Reverend Insanity
1817 Training in Qi Path Killer Moves
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1817 Training in Qi Path Killer Moves

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan practised his qi path killer moves.

Several Immortal Gu moved in the sky, while a large number of mortal Gu flew around them like a tornado in the sky.

Large amounts of astral winds were mixing into them.

As rank eight immortal essence was injected, these Gu worms' auras started to merge.

But after a long time, the killer move was not activated.

Sweat appeared on Fang Yuan's forehead, after more than ten breaths of time, Fang Yuan barely controlled the situation, the killer move finally succeeded, it was unleashed.

Qi path immortal killer move — Heavenly Astral Cloth Robe!

A grey-white cloth robe appeared on the dragonman clone's body.

It looked like normal clothing but upon closer inspection, one could see that every thread on this cloth was made of astral qi.

This was a rank seven killer move, but after the amplification of Fang Yuan's one million qi path dao marks, its power had risen by a thousand times!

After inspecting it, Fang Yuan saw that while this robe was thin, it had incredibly shocking defense.

"It has rank eight power without doubt, it is even stronger than winter coat." Fang Yuan sighed internally.

Of course, it could not compare to reverse flow protection seal.

A million qi path dao marks was truly not a joke.

Even through mere amplification, a rank seven killer move could have the power of rank eight, and most importantly, the expended immortal essence is at the level of rank seven!

"After one myriad tribulation, a Gu Immortal will gain eighty-thousand dao marks on average. The stronger the tribulation, the larger the number of dao marks obtained."

"Theoretically, after three myriad tribulations, a Gu Immortal can become venerable, they would have at least three hundred thousand dao marks!"

"A million qi path dao marks is on the level of something only rank nines can possess."

"The core Immortal Gu of heavenly astral cloth robe is only rank seven, after the qi path dao mark amplification, it has reached the level of rank eight peak. If the core Immortal Gu is rank eight, after the qi path dao mark amplification, would it have rank nine power?"

Fang Yuan had a thought as bright light shined in his eyes.

He recalled the battle in his previous life, and all the methods left by the venerables. At the same time, his main body also made deductions.

Soon, Fang Yuan's dragonman clone shook his head.

The possibility was small.

"Most likely, rank nine killer moves need rank nine Immortal Gu. Dao mark amplification cannot reach this extent."

"Or more accurately, I cannot breakthrough to that level using just a million qi path dao marks."

"Maybe if I have ten times the dao marks, the quantity will induce a qualitative change, and reach rank nine perhaps?"

Fang Yuan was not certain.

Even though he was a rank eight Gu Immortal, when he looked up towards the level of a rank nine, it was still shrouded in complete mystery.

In a purely theoretical situation, each venerable would start with at least three hundred thousand dao marks.

But from what Fang Yuan learned from Lang Ya land spirit as well as his own experiences, each venerable was an absolute monster, they could not be looked at with logic or common sense.

Just Limitless Demon Venerable alone, when he was a Gu Master, he already possessed Gu Immortal level dao marks. At that rate, when he became venerable, how many dao marks would he have?

Fang Yuan could not imagine it.

As for the other venerables?

When they just became a venerable, would they have merely three hundred thousand dao marks?

Fang Yuan smiled, the possibility was close to zero!

In this world, there were no invincible Gu worms, only invincible Gu Immortal.

If these people only had three hundred thousand dao marks when they became venerable, how could they dominate the world and gain the reputation of invincibility?

Right now, Fang Yuan was already one of the greatest experts in the world! He was at the peak, he could look down on most of the people in this world. There were few who could fight him evenly in a one-on-one battle.

However, whenever he looked up, he could still see those ten giant mountains above his head, concealed within the clouds!

They were the ten strongest people in history, each was a legend of legends, throughout the long history of humanity, they were the ten most dazzling suns.

Other than them, no matter who it was! Even the extremely talented individuals who were dazzling like the stars paled in comparison to them, their tiny light was forever shrouded by these ten's shadows.

Fang Yuan was no exception.

He was able to reach this stage because he had relied on these predecessors, especially the venerables.

Just looking at the sovereign immortal aperture alone.

This belonged to Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

Even today, when cultivating, Fang Yuan would often sigh in admiration towards the heaven defying advantage that the sovereign immortal aperture gave him.

For example, the annexing of Qi Sea grotto-heaven, under normal situations, who could annex it?

Almost nobody!

Unless Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was alive now.

Because immortal apertures could only annex smaller ones, the 'big and small' here referred to foundation.

In this world, only Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable had the qi path foundation to annex Qi Sea grotto-heaven, which had a million qi path dao marks.

And if the grotto-heaven was dissected and annexed piece by piece, the losses would be severe.

Each time a grotto-heaven was cut apart, it would suffer immense damage, the qi path dao marks that were weaved like a web would suffer huge losses!

And because of conflicting dao marks, Gu Immortals could not truly gain many of these dao marks.

If Qi Sea grotto-heaven was dissected to a certain extent, the winds of assimilation would start blowing due to its severe damage. The remaining portions of the grotto-heaven would be destroyed in this case.

But the sovereign immortal aperture could devour "larger" apertures.

