Reverend Insanity
1841 Renowned in the World, Promising a Future
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1841 Renowned in the World, Promising a Future

Eastern Sea dream realm.

An intense battle was reaching its climax.

Song Tao Zi was covered in injuries but his aura was strong, firmly suppressing Wu Shuai.

"Wu Shuai, you did not stop my killer move, that was your greatest mistake, now lose!" Song Tao Zi shouted as he raised his head, his body glowing in a dense green light.

The green light covered Song Tao Zi and spread rapidly, traces of green light resembling the leaves of a pine tree. Layers and layers stacked as they swept towards Wu Shuai in an unceasing manner.

Wu Shuai did not move, he continued to lie in the deep pit, seemingly accepting defeat.

The observing Gu Immortals saw this as they all sighed.

"Wu Shuai is going to lose."

"That is natural! Song Tao Zi is a peak rank seven of Wind Cloud Manor, his battle strength is definitely top three within Central Continent's rank seven Gu Immortals. Wu Shuai wanted to challenge him, he was truly out of his league."

"He is just a dragonman Gu Immortal, it was amazing that he could fight to this extent."

"Hehe, so what? Wu Shuai had already set the agreement with Wind Cloud Manor before the battle, this would decide the ownership of South Flower Island. This defeat is really a shame. His hundred years of hard work is going to end up wasted."

"That's right, I heard that Wu Shuai and his dragonman comrades have managed South Flower Island very well, it is full of resources. Now, Wind Cloud Manor is going to gain from it."

"You can't say that, back then Wu Shuai used a devious scheme to take South Flower Island from Wind Cloud Manor. This is just retribution, he deserves it."

The humans Gu Immortals were happily watching by the side, enjoying his misery.

Tai Qin watched at a corner alone, her eyes were filled with tears as she muttered worriedly: "Darling Wu…"

Meanwhile, those dragonman Gu Immortals had defeated expressions.

Only a few of the ones who knew the secret had excited and expectant expressions.

"Brother, use it, shock the entire world!" The former dragonman youngster Huang Wei idolized and admired Wu Shuai with all his heart, he yelled internally.

At the next moment, looking at the green light that spread towards him like an endless tsunami, Wu Shuai smiled lightly.

"You finally used this move, Song Tao Zi, do you know that I have been waiting for this for a long time." Wu Shuai laughed.

"What do you mean?"

"Hmph, he is putting up a front."

"Can a mere dragonman Gu Immortal like him accomplish a comeback?"

"This move is Song Tao Zi's famous killer move — Green Heaven Pine Wave! In Central Continent, no, in the entire five regions, how many rank seven Gu Immortals can actually successfully defend against this move?"

However, at the next moment, a huge castle appeared from nowhere.

Wu Shuai went inside it and charged up while manipulating this palace.

The palace soared towards the sky, up into the clouds.

"What is this?!"

"An Immortal Gu House!"

"I have never seen an Immortal Gu House like this, did Wu Shuai create it himself?"

"Most likely. This battle has been announced to the world, both sides can use their own possessions. Since Wu Shuai is using it, this must be his according to the rules!"

"Oh heaven, the dragonmen have an Immortal Gu House now, and it is a rank seven Immortal Gu House."

"Look, this palace is completely unaffected, it is as if green heaven pine wave does not exist, it easily carved out a pathway. This is not an ordinary rank seven Immortal Gu House, it can definitely resist rank eight existences!"

Everyone gasped.

Song Tao Zi was furious and shocked.

He looked at his proudest killer move being treated as harmless air, his heart sank to rock bottom.

Wu Shuai was currently using Dragon Court!

Dragon Court approached as Wu Shuai's voice resounded: "Song Tao Zi, kneel down and beg for mercy, I will spare your life."

Song Tao Zi had a pale expression, he said in a rage: "Don't even think about it! You, a mere dragonman, dare to humiliate me?!"

Even though he was in a desperate situation, Song Tao Zi refused to back down in this fight.

"Have mercy!" The surrounding Wind Cloud Manor Gu Immortals saw this and quickly shouted.

Within Dragon Court, Wu Shuai heard his words and laughed coldly. His dragon pupils burst out with killing intent as he used Dragon Court to directly charge over.

"Ah—!" Song Tao Zi could not dodge in time, he screamed pitifully as he was crushed to death by Dragon Court!

"What? Song Tao Zi died!"

"He actually killed Song Tao Zi! Is he trying to cause a war?"

"A dragonman Gu Immortal killed a member of our human race, what is he trying to do?"

All sorts of furious emotions erupted, the dragonman Gu Immortals present turned pale while Huang Wei had a look of nervousness.

At this moment, Dragon Court floated in the sky, Wu Shuai shouted from within: "Shut up! My battle with Song Tao Zi was a life-and-death battle, this was announced to the world long before the fight. If anyone has any objections, come out now and face me — receive your death!"

Instantly, the surroundings went silent.

In the next scene of the dream realm, it was the celebratory banquet.

There were a hundred tables here filled with delicious food and wine, everyone was happily celebrating.

The spotlight was naturally on Wu Shuai who was sitting at the main table!

"Congratulations to brother, after this battle, nobody will contest South Flower Island anymore, Wind Cloud Manor also lost a powerful general." Huang Wei offered a toast, he was filled with excitement and admiration.

Wu Shuai patted his shoulders: "Brother, this was not all due to me, you have credit too."

"Brother…" Huang Wei was choked with tears.

"Brother Shuai, this battle made you renowned in the world, I will congratulate you now." Tai Qin raised her wine cup, she spoke normally but her tone was filled with affection.

"Junior sister, thank you for the concern." Wu Shuai knew what Tai Qin was worried about in her heart.

