Reverend Insanity
1815 Reaching the Heavens In One Step, Qi Path
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1815 Reaching the Heavens In One Step, Qi Path

As their field of vision changed, Bai Ning Bing focused and looked around, thinking: "This is Five Xiangs grotto-heaven?"

As she thought about that, an unknown source of information appeared in her heart, she understood the arrangements of the Five Xiangs immediately.

"This is a public grotto-heaven, the Heaven Surveying Five Xiangs had once donated a portion of their grotto-heavens each to form this place. The entire grotto-heaven has five segments, they are not directly connected to each other, only the most central mountain range is shared among the five. The treasure of this bet is at the center of the grotto-heaven, as long as a Gu Immortal is acknowledged by the gatehouse and is teleported inside here, they can go after the treasure. Along the way, the Heaven Surveying Five Xiangs have also set up some resources, stronger experts can try to take them away, but it is recommended that they do not take everything, so as to allow the resources to grow again in the future."

Bai Ning Bing looked towards Fang Yuan, hesitating for a moment before deciding to inform him.

But Fang Yuan looked ahead as he waved his hand: "I've already gotten the information, no need to tell me."

Bai Ning Bing nodded as she stopped talking.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan faced a hurdle at the gatehouse, not only was familiar face seen through, causing him to be pushed outside, he even had to use the light of wisdom to deduce a killer move that succeeded in allowing him to enter the Five Xiangs grotto-heaven under disguise.

After entering Five Xiangs grotto-heaven, the information was not provided to him. He had only learned about it after Bai Ning Bing told him.

But this time, after Fang Yuan's modifications and deductions, he conceptualized an immortal killer move that could not only be used on himself, but also other people.

So now, once he stepped into Five Xiangs grotto-heaven, the information immediately appeared in his mind, telling him of the situation.

"Let's go to the peak at the center!" Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing traveled together.

In the previous life, he had to rush against time because Qi clan's Gu Immortals were also here, he needed to compete with them over heaven form.

But now, Fang Yuan chose to act in advance and kick his competitors out of the competition, this entire Five Xiangs grotto-heaven was his.

Even though the situation was calm now and he could relax and collect resources along the way, slowly taking it down, Fang Yuan knew that at the center of the mountain range, the Immortal Gu House that contained heaven form might seem rough but it was the control area of this grotto-heaven, once he gains control over the Immortal Gu House, it would help with the movement of resources later on.

While flying, Bai Ning Bing was shocked to realize that Five Xiangs grotto-heaven had a lot of resource points.

Ice mirror snow lotus, hundred years profound ice, thousand years profound ice, mystical frost water, heaven craft divine jade, jade frost antelopes…

"Even though there are no large or giant resource points, and all of these are just small or mid sized ones, these resource points are so closely packed and each have a huge amount stored up, since this place only opens up once a hundred years, it has naturally accumulated many resources."

Bai Ning Bing felt envious internally.

There was no question about it, these resources would all end up in Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture.

If she obtained them, she could expand her foundation rapidly, her assets would increase by multiple times, she would become rich instantly! But for Fang Yuan, this was just icing on the cake.

The journey was very smooth, Fang and Bai safely arrived at the central mountain range.

In the previous life, Qi clan's Gu Immortals made arrangements here and created a beast tide, they lured two immemorial desolate beasts to stop Fang and Bai, obstructing them and creating trouble for their advancement.

But now, they were all captured in advance, trapped inside Myriad Year Flying Warship, they were already unable to decide their own life and death.

There was nothing special about the Immortal Gu House palace at the top of the mountain range, Fang Yuan lost his interest quickly.

In front of the palace, there were many Gu Immortals gathered already, they were all Fang Yuan's subordinates, they had entered before him.

After paying respects to Fang Yuan, the Gu Immortals reported what they saw along the way.

Fang Yuan looked around, there was no surprise or anything amiss, he nodded as he led the immortals into the hall.

Heaven form was at the center of this hall.

It was shaped like a one-legged white crane, it was covered in pure snow-white feathers that had no dust or dirt on it. Its long beak was red in color, it was craning its neck and hanging its head, its wings were tucked in as its eyes were shut tight, as if it was sleeping.

"Rank nine aura…" Bing Yuan and the rest gasped and breathed in deeply as surprise and joy showed on their faces.

Fang Yuan led the immortals as they sat around the heaven form flying crane, instilling their wills into it.

The gatehouse was the bloodline inspector for the Five Xiangs, but they did not do anything to this heaven form killer move, thus, anyone could instill their will into it.

All sorts of wills gushed in as they obtained the information left by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable the moment they entered.

Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable told them that he had once found a natural heavenly spirit in immemorial white heaven, after spending a lot of effort, he captured it but found that heaven form held deep mysteries, he could not refine it immediately even with his great strength.

Thus, he designed the killer move heaven form and left this half-inheritance to a lucky person in the future.

After the Five Xiangs found this inheritance, they did not back off, the ancient bet was thus created.

The immortals understood the origin of this killer move, they gasped and sighed in admiration.

Fang Yuan had heard this in his previous life, he felt no emotions, but he gained a new understanding of the existence of heaven form.

"Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable has killer moves like ghostly concealment, divine concealment, heaven form, and others, they are able to exist indefinitely and would not break apart."

"In my previous life, I thought that this was the style of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, but after the battle of fate Gu's restoration, I noticed that all the Immortal and Demon Venerables had similar methods. This was true for Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, and Limitless Demon Venerable."

