Reverend Insanity
1812 Second Battle in the River of Time!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1812 Second Battle in the River of Time!

Inside Myriad Year Flying Warship, Hei Lou Lan and the rest felt their hearts throbbing.

The scene was too grand, the year beast army was charging towards them from all directions with a great momentum.

"Such an amazing killer move!"

"No wonder this move was never used inside the sovereign immortal aperture."

"Too many year beasts are lured in, if it was used inside the sovereign immortal aperture, it would definitely lead to a great catastrophe."

Heavenly Court's side was also shaken.

"Myriad Year Flying Warship…" Gu Liu Ru mumbled this name with a serious expression.

Li Huang was also solemn as he spoke: "This is already a beast tide now, its power is actually so great!"

Even a legendary character like him was highly impressed at such a majestic sight.

Fang Yuan showed a slight smile.

He had derived myriad year hunting from immemorial year beast fishing formation and developed it to its limit. With years flow like water Immortal Gu as the core and the amplification from the River of Time, it resulted in an extraordinary power.

Countless beasts roared in the beast tide.

Boom boom boom!

Heavenly Court attacked the year beast tsunami with all kinds of killer moves.

Waves after waves of year beasts were killed, Heavenly Court's two time path Immortal Gu Houses were both of rank seven level and could match rank eight battle strength, they had no issue in dealing with most of the year beasts.

But the problem was, what was the use in simply killing these year beasts? As long as Myriad Year Flying Warship still existed, there would be an endless flow of year beasts.

This was an enslavement path battle tactic to consume Heavenly Court's battle strength.

The explosive killer moves that Heavenly Court's people used expended a lot of immortal essence.

"If we fight with these year beasts, we will be falling into Fang Yuan's scheme. We need to destroy Myriad Year Flying Warship and this will all end!" A rank seven Gu Immortal inside Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform suggested.

The moment he had finished speaking, a Gu Immortal beside him spoke: "But we already know how sturdy Myriad Year Flying Warship is. How can we adopt the tactic of attacking directly?"

The rank seven Gu Immortal was speechless: "This…"

Immediately after, he heard shouting in his surroundings: "Careful! Fang Yuan is coming over again!!"

Myriad Year Flying Warship's speed rose, but instead of retreating, it charged directly into Shark Flow Lever.

"Such audacity!" Li Huang who was inside Shark Flow Lever shouted, Fang Yuan actually dared to come back, he clearly looked down on them.

Immediately, Heavenly Court's two Immortal Gu Houses and time path great expert Gu Liu Ru surrounded and attacked Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Myriad Year Flying Warship took the waves of attacks firmly as countless silver swords shone around it and then shot out like a rainstorm.

Both sides went at each other, the intensity of the battle reached an extreme level immediately.

"Not good! Fang Yuan is trying to delay us so that this year beast army can surround us!" Gu Liu Ru saw Fang Yuan's plan.

Li Huang smiled coldly: "As long as we wholeheartedly concentrate on breaking through the siege, so what if there are even more of these year beasts?"

Gu Liu Ru sighed: "Don't forget we still have the river suppression lotus sealing formation behind us."

Li Huang was stumped, he had forgotten about that in this moment of urgency; after being reminded, his mind jolted as he cursed: "This scoundrel Fang Yuan is truly insidious and vicious!"

Heavenly Court had constructed the river suppression lotus sealing formation painstakingly, it could slowly drift along the surface of the River of Time. There were a large number of Gu Immortals garrisoned inside, controlling their respective formation cores.

If this large formation was destroyed, Heavenly Court's losses would not only be a lot of Immortal Gu but also these rank seven Gu Immortals.

Moreover, they probably would not be able to construct another river suppression lotus sealing formation within a short period of time!

Heavenly Court's situation was quite awkward.

They wanted to use the river suppression lotus sealing formation to ambush Fang Yuan, but it was seen through by Fang Yuan, now, this formation instead became Heavenly Court's weakness and was used by Fang Yuan.

The river suppression lotus sealing formation could float but its speed was very slow, there was no chance of it escaping the current battle.

"Let's first slowly recall the Gu Immortals inside the formation." Gu Liu Ru said after a while of thinking.

Li Huang, however, said at almost the same time: "Kill Fang Yuan, everything will be settled once we kill this source of evil."

The two Gu Immortals glanced at each other, at this crucial moment, they had different thoughts.


Because of Fang Yuan, the frontmost year beasts reached the battlefield.

