Reverend Insanity
1845 A Life of Tragedy!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1845 A Life of Tragedy!

During this period, Wu Shuai purposely went back to South Flower Island.

Tai Qin finally gave birth!

"We finally have the next generation of our bloodline! Tai Qin, it has been hard on you." Wu Shuai hugged the baby that was just born, spinning around several times in joy.

Next, he carefully placed the baby on the bed beside Tai Qin.

He looked at Tai Qin who was still weak after giving birth with deep affection, his gaze was extremely gentle.

"What are we going to name our child?" Tai Qin smiled, she was filled with motherly love.

"This child has large, lively and spiritual eyes, let's call him Long Ling." Wu Shuai said.[TL Note: This is Dragon Spirit in Chinese]

Tai Qin nodded: "Long Ling, Long Ling it is a good name."

Their son, Long Ling, was just born, Wu Shuai was very happy now, but he also sensed that the burden on him had become heavier.

"Huang Wei and my father have both passed away."

"I only have junior sister Tai Qin and my new son left now."

"I need to give Tai Qin a proper status, I need to give my child a bright future, he cannot live in an environment full of ostracism. I want him to live properly and proudly as a dragonman, he will grow up with pride!"

The responsibilities were pushing and motivating him, after resting for a few days in South Flower Island, Wu Shuai went on a journey around the five regions and two heavens again, collecting dream path immortal materials.

The process of refining dream token Immortal Gu was very mystical.

It all happened within his dream.

As immortal materials were refined one by one, dream token Immortal Gu was finally at its final step to completion.

"This?!" Wu Shuai was immensely shocked.

The final revelation in his dream was that he had to sacrifice Tai Qin, as long as she willingly sacrificed her own life, it would complete the last step of refining Dream Token.

"No, I absolutely cannot do that!!!" Wu Shuai was deeply shook, his face turned pale, he could not accept this revelation.

For a few days, he was completely daydreaming, he moved around in immemorial white heaven like a ghost that had no soul.

Only until he met an immemorial desolate beast that almost killed him, he finally came to his senses abruptly.

He killed the immemorial desolate beast but was very vexed, he could not find a solution to this.

"Should I really sacrifice junior sister? No, absolutely not."

"There must be some way, there must be!"

Wu Shuai decided to halt the plan of refining Dream Token, he wanted to get more revelations from the dreams.

On the second night, he got a new revelation from his dream.

This revelation was beyond shocking — "Ancestor Duke Long has an immortal killer move that can exterminate my entire dragonman race?! And Duke Long has already been wanting to use this move many times already?"

Even though he trusted his dream revelations deeply, this news was just too unbelievable, he could barely accept it.

He pondered for some time, he decided to return to Central Continent and investigate the truth.

Wu Shuai had spent a lot of time and effort trying to refine dream token Immortal Gu. During this period, Central Continent was filled with undercurrents, conflict between Duke Long and Red Lotus was intensifying by the day.

Because of the death of Wu Shuai's father, even though Heavenly Court suspected him, Duke Long trusted him deeply.

Wu Shuai deployed all of the manpower that he could use to investigate this matter.

At the same time, the dream realm continued giving him more revelations.

With the help of dream revelation, Wu Shuai gained more and more clues. These clues all proved that his dream revelations were true, in fact, Wu Shuai even learned about the name of this move — Dragonman Extermination!

"Back then, Duke Long created the dragonman lifespan extension method, creating the dragonman race. As the number of dragonmen increased, they slowly developed into the current dragonman race."

"Duke Long is the ancestor of dragonmen, the source of the race, when he created the dragonman race initially, he left behind a hidden card, that was the killer move dragonman extermination."

"By using this move, all the dragonmen in this world would self-detonate and die, none would survive!"

"Furthermore, Duke Long has been wanting to use this killer move for a long time, he has only been waiting as a result of Star Constellation's will. Ancestor, you are too cruel! You are really so cold-hearted!"

