Reverend Insanity
1822 Using Soul Replacement Twice
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1822 Using Soul Replacement Twice

"According to my memories, it should be around here." Fang Yuan stopped at a certain location in immemorial white heaven.

There was nothing here, but according to the memories of Fang Yuan's previous life, he knew that Beast Calamity grotto-heaven was right here.

The grotto-heaven's entrance was closed and hidden in empty space, it could not be seen with the naked eye. Fang Yuan had used heaven form in the previous life to discover the existence of Beast Calamity grotto-heaven. It was not as troublesome this time, he could directly locate it.

"Go, heaven form." Fang Yuan willed.

Heaven form was a one-legged crane that was covered in snow-white feathers which had no dust or dirt, it had a long beak that was red in color.

After it flew out, it flew round and round the empty space nearby.

As it moved, information from heaven form went to the depths of Fang Yuan's mind.

These were all information regarding Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, Fang Yuan soon learned about the details of the inside world.

"Even though I successfully annexed this grotto-heaven in the previous life, I came at a slightly different time in this life, some unexpected mishaps might occur. If Heavenly Court has some arrangements inside and I go right in, there would be huge problems."

Fang Yuan acted vigilantly, after investigating it for a long time, he confirmed that Beast Calamity grotto-heaven was still an isolated world that did not interact with the outside world.

He relaxed at long last as he activated a killer move that he had prepared for a long time.

After some effort, the killer move was completed, Fang Yuan spat out lightly from his mouth.

A grey soul ball shot into the grotto-heaven at lightning speed. It was so fast that it vanished without a trace, as if all that happened was an illusion.

After the grey soul ball entered Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, it quickly descended.

Any living being that entered Beast Calamity grotto-heaven would be affected by the myriad beings assimilation transformation killer move that was in the grotto-heaven, they would be turned into a beast calamity.

The last time Fang Yuan attacked, he had met with this issue as he turned into Bull-headed Demon God, he slaughtered countless beings and caused a river of blood to flow, corpses lay on the ground everywhere. Even though he was invincible and rampaged unhindered, he only managed to snatch the Beast Calamity inheritance, he did not gain the acknowledgement of the qilin heavenly spirit, he managed to use myriad beings assimilation transformation with difficulty, but obtained no Immortal Gu, it was merely half an inheritance.

After that, because of the battle in Eastern Sea over Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan stopped his plans here and went to Eastern Sea, but gained nothing.

Eventually, he had to come here and change his tactics, he annexed the entire Beast Calamity grotto-heaven after subduing it.

All these incidents made his efficiency very low, Fang Yuan wasted lots of time and effort, the Beast Calamity grotto-heaven that he obtained was also heavily damaged by himself, he killed almost all of the Gu Immortals inside the grotto-heaven.

That would not do!

Fang Yuan decided to change his tactics against Beast Calamity grotto-heaven this time. He wanted to preserve it at its full strength, he wanted to gather all of the Gu Immortals here and place them in his sovereign immortal aperture to increase the scale of his subordinates.

The grey soul ball descended rapidly in the sky.

Myriad beings assimilation transformation started to exert its influence on the soul ball, but it had all sorts of transformation path dao marks on its surface.

The number of transformation path dao marks continued to be expended as it resisted the power of myriad beings assimilation transformation, maintaining the soul ball's shape.

Fang Yuan was outside, using heaven form to observe this.

The grey soul ball had limited time, it could not be replenished after leaving Fang Yuan. Even though it had a lot of transformation path dao marks to resist myriad beings assimilation transformation, the expenditure was heavy, it would be destroyed after some time.

If not for the transformation path dao marks protecting it, the grey soul ball would be transformed into a beast calamity due to the power of myriad beings assimilation transformation.

It would likely become an ancient soul beast.

By then, not only would he be exposed, he would also be attacked by the alerted Gu Immortals.

In that case, Fang Yuan's plans would end in failure.

But thankfully. Fang Yuan had planned this meticulously.

Soon, the soul ball reached the ground, it sneaked into a bustling city.

It roamed in the alleys, hiding in the dark corners as it moved rapidly like a fish in water.

"Beat, beat him up harshly!"

Boom boom boom.

In a small alley, a few rich youngsters were beating up a poor kid of their own age.

The poor lad wore a thin shirt, he was covered in wounds everywhere.

He was already beaten to a pulp, he could not resist, he had to bend down and hold his head, shrinking into a ball.

Eventually, he fainted from the assault.

Seeing this, the rich young masters quickly stopped.

"Don't tell me we killed him?"

"No, no, that's too scary!"

"This lad is so weak."

"How dare this lad get close to Lin clan's young miss, he did not even heed the warning of young master Lin, hmph he deserves it even if he dies!"