At the lead were three immemorial year beasts.

These immemorial year beasts had a tough physique, they endured Heavenly Court's bombardment and charged right into the battlefield of Immortal Gu Houses.

"Seeking death!" Li Huang shouted in fury, he controlled the huge sharks in front of Shark Flow Lever to bite at them.

At the same time, he also activated Shark Flow Lever's killer move, within a dozen breaths of time, two immemorial year beasts were beaten to death one after the other.

"Foolish clowns!" Li Huang's killing intent was leaking when he heard Gu Liu Ru's shout —"Help me quickly!"

Li Huang had gone to deal with the immemorial year beasts, while Gu Liu Ru and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform attacked Myriad Year Flying Warship and brought the battle to a temporary deadlock.

But soon after, Fang Yuan activated daybreak sword and bombarded the river suppression lotus sealing formation.

This formation was strong inside and weak outside, it was originally meant to deal with the stone lotus island, but after this vicious attack by Fang Yuan, it immediately became unstable with many areas crumbling apart.

The Gu Immortals inside the formation cores lost their lives immediately.

With Myriad Year Flying Warship's extremely tough defense, Gu Liu Ru and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform were unable to do any harm to it. They were forced to block Fang Yuan's attacks to defend the retreating Gu Immortals inside the large formation.

As such, Fang Yuan gained the initiative, he could casually attack anywhere he wanted, Gu Liu Ru and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform were in a miserable state, unable to cope with the attacks from all directions.

Li Huang saw that the situation was bad, he quickly detoured and attacked Myriad Year Flying Warship from the back.

But Fang Yuan had no fear!

If it were him alone, he might not be able to pay attention to all sides, but he had many experienced Gu Immortal subordinates inside the vessel to help him. And to get the battle merit of killing another rank eight, their eyes were bloodshot with excitement.

Fang Yuan stood on the bow of the boat from the beginning, regardless of how dangerous and chaotic it was outside, suddenly, he saw a gap in Gu Liu Ru's defense and activated a killer move.

Spring scissors!

Spring scissors flew out, it was not targeted towards Gu Liu Ru, instead it dodged his obstruction, and 'snip', beheaded a female immortal.

Gu Liu Ru's heart jumped with fright: "Isn't this Xia Cha's trump card method? Fang Yuan has already grasped it and even modified it to suit his rank seven cultivation!"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily as he activated summer fan, which was also at rank seven level.

Li Huang was unable to pay attention to both sides and could only look on as wind howled and blew even more holes in the river suppression lotus sealing formation, instantly destroying several Immortal Gu.

"Hahaha, I want to kill them, can you stop me?" Fang Yuan laughed loudly and mockingly.

Li Huang's eyes burned with anger as he shouted: "Scoundrel, I will grind your bones to ashes!"


An immemorial year beast rammed into Myriad Year Flying Warship, slightly tilting the rank eight Immortal Gu House.

Heavenly Court's side was stumped.

Almost at an instant, the two rank eight great experts reacted.

"It turns out Fang Yuan can only lure in the year beast tide and not control them!"

"It even seems like these year beasts' target is Myriad Year Flying Warship!!"

After discovering this secret, Li Huang and Gu Liu Ru had the urge to cough blood.

They had fought wholeheartedly for so long but it turned out they were actually blocking the enemy for Fang Yuan!

No wonder Fang Yuan did not watch from the sidelines, instead charging over to pester them.

Fang Yuan was helpless about this.

He had already done his best in the current situation.

Using Years Flow Like Water to attract year beasts and incite a year beast tide, this was the power of time path. If he could control this year beast army, that would be enslavement path's power.

Year beasts continued to come in from all around, making the battlefield extremely cramped.

Previously, Heavenly Court was still bombarding this year beast tide and had slightly slowed them down. But because of Fang Yuan attacking river suppression lotus sealing formation constantly and killing many rank seven Gu Immortals, Heavenly Court's side had no time to attend to the beast tide.

"Die, Fang Yuan!"

"Get lost!!"

Li Huang shouted, but Fang Yuan controlled Myriad Year Flying Warship to cling onto Shark Flow Lever or Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform.

The year beasts' target was Myriad Year Flying Warship, but because of this, Shark Flow Lever and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform also met with calamity.

"Don't you want to get rid of me? I am right in front of you now, come on, attack me." Fang Yuan laughed.

