Reverend Insanity
1824 Egg Falling From the Sky
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1824 Egg Falling From the Sky

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's self luck true inheritance had a comprehensive description of all the different forms of luck.

Generally, the seven main colors of luck were black, grey, white, red, gold, azure, purple. But there were also uncommon colors that were created by the mixing of the above colors.

Luck had all sorts of special forms and appearances, they varied according to the situations and conditions that the individuals were in.

Fang Yuan, for example, had very different luck compared to his various clones.

Fang Yuan owned the complete self luck true inheritance of Giant Sun and a portion of all living beings luck true inheritance, he only needed to take a look at these colors and shapes to learn about their conditions and deduce a lot of information.

Cooking Luck Pot had Time Luck, Luck Inspection, Dog Shit Luck, Qi Luck, Connect Luck, and other Immortal Gu, the abilities of these luck path Immortal Gu were just the basic functions of Cooking Luck Pot.

The main ability of this Immortal Gu House was — Cooking Luck.

The shape, size, and color of one's luck was a representation of their current situation and possible changes.

For example, if Fang Yuan had a dense black coffin luck now, it meant that he was going to face fatal danger. Fang Yuan could use Cooking Luck Pot to cook and change this black coffin luck into a brand new luck within the pot.

For example, fortune luck or peach blossom luck.

Giant Sun's self luck true inheritance revolved around researching on one's own luck and how to modify it. This Cooking Luck Pot was the peak creation within this true inheritance, it had the ability to cook any form of luck and convert it into something the user wants.

"However, I have rank eight cultivation level while Cooking Luck Pot is only rank six, it can barely affect my main body's luck."

"However, my other clones are different, with the highest being rank seven and most of the rest being mortals."

"With the cooking luck I used earlier, the effect and change should be immediate."

Fang Yuan tested it for a while before continuing to cultivate and practise his qi path killer moves.

He definitely had to raise Cooking Luck Pot's rank, but currently, regret Gu was inside the paradise, dragon whale grotto-heaven.

Fang Yuan could command the hairy man Gu Immortals to refine rank six luck path Immortal Gu en masse, but to advance them to rank seven, he lacked some crucial elements.

Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

Fang Yuan's clone, Zhan Bu Du, was walking slowly.

The crowd was noisy, people moved rapidly like a current.

"This is the largest Gu Master market in the city, it is bustling." Zhan Bu Du observed and thought.

He was only rank one now, he was too young.

And because he was broke, he came here this time to collect information and increase his understanding of the surroundings.

"Gu Masters need resources to cultivate, I am totally broke now. My most important task now is to earn money."

Zhan Bu Du had an innocent young face but he was full of confidence internally.

He was a split soul of Fang Yuan, a Gu Immortal, how hard was it to find a method of earning a fortune as a Gu Master?

But after some observation, Zhan Bu Du's brows became covered in a thin layer of bitterness.

"Gu Masters are known as Combat Beast Envoys in this place. Even though they both use Gu worms, these Gu worms are used to nurture combat beasts or to fuse with wild beasts and plants. There are no instances of Gu Masters fighting alone in this place."

Fang Yuan walked around the market, he found very few Gu worms here, most shops were selling beasts or plants.

"It is no surprise."

"This Beast Calamity grotto-heaven has the power of the killer move myriad beings assimilation transformation, it is very easy for Gu Masters to fuse with beasts or plants."

"In the outside world, they would need to pay more than ten times the price to achieve it."

"Because the method of fusing with beasts and plants is too easy and advantageous, traditional Gu cultivation has been buried in history."

"Of course, this is also the intention of Beast Calamity Immortal."

Even Beast Calamity Immortal died after suffering heavy injuries from his first myriad tribulation, he had placed a lot of effort in developing this grotto-heaven in the past, he probably created this trend so that he could control the living beings inside well.

After all, Beast Calamity grotto-heaven had a really large number of people.

Zhan Bu Du wanted to take over this place, he could not use the traditional Gu cultivation method, he had to assimilate and become a Combat Beast Envoy.

Becoming a Combat Beast Envoy could be said to be easy but also hard — it only required the Gu Master to successfully fuse with a wild beast or plant.

This was the most basic step.

After that, he could go to the Combat Beast Guild and spend money to register and become a guild member.

Inside Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, the Combat Beast Guild was the largest and sole super force.

If Zhan Bu Du joined it, he would have the lowest ranking Combat Beast Disciple status. Above disciple level would be the main forces of the Combat Beast Guild — Combat Beast Envoy.

Above Combat Beast Envoy was Combat Beast Warrior, this needed Gu Immortal cultivation level and they were mostly city lords.

And above Combat Beast Warrior was the one and only Combat Beast King.

The structure of the organization was simple and crude.

Zhan Bu Du not only lacked Gu worms now, he also lacked combat beasts and combat plants. Especially the latter two, they were expensive.

After collecting enough information, Zhan Bu Du had a plan in his mind.

"According to my plan, in a month's time, I will have enough finances to buy a Gu worm."

"After another month, I will be able to purchase the lowest grade combat beast."

"I will buy the incisor rat first and use it for some time. This wild beast is greatly underestimated by everyone, it is very valuable for its price."

"With sufficient strength, I will join the Combat Beast Guild and use it to receive missions and increase my strength rapidly."


