Reverend Insanity
1837 Duke Long Recruiting Fang Yuan
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1837 Duke Long Recruiting Fang Yuan

Duke Long was hit by the killer move steal life!

But Fang Yuan's expression sank a little, because nothing really happened to Duke Long.

Back then when Fang Yuan attacked Thunder Ghost True Monarch in Lang Ya blessed land, the effect of Steal Life was immediate. In the previous life, when Lang Ya land spirit used steal life Immortal Gu, he also heavily injured Fairy Zi Wei, Chen Yi, and Feng Jiu Ge, while Thunder Ghost True Monarch died.

But this time, against Duke Long, this steal life killer move had no effect. This was out of Fang Yuan's expectations.

But soon, he recovered as he said casually: "Fang Yuan gave it to me, but it seems to have no effect on you, why is that?"

Duke Long said plainly: "I had once used the killer move heavenly dragon's last stand, my lifespan will continue to dwindle as my strength rises proportionately. This is like Gu Immortals who overuse lifespan extension methods, lifespan Gu no longer work on them, my heavenly dragon's last stand also causes other lifespan extension methods to stop working on me."

"And Steal Life merely exerts influence on the dao marks corresponding to lifespan. This might be why it failed."

"So that's it." Fang Yuan nodded as he smiled: "Such tricks do not work on you, but it will still be quite effective against other Heavenly Court immortals, I will save it for the future."

Duke Long's expression turned dark, he was worried about this.

Even though the killer move steal life was ineffective on him, it was still very useful against most of the other Heavenly Court members.

In this current situation, Fang Yuan failed to defeat Duke Long because of Song Qi Yuan and Shen Cong Sheng's interference. Duke Long was aware that this was likely the result of Qin Ding Ling's change luck, and also because of Fang Zheng's presence.

However, it would be extremely difficult if Duke Long tried to destroy steal life Immortal Gu.

Because he had fought Fang Yuan for a long time, he knew that this Qi Sea Ancestor was very strong, he was not like any other ordinary peak rank eight Gu Immortal. It was possible to defeat him, but trying to kill him would be very difficult.

Because he could not set up an immortal battlefield now, he could not trap Qi Sea Ancestor. At the same time, two Eastern Sea rank eights were watching near the periphery.

Thus, after getting hit by steal life, Duke Long did not make a move.

He spoke to Fang Yuan warmly: "Qi Sea Ancestor, as the saying goes, friends are often made after a fight. You cannot defeat me, but I cannot do anything to you either. The truth is, why do we even need to fight so intensely?"

Fang Yuan had a thought as he said: "Oh, Duke Long, you want a truce?"

He had deep wisdom path attainment, he could easily understand Duke Long's intentions, he felt a bit of admiration internally.

"Duke Long was ambushed by me and took a beating in the fight earlier. He has such a great status and seniority, his strength is also at the peak, but he has no arrogance at all, he remained calm and observed the situation with clarity. Once he understood that a truce was more advantageous, he immediately stopped the fight. This person truly has terrifying self-control."

Even though he was thinking about this, Fang Yuan spoke something different: "This is because Heavenly Court came to disturb and provoke me, I do not want to contest with anyone, I cultivate in seclusion, but your Heavenly Court is too greedy, you want to devour all five regions and unify the world. My existence itself was your biggest obstacle, therefore, you used a devious scheme to plot against me, and also gathered a large number of rank eights to encircle and attack me."

Duke Long heard this as he felt helpless.

He felt maligned, Heavenly Court had done no such thing as of this moment. In fact, this was the first time he had heard of Qi Sea Ancestor!

But he had no words to rebuke him.

Because it was likely that Heavenly Court would do this in the future.

"Let's not discuss the fact that this could be Fang Yuan's lie." Duke Long nodded: "Even if this is true, that happened in the previous life. Looking at the River of Time, it is a matter at the downstream, it has not happened yet. In that case, since we know about it, why don't we change it?"

Fang Yuan laughed mockingly: "Haha, did I hear wrongly? Isn't your Heavenly Court proclaiming to be the leader of the righteous path, you defend heaven's will and try all means to repair fate? You actually want to change the future, isn't that trying to change fate itself?"

Fang Yuan pretended to be unaware, this was a crafty accusation.

Duke Long smiled: "Heavenly Court does defend the Heavenly Dao, we want to repair fate Gu. But this Heavenly Dao is the Heavenly Dao that wants humanity to rule, this fate is the fate Gu that defends the human race. Qi Sea Ancestor, we do not have a huge grudge between us, we can coexist in peace. I will represent Heavenly Court here, we can make an alliance of mutual non-interference!"

Duke Long spoke solemnly and with great sincerity.

At the edge of the battlefield, the two Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals heard this and their expressions changed.

Shen Cong Sheng gasped in dismay while Song Qi Yuan also had an ugly expression.

Originally, after seeing that Eastern Sea had someone like Qi Sea Ancestor who could fight Duke Long alone without being suppressed, they were very happy.

In the five regions, Eastern Sea had the most abundant resources but the Gu Immortals were not united, their battle strength varied greatly among each other.

With the currently moving earth veins, new Earth Trenches were forming all the time, the five regional walls were weakening and the five regions were merging into one, this was no secret to anyone now.

Once the five regions merge into one, the other four regions would face the intense threat of Central Continent.

Song Qi Yuan and Shen Cong Sheng were both first supreme elders that were rank eight Gu Immortals, they had great authority and could clearly see the threats of the future.