Li Huang's eyes were bloodshot with anger, even Gu Liu Ru's breathing hastened as he looked rigidly at Fang Yuan with a deep cold gaze filled with killing intent.

The three Immortal Gu Houses soon did not even have space to move!

If someone looked from afar, they could only see year beasts rushing to the battlefield in the center. These year beasts, ancient year beasts, and immemorial year beasts were packed so tightly that they looked like a sphere of ants.

And the sphere was getting tighter and denser along with getting increasingly larger.

The three Immortal Gu Houses in the middle of the sphere seemed to have turned into meat grinders, even an immemorial year beast would be ground to death within a dozen seconds.

Li Huang and Gu Liu Ru attacked furiously.

The river suppression lotus sealing formation was already destroyed completely. Heavenly Court's efforts this time had all gone to waste.

Li Huang and Gu Liu Ru had already tried their best to save any Gu Immortal they could, but most of them still died miserably at Fang Yuan's hands.

"Let's leave now, otherwise there will be no survivors." Gu Liu Ru called out.

Without the large formation hindering Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan rampaged in the battlefield with Myriad Year Flying Warship, no one was able to stop him.

Heavenly Court's battle tactics had failed completely.

"Fang Yuan, just wait, you won't be able to be arrogant for long, you will die by my hands sooner or later!" Li Huang said with clenched teeth.

This was the first time he fought with Fang Yuan, and he already felt extreme hatred, anger, and disgust because of Fang Yuan's actions!

This demon was truly insidious and crafty!

"Hmph! Li Huang, I think you are the one who is arrogant!" Myriad Year Flying Warship suddenly erupted, the killer move torrential charge activated under it! At its surroundings were daybreak swords! The silver swords pierced into the torrent and exploded with an unimaginable speed!

"These two moves can be combined?!" Li Huang cried out in shock, caught off guard.

Myriad Year Flying Warship directly collided into the damaged Shark Flow Lever!


Amidst the loud sound, Shark Flow Lever was directly destroyed, the remaining huge sharks dying on the spot.

At the crucial moment, Li Huang activated his proudest killer move, verdant sun flame cloak.

Myriad Year Flying Warship destroyed Shark Flow Lever and collided straight into Li Huang with its remaining momentum.

Li Huang's verdant sun flame cloak shook intensely, it was like a prairie fire but after the collision, it immediately weakened to become a small flame.

"Li Huang, it is time for your death!" Fang Yuan's eyes shone sharply as he used both summer fan and spring scissors to attack Li Huang.

"Rank eight?!" Li Huang stared with his eyes wide open as he felt a fatal threat from summer fan and spring scissors.

He did not even have time to breathe as he focused everything on defense.

But when he took on the killer moves, spring scissors and summer fan revealed their previous state — they were only at rank seven!

"Fang Yuan, you deceived me!" Li Huang roared, his attention was completely on Fang Yuan.

Immediately after, Myriad Year Flying Warship followed.

Li Huang's eyes almost popped out as his sight became filled with the large silver figure of Myriad Year Flying Warship.


Li Huang's flame cloak was completely extinguished, his chest caved in, from which blood, mixed with pieces of organs, spurted out like a fountain.


Countless silver swords attacked at the next second, they were as densely packed as bees, they pierced deep into Li Huang's body and exited out from all directions.

Li Huang's body was moved around in all directions by daybreak swords, shaking intensely in the process.

The sharp light in his pupils dissipated rapidly.

Before death, his final thought was still disbelief: "I am actually going to die here?!"

"Retreat——!" Gu Liu Ru shouted with teary eyes.

Veins bulged on his forehead and his whole face looked malevolent.

Li Huang might be stronger than Gu Liu Ru but in this River of Time, without the protection of an Immortal Gu House, he was definitely more disadvantaged.

It was not that Gu Liu Ru did not think of going to save him, but Fang Yuan had prepared for so long, how could he give him the chance to rescue?

The tightly packed year beasts were also a huge hindrance.

Gu Liu Ru controlled Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform and left the battlefield rapidly.

Fang Yuan gave chase with surging killing intent: "Heavenly Court Gu Immortals, this will be your final resting place."

Gu Liu Ru gave a muffled groan as he concentrated on escaping.

He imprinted this disgrace deep in his heart: "Righteous is falling while demonic is rising… sigh! The most sensible option now is to preserve our strength and fight again in the future. Fang Yuan… you can continue to be arrogant for the time being."


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