Reverend Insanity
1830 Battle Using Ants
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1830 Battle Using Ants

Fang Yuan immediately used his full strength to enslave these ants.

Tai Qin did the same.

These ants were created by Green Ant Ascetic, the content of his disciple recruitment competition was obviously to test the ant manipulation abilities of the participants.

After Fang Yuan controlled thirty-eight worker ant and six soldier ants, he willed as they attacked Tai Qin with full force.

Tai Qin had more than thirty worker ants and five soldier ants, she chose a different tactic to Fang Yuan, she made the worker ants build an ant nest while the soldier ants protected them.

Fang Yuan's troops had a little advantage, he also acted very aggressively, the youngsters watching all gasped in shock.

Tai Qin frowned, flustered: "Why is this dragonman youngster Wu Shuai acting like a different person? He is so aggressive!"

She quickly mobilized her troops, diverting the worker ants from the ant nest to move out while the soldier ants defended the place, trying to prevent their hard work from getting destroyed.

Soon, both sides clashed in an intense battle.

"To think that this would happen so early on."

"Wu Shuai's tactic is different from before, he is taking too huge of a risk."

"That's right, as long as Tai Qin defends herself from this attack, her advantage would be huge. Wu Shuai did not build any ant nest but Tai Qin has one, their power levels will be different."

"It will depend on their ant manipulation skill now. Because now is still early, just the difference of one or two ants will decide who gains victory here."

"Even though Wu Shuai is strong, Tai Qin also has deep foundation, they are equally matched. In my opinion, Tai Qin has a higher chance of winning, how could Wu Shuai act so rashly?"

However, a moment later, the temporary victor was decided.

Tai Qin lost a bit more of her troops, she retreated slightly as Fang Yuan's side pressured towards her.

"How could this be? Wu Shuai actually won against Tai Qin? Tai Qin made a mistake?"

"She did not! Tai Qin is performing normally but Wu Shuai has exceeded his usual standards. Did he use any enslavement path methods or is he at this level normally?"

"No wonder he had the confidence to attack directly."

Tai Qin had a grim expression, while retreating, Fang Yuan killed more of her ants in the process.

By the time she retreated into the incomplete ant nest, she only had twelve ants left, it was a sad situation.

Of course, Fang Yuan was merely in a slightly better situation.

The ant nest had several routes, Tai Qin was clear about her own nest's situation, she stationed troops at the crucial positions while diverting some attention to enslave more ants outside.

Fang Yuan had a change of thought, he did not attack abruptly, now that the enemy was completely trapped, they had nowhere to go.

Fang Yuan was not sure about the design of this ant nest, if he attacked now, his troops would not be useful.

Thus, he sent them to guard the entrances and encircled the ant nest before he used enslavement path killer moves to enslave the ants outside.

Ants continued to emerge from the ground, first were worker ants, followed by soldier ants, and finally, arrow ants.

Arrow ants could shoot out sharp spikes from their mouth, after shooting three spikes, they would be weak, they would not be able to fight even a worker ant.

But even so, arrow ants were strong, a small number of them could defeat a larger army. If one had a large number of them, when they shoot together in a battle, the power would be overwhelming.

"Both sides will definitely compete to get these arrow ants."

"Indeed, if Tai Qin gets these arrow ants, she would be able to use them to kill the enemy ants guarding the entrance. That way, the troops inside can come out and counterattack."

"Even though Wu Shuai has the upper hand, the situation is not certain now, he can easily lose."

"It is a pity, if armor ants appeared instead of arrow ants, Wu Shuai would be able to use them to charge and advance into the ant nest, destroying it."

The youngsters went into an endless discussion.

The two sides were competing in the most popular game of the generation, ant manipulation. At the start, worker ants and soldier ants would show up, but after that, the types of ants would be random. With the emergence of these new ants, not only would the enslavement attainment of both sides be tested, the Gu Masters' understanding of ants would also be evaluated, as well as their management of the overall situation.

Fang Yuan and Tai Qin went all out, but he had the advantage still.

The youngsters saw this and were unable to believe it.

"This battle area has a Gu formation, the ants closer to the competitor are easier to enslave. Tai Qin is enslaving ants near her while Wu Shuai is doing it to ants far away from himself, how could he possibly still have the advantage?"

"Is this Wu Shuai's real strength? How strong is he?"

"We worked together to weaken him earlier, to think that he still had such strength left. Isn't he tired at all?"

If this was really Wu Shuai, he might feel tired, but Fang Yuan was not.

Fang Yuan had just entered the dream realm, he was in a good condition, especially his soul, it was created as the main body's split soul.

Afterwards, even though it was turned into a dragonman soul and had not undergone soul cultivation, the foundation was still much deeper beyond ordinary people.

Soul foundation directly affected enslavement path.

For example, Fang Yuan's main body was unable to capture many immemorial year beasts before the battle of Southern Border's ambush, but now he could capture more than twenty.

In the battle of arrow ants, Tai Qin lost.

The arrow ants that she had diverted attention to enslave were all wiped out.

Fang Yuan not only had arrow ants, he also had worker ants and soldier ants, they cooperated with his arrow ants perfectly. Tai Qin's troops were diverted into two, making her end up in a passive situation.