Thus, he shouted loudly: "My battle with Song Tao Zi was a battle of life-and-death, the world can attest to that, whoever dies has to accept their fate! Song Tao Zi was a good opponent, he deserves the glory of dying in a heroic combat. I would like to assume that Wind Cloud Manor has no objections?"

Wind Cloud Manor had naturally sent an envoy to this banquet, it was an ordinary rank six Gu Immortal.

Song Tao Zi was killed by Wu Shuai's insistence, Wind Cloud Manor also lost South Flower Island, but for their righteous reputation, and to show their magnanimity, they still sent an envoy to attend the banquet.

Wu Shuai's words made this envoy's face turn red, he hesitated before standing up and calling out: "Is my Wind Cloud Manor a small sect? Since this was agreed upon, we would definitely not go against it!"

"Please take a seat, envoy." Wu Shuai waved his hand, laughing loudly.

The envoy gritted his teeth in anger, he wanted to blow up but there were many people looking at him, because the sect's reputation was at stake, he had to sit down.

"Friend Wu Shuai, I am an Eastern Sea Gu Immortal, Gu Liang, I watched your battle with Song Tao Zi and how you overwhelmed him with power, I offer you a toast." A male Gu Immortal wearing a robe and crown walked out.

He called himself Gu Liang, he was a middle aged man but had a smile that gave off the air of a person of authority.

Wu Shuai felt overjoyed internally: This battle really made him renowned in the world, even Eastern Sea Gu Immortals came to attend his banquet.

"Calligraphy Pavilion Lady has arrived—!" At this moment, the doorman shouted loudly.

The hall went into a commotion, a rank eight Gu Immortal had just shown up in this event after all.

Calligraphy Pavilion Lady did not come alone, she brought her daughter along, it was Wu Shuai's wife-in-name, Shu Jiu Ling.

"My son-in-law, congratulations on your victory." Calligraphy Pavilion Lady smiled lightly, even though she said just one simple sentence, everyone's expressions changed.

"Mother-in-law, my virtuous wife, I have been saving seats for you, please come and sit." Wu Shuai smiled as he invited them, feeling surprised internally.

From Wu Shuai's perspective, he would definitely invite Calligraphy Pavilion Lady for such an important event, at least on the surface, he would always do his part as a good son-in-law.

But the truth was, he did not expect Calligraphy Pavilion Lady to come.

But now, she came personally and even brought her daughter along, this was out of Wu Shuai's expectations.

"Lord Green Ant Ascetic has arrived—!" After Calligraphy Pavilion Lady got seated, another rank eight Gu Immortal arrived.

This was Wu Shuai's master, but for the last few decades, Wu Shuai had not been in contact with him.

Wu Shuai also sent him an invitation, of course.

"Disciple greets master!" Wu Shuai quickly went to greet him.

"My disciple, I have come to visit you." Green Ant Ascetic looked at Wu Shuai as he nodded in praise: "Mm, you are quite energetic."

"Master, please take a seat." Wu Shuai had an excited expression, he was not pretending, it was his true emotion.

The influence and gains from this battle were far beyond his expectations!

After the banquet, Wu Shuai sent off the two rank eights but Calligraphy Pavilion Lady left her daughter Shu Jiu Ling behind.

"You two have been separated for so long, how can that continue? You should stay together." Calligraphy Pavilion Lady said in a plain tone, but she had deep meaning behind it.

Shu Jiu Ling did not speak, she was not impatient as always, she was very quiet now.

But at night, Wu Shuai left her in an empty room: "My virtuous wife, take a rest first, I need to settle some work first."

He was still so polite, it was the same as their first encounter.

Shu Jiu Ling was silent for a moment before nodded obediently: "Go and do your work, husband."

Wu Shuai was not busy at all, he was meeting with Tai Qin.

"Junior sister, I have come."

"Brother Shuai, I thought you were not coming today."

"How could that be? You need to know how important you are in my heart, that woman cannot even compare to a strand of your hair."

Tai Qin was very happy when she heard this, after they enjoyed each other's company for some time, Tai Qin asked worriedly: "Brother Shuai, I am still quite worried, you killed Wind Cloud Manor's signature rank seven expert, would they let this go?"

"Of course they will not let this go, but so what?" Wu Shuai sneered, looking at the cold and bright moon in the sky, he sighed: "Today, after this banquet, I, Wu Shuai, have finally realized the truth."

"Realized what?"

Wu Shuai's eyes flickered with cold light: "In this world, strength is all that matters. Why do you think Master Green Ant and Calligraphy Pavilion Lady came here to attend my banquet? That is because I own Immortal Gu House Dragon Court. Even though I have rank seven cultivation level, I can use this house to fight rank eight, this is my foundation, I am now qualified to talk to them."

"Wind Cloud Manor will definitely remember this grudge, but they have too many concerns if they want to deal with me. That is because of my Dragon Court!"

"As long as I possess this strength, there is nothing to fear."

"No, I will definitely become a rank eight Gu Immortal, I will elevate Dragon Court to rank eight as well. By then, I want to see who can look down on me in this world."

"Brother Shuai…" Tai Qin placed her head on Wu Shuai's chest as she looked at him endearingly.

Wu Shuai lowered his head and met with her gaze, he caressed her hair gently as he promised: "Oh junior sister, I will give you happiness, I will give you a good life. Right now, Calligraphy Pavilion Lady is still a threat to me, but when I become rank eight, I will definitely give you a proper status."

"I don't need any status, Brother Shuai, I am satisfied with just being by your side."

"But I am not satisfied, I want to have many children with you in the future, I want us to enjoy the happiness of watching our descendants grow up."

"Will that day come?" Tai Qin's face flushed red with embarrassment.

"It will." Wu Shuai held her tightly: "Believe me, it will!"


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