Reverend Insanity
1808 Plotting, Pursuing Dao
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1808 Plotting, Pursuing Dao

Heavenly Court, immortal graveyard.

An inexplicable change was occurring.

A lump of fire appeared, it was very small at first but after a while, the fire expanded rapidly, dying the sky of the immortal graveyard red.

This fire illuminated the surroundings, attracting Fairy Zi Wei and other Heavenly Court members' attention.

Fairy Zi Wei immediately rushed to the entrance of the immortal graveyard and saw that the fire had grown even brighter, there were even specks of silver light in the fire, like countless diamonds adorning a red curtain.

The fire dissipated and an aged Gu Immortal wearing a large crimson robe walked out from the depths of the immortal graveyard.

The diamond-like lights gathered together and inside the gentle light was an old man who slowly moved forward in a wooden wheelchair.

Fairy Zi Wei's eyes shone happily, she recognized these two elderly Gu Immortals.

That crimson robed elderly man was Li Huang, a fire path great expert. And the elderly man on the wooden wheelchair was Gu Liu Ru, a time path great expert.

"Junior Zi Wei pays respects to both seniors." Fairy Zi Wei bowed as she greeted.

Gu Liu Ru nodded without speaking. He was sickly pale and thin as a skeleton. He had a rough life experience and the lower half of his body was paralyzed with no cure available, thus he had a cold and detached disposition.

Li Huang spoke: "We did not wake up for no reason. Heavenly Court must need our strength, how is the situation now?"

Fairy Zi Wei felt ashamed as she informed the two of them about the current situation.

"Fang Yuan? I did not think such a demon would appear in the world!"

"Hmph, throughout the ages, there has always been chaos and disorder during the coming of a great era. But this demon is too savage in his rampage. The fundamental cause is that he is the seed planted by Red Lotus Demon Venerable."

Li Huang snorted coldly, his expression was of anger and dissatisfaction.

Gu Liu Ru's expression was cold like ice as he said: "Fortunately, the overall situation is still in our control. When fate Gu is restored in a few years, Heavenly Court will be in an invincible position, by then, even if Fang Yuan is stronger, he won't be able to make a huge impact."

He then said to Fairy Zi Wei: "You are a wisdom path Gu Immortal, it is right for you to lead Heavenly Court. If you have any tasks for us old timers, there is no need to hold back."

Joy appeared on Fairy Zi Wei's face: "Seniors, you have just woken up, you should first rest and recover your battle strength by equipping yourselves with Immortal Gu."

"We have lost control over the River of Time and are currently constructing time path Immortal Gu Houses without regard for the costs. We also need to lay down the river suppression lotus sealing formation in the River of Time. Seniors, it would be great if you could guard the River of Time."

Gu Liu Ru and Li Huang glanced at each other, before the former nodded while the latter laughed: "So be it. Let us deal with this Little Demon Venerable!"

Based on just battle strength, Li Huang was stronger than Gu Liu Ru, but Fairy Zi Wei was more excited about Gu Liu Ru's appearance.

This time path great expert had woken up at just the right time, filling up the gap of Heavenly Court in the time path aspect and relieving Fairy Zi Wei's urgent issue!

"But Fang Yuan has been reborn, does he know about the awakening of these seniors?"

Fairy Zi Wei frowned again when she thought of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan could rebirth, it was extremely troublesome to deal with such an enemy, it would always make others doubt their decisions.

Fairy Zi Wei did not know that in the previous life, only Li Huang had woken up. Gu Liu Ru had woken up in the final period when Longevity Heaven attacked Heavenly Court. At that time, Gu Liu Ru fought Hei Fan to a deadlock, he was finally killed by Liu Liu Liu's sneak attack.

Fang Yuan had made an early attack, destroying Eternal Yacht and Present and Past Pavilion, also killing Qing Ye, the ink effect caused Gu Liu Ru to awaken in advance.

This rank eight great expert would definitely be a huge obstruction to Fang Yuan in an environment like the River of Time.

Sovereign immortal aperture, Mini Central Continent.

Fang Yuan's divine sense covered this marsh.

There was highly fertile silt here. There was also a clear knee-deep river above the layer of silt.

This was the resource point Fang Yuan had just constructed.

The marsh was vast and boundless.

A bud of the desolate plant extreme marsh flower, as big as a house, could be seen every few kilometers.

When the extreme marsh flower bloomed, it looked like a trumpet with its petals connected. They were primarily white with a few parts bearing slight hints of pink.

Strands of white mist started rising slowly from the pistils of the extreme marsh flowers.

Extreme marsh flower mist was the food of regret Gu.

Feeding regret Gu was slightly troublesome as its food was hard to store. The extreme marsh flower mist needed to be fresh, so the best method was to construct a corresponding resource point in the immortal aperture.

In the previous life, Fang Yuan had constructed this marsh but that was after obtaining regret Gu.

In this life, he was extremely wealthy so he constructed it in advance. Although he had not obtained regret Gu yet, it was a preparation for the future; when he obtained regret Gu, there would be no need to worry about its food.

Fang Yuan solved the food issue of even regret Gu, which he had yet to obtain in advance. He was already able to self-sufficiently provide food for all his Immortal Gu.

