Reverend Insanity
1827 Controlling Ants in Dream
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1827 Controlling Ants in Dream

The dragonman clone's action of transforming the dream realms drew the attention of the Four Dragon Generals.

If he was a human Gu Immortal, the Four Dragon Generals would attack him together, but Fang Yuan's dragonman clone was a genuine dragonman, be it body or soul, he was the real deal without any flaws.

Thus, the Four Dragon Generals exposed their identities, Fang Yuan gasped upon hearing this secret.

In the previous life, he had only seen Bai Ning Bing control Dragon Palace and Di Zang Sheng to participate in the final battle at the crucial moment, he did not see the Four Dragon Generals.

"So these four rank eight Gu Immortals are servants of Dragon Palace, they were subdued by Dragon Palace and made into dragon generals!"

"This is quite a deep scheme."

"Should I take action personally?"

Fang Yuan had countless thoughts as he quickly deduced.

With his current strength, he had a high chance of dealing with all four rank eight Gu Immortals at the same time.

Fang Yuan's strongest methods were qi path now, just the number of qi path dao marks alone were far beyond any of these four Eastern Sea rank eights.

"But they are still rank eight Gu Immortals, even though I can win and even kill them, there would be a huge commotion, I cannot gain victory quickly."

"Looking at the fight between Duke Long and these four, Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace also can act on its own, it is able to fly and escape."

"If I try to fight them forcefully, it might not end up well, I will be in the same state as Duke Long in the previous life."

Fang Yuan immediately deduced the most likely outcome.

He had come here to take Dragon Palace in secret, if he caused a huge commotion and exposed his rank eight cultivation level as well as his qi path battle strength, it would not sit well with his other plans.

Fang Yuan thought of this as he looked at the Cooking Luck Pot above him.

The purple dragon was completely submerged by the black clouds, but it was excitedly grinding its teeth, waiting to take action.

Especially when there was a trace of azure-purple[1] qi vaguely inside this black cloud.

"These traces of azure-purple luck are extremely noble and profound, it shows that the dragonman clone has a chance of becoming the owner of Dragon Palace."

"The dragonman clone only has rank seven cultivation level while the four generals are rank eight, they did not discover my presence so it is unlikely they are lying to me."

"If the dragonman clone follows the rules and explores the dream realms, after passing, I will obtain Dragon Palace as well as these four rank eight Gu Immortal subordinates!"

"It seems that Dragon Palace is truly an enslavement path Immortal Gu House. It can enslave four rank eight battle strength experts at once, truly amazing!"

"According to the information of my previous life, I still have a lot of time."

Thinking so, Fang Yuan's main body decided to wait and let the clone explore the dream realms, participating in the test.

This was the most beneficial method.

The dragonman clone was secretly informed by the main body to return the dream realms.

This action made the Four Dragon Generals show more amicable expressions.

Granny Rong said: "To participate in the Dragon Palace test, your soul and body needs to enter the dream realms, you need to have the courage to risk everything in order to become the Dragon Palace Lord."

The dragonman clone's expression changed mildly, but considering that the main body was watching and guarding him from the sky, he nodded his head and entered the dream realms.

Once he entered the dream, he immediately landed in an area of deep darkness.

"Wu Shuai, wake up, wake up." A person beside the dragonman clone nudged him.

The dragonman clone opened his eyes, seeing a young dragon girl, she was innocent and cute, showing a look of helplessness: "Why are you still sleeping? Everyone is waiting for you. Don't forget that today is the day we arranged the battle with stakes against Chen Fu and Zhang Shuang."

"So my name is Wu Shuai. Hmm… I have rank three Gu Master cultivation level." The dragonman clone quickly inspected his own body condition.

"Quickly, quickly, let's go." The dragon girl could not wait, seeing that Fang Yuan opened his eyes, she quickly dragged him along.

They sprinted until they finally arrived at the school field.

Two groups of people were already gathered in the school field, they were separated into the east and west group, facing each other with a clear line in between.

The west group consisted of young humans, both male and female, their leaders carried the arrogance of human youngsters.

The east group were young dragonmen, they were fewer in numbers and had no leader now, they were currently being pressured by the humans.

Seeing that Fang Yuan was here, the dragonman youngsters became very excited, some were cheering while others chided him for being late.

"Wu Shuai, you finally showed up, I thought you were too scared and did not dare to come." Over at the human side, one of the two youngster leaders shouted.

The dragon girl that brought Fang Yuan over immediately retorted: "Don't be arrogant Chen Fu, now that Wu Shuai is here, he will beat you all to a pulp!"

"Cut the crap, Wu Shuai, let's fight! This time, I will make sure I repay you for the humiliation of losing last time!" The other youngster Gu Master, Zhang Shuang, stood up, he was clearly impatient, he wanted to fight straight away.

"Wait." Fang Yuan stretched out his hand, stalling for time: "Since this is a battle with stakes, where is the bet?"

He said as he assessed the school.

This school field was not simple at all, it was covered by an immortal formation!

This meant that Fang Yuan was not in an ordinary place, since there was an immortal formation here, this was likely a super force. Furthermore, Fang Yuan was currently at an important place in this super force's territory, creating an immortal formation at a school field meant that it was of great importance.

Looking at the clothing of both parties which was very alike, this was clearly a sect.

"This wager is clearly the impulse of youths."

