Reverend Insanity
1807 Public Sentimen
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1807 Public Sentimen

Fang Yuan and the rest returned to Southern Border following a tributary of the River of Time.

Despite the immortals being in an excellent condition with high spirits, it was still necessary to rest and reorganize after the battle.

"The gains this time are quite good." Fang Yuan inspected the corpses.

Besides rank eight Gu Immortal Qing Ye, most of these Central Continent rank seven Gu Immortals were from Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, they did not have the qualifications to join Heavenly Court so they had not contributed their immortal apertures.

Most of the Gu worms were destroyed but these immortal apertures were still there.

There was also one or two Immortal Gu that were luckily preserved after the two Immortal Gu Houses were destroyed.

In the following period of time, Fang Yuan would need to inspect these immortal apertures and see if there were any issues, if there were no issues, he would annex them.

Naturally, there was a portion of immortal apertures that Fang Yuan could not annex because of inadequate attainment levels.

In fact, there was a portion of such people among the Southern Border immortal captives.

"These battle spoils are only a bonus, the true value of this battle is that I have shrugged off my passive situation, I am now taking the initiative to fight Heavenly Court."

Fang Yuan had grasped the timing of this battle well.

If he had battled earlier, he would not have the Immortal Gu House Myriad Year Flying Warship and would have to expose his rank eight cultivation.

This was undesirable. Because once his rank eight cultivation was exposed, Heavenly Court would notice Fang Yuan had not underwent the tribulation, and as such, the secret of the sovereign immortal aperture would also be exposed.

If he delayed this battle, Heavenly Court would not have just these two Immortal Gu Houses. In the previous life, Fang Yuan had encountered four time path Immortal Gu Houses.

By destroying Eternal Yacht and Present and Past Pavilion, Heavenly Court fell into a very passive state.

Heavenly Court was afraid Fang Yuan would obtain Red Lotus' true inheritances, so they would definitely send reinforcements to the River of Time to stop Fang Yuan.

After Lord Huang Shi passed, Heavenly Court lacked time path rank eight experts, so they were forced to substitute with Qing Ye and time path Immortal Gu Houses.

Like this, it would give Fang Yuan another chance to attack.

It would be just like how Fang Yuan destroyed Eternal Yacht and Present and Past Pavilion.

But even if Heavenly Court knew of this, they would do their best to stop Fang Yuan no matter how big of a price they had to pay.

"In the previous life, Heavenly Court guarded the River of Time like a fortress. But in this life… hehehe."

"The River of Time has already become a place Heavenly Court must salvage, it is also the best battlefield for me to weaken Heavenly Court and make them bleed."

Fang Yuan was almost sure of Heavenly Court's response.

Just like Heavenly Court had the strategical advantage of possessing fate Gu which forced the four regions' Gu Immortals to make a long campaign to attack Central Continent and Heavenly Court.

Fang Yuan relied on the smokescreen that was Red Lotus' true inheritance to force Heavenly Court to send reinforcements to the River of Time.

"It is just that my rebirth secret cannot be hidden any longer."

In the battle of Lang Ya, Fairy Zi Wei had already been suspicious. And in this period of time, Fang Yuan captured the Southern Border immortals and also started a slaughter in the River of Time.

If Fairy Zi Wei was still not sure that Fang Yuan had been reborn, she would not be Fairy Zi Wei!

Fang Yuan would never underestimate Fairy Zi Wei, he was very familiar with her.

Often, the one who understood you the most was not your friend but your enemy.

Sure enough, after a few days, Fairy Zi Wei publicized in treasure yellow heaven that Fang Yuan had reborn and possessed a rank eight time path Immortal Gu House.

The moment this was released, news spread everywhere. Fang Yuan's influence went up a level and the whole world was in an uproar!

"How long has it been? Fang Yuan has already grown to be a demonic path overlord, a person who is a giant pillar of the demonic path!"

"Fang Yuan already has that Reverse Flow River killer move and can reflect attacks of rank eight Gu Immortals, being in an impregnable position. Now, he has a rank eight Immortal Gu House?"

"Isn't this too fast? It is like this Immortal Gu House jumped out from the ground out of nowhere."

"Since he was reborn, the appearance of this Immortal Gu House cannot be considered sudden. Don't forget that he annexed Lang Ya blessed land which has a deep foundation."

The discussions naturally involved Heavenly Court.

"Heavenly Court seems to be quite weak, they don't have any effective methods against Fang Yuan."

"The mighty Heavenly Court was defeated again and again so they publicized Fang Yuan's details?"

"It is not that Heavenly Court is weak, but they have no way to deal with Fang Yuan."

"Normally speaking, even a rank eight demonic immortal would not be as high profile as Fang Yuan."

"That's right. Demonic path Gu Immortals have always been alone, if they offend or provoke the righteous path, many forces would collaborate, gather information using information path, deduce their position with wisdom path, and hunt them down. It is like how the Southern Border immortals chased after Fang Yuan."

"But Fang Yuan? He can actually guard against Heavenly Court's deductions. He also has Fixed Immortal Travel to move everywhere he wants and is hard to catch. His formation path attainment is also extremely high, he can see through the ambush of formations, he even used a time path formation to ambush and capture the pursuing team of Southern Border!"

"He also annexed Lang Ya blessed land, his refinement path attainment level is at least at great grandmaster level!"

The discussions became much more in-depth, and the Gu Immortals astonishingly discovered Fang Yuan was so versatile. He cultivated so many paths, such a horrifying talent shocked the world.

