Reverend Insanity
1828 Talk Between Father and Son
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1828 Talk Between Father and Son

Observing closely, the dragonman clone realized.

Even though it was a dragonman Gu Immortal who appeared in front of him, it was not Duke Long, they only looked similar.

"Even so, this person likely has a close relationship with Duke Long, I wonder if this person is the father of my character in the dream realm?"

Fang Yuan was thinking when the dragonman Gu Immortal arrived: "Wu Shuai! You are too daring, I told you so many times to not create trouble, don't provoke them! But you actually won against them again. Do you know that Zhang Shuang and Chen Fu are bloodline descendants of supreme elders of our sect!"

The dragonman Gu Immortal that resembled Duke Long had a stern expression, his eyes were almost spewing fire.

The young dragonmen who were still cheering earlier became silent, they did not dare to say anything, they looked down at their feet. This showed how high this person's status was in their hearts, he was normally strict on them.

Fang Yuan was not sure of his relationship with this dragonman Gu Immortal, he had to mimic these youngsters and keep silent.

The dragonman Gu Immortal got more furious as he knocked on the back of Fang Yuan's head with his palm, the force almost pushed him to the ground.

Fang Yuan stumbled forward for a step but regained his balance quickly.

"Wu Shuai, follow me, come to the study room for your punishment!" The dragonman Gu Immortal snorted coldly, turning around and leaving.

Fang Yuan took a glance at these dragonman youngsters, they all looked at Fang Yuan with sympathy, guilt, and schadenfreude.

"It seems that I can only follow this dragonman Gu Immortal." Fang Yuan thought as he quickly followed after the Gu Immortal.

After a few steps, the surrounding world changed rapidly.

At the next moment, Fang Yuan found himself in a study room.

The study room was huge, there were beautiful flower vases here, the study table was about ten feet long, there was ink and paper on it, at the center, there was calligraphy of three words — Long Xing Tian.

"Is this dragonman Gu Immortal's name Long Xing Tian? No, there is still some space at the end for one final word." Fang Yuan had a thought.

Right at this moment, he heard a stern shout beside him: "Unfilial son, kneel down right now!"

Fang Yuan raised his head and saw that the dragonman Gu Immortal was standing behind the desk, staring at him with a cold and strict expression.

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes internally as he thought: "You should have said that earlier, I would be able to confirm your identity."

Immediately, he knelt down without hesitation with a loud sound.

The dragonman Gu Immortal was stunned for a moment before smiling coldly: "Your attitude has really improved this time in apologizing, huh."

"Father, your words are reasonable. I was too young and ignorant, I did not know your intentions, please forgive me!" Fang Yuan immediately gave a perfunctory speech but had a vivid expression that made people feel a sense of sincerity.

The dragonman Gu Immortal was stunned again before his smile became even colder: "Hmph! Acting obedient while having other intentions, you dare to lie to me! You deserve a beating!"

Saying so, he took the paperweight on the table and used it to whack Fang Yuan.

The paperweight was made of metal, it was long and hard, thick and heavy. It was originally used to hold down the paper and straighten it.

The paper on the desk was about the size of a door plaque, one could imagine how big the paperweight was.

This paperweight hit Fang Yuan's back, it caused intense pain, his soul foundation fell by a huge amount.

But Fang Yuan could not resist, in this dream realm, he was not the dragonman Gu Immortal's match.

But Fang Yuan was very crafty, he fell to the ground as he got hit, his forehead landed on the ground and created a dull sound.

He grunted as he knelt and straightened his back, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain, but showed a look of desperately holding back the pain.

The dragonman Gu Immortal was the father of this person after all, seeing this, he had a thought: "Did I hit him with excessive force earlier?"

"Sigh!" He sighed deeply, sitting down on his chair, looking at his kneeling son across the table.

He said with deep emotions: "Wu Shuai, you are my most outstanding son, your enslavement path talent is rarely seen in a hundred years. I spent so much effort to nurture and teach you, I want you to succeed in life. But you went ahead and forgot all of my teachings, how many times have I told you to not argue with those people."

"You are a genius, you have superior insight than the people of your age. I've already described the current situation to you, the higher-ups of the sect are increasingly unhappy with our dragonman race which is getting stronger. Even though I am a supreme elder that has seemingly great status, I am pushed aside by them."

"Even though you defeated Chen Fu and Zhang Shuang, you also infuriated the Gu Immortals behind them. These human Gu Immortals will not show me any good attitude, they will become even stricter against the dragonman race."

"Even though you won this time, you harmed the entire dragonman race's benefits and intensified the sect's conflicts. You are too rash, you do not consider the consequences when you do something! I am truly disappointed in you!"

"I am beating you for your own good, for the sake of the dragonman race and the peace of the sect, do you understand my intentions?"

Fang Yuan wanted to reply 'understood', but he took a look at the dragonman Gu Immortal's expression and his heart shook.