Not long ago, Fang Yuan had even created a resource point for the rank eight Immortal Gu Addition that he plundered from Ba Shi Ba. He marked a special sea area in Mini Eastern Sea, in which he introduced another whole new group of water spiders to produce sufficient food for the rank eight Immortal Gu Addition.

Naturally, these water spiders were extorted from Southern Border's righteous path.

Fang Yuan had already annexed most of the immortal apertures of the Southern Border captives and had even searched their souls until there was nothing left, but Southern Border's righteous path did not know this and accepted Fang Yuan's extortion obediently.

It was like how Heavenly Court did not know the true inheritance left by Red Lotus Demon Venerable to Fang Yuan did not have the direct method to destroy fate Gu, but they still feared for the worst and used all their strength to redeem the situation in the River of Time.

There was a famous phrase on Earth about the art of war: the highest form of generalship is to cut down the enemy's plans, the next best is to cut them off from allies, the next in order is to cut down the enemy's army in the field, and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.

These were wise words!

When people were young, they only cared about fighting. But after growing up, they would gradually realize: fighting was only a third rate method to reach one's target and get benefits.

There was high risk in an intense battle and the benefits are also not fixed, often, there would be damage to both sides. This method could only be used when there was no other choice.

Fang Yuan leaned towards planning and plotting when he did things. He was not a brute, but when there was a necessity to fight, he would pick up his blade with no fear or cowardice.

Naturally, there was a fundamental difference between the Gu Master world and Earth — through cultivation, an individual's strength could surpass the collective force of a group or organization!

Therefore, a person like Spectral Soul Demon Venerable could exist.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable only used one method — Kill!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Slaughter everything, destroy heaven, decimate earth.

Heads roll and blood flow.

He did not counter the enemy's plans nor did he cut them off from allies, but he still obtained supreme success.


Because he cultivated his own Dao!

This was his understanding of heaven and earth, it was his understanding towards himself.

Every person he killed would further increase his perseverance towards improving himself and deepen his understanding of heaven and earth, both of these fueled the growth of his soul path attainment level.

And the growth in his attainment level greatly increased his strength.

If this was Earth and someone did this, they would be seeking death.

In the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life, he was already more than a hundred years old when he suddenly comprehended this principle.

From then on, he started to think: What was his Dao? Or rather, what kind of path could he create?

Even now, he did not have a perfect answer to this question.

Over four hundred years had passed since then, he had reborn several times and was still trying to find out the answer.

He only had a vague and blurry direction.

He moved and rolled about in the darkness.

And in this darkness, there were too many hardships, dangers and ferocious beasts that wanted to swallow him whole.

Fang Yuan was clear: Among these ferocious beasts, Heavenly Court was currently the biggest and the strongest one.

He needed to exert all his strength to have a chance of contending with this ferocious beast, escaping from its hunt, and to continue walking on his path.

Both Fang Yuan and Fairy Zi Wei had repeatedly exposed information about each other, hoping to borrow the strength of other Gu Immortals to deal with the other. There was no winner in this fight. It was like the fight between a lion and a tiger, the bloody smell attracting countless hyenas.

He seemed to have an impressive reputation but there were turbulent undercurrents surging in the dark, many people thinking of ways to deal with him and Spring Autumn Cicada.

No one liked the presence of such a threat!

Spring Autumn Cicada was not all-powerful, it was only a rank seven Gu and there were too many ways to restrain it.

Even Lang Ya blessed land had many methods to subdue Spring Autumn Cicada.

In truth, Fang Yuan was rather surprised at Heavenly Court not having any effective methods against Spring Autumn Cicada.

The Little Demon Venerable title seemed to show unlimited prospects, but it concealed deep killing intent. This was reminding the world that if Fang Yuan was not killed and he grew up to be a Demon Venerable, the future would be bleak for everyone!

Fang Yuan might have obtained victory in the River of Time and gotten hold of the initiative. But he was clear that this was only a small strategical victory and it could not put a dent on Heavenly Court's overall strategy.

Just like the game of chess, he only made a single good move and although he turned from passive to active which was worth celebrating, Heavenly Court still had the overall control of the game. And this Heavenly Court, that had countless years of accumulation, was the chess piece that was placed by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable over three million years ago.

"With Heavenly Court's foundation, the ink effect should appear again and some powerful characters might awaken in the immortal graveyard."

"The most important thing is still to use every second and do everything I can to increase my strength."

Fang Yuan did not become prideful due to victory, his joy lasted a very short moment before he dived into cultivating once again.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was making full use of every second!

Soul cultivation progressed smoothly. Fang Yuan's soul stably progressed from one desolate soul to three desolate soul, five desolate soul, eight desolate soul… and finally, broke through to ten desolate soul.

Five restriction profound light qi was already practised to the point of proficiency. Fang Yuan even modified it, although this modification was rather small, it allowed Fang Yuan to alter the method and suit his habits so that he would have ease when activating it.

Fang Yuan began to practise other killer moves, like Ba Shi Ba's consecutive hit method.

In this period of time, he went out frequently and used jade flow pearl to make early moves, obtaining many resources from newly formed Earth Trenches.

Among them, rank seven earth vein Immortal Gu was one significant harvest.


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