Reverend Insanity
1829 Green Ant Recruiting Disciple
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1829 Green Ant Recruiting Disciple

Eastern Sea.

Fang Yuan's main body which was hidden within the clouds had a change of expression: "Oh? My clone's luck transformed again!"

Fang Yuan took a look at the huge and dense black cloud luck beside Cooking Luck Pot.

Within the black cloud luck, four different phenomena that represented the four rank eight Gu Immortals defended this black cloud luck.

The purple dragon luck of Fang Yuan's clone was surrounded by the black cloud luck, it was growling inside.

The purple dragon was more energetic now, traces of azure-purple luck continued to be converted from the black cloud luck as it entered the dragon's body.

With this boost, the purple dragon expanded in size, its claws and teeth also became sharper.

The most evident change was that this dragon was originally lying down in a circular manner but now, it stretched its body and took the initiative to attack, it started to probe the black cloud luck.

"From motionless to active with greater morale, it seems that my clone has made a breakthrough in the dream realm, he knows how to act now so he has the initiative. This is a good thing!"

"It is a pity that I cannot use luck path methods to help my clone anymore."

If the dragonman clone went in with his soul only and his body was outside, Fang Yuan could still barely send him good luck.

But now, the dragonman clone went inside with both body and soul, completely isolated by the dream realms, all luck path methods were kept out of range.

Fang Yuan's main body was helpless too, unless he could take away some of the dream realms and expose the dragonman clone's body.

Or in the future, when his dream path research results gets to a higher level and Fang Yuan learns how to mix luck path with dream path, he would be able to target the dream realm's concealment.

The dream realm continued.

Dragonman clone analyzed the surroundings clearly and considered his options, because of his 'heartfelt' declaration, his father recognized him and he passed the second scene of the dream realm.

However, he needed to probe for more information.

Within the study room, Fang Yuan asked: "Father, since we are on the same side, can you tell me how we can make the dragonman race prosper? I am sure father has a plan, please teach me."

The dragonman Gu Immortal smiled: "We have a plan since long ago, I will tell you the truth, not only me but many of our dragonman comrades are working together. But you cannot learn of their identities yet, this is to protect them and also yourself."

"The first step to any great plan is secrecy. It is easier to work in secret than acting openly. I understand that." Fang Yuan nodded but he asked again: "But any great plan would have a resolution, right?"

"Our resolution is this." The dragonman Gu Immortal smiled as he lifted his pen, writing the final word of the paper on this table — 'Xia'!

When put together with the first three words, it made up the phrase[1] 'Dragons Roam The World'.

Fang Yuan's eyes shined with bright light.

The dragonman Gu Immortal suddenly let out a breath, it cut the paper like a sharp blade.

The dragonman Gu Immortal took a small portion of the paper and passed it to Fang Yuan, there was only one word on it — 'Xia'.

The remaining 'Long Xing Tian' was burned to ashes by the dragonman Gu Immortal, he waved his sleeves and incinerated the paper.

The dragonman Gu Immortal looked at the ashes on the table as he sighed: "One day, our dragonman race will soar the heavens, the world will be beneath our feet. But now, humanity is incredibly strong, they are the overlords of the world. Looking at the situation, our dragonman race is too weak and small, we do not have any alliances with variant humans in the outside world, while we are still a subordinate force of the humans ourselves."

"To soar the heavens, we need to ascend first. Right now, we need to endure our position below the humans, to accumulate and gather foundation. Our dragonman race has just been created, our foundation is too thin, but thankfully, because we were born from humans, our relationship to them is also the deepest. Especially in Central Continent, we have members in all ten great ancient sects. We need to learn and accumulate our foundation to catch up to the humans."

Fang Yuan continued asking: "Then what should I do?"

The dragonman Gu Immortal smiled: "You are already contributing now. When you were a child, I saw your potential and purposely nurtured you to be an enslavement path Gu Master. Now that your enslavement path attainment is already decent, I have made plans for you to attend Green Ant Ascetic's disciple recruitment ceremony.

"Green Ant Ascetic?" Fang Yuan purposely acted unaware but his heart shook as he thought of a name — Ascetic Wine Couple.

These two were husband and wife, a famous lone immortal great expert couple in Central Continent's history. The man was called Green Ant Ascetic while the woman was called Wine Fairy. The two of them were childhood friends, they were extremely close.

They were originally mortals but had their own immortal opportunities. Because of a disaster, they were forced to separate when they were still youths, but they missed each other and thought the other was dead.

After becoming Gu Immortals, neither the male nor the female thought of marrying anyone. Thanks to a coincidence, they met one day and fell into disbelief and joy, it was like a dream come true.

After talking to each other about their situation, the woman told the man: "I remember that you enjoyed playing with mud and ants when you were a kid."