"These youngsters have at least rank two cultivation level, looking at them, they must have only started recently, their talent is really high."

"I have the highest cultivation level, along with the two human leaders, Zhang Shuang and Chen Fu, they also have rank three cultivation level, we are all young geniuses. Below that is this dragon girl beside me, she has rank two peak cultivation level."

"Wu Shuai, don't look down on me, I have already brought the betting item, look!" Chen Fu said as he carefully took out a Gu worm from his pocket.

Fang Yuan took a glance, it was a rank five Gu, called commanding leader Gu.

Commanding leader Gu looked like a longhorn beetle.

The longhorn beetle had a long and cylindrical body, its back was slightly flat and there were two long feelers on its head. This commanding leader Gu was similar, its body had a jade-like texture, its feelers were very long, more than ten times its body length, they were like two long red ropes.

The dragonman clone was slightly surprised.

Fang Yuan had many Immortal Gu, he did not care much about mortal Gu. But this commanding leader Gu was different, it was a mortal Gu but it was a human path Gu worm with enslavement path effect, it had once gained huge fame in history but quickly went extinct.

According to rumors, commanding leader Gu had a great effect, it was also compatible with many types of Gu worms.

Fang Yuan's dragonman clone shared the same attainment level as his main body.

Fang Yuan had human path grandmaster and enslavement path master attainment levels, the dragonman clone was the same.

At master attainment level, one could generate intuition regarding the path.

Right now, the dragonman clone had a clear intuition: "As long as I pass this scene, I will get the recipe of commanding leader Gu."

"No wonder my purple dragon luck wanted to try it! This enslavement path dream realm is a huge fortuitous encounter after all!"

Thinking of this, the dragonman clone became even more excited.

While he was on the way, he had already checked what Gu worms Wu Shuai had, he had already prepared some methods that he could use.

As for how the battle worked, he did not know.

Immediately, Fang Yuan smiled as he said: "In that case, let's do it. In fact, I will give you the first move."

Zhang Shuang heard this as rage appeared on his youthful face: "Good, Wu Shuai, you are so arrogant, how dare you look down on me, I will show you!"

He took out ten or so primeval stones and scattered them around the school field.

The school field itself was an immortal formation, after the primeval stones landed on it, they got devoured by the ground like rocks falling into water.

Next, ants started to dig their way out of the ground.

Zhang Shuang stared widely as he used his method to manipulate these ants.

The dragonman clone was shocked: "These are not ordinary ants, they have some natural markings on their body that resemble human language characters. Is this the legendary army ant?"

Dragonman was not a natural variant human race, it was man-made.

The army ants and the dragonman were quite similar, they were not produced by nature but created by Gu Immortal great experts.

This type of army ant was used by enslavement path Gu Masters, they were able to resolve the feeding problem to a large degree.

A small number of army ants could be used for daily training, while a large group of army ants could form an ant tide with colossal power.

Zhang Shuang had good strength, he quickly enslaved ten or so yellow ants.

At this time, new ants came out of the ground, they were slightly larger than the ants before, being black in color.

Zhang Shuang was overjoyed and quickly focused his attention on refining these black ants.

The yellow ants had this word naturally carved on them — worker.

The black ants had this word naturally carved on them — soldier.

Seeing this, the dragonman youths became anxious while the dragon girl beside Fang Yuan shook his shoulders: "Brother Wu Shuai, start quickly. If we lose this duel, you will lose your vital Gu. The other party is shameless, he already has more than ten worker ants and three soldier ants."

"Alright." Fang Yuan smiled, he sat on the ground and focused his attention on these ants.

He activated a killer move, it used sight to enslave ants, the effect was incredible.

After a few breaths, dozens of ants on the ground gathered by Fang Yuan's side.

Among them were worker ants and soldier ants.

This result quickly overtook Zhang Shuang.

The human youths shouted in shock while the dragonman youths were stunned before cheering loudly and excitedly.

Zhang Shuang looked at Fang Yuan in disbelief, seeing that Fang Yuan's ants were multiplying in number rapidly, many times his own, his face turned pale as paper.

"I lost!" Zhang Shuang was straightforward: "But what killer move is this?"

The killer move was very powerful and profound, and even more importantly, Fang Yuan's soul foundation was very deep, far greater than mortal Gu Masters, not to mention this youngster.

Fang Yuan did not know the name of the move he had just created casually, he avoided it: "Since you lost, where is the bet?"

Zhang Shuang snorted coldly, placing commanding leader Gu in Fang Yuan's hands as he turned around and left.

Chen Fu had an ashen expression as he left his parting words before going: "Wu Shuai, to think that you are so devious, secretly learning a powerful enslavement path killer move, don't be too smug, we will definitely challenge you in this again!"

"Yay! We won, Wu Shuai, you are amazing!"

"As expected of Wu Shuai."

"Haha, they were so funny, Zhang Shuang and Chen Fu had ugly expressions earlier."

Fang Yuan smiled, he was about to respond to the youths here when he suddenly saw their expressions freezing, they all looked behind Fang Yuan with stiff expressions.

"Father…" They called out quietly.

Fang Yuan turned around and saw a dragonman Gu Immortal staring at him with a deep and dark gaze.

Fang Yuan was shocked:" Duke Long?"

[1] Ancient high ranking officials have ribbons/sashes/belts of this color, thus it signifies royalty and high status.


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