"These killer moves and methods all have vast power, they are able to exist for a long time. Normally, they stay hidden without making any waves, but once they are used, the effects are simply shocking."

"If only one or two venerables have such methods, that could be considered their specialty. But if all the venerables were like this, then it is not something regarding a path or a person, it is about attainment level."

Every venerable had supreme grandmaster attainment level, this was a publicly recognized fact.

"Then this means…"

"Master attainment level generates intuition."

"Grandmaster attainment level allows mimicking of other paths."

"Great grandmaster attainment level allows the use of natural dao marks."

"Supreme grandmaster attainment level allows killer moves to last indefinitely and operate on their own?"

Fang Yuan's thoughts moved quickly, even though he was just guessing, he felt like his hypothesis was likely to be true.

Even though there was no description of this in the true inheritance that he obtained, with Fang Yuan having two paths at quasi-supreme attainment, he had the ability to take a peek at the heights of a supreme grandmaster.

Hours later, Fang Yuan successfully took down the last bit of heaven's will inside heaven form.

This lump of heaven's will had used a tactic of showing weakness in the previous life to deceive the Qi clan Gu Immortals, they suffered a huge loss while Fang Yuan benefited from it overall.

This time, Fang Yuan controlled even more wills here, he exterminated this stubborn heaven's will.

No unexpected mishaps happened during this process.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan was afraid that Bai Ning Bing would betray him, but this time, he had more subordinates here, those variant human Gu Immortals were very loyal to Fang Yuan.

This was Fang Yuan's leadership talent, he was skilled at politics, after defeating Heavenly Court multiple times, his personal charm and grand aura surged overwhelmingly, he did not need to use any enslavement path methods to achieve this.

The variant human Gu Immortals were very obedient, while Shadow Sect's immortals did not dare to defy Fang Yuan.

Even though they were just refining heaven form and had to exterminate the remaining heaven's will, there was also a large number of sturdy Gu Immortal wills that were inside the killer move.

These wills were accumulated in the last thousands of years by the wills of the descendants of the Five Xiangs.

Without exterminating these wills, Fang Yuan would not be able to use heaven form.

Thankfully, Fang Yuan was prepared for it, he modified several killer moves, including the one that used wisdom sword Immortal Gu as the core which had become his main method here.

"In my previous life, I used wisdom sword Immortal Gu alone, the effect was ordinary. Now that I have a killer move, I will gain control of heaven form rapidly!"

Fang Yuan stored away heaven form but he did not keep the Immortal Gu House, he directed the Gu Immortals to control the Immortal Gu House and relocate all of the resources here.

Five Xiangs grotto-heaven had once devoured a nine heavens fragment, it no longer faced any calamities and tribulations, but Fang Yuan could also not annex it now.

After making the arrangements, Fang Yuan led the remaining immortals out of the grotto-heaven, they went towards the direction of Qi Sea grotto-heaven.

Within Qi Sea grotto-heaven, there was a rank six Qi clan Gu Immortal guarding it.

But even the first supreme elder, second supreme elder, and third supreme elder had surrendered, this Qi clan Gu Immortal became stunned before he let Fang Yuan inside.

After the Qi clan Gu Immortals saw Fang Yuan's heaven form killer move, they no longer had hope, their expressions turned pale.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan ordered Bai Ning Bing to attack Qi Sea grotto-heaven, she was even attacked by unlimited qi sea.

But this time, the heavenly spirit in Qi Sea grotto-heaven had not woken up yet, it was still sleeping.

"Lord Fang Yuan, how do you want us to move these resources?" The variant human Gu Immortals asked.

Qi clan's Gu Immortals looked at each other as someone said anxiously: "We are willing to defend this place for Lord Fang Yuan!"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "No need, watch as I annex it!"

His qi path attainment level was grandmaster long ago. After the second battle in the River of Time, he repaired Myriad Year Flying Battleship and entered the River of Time, he captured his required immemorial year beasts.

In this long process of searching, he stayed inside the ship as he explored dream realms, letting his subordinates handle the matters outside.

He only took action when it was time to fight.

Thus, he saved a lot of time, he could succeed in many dream realm explorations!

Fang Yuan's attainment level in many paths had risen, especially qi path, it rose to great grandmaster.

With this attainment level, he could annex Qi Sea grotto-heaven!

During the process of annexing, the heavenly spirit of Qi Sea heavenly spirit was rudely awakened, but Fang Yuan was prepared and quickly suppressed it.

The heavenly spirit scolded the Qi clan descendants for being unfilial, while Qi clan's Gu Immortals had defeated expressions, they were in deep despair.

Eventually, they watched as their homeland was devoured by Fang Yuan, fused into the sovereign immortal aperture.

He gained a vast amount of qi path resources that could not be calculated at the moment.

His greatest gain was unlimited qi sea, this killer move was the trump card of Qi Sea grotto-heaven, it was the key that allowed them to defend against tribulations.

Unlimited qi sea used rank eight Immortal Gu Big Qi, rank seven Immortal Gu Big Family Qi and others, there were countless qi path immortal materials, like metal qi, water qi, fire qi, and others, and also special ones like luck qi, divine qi, there was a variety of different types of qi.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan dismantled this killer move, but now that he had great grandmaster attainment level in qi path, his foundation was deep enough, he decided not to destroy it.

And worth mentioning was that Qi Sea grotto-heaven gave Fang Yuan a million qi path dao marks!

Fang Yuan's qi path foundation grew immensely, it was truly reaching the heavens in one step!


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