The dragonman Gu Immortal might have a gentle gaze, but a cold icy feeling was in the depths of his heart.

Only someone like Fang Yuan who was aged and experienced could sense it clearly.

Instantly, Fang Yuan became incredibly alert, he thought rapidly as all sorts of clues appeared in his mind.

In this dream realm exploration, even though the main body was outside, his soul and body had entered the dream, he could not afford to fail once.

If he failed, he would lose the qualification to become the Dragon Palace Lord, he might even die.

Of course, the main body would not do nothing, but in that case, when the main body fights, he would face the same situation as Duke Long, the commotion would be huge.

To obtain the greatest benefit, Fang Yuan was willing to take this risk, so he had to be very careful with every step.

"This question seems simple but it might be the key to this scene, if I answer wrongly, I will fail!"

"My analysis should not be wrong… I will go ahead with this!"

Thinking of this, a sharp dagger-like light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes.

He raised his head and looked at the dragonman Gu Immortal, his expression changed as he smiled: "I am grateful for your concern, father. But father, you are willing to hold back and endure it for the big picture, I do not agree with that at all."

"Unfilial son! You are unrepentant!" The dragonman Gu Immortal was enraged, he stood up and grabbed the paperweight again.

Fang Yuan quickly added: "I know you want to beat me, even if you beat me to death, I will not hate you at all. But father, your action of giving in and showing subservience is not helping the big picture, you are harming the entire dragonman race!"

The dragonman Gu Immortal's eyes were spewing fire, he held the paperweight and pointed at Fang Yuan, shouting loudly: "Such guts! You dare to accuse your father of being wrong! Good, I'll give you a chance, tell me, how am I wrong?"

Fang Yuan felt even more certainty now, he said slowly: "Father! Must our dragonman race always put ourselves at a lower status than humans? We have talent and aptitude, we are born with enslavement path dao marks, what do the humans have?"

"We do not necessarily need Gu worms, our bodies alone give us great stamina, strength, and recovery."

"Our bodies are tough and sturdy, our claws and teeth are sharp, while humans are weak and fragile."

"And in terms of lifespan, our lifespan is tens or hundreds of times of humans! As we continue to live, the humans of our age will die one by one. Even without us doing anything, they will all die of old age!"

"We dragonman are born with such superiority, and even rarer is our unity, we recognize each other and trust each other, we are not like the humans who turn on each other and enjoy internal conflict!"

"Father, everybody can see your contribution to the sect. I won this duel but should I really have lost on purpose?"

"On what basis do these humans look down on us, how dare they treat us so badly! We dragonman deserve a greater status!"

"In fact, these normal people should rank below us dragonmen!!"

"Insolent, you are too insolent!" The dragonman Gu Immortal flew into a rage, he quickly walked past the table as he waved the paperweight in his hand, almost about to hit Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan suddenly stood up abruptly, he had tears in his eyes as he shouted at the dragonman Gu Immortal: "Father! I am unresigned, I refuse to accept this! Even if you beat me to death, I will never agree to this, I will not submit!"

"Wu Shuai!!!" The dragonman Gu Immortal walked to Fang Yuan, looked down at this youngster, his bloodshot eyes were staring straight at him but his paperweight did not hit.

Fang Yuan had no fear, he looked at the dragonman Gu Immortal directly as his eyes also spewed fire, it was the deep anger and hatred in his heart!

Both father and son looked at each other for a while, after the dragonman Gu Immortal confirmed something, he threw the paperweight in his hand away.

He grabbed Fang Yuan's shoulders with both hands as he shook his son, laughing loudly: "Wu Shuai, you are truly my precious son! I was not wrong about you!"

"Father? You…" Fang Yuan was stunned, his expression contained suspicion and shock that seemed extremely natural.

"I will tell you the truth, I think the same as you. I was trying to probe you earlier, I was unable to speak the truth, there is a reason behind all this." The dragonman Gu Immortal sighed deeply.

"What do you mean? Father, do you mean that…?" Fang Yuan seemed to have reacted as his eyes shined with delight and surprise, it was as if he had just understood what happened but did not dare to believe it, his expression was precise and flawless.

But internally, he sighed in relief: "This was it after all, my analysis was right."

"Within the sect, the conflict between the dragonmen and humans is intensifying, we can see this from just the youngsters' conflict."

"That school field earlier was an important area with an immortal formation, the sect higher-ups must have sensed something. If the dragonman Gu Immortal wanted to endure it, why would he not know of it? Why would he arrive after it ended?"

"Looking at this study room, the furniture is huge and placed in a grand fashion, this displays the dragonman Gu Immortal's huge ambition in full view."

"He called me Wu Shuai in front of the youngster dragonmen but called me unfilial son when we got to the study room, he was saving my reputation."

"He wants to nurture me into his assistant, his successor."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan finally understood the workings of this dream realm and the intentions of Dragon Palace in holding this test!


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