphy Pavilion Lady back then, he gained her Immortal Gu House Calligraphy Pavilion. Wu Shuai found that the reason Calligraphy Pavilion was so strong was because there were many Qian Kun Crystal Wall fragments stored inside.

The Qian Kun Crystal Wall was a secluded domain of heaven and earth, it was recorded within \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e, but it had always been in a state of fragmentation. Calligraphy Pavilion's Qian Kun Crystal Wall fragments were just a portion of the original.

The value of Censure Peak, to make a comparison, was similar to the incomplete Refinement Sea. The white haired Lang Ya land spirit wanted to create the secluded domain of heaven and earth Refinement Sea, he paid a huge cost but did not succeed. Censure Peak was already completed, yet it could only be considered on the level of an incomplete secluded domain of heaven and earth, it was inferior to Refinement Sea in essence.

Army ant was the true inheritance of Green Ant Ascetic, after Wu Shuai inherited it, he made good use of it, it was his main offensive method back then, as long as they grew to a certain number, they would have terrifying might, one would be able to fight a group of rank eight Gu Immortals alone.

And finally there was Dragon Palace itself, the Dragon Spirit, and enslavement path attainment level.

After the dragonman clone passed the dream realm, his enslavement path attainment level rose directly to quasi-supreme grandmaster.

Back then, Wu Shuai's enslavement path attainment level was merely one level away from supreme grandmaster, even though he had the bonus of a dragonman's latent enslavement path talent, his aptitude was truly terrifying.

Throughout history, there were countless heroes and geniuses that ascended the stage of fame. In the long river of history, there were countless shining stars that had their own dazzling light, even though there were ten venerables standing above them with unparalleled power, they did not lose their own unique colors.

The gains were immense, Fang Yuan had basically inherited the legacy of the entire dragonman race!

To process these gains, he would need countless years.

Fang Yuan was a little helpless, he had limited time, he could only choose to utilize those that were helpful to him.

Army ant was not going to be practiced now, this method was just icing on the cake, Fang Yuan already had the battle strength to fight an entire group of rank eights alone. Furthermore, building an ant army from scratch would require an immense amount of resources.

Qian Kun Crystal Wall and Censure Peak were foundations of information path, Fang Yuan lacked methods in this aspect. Earlier, he made Li Xiao Bai enter Profound Literature grotto-heaven for this purpose as well.

What made Fang Yuan feel slight regret was that Dragon Palace lacked dream path defensive methods. If it had any, in the current world where dream path was too advanced for the era, it would be even more powerful and useful than winter coat and reverse flow protection seal!

But thinking about the previous life, Fang Yuan could accept this fact. If Dragon Palace had such dream path defensive methods, it would not have been invaded by Duke Long.


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