Reverend Insanity
1810 Extorting Dream Realms
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1810 Extorting Dream Realms

Fang Yuan was an audience throughout the whole third stage of the qi path dream realm.

When this third stage was complete, the whole qi path dream realm also disappeared, Fang Yuan's exploration was completed.

"This dream realm was difficult at the beginning and easy at the end, I had to accumulate experience by going through so many failures in the first two stages, even unravel dream was not too useful."

"But at the last stage, I directly passed it without having to do anything."

This was the most comfortable experience for Fang Yuan, being an audience. If he could 'observe' every dream realm like this, how wonderful would it be.

"This dream realm's time period was not the Remote Antiquity Era but Olden Antiquity Era."

"Heavenly Court…"

Fang Yuan's gaze was slightly complicated.

Even though he was Heavenly Court's archenemy, he had to admit the greatness of Heavenly Court.

But shortly afterwards, only a chilly light remained in his eyes: "No matter how great they are, as long as they block my path, I can only use all my strength to destroy them."

With the successful exploration of this dream realm, Fang Yuan advanced to qi path grandmaster!

The progress was quite big since Fang Yuan had no attainment in qi path previously.

"No wonder that Wei Yu Shu could receive constant special treatment from the Inkman Princess. One of the main reasons must be his talent in qi path."

Fang Yuan's biggest realization from this exploration was not related to the dream realm or Heavenly Court, but his soul.

Desolate soul!

After forming a desolate soul, exploring dream realms became much easier.

If it was a human soul, the injuries from this exploration would definitely be much heavier. Although guts Gu could heal the injuries, it was bound to affect the efficiency of the exploration.

Fang Yuan had a flash of inspiration: "Perhaps when I use Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body to explore dream realms, the injuries on the soul will be even lighter than now."

Just like how Fang Yuan cultivated inside Luo Po Valley using Luo Po wind. Once Fang Yuan's soul was inside a physical body, the power of Luo Po wind would fall sharply.

If Fang Yuan used a Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body to carry his soul to explore dream realms, his soul should be tightly protected by the physical body.

A normal body could not block the power of dream realms. But the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body was different.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan did not know the way to enter dreams with the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body.

If he directly sent the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body into a dream realm, it would move freely inside without any disturbance from the dream realm. But at the same time, it was unable to immerse in the dream, let alone explore the dream realm.

"Next, let's explore this ice and snow path dream realm." Fang Yuan moved his gaze.

Fang Yuan had already stored many dream realms inside the sovereign immortal aperture.

The qi path dream realm just now was the biggest and it was gone now. This ice and snow path dream realm took the place as the biggest dream realm.

Besides this dream realm, there were also dream realms of qi path, sword path, wood path, and so on.

"I have desolate soul, my efficiency in exploring dream realms is greatly increased. I felt these dream realms were enough before but it looks somewhat insufficient now."

"Moreover, the dream realms are of different types. Hehe, this is a petty act by Chi Qu You."

Fang Yuan knew clearly.

Although Chi Qu You continued to transact with Fang Yuan, he could secretly control the formation and because he had obtained many dream path research results, he could distinguish the types of dream realm roughly.

So, when he transacted with Fang Yuan, he was controlling the goods, giving Fang Yuan scattered dream realms of different paths.

There was not even one human path dream realm that Fang Yuan truly wanted. There were also not many dream realms of qi path or ice and snow path.

Yet these dream realms were all useful to Fang Yuan.

Or even time path dream realms or refinement path dream realms, as long as they were not dream realms which he had already explored before in the previous life.

After all, Fang Yuan's highest attainment level was at quasi-supreme grandmaster, there was still space to advance.

Fang Yuan did not refuse any of these dream realms as these dream realms could increase his attainment levels. Moreover, there was no disadvantage in increasing the attainment levels of all his paths, it was even a good thing as he would not need to worry about this when annexing immortal apertures of related paths in the future.

While Fang Yuan was exploring dream realms, the hairy man Gu Immortals had succeeded in their Gu refinement.

"Lord Fang Yuan, we have refined this Immortal Gu." Sixth Hair handed over an Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu resembled a water droplet that flickered with dazzling lights like a blue diamond, it was smooth and cold when touched.

This was rank six time anchor Immortal Gu.

Although Fang Yuan prioritized refining luck path Immortal Gu, time anchor Immortal Gu was also on the list of Gu to be refined.

The number of Immortal Gu Fang Yuan possessed surpassed one hundred, but he had enough resources and wealth to raise them, so the more Immortal Gu he had, the better.

He had come in touch with time anchor Immortal Gu long ago, it was once the Immortal Gu of Eastern Sea immortal zombie Su Bai Man, it could anchor onto a certain period in time.

Su Bai Man died and time anchor Immortal Gu was acquired by Shadow Sect, but was destroyed in the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain.

Now, Fang Yuan had ordered hairy man Gu Immortals to refine it.

Time anchor Immortal Gu could coordinate with Spring Autumn Cicada to form a killer move that could let Fang Yuan rebirth to a specific period of time.

This killer move was very valuable.

For instance, Fang Yuan could mark this current time and continue to explore dream realms without regard for anything else. At a certain stage, he could use this killer move to return to this time again and continue exploring other dream realms.

