Reverend Insanity
1809 Seeing Heavenly Cour
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1809 Seeing Heavenly Cour

This earth vein Immortal Gu looked like an earthworm, but when it was held, it was quite heavy and did not give a slippery or cold feeling, instead it was warm and gentle.

It was exquisite and translucent like brown amber.

With this rank seven earth path Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could construct the five regional limit formation.

Regarding the five regional limit formation's modification, Fang Yuan's time path clone had smoothly completed it. There was the support of the light of wisdom as well as Fang Yuan's formation path and rule path foundation being deep enough.

The new five regional limit formation added earth vein Immortal Gu as well as Formation Spirit and Formation Flag.

With the Formation Spirit, Fang Yuan would have a powerful assistant to help him control the whole formation and notice any signs of disturbance.

With Formation Flag, Fang Yuan could move the whole formation directly from his immortal aperture to the outside or move back the formation from the outside five regions to his immortal aperture.

The immemorial year beast fishing formation was activated all the time and the progress was stable.

The year essence pool already had over twenty immemorial year beasts with as many as seven species.

Over half the species were gathered, but Fang Yuan was unsure if all the species could be gathered, this depended on luck.

To strengthen his luck, Fang Yuan commanded hairy man Gu Immortals to begin refining luck path Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan had an enormous amount of Immortal Gu, already passing one hundred, but he did not have many luck path Immortal Gu.

Since he had the luck path true inheritance, once luck path Immortal Gu were refined, he could immediately put the inherited methods to use.

Moreover, Heavenly Court's foundation in luck path was shallow.

Thus, the effect of raising his strength in terms of luck path would show obvious yield.

As for luck path immortal materials, although they were rare and hard to gather, Fang Yuan had the Southern Border righteous path to extort materials from.

The moment these luck path immortal materials were gathered, Fang Yuan made the hairy man Gu Immortals start the Gu refinement.

Because they were not advancing the ranks of the Immortal Gu and were only refining rank six luck path Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could bear the losses even if the refinement failed.

He had enough foundation currently and was extremely wealthy, an enormous difference compared to his previous life at the same time period.

As for the practice of immortal killer moves, five restriction profound light qi could be put aside now. Although he did not practice time cutting edge, Fang Yuan had gained many new insights.

He had a clearer understanding of the true essence of this move now: This move was like an eraser, it could use time path power to erase the enemy but also consumed the user at the same time.

The flaw of memory erasing by this move could not be removed. This was determined by the structure of time cutting edge, once this flaw was removed, the whole killer move's framework would be overturned.

If that happened, time cutting edge's extremely powerful offensive characteristic would also disappear completely.

Fang Yuan had no choice but to accept this flaw.

The main body made a lot of progress, his clones' progress was even bigger.

The pure dream clone's soul was gradually transforming and matching the body.

Fang Yuan's dragonman clone had already advanced to become a rank six dragonman Gu Immortal and possessed a high grade blessed land.

Fang Yuan began to spare more time towards exploring dream realms.

Over this period of time, he and Chi Qu You had carried out many transactions, and there were already a lot of dream realms in his immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan's soul left the body and entered a qi path dream realm.

His vision changed, and at the next moment, he was standing on top of a hill. Fog filled his sight and chilling wind blew around him.

He looked at himself, he was a rank six Gu Immortal and was in a miserable state. His body was filled with injuries with some wounds still bleeding.

"What is this?" Just as Fang Yuan was pondering, there was a rustle of wind behind him, the fog dissipated and three inkman Gu Immortals appeared.

"Wei Yu Shu, where do you think you're going?!"


Three killer moves slashed towards Fang Yuan.

This change was too sudden, Fang Yuan had yet to familiarize himself with his Gu worms when he already fell into a life and death situation!


At the next moment, his body exploded into pieces, dying miserably.

Fang Yuan exited the dream realm and returned to reality.

"I did not expect I would encounter such an obstacle immediately after entering the dream realm, and even dying."

He inspected the injuries on his soul.

What was beyond his expectation was that there were only light injuries on his soul, which could be healed with one hundred guts Gu.

"Looks like after my soul advanced to desolate soul, the soul's quality changed and can bear stronger backlash from dream realms."

Fang Yuan rested for a while before continuing to explore the dream realm.

It was the same dream, Fang Yuan immediately inspected his Gu worms.

He only had one Immortal Gu, it had the shape of a cockroach and was grey-white, like the texture of a stone, but was quite light. It gave a cold and slightly rough feeling to the touch.

Fang Yuan quickly found the details of this Gu in his memories: "This is qi flow Gu."

