Reverend Insanity
1839 Using Venerable True Inheritance as Bargaining Chip
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1839 Using Venerable True Inheritance as Bargaining Chip

"Venerable true inheritance?" Eastern Sea's two immortals stared with wide eyes.

Duke Long gritted his teeth: "May I ask which one?"

"Spectral Soul's true inheritance." Fang Yuan said immediately: "If you don't believe me, I can show you a portion of the content."

Duke Long pondered for a moment before nodding: "I believe you."

At the same time, he thought: This demon Fang Yuan is truly crafty! Spectral Soul was already captured by Heavenly Court, in the future, we will obtain his Spectral Soul true inheritance as well, it is not an issue. This true inheritance has very little value to Fang Yuan now, so he used it for a transaction. But Qi Sea Ancestor does not have Spectral Soul in his possession, it is normal that he took the offer.

Fang Yuan continued: "Duke Long, if you want me to step aside, are you going to offer a venerable true inheritance too?"

Duke Long gritted his teeth again: "Of course."

"Really?" Fang Yuan's eyes shined brightly: "Honestly speaking, Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable is the person I admire the most."

Duke Long could feel his lips twitching, he thought to himself: This old man is also really devious, if he really admires Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable so much, why would he fight so ruthlessly earlier, he even used Steal Life, he totally wanted to kill me! But he cultivates qi path, it is logical that he wants Primordial Origin's true inheritance, that can be my bargaining chip.

"Friend, you may not know, the bulk of Primordial Origin's true inheritance lies in creating Heavenly Court grotto-heaven, the rest of the content is quite little, due to many changing eras, they are no longer usable in the present world." Duke Long purposely said.

Fang Yuan frowned as he showed some disappointment: "That means you cannot give me Primordial Origin's true inheritance? Then what can Heavenly Court offer? Star Constellation's or Genesis Lotus' true inheritance?"

Regardless of which, they were useful to Fang Yuan.

Duke Long chuckled, he gave Fang Yuan some hope, replying ambiguously: "We can discuss this."

The two Eastern Sea immortals looked at each other, they felt troubled, Duke Long was very ambitious, in order to recruit Qi Sea Ancestor, he actually decided to offer a venerable true inheritance!

And the worst thing was that neither Shen clan nor Song clan could make such an offer.

Duke Long was the leader of Heavenly Court, he had abundant wealth, he could directly use resources or venerable true inheritances to 'flood' Qi Sea Ancestor, he wanted to 'overwhelm' him.

This was the foundation that Heavenly Court had accumulated over countless eras, Song clan and Shen clan were truly unable to match even a small fraction of it.

Fang Yuan suddenly felt that Duke Long was actually quite likable. His style of doing things made Fang Yuan want to give a thumbs up.

He was truly straightforward!

Immediately, Fang Yuan and Duke Long went into a deep discussion.

He wanted to stall time for the dragonman clone anyway.

The two Eastern Sea immortals could only watch, they felt anxiety but also helplessness.

Fang Yuan did not forget them of course, during the conversation, he continued to talk to them and allowed them to maintain hope.

After he did that for many times, Duke Long noticed the problem, his gaze turned deep and dark.

He knew that this Qi Sea Ancestor was using these two Eastern Sea rank eights to vie for more benefits! But it was not a problem, as long as Qi Sea Ancestor was willing to negotiate, it was a good sign.

"But Gu Yue Fang Zheng is in Shen Cong Sheng's hands, this is a small problem, I need to take him back." Duke Long conversed with Fang Yuan while thinking about this as well.

Fang Yuan was also thinking about Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

Earlier, Eastern Sea's two immortals had mentioned Gu Yue Fang Zheng, but Fang Yuan's acting was too good, he acted like did not mind it at all, he was a complete outsider that showed no flaws.

But Fang Yuan had his own thoughts: "This dear little brother of mine was not just saved by Heavenly Court, he was even nurtured into becoming a Gu Immortal? Very interesting!"

"There must be a reason why Heavenly Court is placing such importance on him. I do not know the exact reason but it is not a problem, I will take him away later and directly kill him."

Long ago, Fang Yuan had wanted to refine Fang Zheng into Blood Deity, but because of Heavenly Court's pressure and due to many reasons, Fang Zheng was left to live in Lang Ya blessed land for a long time.

In the end, an unexpected mishap occurred and Fang Zheng got saved by Feng Jiu Ge!

This was not really a mistake but since Fang Yuan found him now, he decided to settle it for good.

Fang Zheng was not very important to Fang Yuan, but since Heavenly Court thought highly of him, Fang Yuan would kill him. This was Fang Yuan's usual vigilance.

As for blood path, he had not many options back then, he needed to raise his battle strength. But times were different now, Fang Yuan's interest in developing blood path was very low.

As long as the Demon Judgment Board existed, if he cultivated blood path, he would be giving Heavenly Court information on where he was.

Sometimes, Fang Yuan guessed that in the previous life, he cultivated blood path likely because of the influence of heaven's will, it was a method to trap him.

Thankfully, he had always been cautious, he did not attempt to continue using his previous life's signature path for a shortcut.

