Reverend Insanity
1840 Dragon Cour
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1840 Dragon Cour

Wu Shuai was smart and resolute, he had great foresight and a strong personality, he was not weak-willed like most of the dragonman Gu Immortals. Due to his leadership, the dragonman race became stronger and stronger.

Secretly, he gathered resources and did not forget about the plan to create a rank eight Immortal Gu House.

But good times did not last long, the strengthening of the dragonman race made the humans more antagonistic towards them, they started to use more underhanded methods. Many people were very jealous, in fact, even Wu Shuai himself admitted that much of the reason why the dragonman race was able to get stronger was because they occupied the human Gu Immortals' benefits.

But due to Duke Long, the human Gu Immortals would not find them for trouble over many things.

On Duke Long's birthday, there was a huge celebration.

The red 'longevity' character written in the hall was very conspicuous.

Duke Long sat at the main seat, surrounded by dragonmen.

One by one, dragonman Gu Immortals walked up and gifted the presents that they had prepared meticulously.

"Father, I wish you great blessings and longevity." A dragonman Gu Immortal gave a bundle of white python grass.

This grass was an immemorial desolate plant, it contained dragon essence and had the shape of a white python with exquisite scales and dragon horns.

"Father, I wish you eternal prosperity and a long life ahead." Another dragonman Gu Immortal offered a soft jade flower.

"Father, I wish you…" Wu Shuai's father also appeared.

Duke Long had a solemn expression as he nodded, his attendants beside him collected all of these gifts for him.

After his sons had finished, his grandchildren came up.

At this time, Duke Long's expression also became gentler, he smiled warmly.

"Grandfather, I am here to offer birthday wishes! I wish you blessings as deep as Eastern Sea, and longevity as tall as Southern Border mountains. This is a desolate beast that I hunted personally for you, I hope grandfather likes it." A dragonman youngster half-knelt on the ground as he held a plate in front of him, there was a tiny seahorse on the plate.

"This is the desolate beast happiness seahorse, it is very fast and hard to kill."

"Seventh young master only has rank six cultivation level, it is very hard for him to kill it, but to think he actually captured it alive!"

"I heard that in order to capture this happiness seahorse, seventh young master spent a month at the bottom of the sea without moving, his filial piety is truly touching."

The surrounding people discussed, many human Gu Immortals also participated in this joyous celebration.

Little Seventh was Duke Long's favorite grandson, he smiled kindly as he held the plate carrying the seahorse, he said: "Good, good, good, Little Seventh, I will happily accept this gift."

But when it was Wu Shuai's turn, Duke Long retracted his smile as he looked at Wu Shuai: "In the current situation, you are the most accomplished grandson I have, but remember that going too far could end up being detrimental."

"Yes, grandfather." Wu Shuai respectfully walked away.

That night of the celebration, Duke Long asked someone to secretly call Wu Shuai to his study room.

"Return that South Flower Island to them." Duke Long said openly.

Wu Shuai was slightly shocked, he forced a smile: "Grandfather, you may not know, I had won this South Flower Island fair and square, I plan to make this island a home for our dragonmen."

Duke Long had a solemn expression, a sharp light flashed in his eyes, it made Wu Shuai feel a little pain on his face: "Wu Shuai, don't think that nobody can see through your little tricks! South Flower Island belonged to Wind Cloud Manor but you snatched it through a scheme. What are you trying to do? Lead your dragonmen properly, isn't it good to stay in the sect? Why must you relocate and move all the way to South Flower Island? Tell me, what is it that you want?"

Wu Shuai held his breath, after a moment, he replied: "Grandfather, I do not have much ambition, I just want my people to have a better life."

"A better life? You mean a greater ambition!" Duke Long's voice resounded.

Wu Shuai shuddered as he confessed: "Grandfather, even if this is ambition, so what? Shouldn't we have ambition? Do we not have the right to strive for a better life?"

"Why must we stay here? Grandfather, do you not know of how those human Gu Immortals ostracize and take advantage of us?"

"What ostracism? How are they taking advantage of you? All these years, I have only heard about your actions. Do you know why I like Little Seventh the most? Because he sees the world's beauty, he is kind from the depths of his heart, he has never considered the difference between human and dragonman. But you? You use my name to act rashly in the outside world, you devour people's territory and take your sect's benefits for yourself, quickly stop all these actions!" Duke Long shouted coldly.

"Grandfather, if these human Gu Immortals did not treat us like this, why would we act like this?"

"What human, what dragonman, dragonman is human to begin with, what difference is there?!" Duke Long chided.

"If there is no racial difference, what are these dragon horns on my head? What is this dragon tail on my back?" Wu Shuai said angrily, he shouted: "Grandfather, you were a human who turned into a dragonman, most of your life was spent as a human, you have only been a dragonman for a short period of time."