"I understand now, he is a monster!" Many people took sharp breaths. Most Gu Immortals, even rank eights, cultivated one path primarily. Who could cultivate so many paths like Fang Yuan?

Cultivating multiple paths would divide their time, energy, and resources, the Gu Immortals would often accomplish nothing in the end.

In fact, Fang Yuan had also thought of specializing in one path but he could do nothing about it! Before this, he battled alone and was always pressured by his enemies. Could he do without cultivating wisdom path? Could his battle strength increase if he did not cultivate soul path? Could he capture the Southern Border immortals without formation path?

"We can't say that. Even if Fang Yuan's aptitude was worse, as long as he continuously rebirths with Spring Autumn Cicada, he can use the time to accumulate different foundations."

"Right, with Spring Autumn Cicada, even if he fails, he has the opportunity to rebirth countless times! The experience of failures will still accumulate, even an idiot will succeed after failing so many times."

"Spring Autumn Cicada… it is indeed worthy of being Red Lotus Demon Venerable's vital Gu, it has such an amazing power."

"On the List of Mystical Gu, Spring Autumn Cicada's ranking should be raised even higher. The current ranking of such a mystical Gu is too low."

"Because of Fang Yuan, Spring Autumn Cicada's ranking should indeed be raised, but I feel we should not overestimate Spring Autumn Cicada. It is after all only a Gu worm, there are many methods to restrict it. To a great extent, the reason why Fang Yuan is so amazing is because he is an otherworldly demon!"

"Indeed. The combination of an otherworldly demon and Spring Autumn Cicada is truly too perfect! Besides an otherworldly demon, it will be very difficult for others to change their lives greatly by using Spring Autumn Cicada."

Fang Yuan observed the discussions and after careful consideration, he decisively spread the video of the battle in the River of Time in treasure yellow heaven.

He even posted a speech: "Heavenly Court, my counterattack has just begun! Wait until I get Red Lotus' true inheritance in the River of Time, I will completely destroy your fate Gu. In the previous life, you successfully restored fate Gu, that was because the depths of your foundation surpassed my expectation. There were too few people understanding the situation in the other four regions, many rank eight experts were even secretly restrained by you. There were also many Gu Immortals who were living naively, not knowing the fatal threat of fate Gu. All of you… just you wait!"

The moment this speech was posted, the Gu Immortal world of the five regions fell into temporary silence.

Shortly afterwards, the public sentiment erupted like a volcano and poured like a flood!

"Oh heavens, Fang Yuan is directly provoking Heavenly Court, how many years has it been since something like this happened?"

"Years? Even throughout history, such cases only appeared a few times!"

"Few people can do this, and even fewer people can pose a threat to Heavenly Court!"

"Although Fang Yuan only has rank seven cultivation, he can already match rank eight. He has annexed Lang Ya blessed land and has a large number of variant human Gu Immortal subordinates as well as a rank eight Immortal Gu House! The even more terrifying thing is he seems to possess precise information about Red Lotus' true inheritance, if he really obtains the Demon Venerable's true inheritance… Terrifying!"

"If this continues, Fang Yuan will become a new Demon Venerable!"

"Sigh, the common people are innocent, is there going to be a Demon Venerable wrecking havoc again?"

"We cannot lightly make an enemy out of Fang Yuan. Look at this video properly, all the killer moves of Heavenly Court's two Immortal Gu Houses were broken by Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan had clearly experienced them in the previous life and found the countermeasures in this life. The combination of Spring Autumn Cicada and an otherworldly demon is too unreasonable!"

The discussions gradually started to contain fear.

Fear towards Fang Yuan.

Previously, Gu Immortal mostly felt wariness, hatred, and envy towards Fang Yuan.

But now, fear began to gradually take over the other emotions.

The Gu Immortals already knew Fang Yuan could not be provoked easily, but now, Fang Yuan could not be provoked even more! Even a colossal super force like Heavenly Court, the strongest righteous path force in the five regions, was repeatedly wrecked by Fang Yuan and their prestige was ruthlessly stepped on! Even now, they had no way to deal with Fang Yuan!

Southern Border, Wu clan.

Wu Yong's gaze was gloomy: "Fang Yuan… Heavenly Court…"

Chi clan.

Chi Qu You's expression was ashen, he finally realized the possibility: "The traitor has not been found, maybe… this is the information revealed in the previous life. If I did transactions with Fang Yuan in the previous life as well, doesn't that mean — I am the traitor?"

Thinking of this, Chi Qu You felt stunned himself.

Western Desert, Tang clan.

The first supreme elder and second supreme elder were in a secret discussion.

"This demon Fang Yuan is becoming increasingly stronger. If his relationship with our clan is exposed, Heavenly Court will definitely eliminate us."

"We have already collaborated with Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan is so strong now that we cannot stop this connection, we will have to be even more careful. If he truly becomes a Demon Venerable in the future, it will also be an excellent opportunity for our Tang clan to grow."

Xi clan.

Xi clan's first supreme elder, who was cultivating in a secret room, laughed: "Interesting. Heavenly Court wants the whole world to go against Fang Yuan. Meanwhile, Fang Yuan also expressed the weakness of Heavenly Court and its hidden threat, hoping that Gu Immortals of the four regions would jointly attack Heavenly Court."

"Forget about him for now, I will continue my closed cultivation. After my cultivation progresses further, let's see how the heroes of the world will act in front of my sword."


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