A rank six qi flow Immortal Gu.

Besides this, there were a large number of rank five qi path mortal Gu.

There were also three immortal materials; black iron qi, orchid vitality qi, and moving dragon qi.

Fang Yuan was slightly stunned: "Qi flow Gu only has support characteristics, how can I block the pursuing troops with just these mortal Gu?"

Just as he was thinking, a loud shout sounded from behind him.

"Wei Yu Shu, where do you think you're going?!"



Fang Yuan was once again cut into pieces.

Returning to reality, Fang Yuan pondered while treating his injuries: "Based on the current situation, it is obvious that I need to activate immortal killer moves to be able to resist the three pursuing troops."

"Qi path immortal killer move huh…"

Fang Yuan's qi path attainment level was low, but he had plenty of resources.

Even without Thieving Heaven's true inheritance and Giant Sun's true inheritance, Shadow Sect's true inheritance contained many inheritances and had records of a lot of qi path killer moves. Lang Ya Sect also had many in its collection.

Even if he did not have these, just based on the enormous number of qi path Immortal Gu recipes in Lang Ya Sect and his refinement path attainment level, Fang Yuan could refine immortal killer moves.

On top of this rich theoretical foundation, Fang Yuan used the light of wisdom and soon thought of a killer move that could resolve the first obstacle of the dream realm.

However, he was a stranger to qi path killer moves.

Therefore, he began to practice them.

Naturally, he did not have qi flow Immortal Gu, but he could more or less imitate its moves and practice them.

When he returned to the dream realm, Fang Yuan finally had confidence.

After trying several times, Fang Yuan activated the killer move successfully.

His whole body was covered in a pitch-black armor, the pursuing three Gu Immortals could no longer kill him instantly.

"Wei Yu Shu, you dare to retaliate!"

"A mere slave has such guts!"

"You offended your master, you deserve to die! Kill him, mash him into pulp."

The three inkman Gu Immortals shouted as they surrounded and attacked Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was able to resist for a while before he was killed by the three.

Coming out of the dream realm, Fang Yuan summarized his experience: "Looks like I need to prioritize escape instead of fighting them."

In the next attempt, he did not use the previous moves but instead changed to a movement immortal killer move.

He failed once but succeeded in the next attempt.

This success brought Fang Yuan to the second stage of the dream realm.


Before he had time to size up his surroundings, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"I am heavily injured and the immortal materials have been expended greatly." Fang Yuan's mind sank slightly.

Although he had only qi flow Immortal Gu, he could use this Immortal Gu as the core and use the three immortal materials as supplementary to activate immortal killer moves.

Black iron qi could transform into a dark full body armor.

Orchid vitality qi could heal him.

Moving dragon qi was used for movement.

In the first stage of the dream realm, Fang Yuan had escaped the pursuit of the three Gu Immortals by using moving dragon qi.

Currently, Fang Yuan had entered the second stage and immediately discovered that moving dragon qi was expended by over half, iron qi was expended by half, while orchid vitality qi was intact with no expenditure.

"This situation is not good, let's heal first." Fang Yuan silently prepared and activated an immortal killer move — Orchid Breath.

As immortal essence was transferred to activate the killer move, orchid vitality qi was instantly expended by a small portion.

Fang Yuan gulped and his cheeks suddenly puffed up, he opened his mouth and breathed out.

The smell of his breath was fragrant and full of vitality, it was like a dense light-green fog that quickly covered his whole body.

When the fog disappeared after a while, Fang Yuan's injuries were mostly recovered.

"Where should I go now?" Fang Yuan felt troubled.

Currently, he was in a cave which looked like it might be in a mountain or underground. The cave was long and had many paths that extended in all directions.

Fang Yuan had just walked a few steps when he saw an inkman Gu Immortal coming from the front.

This inkman Gu Immortal saw Fang Yuan and was dazed at first before shouting in joy: "Wei Yu Shu! So you were here. Hahaha, this is great, you actually ran into me, this merit is mine. The saying is not wrong, arriving at the right time is better than arriving early!"

Fang Yuan was also surprised, this inkman Gu Immortal was not one of the three Gu Immortals in the first stage. He was someone new. More importantly, he was not a rank six, but a rank seven variant human Gu Immortal.

The rank seven inkman Gu Immortal pounced towards Fang Yuan, how could Fang Yuan be his opponent, all his bones were broken as he fell limply on the ground.