The youngsters walked away with smug expressions, feeling agitated.

"Good chance, my luck is quite good!" The grey soul ball arrived just in time as ripples appeared on the surface.

This good luck was not a coincidence, it was influenced by Fang Yuan's own luck.

Seeing that there was nobody around, the grey soul ball did not hesitate, it entered the chest of the poor lad and enveloped his soul entirely.

The young man had a weak soul, he was resisting instinctively.

But Fang Yuan's grey soul ball was a portion of his desolate soul, it was incredibly powerful, how could a mortal soul defend against it?

In almost an instant, the young man's soul was destroyed by the grey soul ball entirely.

The grey soul ball expanded rapidly, turning into the young man's appearance. It occupied the young man's body and controlled his mind, taking over and becoming a native person.

"From today onwards, I am the young lad, Zhan Bu Du[1]."

That's right, this grey soul ball was none other than the soul path killer move — Soul Replacement.

In the past, Shadow Sect had used this move to successfully plant spies in Lang Ya blessed land. Until now, the traitor Sixth Hair was still alive.

The grey soul ball originated from Fang Yuan's desolate soul, it could not be detected by land spirits or heavenly spirits.

This was the specialty of soul replacement.

If not for this, Lang Ya land spirit would have discovered the secret of Shadow Sect's spies long ago.

And Fang Yuan had modified soul replacement on that foundation, adding in many transformation path Immortal Gu to supplement it.

Thus, the grey soul ball had transformation path dao marks and could resist the influence of myriad beings assimilation transformation.

"However, after soul replacement succeeded, all my actions will be observable by the heavenly spirit, I need to act with caution from now on."

"Thankfully, I have already destroyed the young lad's soul and obtained his memories, I know everything about his life."

Even though the heavenly spirit was unlikely to place attention on this tiny area, who knows?

At the next moment, Fang Yuan's clone started his performance.

The young man grunted as he opened his eyes, he had rage and helplessness on his face.

"Damn it." He climbed up with difficulty, because of his injuries, the intense pain made him gasp loudly.

Eventually, he held onto the wall as support, walking out slowly.

Fang Yuan's main body observed for a while longer, seeing that this clone had adapted well without any accidents, he stopped heaven form and left.

He rapidly arrived near Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

This information path grotto-heaven was quite troublesome to take down.

Fang Yuan lacked information path attainment, while there was an information path rank eight Gu Immortal inside the grotto-heaven defending it.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan failed because of this rank eight Gu Immortal, he was stopped outside and could not get in.

Like earlier, Fang Yuan investigated this place again.

Profound Literature grotto-heaven was also not a trap, it had not been affected by the ink effect, there were no negative changes for Fang Yuan.

Thus, Fang Yuan instilled immortal essence and activated heaven form, creating a white light passage.

"Such guts! Which vile fiend dares to invade my homeland?!" A vast and mighty voice resounded from within, speaking with righteousness.

Next, an old man resembling a white robed scholar, possessing rank eight aura, showed up at the other end of the white light passage.

"He came out after all." Fang Yuan was not surprised, he opened a slit of the sovereign immortal aperture's entrance, a large number of desolate beasts, ancient desolate beasts, and immemorial desolate beasts were let out.

Heaven form itself could not transport killer moves, once Fang Yuan uses any killer moves, the white light passage would break.

But the white light passage could transport living beings, like how Fang Yuan had used it to invade Beast Calamity grotto-heaven.

"Don't even think about it!" The white robed old man shouted loudly, he used an information path offensive method to create a rain of written characters that slaughtered the beast groups.

A few breaths of time later, the white light passage collapsed, an immemorial desolate beast was in a pitiful state as its head had just entered when the passage broke.

Thus, its head was left in Profound Literature grotto-heaven while its body was outside.

"No matter who you are, you will have to pay an unimaginable price to invade this place." The white robed old man called out.

Fang Yuan smiled nonchalantly.

He went to another area and started to do the same thing.

But similar to the previous life, the white robed old man arrived quickly, slaughtering the invading beast groups again.

Fang Yuan changed several locations, but each attempt ended in failure.

"No matter who you are, with me around, don't think of succeeding!" The white robed old man had great morale.

"Is that so?" Fang Yuan laughed coldly as he retreated.

Within Profound Literature grotto-heaven, at a certain courtyard, a young male scholar looked at his reflection in the well water as he thought: "From today onwards, I am Li Xiao Bai[2]."

[1] Trivia - This is the name of the MC in Mashin Hero Wataru, an old anime that was popular in China in the 1990s.

[2] Trivia - Reference to the famous poet Li Bai. Xiao Bai also can be slang or shorthand for a couple of different things, like novice or a man who lives off a woman.


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