At this moment, Zhan Bu Du heard a shout: "Careful, above you!!"

He quickly looked up and saw a black figure descending rapidly from the sky.

Even higher in the sky, an old man was manipulating the huge bird below him, descending quickly as he tried to catch the black figure, but it seemed like he was too late.

"What is it?"

"Quickly run!"

The surrounding people quickly dispersed.

Zhan Bu Du also quickened his pace, hiding under the roof of a shop.


Almost instantly, the black object crashed into this shop's stairs as it shattered.

Shrapnels flew everywhere as the surrounding people screamed out in pain and agony.

Zhan Bu Du was the closest to it, but he was completely unharmed.

"This is… an egg?" Zhan Bu Du looked at the egg that was as tall as a person, thinking: "This aura, it is clearly a desolate beast egg."

While he was thinking, the egg shell broke as a cute little eagle made its way to the world.

The young eagle looked at Zhan Bu Du as it chirped, it jumped onto him and used its tiny beak to peck at Zhan Bu Du's cheeks.

"How could this happen?!" The old man riding a huge bird landed on the ground as he looked at this with dumbfounded expression.

"Hello old sir, my name is Zhan Bu Du." Zhan Bu Du was knowledgeable, he knew this old man was a Gu Immortal, he did not dare to wait and quickly paid his respects.

Before the old man spoke, that tiny eagle that Zhan Bu Du shrugged off went towards him again as it patted his back using its tiny wings.

The old man had a complex expression as he looked at this tiny eagle, he assessed Zhan Bu Du closely: "Sigh, my partner has been pregnant for thirty years, it finally laid the egg today. So coincidentally, it landed here and hatched as a young arrowtail eagle. You were the first person that it saw, so it treated you as its closest kin."

Zhan Bu Du was stunned, he quickly waved his hands: "Old sir, I am so sorry, I… I did not mean to do that."

The old Gu Immortal chuckled: "Your name is Zhan Bu Du? I will call you Little Du. Oh Little Du, don't be nervous, I am not blaming you. In fact, I need to apologize to you, the egg almost killed you earlier."

"This truly feels like an arrangement of fate, if my grandson was still alive, he would be as old as you. Oh Little Du, are you willing to cultivate with me? You obtained the young arrowtail eagle's recognition, you might be able to become a Combat Beast Warrior in the future."

"Combat Beast Warrior?" Zhan Bu Du's eyes widened as it shined with light, he had the expression of an innocent and excited boy.

He clenched his fists: "My greatest dream is to become a Combat Beast Warrior! Old sir, can I really do it? Can I cultivate by your side?"

The old man laughed loudly: "Oh Little Du, it will depend on your hard work to determine if you can become a Combat Beast Warrior. But for now, let's leave."

"Yes, old sir." Zhan Bu Du followed the old man as they rode on the arrowtail eagle, flying away under plain sight.


"What did I just see?"

"Isn't this youngster's luck way too good?"

"That old man is the city lord of Mountain Cliff City."

"He is Mountain Cliff City Lord? Oh! I heard that the Mountain Cliff City Lord would come to our city one of these days to negotiate matters with our city lord."

The surrounding people exploded into a commotion, their discussions got increasingly louder.

"Who is that young man? He seems to be called Zhan Bu Du? Why is his luck so good!"

"Sigh, why wasn't it me?"

"Had I known this, I would have pushed him aside."

"Damn it! This Zhan Bu Du wore tattered clothes, he is clearly a poor lad but he was actually taken in by that esteemed Combat Beast Warrior. He has truly changed his fate, his future is incomparably bright now."

"He even gained the acknowledgement of the arrowtail eagle, this is an immortal beast, an immortal beast!"

"Indeed, compared to an immortal beasts, all of the beasts and plants in the market are trash, they are less valuable than the eagle's faeces!"

Some were angrily stomping their feet, feeling extremely regretful, why did they not grab onto this rare opportunity earlier?

Some stared with wide opened eyes that had turned red, some were shouting and screaming, their saliva spitting everywhere.

Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

A poetry competition was going on.

A famous great scholar looked at the students in the hall as he laughed: "This city is filled with literary talents, I see that all your students are overflowing with scholarly aura. It seems that Brother Jiang's teachings has paid off."

"I am flattered, Brother Shen, these students of mine are shallow in knowledge, they are still too young. This is their great opportunity and luck to be able to watch our literary battle." The teacher of this place, Teacher Jiang, said humbly.

Great Scholar Shen held out his hand: "Brother Jiang, we are quite evenly matched in this battle, let's consider it a tie. Next, let's play a game of passing the flower[1], the three students who win will recite their poems, let me see the literature skills of these juniors, how about that?"

"Alright." Teacher Jiang thought about it and nodded in agreement.

Immediately, the eyes of many students below the stage lightened up.

This was an incredibly rare opportunity, there were two great scholars on the stage, no matter how good their poems were, as long as they could showcase their works, their reputation would spread among the people.

The drums rolled.

"Choose me, choose me!"

"Pass it to me, pass it to me."

"Sigh! The drums have stopped."

"Who has the red flower? Please do recite your poem." Great Scholar Shen opened his eyes as he smiled.

As everyone looked with gazes of anticipation, Li Xiao Bai walked up the stage while rubbing his nose.

[1] It's like musical chairs but whoever has the flower when the music stops wins.


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