Reverend Insanity
1826 Dragon Palace“s Tes
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1826 Dragon Palace“s Tes

Above the blue ocean surface, waves were rumbling, with the ebb and flow of tides, seagulls were flying above in the sky.


With a soft sound, a Gu Immortal dived into the water, swimming deeper.

A thousand feet, ten thousand feet, a hundred thousand feet…

The sea was extremely deep, there was a large number of fierce sea beasts living here.

After reaching a million feet deep, immemorial level sea beasts started to appear.

Of course, there were precious treasures here as well.

"Eastern Sea is truly the number one in the five regions in terms of resources." The Gu Immortal sighed as he continued to dive deeper.

After reaching ten million feet, in the abyss-like darkness of the sea, there was a beautiful and colorful dream realm.

As the Gu Immortal got closer, the dream realm expanded within his vision. By the time he arrived, this dream realm resembled a small mountain.

"Dragon Palace should be here!" The Gu Immortal had a heated gaze.

He was muscular and handsome, he had a tall nose bridge and sharp lips. He had golden dragon scales on his body, he had a pair of dragon eyes resembling topaz, there was also a pair of golden coral-like dragon horns on his head.

This was Fang Yuan's dragonman clone.

Fang Yuan knew that Dragon Palace was hidden in Eastern Sea, but he did not find out where exactly it was in the previous life.

Back then, Duke Long had brought Feng Jin Huang to try and subdue Dragon Palace, they were obstructed by the Four Dragon Generals. Thus, a battle ensued and Dragon Palace took the chance to fly into the sky, escaping from him.

Even though Duke Long chased after it, the huge commotion caused Eastern Sea's rank eight Gu Immortals to approach him. When news of this spread throughout the five regions, Fang Yuan had just reached a certain stage in his plan against Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, he was also moved and decided to head to Eastern Sea.

Eventually, he was discovered and did not gain anything. And in the River of Time, the second stone lotus island appeared.

Fang Yuan made his decision to abandon Dragon Palace and went after the Red Lotus true inheritance in the second stone lotus island.

However, even though he stopped Heavenly Court's plans, Feng Jiu Ge summoned the winds of assimilation and destroyed the stone lotus island.

This caused Heavenly Court to obtain Dragon Palace, suppressing it within Hidden Dragon Cave. Eastern Sea's Gu Immortals were unwilling to give up, they went to cause a huge battle with Central Continent — the battle in Hidden Dragon Cave.

After rebirth, Fang Yuan already included Dragon Palace in his plans.

He had started planning long ago, he collected information and made deductions on this, drawing a circle around its possible area. After that, he sent subordinates to explore and investigate Eastern Sea secretly.

Fang Yuan did not know where Dragon Palace was initially, but his hard work was not in vain, his efforts paid off, he found out the location of Dragon Palace recently!

The dragonman clone searched around the area, he did not find any immemorial desolate beasts around, it was a safe zone.

Immortal killer move — Pure Dream Reality Seeker Transformation.

He acted quickly, using a killer move against this dream realm.

His choice was the same as Duke Long's, he wanted to isolate the dream realm and target Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace directly.

And above the sky of this sea area, Fang Yuan's main body was hidden among the clouds. He was inspecting the area around him and guarding the dragonman clone. On the other hand, he was also getting the dragonman clone to probe the area.

If any accidents happen, Fang Yuan's main body would be able to rapidly escape to safety.

After all, Fang Yuan did not know the clear details regarding Dragon Palace, this was not like his plans in the River of Time and Tao Zhu's true inheritance where he had sufficient information.

What if Heavenly Court ambushed him?

Even if they did not, Dragon Palace itself was very dangerous. Because it had an offensive dream path killer move, Fang Yuan was quite wary against it.

As Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies were created one by one, the dragonman clone's progress remained quite successful.

But this dream realm was too huge, at this rate, he would need several days and nights to completely transform it.

"Ignoring anything else, just the dream realm itself is a huge fortune. In the previous life, Heavenly Court obtained it, they had no way of using it. But in my hands, it is different."

Fang Yuan's main body had a clear view of the situation in the sea.

Next, he looked above himself.

After using luck path methods, he saw the Cooking Luck Pot that was above his head.

This pot was floating above it, it moved up and down slightly, like it was floating on water.

Fang Yuan could not check his own luck, but he could check the dragonman clone's luck.

He saw that beside Cooking Luck Pot, the purple dragon that was the dragonman clone's luck coiled around in the air motionlessly.

It opened its mouth and had an anxious expression, it was looking around alertly.

Around it, black traces of qi were gathering into a lump, forming many black clouds.

"This black cloud luck shows a premonition of death. It seems that the dragonman clone is in danger of dying!" Fang Yuan frowned.

He immediately made his calculations: "After using rebirth, looking at the time, I have found Dragon Palace much earlier than Heavenly Court in the previous life, I acted in advance."