In this situation, if Qi Sea Ancestor went against Heavenly Court, it would greatly benefit Eastern Sea's super forces.

Firstly, Qi Sea Ancestor had outstanding battle strength, he was on par with Duke Long, when Heavenly Court invades Eastern Sea, he would be a huge threat to them.

Secondly, Qi Sea Ancestor was a secluded cultivator, he had not shown up after so many years, it showed that he had no ambition, because he was alone, he could definitely coexist with all the super forces in Eastern Sea.

Finally, Qi Sea Ancestor clearly cultivated qi path, this path had been on the decline for many years, why would any super force in Eastern Sea cultivate qi path primarily? Thus, in terms of resources, there was no conflict.

"Alliance with Heavenly Court?" Fang Yuan pretended to be stunned, he stopped his actions as he suppressed his aura and did not make a move.

Duke Long said energetically: "Qi Sea, our conflict can definitely be resolved peacefully. Regarding your potential future losses, we, Heavenly Court can also compensate you."

Duke Long was an experienced person, he spoke frankly and had great magnanimity, his concern was regarding the big picture.

"You can't!" Shen Cong Sheng could not control himself as he shouted, flying over quickly.

Song Qi Yuan followed behind him, saying: "Heavenly Court has a deep foundation, their so-called compensation is nothing to them. Right now, they have grand ambitions, they just want to stabilize this situation now, senior, you must not trust them."

"That's right senior! We were rash earlier and ruined your plans, we regret it deeply now." Shen Cong Sheng said again.

"Furthermore, alliance agreements are bullshit, any agreement can be broken given enough time or if they pay a huge price. Senior cultivates qi path instead of information path, but Heavenly Court is different, they cannot be trusted." Song Qi Yuan added.

The two of them spoke like juniors because they saw Fang Yuan's incredible strength.

But why would Fang Yuan agree in the first place! He was merely stalling for time now, but it seemed that these two Eastern Sea immortals were more anxious than him.

Fang Yuan smiled internally, he knew what these two were thinking with just a thought.

Duke Long nodded: "Indeed, at our level, agreements cannot restrict us. However, friend Qi Sea has steal life, right? You must know its value, with this move, you have Heavenly Court's weakness in your grasp. This is the foundation of our alliance. With this restricting us, why would we break our agreement?"

Once he said that, Fang Yuan assessed Duke Long deeply. In the previous life, Fang Yuan saw Duke Long's immense battle strength, but to think that he was so eloquent as well, he was not inferior to a wisdom path Gu Immortal.

According to Duke Long's understanding, steal life Immortal Gu and the killer move were both given to Qi Sea Ancestor by Fang Yuan to deal with him. But these things were now used by Duke Long to push for an alliance with Qi Sea Ancestor instead.

Fang Yuan was silent.

He knew about Duke Long's plans, he must be thinking that Qi Sea Ancestor was not an otherworldly demon, as long as fate Gu was repaired, he would pose no threat to them. He could even be recruited to become Heavenly Court's battle strength. This was the power of a sect system, how could clan based forces even attempt this? Normally, super forces could not recruit Qi Sea Ancestor, at his level that was equal to Duke Long, only the number one force, Heavenly Court, had the foundation to recruit him.

The two Eastern Sea immortals were extremely anxious.

They immediately spoke and pointed out that if fate Gu was repaired, due to the influence of heaven's will, Heavenly Court would be unbeatable. Heavenly Court had a huge ambition, they wanted to take over the world, senior should not be blinded by them.

These two Eastern Sea rank eights were also not stupid.

Fang Yuan smiled to himself, with the two of them here, he did not have to waste his own effort, he looked at Duke Long without speaking.

Duke Long looked at these two Eastern Sea immortals coldly, exerting pressure.

But Song Qi Yuan and Shen Cong Sheng looked at him fearlessly.

Even though they knew that they were not Duke Long's match, in the previous life, they dared to fight against him over Dragon Palace, in this life, they also dared to face him.

This was not about courage, it was about benefits.

Qi Sea Ancestor's stance was too important, they needed to speak up now, the two Eastern Sea immortals were not wimps.

Shen Cong Sheng smiled coldly: "Lord Duke Long, why are you not letting us speak? Did we hit a nerve?"

Song Qi Yuan added: "Look senior, this is Heavenly Court's attitude, they are truly overbearing."

Duke Long snorted and laughed: "If not for Heavenly Court, why would there be the human race of today? Even if heaven's will exerts influence, how much influence can there be? Can it kill you directly? If heaven's will had such power, we would have unified the five regions long ago, why would we wait until now?"

"At this point, I might as well increase the offer. Friend Qi Sea, why don't you just join our Heavenly Court! After cultivating alone for so many years, you gained such strength, this shows your immense talent. But you must know about the pains of a lone cultivator, let's just talk about tribulations. How many people in this world can actually help you with them? In Eastern Sea, is there anyone who can match you? You want to rely on these people for help? In fact, these two even ruined your qi path battlefield earlier."

"If you join Heavenly Court, I can help you with tribulations. Even without me, Heavenly Court's immortal graveyard has countless sleeping rank eight Gu Immortals. We also have the wisdom path great expert Fairy Zi Wei, who possesses Star Constellation Chessboard, she can help you with deductions. Qi path has already become a declining path, but Heavenly Court has Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's inheritance. If you make any outstanding contributions, you can even obtain Primordial Origin's true inheritance in the future!"


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