"But us?"

"Grandfather, have you thought about it! We were born as dragonman, we were born with horns on our heads and a tail on our backs."

"I have been educated by my parents from a young age, they told us that we originated from humans, but when I was little, the kids around me mocked me for my appearance, they ostracized me, they pulled my tail and scales. All these tell me that I am not part of this human race!"

"After growing up, I realized that not just the kids, even those human adults treat us differently, they are just more subtle with it."

"If I fail, they will say that it is normal for dragonmen to lose to humans. If I succeed, they will say: A dragonman was able to reach this stage? Did he use any tricks or schemes?"

"Those humans always think they are the greatest beings, they look down on dragonman as an inferior race. How dare they?"

"Man is the spirit of all living beings, but us dragonmen are not inferior. We are born with enslavement path dao marks, our body physique far surpasses these humans, if human Gu Masters do not use Gu worms, their punches and kicks cannot even hurt the dragon scales on our bodies. And even more special is our long lifespan, all of these humans die so quickly compared to us."

"So many Gu Immortals become dragonmen because they want to extend their lifespan. They have clearly abandoned their human identity but they still look down on dragonmen, this is merely the fault of these decadent ideas of the past."

"Enough!" Duke Long slammed the table, interrupting Wu Shuai, his face was extremely dark.

"Not enough." Wu Shuai's tone became calm, he looked at Duke Long bravely, enduring those dragon eyes that were emitting great pressure: "Grandfather, you are the one who created the dragonman lifespan extension method, without you, the dragonmen will not exist, you are the ancestor of the dragonmen, why must you constantly side with those humans? We are your family! I will not return South Flower Island even if I die. Grandfather, if you insist on it, then you will have to end my life first."

After saying that, Wu Shuai did not look at Duke Long, he turned around and left, walking out of the room.

Duke Long did not stand up to stop him, he remained seated on his chair, having complex emotions.

"Sigh… my descendants are all growing up, they have their own ambitions now."

"But they have never placed the big picture of humanity in their hearts."

"Was I negligent in my education? Or have the dragonmen already formed into a flood, I was just the person who pushed open the floodgates?"

Wu Shuai schemed against Wind Cloud Manor, after realizing it, they went to Duke Long to settle this, wanting to take back South Flower Island, but Wu Shuai did not listen, he insisted on his actions.

Wind Cloud Manor did not give up, they used all sorts of methods to find trouble with Wu Shuai.

Wu Shuai dealt with whatever they threw at him, he maintained stability with much difficulty. Duke Long did not do anything to help his grandson, but the rest of the dragonman Gu Immortals did something to help be it secretly or openly.

Due to their help and Wind Cloud Manor being wary of Duke Long, they did not act too aggressively, Wu Shuai succeeded in relocating all of his people to South Flower Island to live.

But the matter regarding South Flower Island did not end here.

Even after a hundred years, Wind Cloud Manor did not give up on it, they continued to act and try to reclaim South Flower Island.

Wu Shuai dealt with all of these problems with impeccable methods, Wind Cloud Manor was unable to succeed.

"After a hundred years, my plan finally comes to fruition!" On this day, Wu Shuai looked at the Immortal Gu House in front of him as he shed tears of excitement and joy.

Back then, he snatched South Flower Island because he needed a secretive location to build the Immortal Gu House.

Wu Shuai's father stood beside him, having an incredulous expression: "You actually succeeded! My son, you are more capable than me."

"Even though the sects have been suppressing and isolating my South Flower Island these years, I have been gaining fortuitous encounters constantly, I had a stream of resources. At the same time, with the help and contribution of the dragonman Gu Immortals, after a hundred years, this rank seven Immortal Gu House has finally been created." Wu Shuai smiled: "Give me a few hundred more years, I might be able to make this a rank eight Immortal Gu House."

"This has not been named?" Wu Shuai's father asked.

"The Gu Immortals all have their own suggestions, but as the creator, I overruled all suggestions and gave this the name — Dragon Court!" Saying so, Wu Shuai's voice became louder as his eyes shined with bright light.

"Dragon Court?" Wu Shuai's father heard this and his expression changed: "Isn't this too… inappropriate?"

"Hahaha, why is it inappropriate? It complements Heavenly Court!" Wu Shuai laughed loudly.

"Son, you should reconsider it. In the eyes of these human Gu Immortals, Dragon Court is not a name that complements Heavenly Court, it is clearly a rebellious sign."

"Hehe." Wu Shuai laughed coldly: "They can think what they want."

"You can't say that, humans are still the overlords of the five regions."

"Father." Wu Shuai raised his hand: "Say no more, I have made up my mind, this will be called — Dragon Court!"


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