Wu Shuai felt a chill, he was helpless, anxious, and furious!

All of his hard work, the future of the dragonman race, they were all a joke compared to this killer move, they were living in a real and yet illusory bubble!

"What do I do?"

Wu Shuai raised his head and screamed, he had no ideas left.

"Right, I still have my dreams!" Suddenly, he realized as hope sparkled in his eyes, he still had a final trump card.

That night, the dream's content went back to a few years ago.

Regarding the refinement of dream token Immortal Gu.

The final step of dream token Immortal Gu was for Tai Qin to make a self sacrifice.

The dream told Wu Shuai that in order to deal with dragonman extermination, he had to refine dream token Immortal Gu first.

Wu Shuai woke up in shock from the dream, in the darkness of the night, he cried soundlessly.

He looked at his lover in a daze, the woman that he loved the most in his life — Tai Qin.

Tai Qin was originally sleeping soundly, but she seemed to have sensed something as she opened her eyes, she saw Wu Shuai's expression which was full of anguish and sadness.

"What is it?" Tai Qin quickly embraced Wu Shuai gently.

Wu Shuai hugged her, he hugged her tightly. He used so much force, but never had he ever felt so weak and useless in his life!

Wu Shuai had to tell Tai Qin the truth.

Tai Qin was able to accept it quickly, she used her warm hands to touch Wu Shuai's face, she smiled gently: "So that's the reason, my Brother Shuai. I love you, I am willing to sacrifice everything for you, including my life. This is nothing much, but in this life, I not only have you, I also have another concern, that is our child."

"After I die, you must take good care of him, nurture our child well. Promise me that, okay?"

"I promise you, I promise you on my life and dignity, I promise you with everything I have!" Wu Shuai cried profusely, he was filled with anguish and sadness.

Dream Token was refined.

Next, rank eight Dragon Palace was also constructed.

After it was created, Wu Shuai stayed inside most of the time, he often walked around the palace as he touched the walls and pillars. He pretended that he could feel Tai Qin's warmth, but the reality was that he could only touch the cold icy walls of the Immortal Gu House.

The child he had with Tai Qin gradually grew up, sometimes, he would ask: "Father, where is mother? Why is she not back yet?"

Each time he asks this, Wu Shuai would feel like a sharp spear was stabbing into his heart, causing him to bleed.

Each time, he would squat down and hug his young son Long Ling, he would hold him tightly and warmly as he lied to him.

The young and innocent Long Ling was like his antidote, the only thing in this world that could heal his broken heart.

He possessed rank eight Dragon Palace but Wu Shuai did not have any intention to fight for fame or glory.

He secretly targeted Green Ant Ascetic, Wine Fairy, and Calligraphy Pavilion Lady, enslaving them all. He achieved his former dream, he could imprison Shu Jiu Ling, capture Fan Ji, and even torture him to death in front of her.

But Wu Shuai did not do that, he let Shu Jiu Ling go be with the person she truly loved.

He no longer cared about the past glory or humiliation, even though he had once felt pain from them and had fought intensely to achieve them.

Wu Shuai had experienced many things in life, he let go of many things.

Now, Wu Shuai felt very tired, he was very tired but he could not stop, he had to continue because the matter regarding dragonman extermination had not been resolved yet.

Dream revelations came time and time again, in order to settle the matter of dragonman extermination, he had to use rank eight Dragon Palace while doing experiments on the dragonman body.

Dragonmen were the product of the dragonman lifespan extension method, while dragonman extermination was created through this source. The three were tightly connected together.

Wu Shuai already grasped the dragonman lifespan extension method.

Using the power of Dragon Palace, he could totally reverse-deduce the killer move dragonman extermination killer move through it.

But to do that, Wu Shuai alone was not enough, he gathered all of the dragonman Gu Immortals and told them the truth, he begged them for help.

In the huge Dragon Palace, there was an unprecedented meeting, almost all of the dragonman Gu Immortals had gathered together.