His attainment levels in the paths would remain!

Fang Yuan could use this move to continuously increase his attainment levels.

"Unfortunately, I cannot use spring autumn success if I use this killer move. Without a hundred percent success rate, there will be a chance of failure and if I bump into it, it will be akin to suicide, I will end up as the biggest joke."

Fang Yuan's time path attainment level might be at quasi-supreme grandmaster and he had the light of wisdom, but the problem here did not originate from himself.

"If I am not wrong, since fate Gu is injured and not destroyed, it can restrict the effectiveness of the killer move made by merging time anchor Immortal Gu into spring autumn success."

Using Spring Autumn Cicada to rebirth was using a loophole of this world. This would disrupt events and change the past, influencing the balance of the world, heaven's will would not allow such a thing to happen.

For the current Fang Yuan, just using Time Anchor with Spring Autumn Cicada was just enough to use this loophole. Spring autumn success could also make use of this loophole.

But the hole was too small for him to use the both together.

"Looks like only when fate Gu is completely destroyed can Time Anchor effectively merge with spring autumn success."

The killer moves in Red Lotus' true inheritance were similar. Even if the killer moves could link to form an even greater might, it did not show a good result when put into practice.

The dragonman clone had already passed one heavenly tribulation and a dozen earthly calamities, his cultivation was rising sharply.

To quicken dragonman clone's cultivation, Fang Yuan used time path killer move to hasten the rate of time of the dragonman clone's immortal aperture to the limit.

Before each calamity and tribulation, Fang Yuan would deduce the details, thus being well prepared for it.

Because of Fang Yuan's powerful strength, these calamities and tribulations possessed no threat and were like fireworks ceremonies that increased the dao marks of Fang Yuan's dragonman clone.

Fang Yuan had time path methods, and more importantly, he had exposing heavenly secret which made the calamities and tribulations sent by heaven's will ineffective. With the help of his robust strength, these calamities and tribulations were impotent.

At present, Fang Yuan could not only increase a Gu Master's cultivation level, he could even rapidly increase the cultivation level of a Gu Immortal.

But this method could not be advocated.

Because the cost was quite high.

The time path killer move to accelerate the immortal aperture's time flow was a rank eight killer move and expended a large amount of rank eight immortal essence.

Exposing heavenly secret was also not a killer move that could be activated by ordinary wisdom path Gu Immortals.

Adding on the expenses to undergo each tribulation, it only could produce at most a rank seven dragonman clone.

The investment was not proportional to the yield.

If not for Dragon Palace, Fang Yuan would be reluctant to develop the dragonman clone like this.

Southern Border's Beacon Towers were constructed everywhere. And Southern Border's righteous path Gu Immortals began to protest, asking for Fang Yuan to first release some captives to show his sincerity.

Thereupon, Fang Yuan released Yi Yang.

Yi clan was dumbstruck after obtaining Yi Yang.

Because Fang Yuan had only released Yi Yang's body, his soul and immortal aperture were absent!

Just a body was the same as a corpse, what use could it have?!

Southern Border's righteous path were furious but were helpless against Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan persuaded them: The body is only the first step. It shows my sincerity, it is your turn to show sincerity now.

Southern Border's righteous path felt that the future was bleak: If Fang Yuan were to disassemble the captives and extort them, how much could he extort and how long would this extortion last?

Thereupon, they began to make a din.

Fang Yuan's attitude changed to become tough and indifferent, directly threatening every clan: If you want me to release the captives, I will release them to your enemies. Moreover, I will humiliate your clan's Gu Immortals through indescribable ways and make sure he or she would never be able to raise their head in the future.

Fang Yuan had done this in the previous life, he was even more at ease and familiar with this process this time.

Southern Border's righteous path shamefully gave in.

They could do nothing, especially Ba clan and Xia clan, these pitiful clans, had their first supreme elders captured by Fang Yuan.

The other clans had also lost important battle strengths of theirs, if they did not save the captives, they would lose the support of their people.

Fang Yuan then demanded Southern Border's righteous path to use dream realms as the chips to exchange for the captives.

Southern Border's righteous path was not willing at first since dream realms represented the future!

But Fang Yuan guaranteed: I am not asking for a lot and won't empty this place, I will even leave behind most of them for Southern Border's righteous path.

To show even more sincerity, he was willing to release the body of a Gu Immortal captive for every dream realm exchange.

The Southern Border righteous path forces were helpless and could only accept this proposal.

Chi Qu You felt a chill inside, he knew this was Fang Yuan's retaliation and also a warning.

Thereupon, the extortion of Southern Border's righteous path entered the next stage.

Fang Yuan did not go back on his promise, he released a captive's body every time he obtained a batch of dream realms. These dream realms were much larger than the ones he secretly transacted with Chi Qu You. Moreover, Fang Yuan had carefully chosen their paths as well.

Fairy Zi Wei was extremely worried and tried many ways to ruin these transactions, but none of them succeeded.

"It is time for another battle." Fang Yuan calculated the time and rode Myriad Year Flying Warship into the River of Time.

He took the initiative to start the second battle in the River of Time, but he did not know that this time, the time path great expert, Gu Liu Ru, was waiting for him.


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