Originally, Fang Yuan had no foundation in qi path, but he was able to annex Qi Sea grotto-heaven, this was not like a snake devouring an elephant, it was an ant devouring an elephant!

The most scary was that with non-conflicting dao marks, Fang Yuan could perfectly absorb his gains, he could assimilate every single dao mark without any bit of wastage.

It was too heaven defying!

No wonder the Heavenly Dao could not condone its existence, in order to stop Spectral Soul, it nurtured the otherworldly demon Fang Yuan, plotting endlessly and sending him back five hundred years to stop Shadow Sect's plan.

The more heaven defying the sovereign immortal aperture was, the more it showed how scary Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was.

Every time Fang Yuan used Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth, he could gain a deeper understanding of Red Lotus Demon Venerable's terrifying power.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable…

Using the foundation of these venerables, Fang Yuan became the current generation demon overlord, but with every step he took, he increasingly felt the difference between him and a venerable, it was too vast to calculate!

Fang Yuan felt no dejection whenever he looked up at them, all he felt was admiration.

He had never been arrogant nor proud, he respected each of these predecessors.

One could only learn from capable people!

Mixed in with his admiration were traces of indescribable excitement.

"Even as strong as these ten venerables, none of them could attain eternal life, they died one by one."

"Then, can I truly succeed?"

The possibility was as slim as none!

In fact, as long as fate Gu still existed, it would not allow any life form to gain eternal life.

This was already confirmed within \u003c\u003cThe Legends of Ren Zu\u003e\u003e!

"That is why it is interesting to pursue it." Fang Yuan smiled.

After collecting his thoughts, Fang Yuan's main body continued to train his qi path killer moves.

As for the dragonman clone, after testing heavenly astral cloth robe, he flew away and looked into treasure yellow heaven.

He wanted to purchase many qi path immortal materials in treasure yellow heaven.

Many qi path killer moves needed to use these qi path immortal materials.

For example, the heavenly astral cloth robe earlier needed a large amount of astral qi.

Using the dao marks inside immortal materials to unleash killer moves was not a rare thing. Grandmaster formation path Gu Immortals were able to use immortal materials to set up formations.

Long ago, water path killer moves also used a large number of water path immortal materials in huge quantities. But afterwards, due to the absurd cost involved, Gu Immortals chose to use Gu worms instead, they abandoned this method.

This trait was most evident in qi path.

No matter how low their qi path attainment level was, a Gu Master (Gu Immortal) would always be able to use Gu materials in place of Gu worms to unleash killer moves.

The reason was that qi path materials were the most mobile and simple to use. Water path materials were slightly less useful, while the dao marks of earth and rocks were much harder to use.

Fang Yuan did not care about this, he was very rich now and had abundant wealth, he searched and bought qi path immortal materials in treasure yellow heaven.

He did not ask for qi path immortal materials from Southern Border's Gu Immortals.

In terms of his qi path battle strength, he wanted to keep it a secret for now.

"Profound yin qi, minor sun qi, astral qi, domination qi… I'll buy all of them! Hmm, blood qi?"

The dragonman clone looked as he pondered.

Even though blood path was detested greatly, would any righteous path force not research it secretly? Thus, in treasure yellow heaven, blood path Gu materials were very popular.

These blood qi were just mortal materials, but the quantity was huge.

If it were any other type of qi, Fang Yuan would not want these mortal materials, his sovereign immortal aperture could produce it! But blood qi was different.

Not only did this qi contain qi path dao marks, it also had blood path dao marks. Therefore, it was considered a blood path mortal material.

And blood path had a terrifying advantage, if the quantity was high enough, it could be treated as an immortal material.

"Such a huge quantity sold, this can be seen as an immortal material." The dragonman clone thought of this as he hesitated no more, immediately buying it.

Central Continent.

"What, there is no more blood qi?" Gu Yue Fang Zheng looked into treasure yellow heaven with disbelief: "You had such a huge quantity last time."

The Gu Immortal's will who sold the blood qi in treasure yellow heaven shook his head: "A few hours ago, an incredibly affluent Gu Immortal swept the entirety of treasure yellow heaven's market, buying all of the qi path immortal materials available. You also know that these blood qi can be accumulated and used together, that is why this happened."

Gu Yue Fang Zheng was stunned!

Sweeping the whole of treasure yellow heaven's market and buying all of the available qi path immortal materials, what sort of wealth could allow one to do that?

Gu Yue Fang Zheng had already become an immortal for some time.

He knew deeply that wealth was a form of representation of strength.

If a Gu Immortal had immense wealth, it would mean that they own a large amount of resources, with such a foundation, it would help them advance smoothly in their cultivation journey!

"Maybe it is not a person, but a super force's action." Gu Yue Fang Zheng muttered to himself.

His divine sense went to many more stalls, but there were no gains as expected.

There was no blood qi left in the market.

But Gu Yue Fang Zheng cultivated blood path, he needed blood qi.

After his divine sense left treasure yellow heaven, Gu Yue Fang Zheng started to think: "Do I ask the sect for blood qi?"

He quickly dispelled that thought.

He decided to collect it himself.


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