These dragonman Gu Immortals did not believe him initially, but when Wu Shuai provided facts and evidence that could not be denied, they had to believe him. At the same time, Gu Liang was present to testify that Wu Shuai's father had found out the secret of the heavenly revelation, it was all announced to them!

"To do experiments, we need a vast number of dragonmen, these people will almost all die, even if they survive, they will wish they were dead. However, I cannot stop this plan, if anyone objects, speak up now."

"I object!" Immediately, someone jumped out.

Everyone turned to look, it was Wu Shuai's cousin, the beloved seventh young master that Duke Long doted on the most.

Seventh young master pointed at Wu Shuai who was on his throne as he scolded: "You scoundrel, you are insane!!!"

"In order to gain Heavenly Court's trust, you killed your most loyal sworn brother!"

"To conceal the secret of dragonmen reign supreme, you caused the death of your own father!"

"To refine dream token Immortal Gu, you actually used your most beloved wife as the Gu material!"

"Now, to deal with dragonman extermination killer move, you even want to sacrifice all of your innocent dragonmen and do experiments on them?"

"Why is your heart so wicked, why are you so cold-hearted?!"

"You think that this so-called evidence will make us believe you? Hehe, you are too laughable, do you think we are all fools?!"

"Hehehe, no, you are not laughable, you are pitiful and sad!"

"You want to give your wife happiness, and in the end? You sacrifice her to refine a Gu. Hehehe."

"You wanted to make your father proud, and in the end? You killed him! You killed him with your own two hands!!"

"You promised Huang Wei a bright future, you gave him hope. But in the end you killed him yourself. And now, what future is there?"

"Hehehe, hahaha!" Seventh young master laughed maniacally, his tears were almost falling out: "You tried so hard to lead the dragonman race to rise up, and in the end? In the end, the dragonman race is about to be wiped out, we are going to be extinct!"

"It was you, it was you! If you were not ambitious and took over South Flower Island, relocating our people, developing rapidly and causing conflict with the humans, why would all this happen? If the dragonman race lived quietly and peacefully, ancestor would not have the intention of wiping us out!"

"Wu Shuai, oh Wu Shuai, you are the strongest person in the dragonman race besides our ancestor, but what you gave us was not glory or hope, it was neither equality nor dignity. It was… destruction!"

"You are a real tragedy! Your whole life is a tragedy!!"

The entire hall was silent.

Wu Shuai sat on his dragon throne, expressionless…

At this point, the dream realm finally faded away.

In the depths of the sea, only a beautiful palace was left, along with the Four Dragon Generals.

The dragon generals looked at Fang Yuan's dragonman clone with complex and subservient expressions, they walked out of Dragon Palace's door.

The door of Dragon Palace opened on its own.

The dragonman clone took huge steps out of this Dragon Palace.

He was expressionless, but the vicissitudes of life were seen deep in his eyes.

Looking at Dragon Palace, he could almost still hear the accusations of Little Seventh, as well as the gathering of the surrounding dragonman Gu Immortals.

But taking another glance, the hall was empty, everything was gone.

"It has… already been a million years."

"I am back." The dragonman clone's voice resounded in the hall, it was like the cry of a lingering spirit.

"But I… am no longer myself." The dragonman clone smiled bitterly.

This was not his voice, this was not his face, this was not his body, it was not even his soul.

Only his will was left —

The will that had endured through a million years, waiting until today!

"Dragon Spirit greets master!" Dragon Spirit appeared with a reverent expression, there was a trace of happiness in its eyes: "Finally, Dragon Court finally has a new master!"

The dragonman clone looked at Dragon Spirit intently, his eyes turned red rapidly.

He really wished that at this moment, Dragon Spirit could call him — Father!

But it was impossible now.

"Tai Qin, I have let you down after all, I could not even complete your final and only request." Wu Shuai raised his head, he sighed deeply, his tone was filled with endless guilt and sadness.

But he did not cry.

A million years ago, his tears had already run dry.


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