The more Duke Long talked, the more energetic he got.

He could tell that Fang Yuan was very sincere, he really had a lot of interest in the venerable true inheritance.

"Indeed, this Qi Sea Ancestor has incredible strength, in this world, maybe only venerable true inheritances are of interest to him. Eastern Sea actually had such a person, I need to properly investigate his background after I return."

Qi Sea Ancestor was actually Fang Yuan, and not only did Fang Yuan want Heavenly Court's venerable true inheritances, he also wanted to kill Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

If Duke Long were to know of this, he might just cough out blood on the spot.

Dragon Palace dream realm.

The study room had a heavy atmosphere.

Fang Yuan's clone who was acting as Wu Shuai looked at his father with an ugly expression, he asked: "Are we really going to give ownership of Censure Peak to that Fan Ji? I clearly won the contest, he was the one who tried to steal it. If I did not hold back, he would have died already."

The dragonman Gu Immortal shook his head: "Censure Peak involves huge benefits and complex relationships, Black Heaven Temple is refusing to give in. And worse is that even though we contacted Calligraphy Pavilion Lady and Green Ant Ascetic, these two are not helping us to exert pressure on them."

"Damn it!" Wu Shuai clenched his fists: "I am the last disciple of Green Ant Ascetic, but now that I am facing this problem, this master is showing no care or concern."

"And that Calligraphy Pavilion Lady is even worse! I am her son-in-law while Fan Ji is the guy who harmed her daughter, yet she is not even saying a word."

The dragonman Gu Immortal sighed: "How can we influence rank eight Gu Immortals? This was all my fault, I had been too naive in the past. The truth is, did Green Ant Ascetic and Calligraphy Pavilion Lady really not know about our intentions? They were just playing dumb."

"That's why, father!" Wu Shuai stared at the dragonman Gu Immortal, his eyes shining with brilliance: "Only our race's own rank eight Gu Immortal is dependable. Our dragonman race has been relying on the humans and developing until today, wasn't it because of Ancestor Duke Long's influence?"

Wu Shuai's father nodded: "My son, you are right. But rank eight Gu Immortals are just too rare, even though our dragonman race is stronger than the humans, we lack their special spirit. Right now, we have many rank seven Gu Immortals, but we do not even have a single rank eight Gu Immortal other than our ancestor."

Wu Shuai had a bright gaze: "That is why we cannot wait any longer. External rank eight Gu Immortals are not dependable while we are also unable to produce any, we need to use an Immortal Gu House as a substitute."

The dragonman Gu Immortal sighed again, he shook his head: "Immortal Gu House? We have thought of that in the past, but to create a rank seven Immortal Gu House would require too many resources, we cannot afford it. And our dragonman race's current strength is already causing a lot of commotion, more and more human Gu Immortals are onto us. Conspiracy theories against dragonmen are also increasingly common, in this situation, if we still build an Immortal Gu House, wouldn't they lose their minds?"

"Father!" Wu Shuai stared with wide eyes as he said loudly: "Are we not going to build our Immortal Gu House just because of some resources and rumors behind our backs?"

"Isn't it enough? My son, our dragonman race relies on the humans, this relationship is our foundation, we cannot be rash. If we really build an Immortal Gu House and ruin the relationship, not to mention a rank seven Immortal Gu House, we would not even have hope of building a rank six Immortal Gu House. Sigh, all these years, I have been in this position and dealing with them. You will not understand the feeling of ostracism." The dragonman Gu Immortal sighed continuously.

Wu Shuai felt some disappointment, he argued: "Regardless of the difficulties, we need to do this. Ordinary rank seven Immortal Gu Houses are not enough, we need to create a rank eight Immortal Gu House. That is the only way to establish the foundation of our race!"

"Rank eight Immortal Gu House? Hahaha, my son, I am very happy to see that you have such drive. But some things cannot be rushed, progress takes time. Sigh, let's forget about Censure Peak." The dragonman Gu Immortal waved his hand.

Wu Shuai thought about it before nodding: "I guess we have no choice."

Scenes after scenes occurred, Fang Yuan's clone wanted to stall for time so that his main body could save him, but his main body was stalling for time so his clone could obtain Dragon Palace.

Dragon Palace was like quicksand, Fang Yuan's clone was helpless, he gradually sank and became unable to save himself.

It was almost as if he had become Wu Shuai, he was experiencing all of these scenes personally.

After the matter of Censure Peak, Wu Shuai finally realized the reality. His master Green Ant Ascetic was unreliable, his mother-in-law Calligraphy Pavilion Lady was also unreliable, even his own father, the dragonman Gu Immortal, was weak-willed, he was also unreliable.

He could only rely on himself!

Wu Shuai had this realization, he started to strive for strength and excellence.

He had great talent and incredible aptitude, with ample hard work and network resources, not only did his cultivation level soar, a portion of the dragonmen also became stronger, they became the most prominent branch of the dragonman race.

On the day Wu Shuai became rank seven, he also became a higher-up of the dragonman race, the youngest supreme elder with real authority!


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