But thankfully, the arrow ants were not outstanding on offensive when they were in terrain like the ant nest with many tunnels and paths.

"Even though I gained some advantage, it is not outstanding, especially when Tai Qin has been using her worker ants to build the ant nest rapidly in this period of time."

Even though Fang Yuan was acting aggressively, he was actually using the most stable method to achieve victory.

Battle tactics were usually built on the foundation that one understands their enemies well.

"Next, as long as armor ants appear, I will be able to attack and destroy the ant nest. Even if other types of ants appear, as long as they are not the cannon ants, I will be able to obtain victory with my advantage in numbers." Fang Yuan was assured of his victory.

He had a high chance of winning, the humans youngsters watching were not willing to see it happen, but they had no choice but to admit it was happening.

"Dragonman Wu Shuai is going to succeed."

"To think that this competition would end up like this."

"To think that Wu Shuai concealed so much strength, he is truly formidable."

"Sigh! It is a pity that the great Green Ant Ascetic's enslavement path inheritance is going to a dragonman."

Tai Qin had a stern expression, staring at the battle area without blinking. She also recognized that she was about to fail, but she did not want to give up.

She gritted her teeth as she had an intense thought: "If I lose to a dragonman like Wu Shuai, I might as well have lost to Zhang Shuang earlier! I cannot lose, I don't want to lose!"

At this time, clouds started to form on the battle area, they quickly condensed into lumps of green clouds.

A few breaths of time later, acid rain started to fall from these green clouds.

Fang Yuan's gaze turned cold while the youngsters gasped.

"This change did not occur on the ants but the battle area instead."

"If an earthquake occurs, Tai Qin would lose without Wu Shuai doing anything. If any other change occurred, the situation would be unchanged. But this acid rain…"

"Indeed, Tai Qin's ants are all inside the nest while Wu Shuai's troops are exposed to the acid rain's corrosion."

"Wu Shuai has started to build his nest."

"It is too late, this acid rain gave Tai Qin a chance for a comeback, Wu Shuai's advantage that was created by taking a risk is all gone."

Tai Qin was aided by the acid rain and got past her state of complete disadvantage.

Fang Yuan had to pull back his troops and build a nest to hide from the acid rain.

After the acid rain, even though the armor ants appeared, no matter how many Fang Yuan enslaved, he still lost the best opportunity.

But after a while, Fang Yuan used his deep soul foundation to suppress Tai Qin, he won a few small battles and accumulated enough advantage to force Tai Qin into a corner, edging towards defeat.

A huge battle was about to start, Tai Qin gathered her remaining forces to resist stubbornly when suddenly, an ant queen appeared.

To subdue a wild ant queen, the Gu Master needs to use enslavement path methods and also beat the ant queen with the troops until it submits.

But this ant queen appeared in the middle of Tai Qin's forces.

Fang Yuan immediately attacked, but no matter how large his army was, he could not break through Tai Qin's last few defensive lines.

Tai Qin gave it her all and used methods that carried backlash to herself but finally subdued the ant queen.

Even though the ant queen was injured, it had a special power to allow ally ants to move faster, have higher defense, and attack more fiercely, her overall strength increased greatly as a result.

Fang Yuan's ants were not powered up, even though he had a larger army, they were all cannon fodder.

After failing to take her down for a long time, Fang Yuan chose to retreat wisely, he left behind some troops to stall Tai Qin.

After the first ant queen appears, more would follow.

Soon, new ant queens appeared and got captured by both sides.

As such, the battle between them went into a deadlock again.

As the number of ants that both sides controlled increased, more ant nests were built, the battle area became dominated by both sides as their troops fought intensely.

Tai Qin had a pale expression, so did Fang Yuan.

However, with his rich experience, he gradually gained the upper hand.


Right when Fang Yuan was about to deal the decisive blow, an earthquake happened as Fang Yuan faced a devastating loss, most of his ant nests were destroyed.

Even though Tai Qin faced the same situation, she had fewer nests to begin with, her losses were smaller.

Both sides were evenly matched again.

The youngsters went into a commotion again.

"It happened again!"

"Whenever she gets into a disadvantage, changes occur to help Tai Qin."

"Isn't Tai Qin's luck too good?"

"It has happened three times already."

"Is someone cheating?"

"How can that be? This area was set up by Green Ant Ascetic personally, if Tai Qin could cheat, she would have won already!"

Fang Yuan's gaze turned colder.

"This is trouble." He thought.

According to his luck, even if he lost the connection to the main body, he would not be this unlucky.

"The most likely possibility is that this dream realm requires me to lose, I cannot defeat Tai Qin."

"Thus, whenever I am about to win, a change would occur and cause me to lose my chance of victory."

"Then should I hold back and just lose?"

In usual times, he would do this to probe the situation. But now, the dragonman clone only had one chance.

If he guessed wrong, he would be giving up this test, in that case, the dragonman clone would be trapped in the dream realm, his main body would need to take action.

The main body would fight the Four Dragon Generals, he would lose control of the situation, Dragon Palace would fly away.

Fang Yuan's plan would end up fruitless.

What should he do?


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