Reverend Insanity
1814 Pitiful Qi Clan Gu Immortals
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1814 Pitiful Qi Clan Gu Immortals

Immemorial white heaven.

A plain white cloud carried six Qi clan Gu Immortals inside as it flew rapidly in the sky.

"Be careful, this is immemorial white heaven, there are often immemorial desolate beasts roaming around."

"Currently, this route is quite safe, but we need to stay alert."

"After getting into that grotto-heaven, we will be able to obtain heaven form this time! The rise and prosperity of Qi clan is in sight!!"

Qi clan's Gu Immortals conversed in secret as they held in their excitement and joy.

Even though they did not understand the use of heaven form, it did not mean that they would underestimate the power of this move.

Because this was half an inheritance left behind by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable!

Suddenly, their vision changed, the serene white heaven suddenly flipped like a pancake, turning into a huge and dark space.

This dark space was like a huge ball that enveloped all six immortals of Qi clan.

Threads of silver light weaved like strings of a web, moving in all directions from the top to the bottom of the dark space.

"This is an immortal battlefield killer move!"

"Who is it, who ambushed us?!"

"Quickly come out!"

Qi clan's Gu Immortals were deeply shocked, after a momentary panic, they shouted angrily.

Thus, a rank eight Immortal Gu House carrying a Gu Immortal appeared in a casual manner.

This Immortal Gu House looked like a small boat, the front was sharp and long, shining with silver light. At the bow of the boat, a Gu Immortal stood with his arms behind his back, he wore a white robe and stood silently as he smiled towards these Qi clan Gu Immortals.

This Gu Immortal had a handsome face, to the point of being beautiful, his black hair was long and reached his waist, this was a delicate looking young man with peerless appearance at first glance.

But the six Qi clan Gu Immortals were completely stunned when they saw this person and this house!

Qi Cai was the second supreme elder of Qi clan, he was the bravest among them, but at this moment, only shock was shown on his face.

Qi Jin was the third supreme elder of Qi clan, he was like the other Qi clan Gu Immortals, having a pale expression, his heart was thumping, a cold chill was spreading through his four limbs.

Qi clan's first supreme elder Qi Fa was usually composed but at this moment, he panicked and said in a shivering voice: "Fang… Fang Yuan, why are you here! Why are you finding trouble with us?"

Fang Yuan's appearance alone shocked these Qi clan Gu Immortals to the point of being dumbstruck, their morale was completely extinguished as it fell to rock bottom.

A person's reputation provides shelter like the shadow of a tree.

Fang Yuan's current demonic reputation far surpassed the previous life!

Earlier during the second battle in the River of Time, Fang Yuan had announced the results of the battle to the world.

Heavenly Court lost time and again, they experienced a severe defeat this time, Li Huang died tragically. By stepping on Heavenly Court, Fang Yuan's demonic reputation was causing tremors in the entire world now.

Most of the Qi clan Gu Immortals were so scared their bodies went limp.

Fang Yuan was a great demon of this era, why was he here to deal with Qi clan? And even setting an ambush?

"Lord… Fang Yuan, my Qi clan is a secluded clan that has never caused any problems for you or schemed against you. Is there any misunderstanding between us, we are willing to compensate and appease you." Qi clan's first supreme elder Qi Fa said.

Fang Yuan smiled: "Don't be nervous everyone, as long as you submit to me, I will let you live. As for compensation, why don't you give heaven form to me then?"

Hearing this, the Qi clan Gu Immortals felt like their mood had sunk to the abyss.

"Oh no!!"

"Fang Yuan knows our greatest secret."

"How did he find out?"

"He is an otherworldly demon, he has been reborn using Spring Autumn Cicada!"

"The ancient bet is here, the goal of our Qi clan for thousands of years is about to reach its end, should we give it up now?! I cannot accept it!!"

Qi clan's Gu Immortals had pained and complex expressions, they were fearful, they were angry, they were anxious, they felt hatred, and they were helpless.

The strongest Qi clan Gu Immortal was merely rank seven, they had spent a great effort to enter immemorial white heaven to begin with, how could they fight Fang Yuan?


They were meat on the chopping block!

Simply pitiful.

"Why don't we risk it all!" Qi Cai gritted his teeth, he clenched his fists as his arms shivered.

"Risk what? Can we even win? You know about Fang Yuan's battle results as well, we will just be giving up our lives." Qi Jin said with deep helplessness.

A peculiar light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes, he threatened: "I will give you three breaths of time to consider, if you do not submit, you can go die."

"What do we do?!" Qi clan's Gu Immortals panicked, they were not sure of what to do, everyone looked towards Qi Fa.

As the first supreme elder of Qi clan, Qi Fa had the highest authority, he was a skinny old man, but had great spirits, his back was straight like a long spear.

But after three breaths of time, he lowered his back as he gave up, he cupped his fists towards Fang Yuan with a pleasing expression: "Lord Fang Yuan, our Qi clan… submits to you!"

"Hahaha, a wise person understands their circumstances!" Fang Yuan laughed loudly, a bright light flashed in his eyes, none of the Qi clan Gu Immortals dared to look at him: "You have all made a wise decision."

Bai Ning Bing and the rest were waiting inside Myriad Year Flying Warship, after witnessing this, they sighed to themselves.

The battle in Lang Ya blessed land and the two battles inside the River of Time, they allowed Fang Yuan to step on Heavenly Court and gain immense reputation in the world! His demonic might was awe-inspiring, his name alone was able to make rank seven Gu Immortals surrender without putting up a fight!