"I should be ahead of them looking at the situation, but time is moving quickly, a bad change is about to occur in a few days."

In just this time, the black clouds became thicker as they surrounded the purple dragon in all directions, trying to bury and suffocate it.

Fang Yuan immediately used Cooking Luck Pot.

The dragons on Cooking Luck Pot became active as they started to devour the black clouds and spit them out into the pot.

The pot started to cook the luck, boiling all of the black cloud luck into a beneficial luck instead.

The luck then got devoured by the pot dragons before being sent to the purple dragon.

The purple dragon received such help, it became energetic and invigorated. Even though the black clouds were still thick and overwhelming, the purple dragon no longer looked so weak against them.

Fang Yuan saw this as he gasped lightly, thinking: "My Cooking Luck Pot is only rank six but it is the epitome of Giant Sun's self luck true inheritance, it can control the luck of rank six Gu Immortals and even influence rank seven Gu Immortals."

"Right now, my dragonman clone is already a rank seven after immense nurturing, thus, it can only affect the purple dragon. But this black cloud luck…"

Fang Yuan frowned lightly, pondering: "This black cloud luck was influenced by me but the effect is mild, this is a rank eight level crisis! However, looking at the purple dragon's reaction, it seems to have some form of attraction to this black cloud luck."

"Dragons[1] like wind and rain, while this black luck has a cloud shape, it seems that this is not only a dangerous situation for the dragonman clone, it is also an immense fortuitous encounter!"

Of course, this was all built on the foundation that Fang Yuan was not going to take action.

Once Fang Yuan's main body acts, the luck would change intensely!

Because Fang Yuan was not an ordinary rank eight Gu Immortal, his every action would cause a huge change to the situation.

"Sigh, it is too bad I cannot inspect my own luck. The self luck true inheritance has the killer move luck inspection, from rank one to nine. But my luck inspection Immortal Gu is only rank six, even if I make a killer move, the killer move would be able to inspect the luck of rank seven Gu Immortals."

Fang Yuan already had Cooking Luck Pot, he also added luck inspection Immortal Gu into it as one of the cores.

Thus, he did not need any killer move to inspect luck, just by activating Cooking Luck Pot, he could observe the dragonman clone's luck.

"Cooking Luck Pot is too low ranked."

"In the future, I need to advance all its core Immortal Gu, I also need to add in all living beings luck, so that it can affect other people and objects."

Fang Yuan planned.

Even though he could use Cooking Luck Pot to help his clones, they were the same entities as him. Thus, he was just helping himself, this was within the boundary of self luck, it was not all living beings luck.

Fang Yuan sensed the crisis that dragonman clone was going to face but he chose not to act. He controlled the situation while activating Cooking Luck Pot.

Even though it was not very helpful to the purple dragon, his influence on the black cloud luck was small, but any bit of help counts, as it accumulates, the amount would be quite significant.

After all, it was better than nothing.

The dragonman clone also received the main body's information as it continued to transform the dream realm.

After a day and half a night, four Eastern Sea Gu Immortals arrived from different directions.

The east one was a white robed young looking man with a handsome face, it was Yang Zi He.

The west one was an old woman with a hunched back, she had deep wrinkles on her face that resembled the pattern of a purple venomous snake, extending from her face, to her arms and to her whole body, it was Granny Rong.

The north one was a muscular Gu Immortal with triangular eyes shining in cold light, it was Shi Miao.

The south Gu Immortal wore a black robe, his face could not be seen, he was silent like an eerie ghost, filled with dark energy, this was Zhang Yin.

"Four rank eight Gu Immortals came? It is them…" Fang Yuan's main body did not move, because he sensed something strange from the dragonman clone's luck.

Right now, the purple dragon luck was surrounded by a huge and thick layer of black clouds, it could not break out.

But this black cloud luck was transforming slightly.

There was water sounds from the east, resembling a river. From the west, there was the silhouette of a purple venomous snake, from the north, there was a mountain shape, and at the south, the cloud was dark like an abyss, forming a black hole.

"These four rank eight Gu Immortals are not normal!"

"Their lucks are all a part of the black cloud, are they in an alliance?"

Fang Yuan did not know about the Four Dragon Generals of Dragon Palace, because there was no information about them in his previous life.

But soon, he found out.

These four rank eight Gu Immortals arrived before dragonman clone, their cold expressions relaxed a little.

"He is a dragonman indeed!"

"You have rank seven cultivation level, you are qualified to participate in the test."

"These dream realms are your test, if you pass it, you will gain the acknowledgement of the Dragon Spirit and become the owner of Dragon Palace."

"Quickly return the dream realms, undergo the test by exploring the dream realms, otherwise, we, the Four Dragon Generals, will make sure you regret ever coming here!"

The four Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals spoke one after another, while they spoke, they also revealed their dragonman identities.

At once, be it Fang Yuan or his clone, they were both shocked.

[1] Chinese dragons have the power to summon wind and rain.


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