Reverend Insanity
1811 Daybreak Sword
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1811 Daybreak Sword

River of Time.

Not long after Fang Yuan entered with Myriad Year Flying Warship, Gu Liu Ru intercepted him.

"You are Fang Yuan? I am Heavenly Court's Gu Liu Ru, I came to take your life." Gu Liu Ru was sitting in the wooden wheelchair, his face was sickly pale but his eyes were ice cold.

The moment he finished speaking, lumps of grey-white light shot towards Fang Yuan like meteors.

Boom boom boom!

These grey-white lights were completely blocked by Myriad Year Flying Warship.

But Myriad Year Flying Warship also shook intensely from the explosions.

"This person is a time path great expert!"

"His time path killer move is amplified in the River of Time."

"Heavenly Court's foundation is indeed unfathomable, it hasn't even been that long but an old timer has already appeared."

The immortals inside Myriad Year Flying Warship were stunned.

"I am afraid you don't have the ability to take my life." Fang Yuan sneered.

He was slightly surprised at first, but he recognized this person a moment later.

In the previous life's war, when Longevity Heaven invaded Heavenly Court, Bing Sai Chuan had given all the information of the battle situation in Heavenly Court to Fang Yuan, in order to gain his trust.

And Gu Liu Ru had awakened and participated in that battle.

Therefore, Fang Yuan was able to quickly recognize Gu Liu Ru and even knew about all his methods.

Immediately, Fang Yuan fought Gu Liu Ru with Myriad Year Flying Warship.

The battle ensued, causing astonishing waves in the surroundings.

Gu Liu Ru's moves were exquisite with many concealed moves within them, he was clearly a time path great expert but used a style similar to wisdom path. In fact, his main cultivation path was time path but he also cultivated wisdom path.

Fang Yuan felt like he was facing a powerful chess player, if he was even a bit careless, he would be dragged into the other's rhythm and fall into countless traps.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan knew about Gu Liu Ru's battle style, Myriad Year Flying Warship ran amok and destroyed Gu Liu Ru's arrangements.

The long battle showed no results; Gu Liu Ru chose to retreat.

"Didn't you come to take my life?" Fang Yuan shouted coldly from the bow of the ship while giving chase.

Gu Liu Ru sneered: "I am not in a hurry so what are you in a hurry for? Fang Yuan, you are indeed a demon whose name causes a commotion in the world, you have some skills. By the time I return, I will have already deciphered your tiny ship and will then take your life."

Although half of his body was paralyzed, the wheelchair he was sitting on was a compact Immortal Gu House.

The two wheels moved rapidly on the surface of the river, bringing Gu Liu Ru away at an extremely fast speed.

"Lord Fang Yuan, let us activate torrential charge!" A variant human Gu Immortal suggested.

The killer move torrential charge could change the flow of the surrounding water of the River of Time and help Myriad Year Flying Warship move with an astonishing speed.

"There is no hurry." Fang Yuan's eyes flickered with light for a moment before rejecting the suggestion: "Use daybreak sword instead."

No one had the guts to go against his order, Myriad Year Flying Warship's aura surged as a blinding white light shot out.

From the silver-white light bubbled the water of the River of Time, from which countless strands of silver light emerged.

The silver rays quickly condensed and took shape, transforming into many sharp sword-like blades that shot out violently.

"What?" Gu Liu Ru had naturally been paying attention to Fang Yuan's movements and immediately discovered this.

Thoughts surged and clashed in his mind as he rapidly deduced: "This is the first time Fang Yuan has revealed this time path killer move. Truly wondrous! It actually uses the water of the River of Time to extract traces of the sharpest power of time path. Although they are shaped like swords, they are essentially time path dao marks. If I am hit by this, I won't leave unharmed!"

Gu Liu Ru's mind jolted slightly, inwardly astonished at the power of this killer move.

The killer move itself was at rank eight level and Fang Yuan had further elevated it by ingeniously using the River of Time, thus increasing its might far beyond ordinary rank eight killer moves.

"This demon's talents are terrifying. Not only can he use Reverse Flow River, he has even begun researching the River of Time." Gu Liu Ru's wariness towards Fang Yuan deepened by another level and his killing intent surged: "I can't let this demon live! I must use all my strength to get rid of him, otherwise, he will be a huge threat in the future!"

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Silver swords shot towards Gu Liu Ru.

Gu Liu Ru was soon injured, his defensive killer move was unable to block the sharp swords.

"Kill, kill him!" Some variant human Gu Immortals shouted, their morale surging.

After they killed Heavenly Court's rank eight the previous time, their confidence had soared and they even treated Gu Liu Ru as prey.

With their rank seven cultivation levels, they had hunted down a rank eight great expert of Heavenly Court, this sense of achievement and stimulation shook both their bodies and minds.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily as he ridiculed Gu Liu Ru: "Didn't you want to take my life? Now it looks like your own aged life is on the line."

Gu Liu Ru snorted coldly but did not reply, only escaping rapidly. His wheelchair was already riddled with marks.

Fang Yuan laughed: "Scared like a stray dog, you have brought shame to Heavenly Court's reputation."

The sharp swords were exquisitely controlled by him, cutting Gu Liu Ru's robe and flesh.

Gu Liu Ru was silent.

Fang Yuan jeered: "Looks like there are only rubbish like you in Heavenly Court, so much for it being the number one force in the world. It seems Heavenly Court is nothing much after all."