The inkman Gu Immortal sneered while looking down at Fang Yuan: "Wei Yu Shu, weren't you so wild? You never expected to fall in my hands, right? Hahaha, to tell the truth, even I had not expected this. You lived so extravagantly and were doted on by the princess but you were actually stupid enough to run away, you really brought it upon yourself!!"

At the next moment, Fang Yuan's soul returned to reality with injuries.

"This means even if I am captured and am not killed, it is considered a failure."

"Looks like this dream realm is an escape dream realm."

"In that situation, there is indeed no way to contend against a rank seven Gu Immortal."


Fang Yuan entered the second stage of the dream realm.

He tried many times and failed repeatedly. He discovered there were many inkman Gu Immortals chasing after him, five rank six Gu Immortals and three rank sevens.

They were all inkman Gu Immortals.

Adding on the information revealed by that rank seven Gu Immortal, Fang Yuan had a rough guess about the time period of the dream realm.

It was not the Remote Antiquity Era but Olden Antiquity Era.

Variant humans were still powerful.

There were many Gu Immortals chasing him and they all had plentiful methods. Fang Yuan failed again and again but he was not discouraged, and soon, he found an opportunity to escape.

Inside this mountain cave tunnel, there were several qi path immortal materials. One of them, autumn scale concealment qi was the biggest help to him.

Finally, Fang Yuan used the experience from his failed attempts and collected the immortal materials to activate a killer move, he smoothly passed the second stage.

At the third stage, Fang Yuan discovered to his surprise that the dream realm progressed automatically and he could not interfere at all.

He was collapsed on the ground.

In front of him was a beautiful female inkman immortal.

Her body was overflowing with rank eight aura and her gaze towards Fang Yuan contained anger, hatred, as well as love and pity.

"Wei Yu Shu, when I bought you back then, you were only a kid who did not even know about cultivation!"

"I taught you step by step and raised you into a Gu Immortal. Was it my protection and indulgence that allowed you to have such guts?"

"Tell me, why did you betray me?"

"Have I, Princess Ye Tong, mistreated you?! You lived in luxury and peace, you only needed to serve me and I have never treated you cruelly."

The rank eight female inkman immortal asked sharply.

Wei Yu Shu smiled sadly: "But, even if I lived a much better life, I was still only your slave!"

The female inkman immortal was furious: "What is bad about becoming my slave? Many inkmen want to live your life but don't get such a chance!"

Wei Yu Shu was dazed for a moment before he spoke slowly: "I did not think it was bad before, but when I heard there was a Heavenly Court in this world where humans live…"

"So, you want to run to Heavenly Court?" The female inkman immortal sneered: "You are too naive, you actually believe in the temptation of these devils?!"

Wei Yu Shu closed his eyes, his voice was hoarse: "It is not that I believe it, but I want to believe it."

The female inkman immortal's gaze turned slightly dazed and her anger slowly dissipated.

She recalled the beautiful memories of the past, how she had spoiled this foreign race's slave, but those days would never return.

She said regretfully: "Yu Shu, I have pardoned your mistakes many times, but I cannot do it this time. If I pardon you anymore, it will damage the dignity of my race. If I had not personally come out, you would have actually escaped. My effort in raising you was not in vain after all. The truth is, this place is very close to the sphere of influence under Heavenly Court."

These words seemed to have injected a gust of strength in Wei Yu Shu, he suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the female inkman immortal.

He begged: "I don't have any wish before my death, but I only have one thought, please let me climb out of this cave and take one glance at Heavenly Court."

The female inkman immortal was silent for a while before sighing: "Alright."

She moved to the side, Wei Yu Shu used his bloodied hands to slowly crawl out with all his strength.

He was breathing roughly, his sweat and blood mixed together. it was a short distance, but he had to spend a good while to move to the cave entrance.

This cave entrance was located at the middle part of the mountain, it could see far and wide.

He looked ahead with hope.

However, he only saw dense mist.

"It is really unfortunate, but mist is a common occurrence around mountains." The female inkman immortal walked from behind: "But even if there was no mist, you won't see Heavenly Court. I said this is only a place near the sphere of influence under Heavenly Court. But it is only a barren land."

Wei Yu Shu, however, seemed to have obtained utmost satisfaction.

He lied on the ground powerlessly with no strength left to raise his head again.

But his eyes shone brightly: "No, I saw it, I saw Heavenly Court."

"You…" The female inkman immortal was visibly moved.

The moment he finished saying this, Wei Yu Shu's last breath was used up, he died.

The female inkman immortal fell into silence, she stared ahead at the direction of Heavenly Court in silence.

Her expression carried an unprecedented solemness.

"Heavenly Court!"


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