The man also laughed: "When we were young, your family operated a tavern, your life was much better than mine. You went to the streets and alleys to sell the wine that you carried on a pole, I accompanied you by your side during that time, I wish we could continue that forever."

Thus, the man called himself Green Ant Ascetic while the woman also changed her title to Wine Fairy.

The two possessed great talent and morals, after becoming a couple, they lived in harmony and bliss.

The dragonman Gu Immortal continued: "Green Ant Ascetic had once lost a bet with Hong Zhen of the ten great ancient sects, he agreed to recruit a disciple and let them inherit his legacy. The time for the agreement is now, but the ten great ancient sects have no proper candidate, because the Gu Immortal Hong Zhen who had caused this event died from tribulation long ago."

"Green Ant Ascetic is a human great expert who is a lone cultivator. If you can become his only disciple, not only would you get to learn enslavement path methods, you would also build a relationship with the Ascetic Wine Couple. When the dragonman race faces difficulty in the future, these two rank eight great experts would be a huge help!"

So that's it, I understand now." Fang Yuan paused before continuing: "I will work hard and become the disciple of Green Ant Ascetic."

The dragonman Gu Immortal nodded: "Good, the ceremony is at the start of next month, you will enter closed cultivation now as I teach and train you personally."

The second scene faded away, the third scene started.

High in the mountains, fog and clouds shrouded the air.

In a bamboo forest, in front of a thatched hut on the empty land, the younger generation members of the ten great ancient sects were standing.

These were all young geniuses with great talent, they were here to fight for the position of Green Ant Ascetic's disciple.

Fang Yuan was slightly dazed, he observed the surroundings and found himself among the youths.

However, most of the human youngsters avoided him subconsciously, there were only two dragonman youngsters around him.

At the center of the empty area, two young Gu Masters were fighting.

Fang Yuan recognized one of them, he thought: "Isn't that Zhang Shuang?"

Right now, Zhang Shuang was at a disadvantage, he was fighting against a girl with yellow eyebrows, she had beautiful features and shining eyes that had double pupils.

Fang Yuan had just arrived in the third scene, he did not know the situation, he quickly probed: "What do you guys think?"

The two dragonman youngsters beside him heard this, the left one with azure scales said: "Wu Shuai, you are looking down on us. Even though we were eliminated and only you are left in this competition, the situation is very obvious, Zhang Shuang is going to lose in a few more exchanges of moves."

The azure scaled dragonman youngster was a little proud and spoke in a cold tone.

But the yellow scaled youngster had a more gentle tone as he consoled: "Qing Suan, don't act like this, victory is victory, loss is loss. Since you were defeated, why take issue? Brother Wu Shuai is not asking this to humiliate you."

The azure scaled youngster Qing Suan was indignant, he gritted his teeth: "Those humans are too devious, knowing that I am strong, they sent three humans to fight me in succession, causing my strength to fall greatly before that Tai Qin defeated me easily. Huang Wei, don't tell me you couldn't tell?"

The yellow scaled youngster sighed: "Why would I not know? We were both obstructed, but the truth is that we lacked strength. If we were like Brother Wu Shuai, so what if they tried to obstruct us? He still made it into the finals!"

Fang Yuan listened as he thought: "The azure scaled youngster is called Qing Suan while the yellow scaled one is called Huang Wei, meanwhile, I am already in the finals."

At this time, Huang Wei said: "Brother Wu Shuai, I truly admire your enslavement path attainment. But your next opponent is not simple, Tai Qin has extraordinary strength, she is on par with you. But you have already gone through many rounds of tough competition to get to this point. Meanwhile, she was basically given free passes every round to reach this stage until she met with the strong opponent Zhang Shuang."

Fang Yuan understood now, the yellow brows double pupils girl, Tai Qin, was his next opponent.

He had a heavy mood.

Because after some observation, he had some evaluation: "This Tai Qin is an enslavement path master, she mobilizes her troops without thinking in many situations, only relying on instinct but it still produces outstanding effects… she is a tough foe."

Fang Yuan's enslavement path attainment level was only at master.

He felt a little regret now, had he known this, his main body would have raised his enslavement path attainment level in preparation for this.

But nobody could predict that such a situation would happen.

"I lost." After a while, Zhang Shuang had a pale expression as he cupped his fists shakily.

"It was an honor." The young girl Qin Qin responded with a cold expression, before her eyes turned to look at Fang Yuan fixedly.

And at the final round.

Fang Yuan slowly walked up.

He walked past Zhang Shuang who had a complex expression. He wanted to encourage Fang Yuan as they were from the same sect, but thinking about his dragonman identity, he only opened his mouth but did not speak.

After resting for a while, both sides started to fight.

The youngsters surrounded them as they watched the battle closely.

Ants started to emerge from the ground one by one.

[1] Considering the language differences, I'll leave the words in pinyin but this is what they mean.


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