Gu Liu Ru heard Fang Yuan disgracing Heavenly Court and could not endure anymore: "Shut up! Is Heavenly Court's greatness something a petty demon like you can understand?"


Before he even finished speaking, a sword brushed past his head, cutting away most of his hair along with skin, bright-red blood spilled out continuously.

Gu Liu Ru cried out in pain and slammed the wheelchair which burst out with an unprecedented speed.


"He can't last for long."

"That's right, his Immortal Gu was destroyed by daybreak sword so his wheelchair is starting to break!"

Many of Fang Yuan's subordinates shouted, their morale was at an all-time high at this moment.

Indeed, Gu Liu Ru's wheelchair was constantly crumbling, leaving behind a large amount of fragmented Gu worm corpses in its path.

But Fang Yuan restrained his expression and smiled indifferently: "Stop!"

"Ah?!" The immortals were surprised but they did not dare to disobey him and immediately combined their strength to stop Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Gu Liu Ru who was 'running for his life' saw this scene, his whole body shook as a stifled feeling rose up in his chest but he was unable to vent it.

Fang Yuan smiled and commented leisurely while sizing up the empty space above the river in front: "What a great time path Gu formation, I wonder which Heavenly Court member is specially waiting for me?"

"You are talking to me, Li Huang!" Li Huang's voice was transmitted, and at the same time, a large formation revealed itself.

Most of the Gu Immortal subordinates of Fang Yuan were stupefied at this sight, some variant human Gu Immortals only managed to react after a while: "So this was a trap!"

"That old man acted so well!!"

"We almost fell into the trap, if it were not for the wise and mighty Lord Fang Yuan, we might be in a terrible situation."

Gu Liu Ru slowly flew over with a dark face.

To play this trick, he had intentionally given up on an Immortal Gu and even got injured, blood flowed wildly but they were actually self-inflicted injuries. But who could have thought his mutilation plan became a show that Fang Yuan watched with leisure.

Li Huang said with a deep voice: "Looks like you are familiar with this river suppression lotus sealing formation."

Fang Yuan admitted openly: "Indeed, I suffered a lot because of this in the previous life."

"So what if you recognize it, your life ends here." Gu Liu Ru sneered.

As his voice landed, two Immortal Gu Houses appeared on the left and right of Fang Yuan.

One Immortal Gu House was elegant and grand, the orange roof resembled cranes with their wings spread out. The Immortal Gu House was radiating three layers of autumn light, it was quite extraordinary. It was Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform.

Another Immortal Gu House was a huge lever that was white like jade, there were seven huge sharks in front of the lever, they had sharp teeth and were dragging the huge lever ahead. It was Shark Flow Lever.

Fang Yuan destroyed Present and Past Pavilion, and Eternal Yacht, Heavenly Court was still reconstructing them.

Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform and Shark Flow Lever's constructions had already begun long ago, they were completed recently and were sent to take part in this battle.

Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform blocked Fang Yuan's retreat route, Gu Liu Ru moved in once again and stalled Myriad Year Flying Warship.

Shark Flow Lever drew a beautiful arc in the periphery of the battlefield and picked up Li Huang before joining the battlefield.

A large battle ensued, causing the river to surge and set off countless violent waves.

"This rank eight Immortal Gu House has such strong defense!" Li Huang and Gu Liu Ru were stunned.

Myriad Year Flying Warship displayed extremely powerful defense, causing all the killer moves of Heavenly Court's side to be ineffective, it showed a stance of standing on the spot and letting the attacks hit it.

After another while of fighting, Fang Yuan laughed brightly: "Gu Liu Ru, I have seen through your moves!"

Saying so, Myriad Year Flying Warship slammed at the weak point.

"Not good." Gu Liu Ru's expression changed. At the next moment, his time path killer move that was hindering Myriad Year Flying Warship broke loudly, the backlash caused him to cough out blood.

"Stop him!" Shark Flow Lever and Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform used their killer moves.

"Charge through." Fang Yuan instructed lightly.

Explosions burst out as Myriad Year Flying Warship charged out of the battlefield with an unreasonable momentum.

"Don't chase!" Gu Liu Ru quickly stopped Li Huang who wanted to give chase. He said with a dark expression and heavy voice: "This Immortal Gu House is worthy of being at rank eight level, we can't stop it."

"Damn it!" Li Huang clenched his fists, he felt quite stifled, he was a fire path Gu Immortal and could only fight in the River of Time with Shark Flow Lever.

If Fang Yuan had fallen into the trap, he would have a platform to display his might, but unfortunately, Fang Yuan did not give him this chance.

However, what made Li Huang even more depressed had yet to come.

Fang Yuan saw Heavenly Court did not give chase and immediately brought Myriad Year Flying Warship to a stop, smiling: "Friends, my Myriad Year Flying Warship still has a move called myriad year hunting, please appraise it."

Heavenly Court's side was quickly on guard, they smelled a strange fragrance coming from Myriad Year Flying Warship. Not long later, countless beast roars resounded from every direction and were approaching closer.

"These are… year beasts, ancient year beasts and even immemorial year beasts!"

"There are too many year beasts, they seem to have formed a beast tide!"

Li Huang and Gu Liu Ru felt their heart shaking at this sight.

It turned out Fang Yuan's rank eight Immortal Gu House was not just about collision, it still had such a terrifying killer move!


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