Qi Fa added: "Heaven form belongs to you, lord, but I would like to speak of the details regarding it, if lord would allow us to."

Fang Yuan looked at this Qi clan first supreme elder deeply in the eyes as he smiled nonchalantly: "No need for that, I am not afraid to tell you that I obtained heaven form in the previous life, I killed many of you afterwards and took Qi Sea grotto-heaven. Of course, some of you surrendered to me."

After pausing, Fang Yuan continued: "I am much clearer of the secrets involving heaven form than all of you."

Fang Yuan's words were like a hammer that pounded into the Qi clan Gu Immortals' hearts.

They were dumbfounded but also in disbelief.

Fang Yuan did not care if they believed him, he used his methods on each of them and took away all of their Gu worms.

He was very clear on what Immortal Gu these Qi clan Gu Immortals possessed.

After that, these Qi clan Gu Immortals were kept on the deck of Myriad Year Flying Warship, as they stood in a daze and with pale expressions.

After putting these Qi clan Gu Immortals under control, Fang Yuan retracted his immortal battlefield — Yama Web.

Yama web battlefield was modified from yama battlefield, it achieved Fang Yuan's intended goal, combining the power of time path into it, it was now stronger and more stable.

Myriad Year Flying Warship had been repaired long ago, it flew rapidly towards the crucial location.

After a while, the immortals saw that in the empty sky, a huge gatehouse appeared out of nowhere.

The gatehouse had a tall roof and two statues at the side of the gate. There was a huge plaque above the gate, writing the words 'Five Xiang's Bet Entrance'. The entire gatehouse seemed to be made of bronze, it radiated a majestic aura.

Initially, it was only a phantom image, but as time passed, it became solid and clearer.

After the gatehouse formed fully, a huge area of clouds gathered to hold up this gatehouse.

Fang Yuan's subordinates were shocked, they were seeing this for the first time. Qi clan's six Gu Immortals had complex expressions, a trace of hope was still lingering in the eyes of Qi Fa and the rest.

At this time, the door started to shine in five colors, representing the strength of the Five Xiangs.

First, red light shined down, causing the clouds to turn bright red.

Fang Yuan smiled, looking at Hei Lou Lan: "Go."

Hei Lou Lan was expressionless as she moved out of Myriad Year Flying Warship, flying towards the gatehouse. Fang Yuan waved his hand as an immortal killer move was used on her.

Hei Lou Lan's body shook as she landed before the gatehouse.

The red light surrounded her and faded away rapidly, acknowledging Hei Lou Lan's identity.


"Oh heaven, what is going on?"

"Her bloodline was recognized! Is she really a descendant of Xue Xiang's Xue clan?"

Qi clan's six Gu Immortals were deeply astounded, they could not believe it.

Fang Yuan turned around to look at them as he smiled, instructing the rockman Gu Immortals: "Go."

Several rockman Gu Immortals were hit by Fang Yuan's killer move, their auras changed profoundly, they passed the inspection of the yellow light and obtained the rights to enter the Five Xiangs grotto-heaven.

Seeing this, the six Gu Immortals from Qi clan shook intensely.

Some were even shaking so intensely like they would fall.

Earlier, Hei Lou Lan was a human, she had a possibility of having Xue Xiang's bloodline. But these variant human rockmen? There were only male rockmen, they could not have children with other races.

However, the gatehouse acknowledged them.

The cruel fact stabbed into these Qi clan Gu Immortals' hearts like a sharp sword.

They finally abandoned all hope, they had to admit that this was the work of Fang Yuan's method.

Qi clan's first supreme elder Qi Fa had a bitter expression, he surrendered to Fang Yuan earlier because he did not want to die, and also because he wanted to use the Five Xiang's agreement and heaven form to coax Fang Yuan and find a chance to escape.

But now it seemed like it was impossible.

Fang Yuan's preparations were too ample, he came here prepared, all the different signs showed that he was not lying earlier.

"In the previous life, I'm afraid that Fang Yuan really obtained heaven form!"

"He has Spring Autumn Cicada, he can start over again countless times. This is too absurd, who can stop him?"

"The ancient bet… to think that an outsider would benefit from it… hehehe…"

Qi clan's Gu Immortals felt deep rage, some were furious at Heavenly Court's weakness, while some were dealt a huge impact, they were completely dejected.

They had very intense emotions.

And it was only understandable.

They had arrived here with deep hopes and excitement, but abruptly, Fang Yuan ambushed them and took them as prisoners, the treasure that Qi clan had worked hard to get for so long, heaven form, was now in the hands of an outsider!

The contrast was too big, it was too sudden and cruel.

"These people are so pitiful…" Lady White Rabbit looked at Qi clan's Gu Immortals as she felt some sympathy for them.

"Hmph, Fang Yuan wants that treasure, how can they even compete?" Bai Ning Bing had a cold expression, she has the clearest understanding of Fang Yuan's methods.

Next, several Gu Immortals landed in front of the gatehouse, passing the bloodline test.

Fang Yuan did not let Qi clan's Gu Immortals in, they were still restrained on the deck, they watched as their places were taken by Lady White Rabbit followed by Fairy Miao Yin, obtaining Qi Xiang's acceptance.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing went together, they also got in.

As for Myriad Year Flying Warship and these Qi clan captives, he kept them inside his immortal aperture.


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